Three UK to launch their 4G network in December

Three UK to launch their 4G network in December
By DJ Reyes on 29 Aug 2013 07:47 am EDT

EE were the first U.K. carrier to bring 4G to the country and if you wanted to get 4G speeds on your BlackBerry, you had to get yourself onto an EE contract. Today, both Vodafone and O2 have launched their 4G networks but unlike EE, where they switched on 4G in 11 cities from the start, only Vodafone users in London can enjoy it. While O2 is launching in three cities - London, Bradford and Leeds.

Three UK is the last major carrier in the U.K. to announce their 4G network. While they haven't set an actual date, they have said that it will launch in December 2013. Three already confirmed that 4G wouldn't come at a premium price to its customers and their prices do look very appealing.

Three's lowest SIM-only plan starts at £6.90. This will give you 200 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB of data. Three times less than EE's offering of £21 for the same amount of data. Vodafone's SIM-only plans start £26, though you do get 2GB of data, a better deal than on EE. On O2, for the same price you'll get 1GB. With Three, whatever plan you're currently on, when 4G is switched on, there is no need to change anything. This makes Three's All-You-Can-Eat plan at £12.90 very appealing indeed.

Three has said that it will launch in three cities come launch day - London, Manchester and Birmingham and hope to roll out to 50 cities by the end of 2014.

Are you a Three customer? Looking forward to getting 4G this December? If you're not with Three, will these pricing points make you switch? Sound off in the comments.

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Three UK to launch their 4G network in December


Guys if any of u own bbry stock, nows the time to short. Just read a report in the wsj that Q1 sales have been terrible. This is u r chance to make money well in advance of the 26th sept earnings report.

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Are there better deals in France? I'm already jealous of this one, don't make it worse :)

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I believe that Virgin Media use three as well and so after an exclusive period for three I hope we too will get it for free!

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Will be in golly old... on Sept 4. I'm hoping to use my STL100-3 with 4G in at least a few places. One of my 2 weeks is in the London, Greenwich area. I should be able to find 4G and Wi-Fi there. The other week is traveling the southern coast from Dover to Cornwall to Wales. I'm assuming my mobile data service with be spotty for that part of the trip.

Canadians bitching about Canadian carriers while the UK is just getting 4g now.. the UK is 95k Sq miles while Canada is 3.8 million Sq miles with half the population. Now you understand why it's more expensive here?

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3 is launching its 4G service for free - no additional charge - to new and existing customers in the UK.

Okay, so it is only in three cities to start and not the 100 of RE - but this will rattle the other mobile providers in the UK.

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Using a Z10 and will be getting an Android device and am happy with 3G speeds so far but good to know.

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3 say they will provide a free software upgrade to customers. Don't know what that means as I thought your phone (hardware) needs to be 4G enabled first.

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It will mean they will problem just send an over the air SMS that will realign settings within the phone...

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Time to start thinking about my personal phone upgrade; my beloved Bold 9900 on "3" just won't cut it at those speeds! Got a Q10 on Vodafoe last week for work - awesome phone, but 4G not included in my firm's contract! Great to see the competition, well done "3"!

Great news apart from the fact it's 3
I was with them for a while and we struggle to get 3g in a lot of places, being cheap is fine if you get a signal, hence I switched carriers
T-Mobile is fantastic where I live, constantly on H+ all you can eat data, a little bit more expensive than 3 but it works, who needs 4g :-)

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I'm not too sure abt 3 4g network... I remember the times when there 3g reception was crap and many switched back to there previous carriers... it has taken EE a year to improve there network, I'm sure it will be the same for everyone else also... as I say, u pay for premium rates for premium service...

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I think it's great that 3 are embracing the use of mobile in the same way with 4G as they have with 3G. Today I think nothing of using mobile Internet as much as I do my home fibre broadband, and in reality 3 generally offer me a speed comparable - even in excess - to those seen on many broadband lines at times, especially for upload.

That said I'm not sure how much I care simply because 3 provide so much speed over the current 3G service I'm not sure what I'd do with faster...

I will definitely be considering 3.

This is how 4G should be launched. And living only 15 miles from Birmingham I visit there often.

Their plans have always been great value on the whole and their coverage is vastly better now that was say 3 years ago.

This will give the big 3 carriers a run for the money!

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Been using 3 for years over here. Your mileage varies with coverage in different areas and everything is fine until something goes wrong. But for my part nothing has gone wrong in 9 years and coverage is good in the areas I frequent. But then that's the trick with all carriers - know their coverage in the areas you need. But 4g for free is going to be a gamechanger here and will probably annoy at the very least EE who have based their whole business model on overcharging. Parties over guys...

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