Three UK leaked roadmap has the Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook arriving in June

By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2011 04:56 pm EDT
Three UK leaked roadmap has the WiFi only BlackBerry PlayBook arriving in June

If there was any doubt remaining about when the BlackBerry PlayBook was launching in the UK, the above image should put some folks minds at ease. Taken from their leaked roadmap, Three UK has the BlackBerry PlayBook in the Wi-Fi only flavor pegged for a June release date. This timeline does back up the rumors circulating over the past few days about a June UK launch. All we can do now is hope that release date sticks for those of you in the UK. In the meantime, we're still hanging on for a US and Canada launch.

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Three UK leaked roadmap has the Wi-Fi only BlackBerry PlayBook arriving in June


How disappointing is this sh1t? The more the wait the more I'm tempted to buy an Ipad 2. I hate this game RIM is playing.

No way Blackberry, when will it arrive in germany then??? August??? Very disappointing. I´ll buy an white ipad instead, maybe i´ll sell it again for the playbook, or wait for pb2......... :-(

But it was dumb of RIM to announce a product almost a year before its launch. That would just kill all the hype for us consumers. See other competitors finish testing and everything, then announce a launch date which usually isn't that far away from the launch date. Also they gave other competitors a chance to pull away RIM's customers. If I were Mike L, I wouldn't announce a Launch date 6 or 9 months before any testing or hardware assembling was done. RIM, you shot yourself in the foot again SMH.

I suppose one of the reasons they announced it so early on is that they would have to excite developers to get them to develop for a brand new platform.

I guess I have patience and don't mind hanging about for something I want.

Actually it wasn't dumb. If they hadn't announced it, I would have already purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an iPad. But, because RIM announced the PlayBook, I have been holding out. They haven't lost any potential customers by announcing it early, but they may have gained some.

Soon the question will be:

Wait for the PlayBook, or buy the iPad 3?

The iPad 2 will be ancient by the time RIM releases the PlayBook.

It's really sad I thought worst case would be may for Germany.

So we have to wait again

... jeopardy music is playing ...

June, june ha ha ha it could be June of 2012 or June 2013.

I bet that this PB will never be released....

Ugh - I am doing my best to remain loyal ... but RIM is falling behind even more - is thing vapor ware?

I spoke with a Staples Canada employee - tech guy - and was told April 4th release in Canada

I hope so... or I hope it is sooner

tons of bitching when RIM has not said one word. I would say wait till RIM makes an announcement before anyone jumps off the bridge. All of this is still rumor until RIM gives a date. I keep hearing five different date for the US release and none of them are right cause RIM has made any official. So until then don't believe one word.

I know here in Australia, Three isn't always the first carrier to launch certain phones/products. I would be more interested in what vodafones 'roadmap" is?

secondly, RIM shouldn't limit themselves to just the carriers, I mean its not even a bloody phone. Also I have no qualms with getting a wifi only version, I mean my laptop doesn't have 3g connectivity - I find paying for an expensive plan ludicrous...

thirdly, hopefully some smart chappy will be able to allow USB modems to be connected via the PlayBook - why limit yourself RIM. I mean HP certainly aren't with their upcoming WEBOS coming to as many HP products possible and that in itself is fantastic for a platform. So hopefully RIM understands that you need more than a few fancy apps and a tablet.