Three UK introduces the Feel At Home roaming plan

Three UK introduces the Feel At Home roaming plan
By DJ Reyes on 13 Sep 2013 07:46 am EDT

Anyone who travels frequently will know how expensive roaming charges are, often times it is better to pick up a local SIM and use that while you're in that country. However, this isn't always convenient if you need to travel to many locations. Back in June 2013, the European Union announced their plan to scrap roaming fees starting from July 2014. However, this is only for those who reside within the EU and will travel within the EU.

U.K. carrier, Three, are now offering what they call Feel At Home to its customers. It allows you to use your current plan abroad at no extra cost. You can call, text and even use data and it will just come out of your montly allowance. This definitely makes Three very appealing if you will be travelling.

At the moment, this works in seven countries - Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. The offer is available to all Three customers, whether you're on pay monthly, SIM only, pay as you go or on a business plan. This offer is even available to those who just use Mobile Broadband.

There's no setting up required either. Once you pick up a carrier in the participating countries, you're all set to go. It looks like more countries will be added in the future. This will certainly make Three very a very enticing carrier for those who will be travelling a lot, at least to those countries. You could just pick up a Three pay as you go SIM and use that. For £15 you can get 300 mins, 3000 texts and unlimited data and lasts for 30 days. There are some limitations but unless you go over 25GB of data in a month, you should be okay. Hopefully can see more countries added to that list sooner, rather than later. 

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Three UK introduces the Feel At Home roaming plan


Actually we had this for years here in Austria, but now that 3 has bought Orange they are charging 7,50€ per month for new contracts for this feature. :/

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Well, if the big three have their way, then never. However, I suspect that one of the reasons Vodafone sold their stake in Verizon is that Vodafone expects US pricing to drop to European levels and they chose to take their profits before then. You have to think that Verizon is worth a lot more with today's plan pricing than it would be if plan pricing was at European levels.

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Good move but network too small in general. However, it's quite interesting why other three networks in the UK, that are much much bigger in global scale, have not offered such simple thinking bonus to their Customers, yet?!

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Good move!

When will it arrive for France?

Though, the way the EU is going, roaming will be scrapped anyway - but it's a good first step.

Consumers (in the EU) win!

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I just came back from traveling all around Scotland. I picked up a Three pay as you go sim for my 9900. Unlimited data, 300 UK minutes, and 300 texts for 30 days. All for 15 pounds. I Voiped all over and used my WiFi hotspot for my Playbook to give me turn by turn directions using Google Maps. I wish Three would expand to Canada.

When my girlfriend visited me for a week here in the UK, I got her a PAYG SIM from Three, she was stunned that for 30 days she could have unlimited data for 15GBP. Hope these plans to make it it Canada.

Thanks. I did indeed. Castles, pubs, distilleries, and beautiful countryside. What more could one want?

I'm with 3 on a monthly rolling contract and I get 200 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data for £12.90 a month and they'll upgrade me to 4G LTE for no extra cost as soon as they expand to my town next year.

3 are hands down the best value network in the UK.

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Delighted to have this. Went from having my travelling calls blocked when with EE to making free calls when travelling with 3.

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I used this on my recent trip to Australia. It started the day I arrived and was most welcome! Data transfer was a little slower than at home, inclusive calls, texts are to UK numbers only. 3 are giving us free 4G soon, so good value I say!

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