Three UK makes 0800 numbers free from your phone but also caps data tethering

Three UK makes calling 0800 numbers free from your phone but also caps data tethering
By DJ Reyes on 18 Mar 2014 07:06 am EDT

If you're in the U.K. you'll know that calling 0800 numbers is free from a landline but when it comes to calling those numbers from your mobile phone, it's a different story. I do recall one carrier I was with a few years ago who didn't charge for calling 0800 numbers, though they changed that eventually. Now though, Three UK are changing things up and making calls to 0800 numbers free.

If you sign up to be a new Pay Monthly customer, calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers will now be free. They are also making calls to 084x and 087x numbers as little as 5p per minute. That pricing is a lot more reasonable that other carriers right now.

Those aren't the only changes Three are making either. You can now using tethering on all Pay Monthly plans. Previously, you could only tether if you were on The One Plan. All new customers signing up for a pay monthly contract over 24 months can use their data allowance for tethering. One catch is that if you are on an All-You-Can-Eat Plan, you will have a 2GB cap on tethering. Three will now be calling the tethering plan your Personal Hotspot. This doesn't affect you if you're an existing customer.

Good news comes to those looking to unlock their device, though. Three is making their unlocking service free. The service used to cost £15 ($25), so that's a nice treat if you're looking to unlock your Three locked device.

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Three UK makes 0800 numbers free from your phone but also caps data tethering

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Really guys? This wasn't funny when it started. It's only funny if you are either 12 or have the IQ of 12.

Please Crackberry clean these up. The blogs were doing so well the last few weeks and now these tools are back again.

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Lol ive been tethering my z10 to my win 8 tablet for weeks now, costs me nothing on my old £5 tarrif. It pays to stay..... on outdated packages lol

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I am still on an Optus 3G unlimited (2dollardays) plan, and I won't change it anytime soon.

Pretty fast, no complaints, allows tethering, and the Z10 powers a hotspot for the whole house.

Saved me getting ADSL, since I don't download pirated movies or play demanding PC games online.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

That's crap news! I was actually thinking of going to 3 after O2 decide they're too stingy to give us more data. Who can I turn to now?

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Buy a phone and an all-inclusive month to month card. You still have unlimited data and unlimited tethering. It's only one one type of contract. All customers have unlimited data, even payg customers. As this post counts reference to as spam I've had to cut the important bit.

Apparently I've read elsewhere that SIM-only will be getting these changes in the near future, some time this year. Is that true?

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What about t-mobile? (they used to do unlined data 6 months ago)

I left overpriced O2 for t-mobile - SIM only though.

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This is why It pays to buy your own phones, I'll be staying on my old completely unlimited package until they force me off it.

Terrible network.

However, it's a good move. I hope other carriers follow suit.

Personally I'd prefer if they just made 0845 numbers come out of your monthly minutes.

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Funny timing of this article...just this morning I looked over my last month's bill with EE to see where £4 of extra charges had come from, and it was a call to an 0800 number. it's truly ridiculous. Why on earth should I have to pay to call a freephone number, especially when I'm on a plan that includes unlimited calls!

Also, why do we call it tethering. I don't know why it annoys me, but it does lol. Tethering harks back to the day when you had to physically plug your phone into your laptop so your laptop could get online. Creating your own wifi hot spot is very different.

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As soon as there are webpages with an Internet Explorer header and user agent transmitted, LOL

Or any other desktop browser or app...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Is it possible to get a service here in America? I plan on visiting London again in the near future, and this way I wouldn't have to change sim cards. What would be the price per minute if used in America?

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It will cost a lot, about 2.10 dollar per minutes to call local, and your friends will love you, cos they need to call a UK number to get hold of you. On the other hand, calling and rec'd to and from UK are within your monthly plan along with data, mine 18 pounds (us27) a month rolling contract with 2000 minutes and unlimited data. 4G in London as well. And I have no problem getting a signal while in upstate NY, and that's a small city with population of 30K.

This one would be not relevant for my country. :). We have unlimited calls from the same network only international get charged.

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On a slightly different note but still about Three UK and Blackberry.....

It appears that Three UK are about to drop BlackBerry. I noted some recent news articles in which a spokesman suggested that they may drop BlackBerry in favour of windows phones.

Popped into a high st store and the only handset on offer was a curve.
On their website, only two curve handsets available.
No sign of any bb10 models.

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1st post on CrackBerry so hi all. I'm waiting for my 9320 to arrive in the post and doing some 'get clued up' reading here. Good spot.
If calling free phone numbers (starting 0800, 0808 & 0500) for free is important to you then Giff Gaff let you do that already.

Was about to mention the same thing re: GiffGaff free calls to 0800 numbers. Unfortunately 0845 are 12p/minute.

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Great news from 3 to keep the mobile operators on their toes and push the money saving benefits onwards for all mobile users..

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Heard from a T-Mobile staff that they will be stocking more Blackberry 10 devices, especially the Z30. They had a rep in the store who told them.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

Wow, just make sure to mention you're in the UK, otherwise the US T-Mo users and CrackBerry nation is going wild for an unintentional hoax!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

With regards to tethering that is the worst possible news from three, given that they give existing customers no reasons to stay with them, I think it might be time to find a new provider.

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