Three UK launching the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in black on September 15th - White version to follow

By Adam Zeis on 6 Jul 2011 12:46 pm EDT

BlackBerry Bold 9900

An unofficial Three UK blog has rumored that the BlackBerry Bold 9900 will be available for purchase on September 15th. This is the first solid date we've seen for the device thus far, though keep in mind it was posted on a Three UK rumor blog and not via an official press release or site. Noted is that the device will be available in black at launch with an all white version to follow a month down the road. We've seen the device listed on the Three UK coming soon page more than once now, so it's good to finally have a date to put in the books. Hopefully other carriers will kick into gear now and drop some release dates of their own. Bring on the Bold 9900!!

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Three UK launching the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in black on September 15th - White version to follow


3 were always playing behind other UK's networks. But - on the other hand - launching 9900 in August seems to be a big misunderstanding, as well. Nothing starts here in August, because all Brits are in Spain then :)

Late July is worthwhile - the only hope against late release of this BB. In any ideal reality it should be on the market in June but 2010. Now - unfortunately - it is a masterpiece for old BB fans, including myself. But I realise we are in smartphone market's minority and will not help RIM by ourselves to catch relieve :(

That's the same release date that Amazon UK had for the black 9900 (unlocked). Blackberry UK also tweeted today asking if people were excited about the new 9900 and to sign up for updates (to which I'm sure (/hope) they got a fair few sarcastic responses), so it seems as though a release date should be coming soon.

I'm thinking the domestic release should be at least 30 days prior to the UK launch. At least that's what history would tell us. This would put the Can/US launch mid-August which is in line with many of the CB predictions.

I suspect we will hear more on July 12th.

If RIM wants to have an all out assault with their latest devices, they should work with carriers to release them at once, all around the world. Ramp up on production and get the phones out there within 2 months, or it will be a long road uphill.

If you go to 3 UK's actual site, on the upcoming phones link, it only states the the Bold 9900 is coming soon, they have removed the previous September label that replaced the previous August label. So, I hope this is a sign of announcements to come for all carriers, but I will believe a date once I see a RIM press release.

i signed up for updates on RIM's website but so far I got no email about anything happening at RIM. No updates about the Bold, no updates about OS releases, NOTHING...What kind of customer relations dept do they have? They ask you to sign up for updates but offer no email updates on anything.

They never usually get the emails out in a timely manner. I signed up for the emails about the Playbook in Australia, I still haven't received one. I saw people getting emails 2 weeks after an update came out. I don't expect them to change that anytime soon. So I wouldn't expect anything important to come in email form. :(

Carphone Warehouse said it would be out next month (asked in a shop). Hopefully it'll be out on Orange then...

IMO I think 3uk are just trying to hold on to customers . Get their date out before Vodafone does and then people might not leave 3uk. I would say it will be out by next month .

I really wanted this phone but unfortunately by the time September rolls around there will probably be about 5 more new high quality Android devices and the 9900 will look and feel even more dated. This phone should have come out before the Playbook...

Should've been out ages ago, if it doesn't release early August, cya RIM. You guys are simply full of yourselves thinking you can compete with this kind of effort. Outdated upon release, no thanks. Oh and I cannot wait to see just how well the battery really holds up.

Rim just doesn't seem to get it!!! My contract is expiring and I'm hoping to get this phone!!!
How long can I Wait!!! Anyone checked out WEBOS Phones, looks pretty sleek!

C'mon Rim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOOD to hear Bold 9900 may be sold in UK mid-Sept 2011, although still no official announcement from RIM.

But this is still 6-8 weeks too late for the Back-To-School season (a significant portion of RIM consumer customers buy these devices before going to school/university).

Let's hope that RIM is faster in USA to release these devices, hopefully in time for Back-To-School sales.

Yes, I'm suggesting that if RIM fails in pushing out Bold 9900 by this summer, this may cost RIM. By September, phone carriers would prefer to exclusively promote the new iPhone5 over the Bold 9900. Similar situation to 2010 summer when phone carriers gave marketing priority to launch iPhone4, then out 1-2 months later the Torch 9800 was finally launched.

I'm getting sick of all the comments about "how outdated the speccs are". This phone is obviously not for the person that wants to watch movies, play games etc etc. That's why there is another model called Blackberry Torch.

The speccs on this phone are great as far as I'm concerned for the avrage user like me!
Checking emails, sending quick text messages, finding your way home when you are drunk etc.
If I want to play games I'd go buy a Nintendo 3DS.

Wait just one dayum minute! You mean after waiting all the way 'til now,...which is July,...I will now have to wait until September!! This is some bull shigadey!!!

Well, at least I can look forward to Labor Day!


guys will the older blackberry's ie the 9780, torch, 9700 prices drop when the new ones are released in september ?