Three UK confirm no extra charges when they roll out 4G - A great option for BlackBerry 10 users

Three UK
By James Richardson on 16 Aug 2013 04:17 am EDT

For consumers in the UK the last few weeks has been pretty busy in terms of 4G launch news. Both Vodafone and O2 have confirmed that they will be flicking the LTE switch at the end of August. With EE already being well established and currently the only UK network to offer 4G, it just leaves Three to pull their fingers out and get the 4G ball rolling. Whichever of the above networks you are with your BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be 4G ready.

A while back Three said that they would not charge any extra for 4G services and they have now reinforced that claim which will make them unique as currently all the other networks have a premium charge for LTE. Three already are extremely competitive on pricing - especially with their 'All You Can Eat' data. Once their 4G network is established I suspect the other networks will have to do something to try and retain customers.

We’re on track to launch in Q4 and we will offer 4G at no extra charge. When we switch on our 4G network well over a million of our customers will already have a 4G device so they will get automatic and hassle-free access in 4G areas without the need to change plans or sim cards. Everyone on Three with a 4G device will be able to enjoy our 4G services as we roll out the network across the country to add capacity to what is already the UK’s fastest 3G network.

Here in the UK we still have a long road ahead of us before most of the country has 4G coverage. But at least we are getting there.

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Three UK confirm no extra charges when they roll out 4G - A great option for BlackBerry 10 users


3rd... I hear too many complaints abt poor customer service and reception from 3 customers... if it wasn't for this I would defo get a three contract...

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In the month and a half I was in the UK last year, my Three SIM never dropped the signal, aside from when I was underground. We had a cottage up in the hills in Wales, in what I would consider close to the middle of nowhere, and we used my phone tethered to my laptop in place of the cabin wifi which was non-functional, and it worked better than my, at the time, DSL back home.

Compared to our Canadian carriers, if Three is the worst you've got, you people are pretty spoiled. =P

3 are very competitive on price, and I think that they have a slight advantage being that they introduced the company to the UK as a 3G only network, and so had a mobile broadband service out the gate, and partnered with other networks for 2G coverage on older phones and for calls where they had no service coverage.

If you value online multi media consumption on your smart devices, you would be a fool not to consider 3

I would be all over 3.
The only issue I have is my gf is with them and she gets no signal in our flat whatsoever.
As soon as she steps out its fine. It's weird

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I have the same issue but I like how competitively priced they are. Wish they did have better signal indoors though.

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I will not go to 4g with vodafone for the extra, will wait and change to 3 when contract ends if it no extra

Me too. Maybe Vodafone will change their plans so they don't lose customers. I have WIFI most of the time anyway so no big deal!

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Ppl just complain customer service is bad because its in india. Been with three for 6 years now and the customer service is amazing and free.

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Do not go near 3, is it any wonder they are not charging extra for 4G because you will probably never get it! Their network is the worst in the UK! I signed up on a 2 year deal back in 2008 and 3 months later I cancelled, no matter what I did I was always on EDGE! Their technicians (sorry their monkeys on a seat reading from a script) were the worst I've come across. If you want to keep your sanity in check stay well away!

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@ Shub Singh, haha don't make me laugh! You don't seem biased at all with a surname such as Singh!

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Well, that's obviously great news :) I'm not on Three but it's definitely going to make an impact on other networks. Especially as o2 hasn't confirmed whether or not if they'll be doing something similar to this. They've been quite vague.

The networks are watching!

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Not sure where you have been looking but all their details are on their website and sign posted from the front page. Not much difference from their 3G prices.

Good for you guys. Was with 3 on my 9550 and it was the best BIS plan for me. Axis was second. Other carriers got too many complaints about their 3G networks. Unfortunately 3 don't have OS10 plan here in Indonesia. Instead, they shoved in the regular AON plan (Always On). Unlimited but too bad only for 11sites. For me, Axis have the best OS10 plan here.

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Yoh TELUS, are you listening???? If you don't live in a significantly sized city, TELUS will greatfully take your money and in return provide you with technology that is years behind what's available elsewhere.

I was an orange business customer for over 15 years, with various blackberry phones for the last 10 years. I gave my oldest child a blackberry curve on three as a test for 2 years, and now At the begining of this year, I upgraded to a Z10 and moved to Three.
When orange became EE, coverage was wonderful. No more dropped calls. But recently it is rubbish and drops calls in city centres. And the premium for 4g with a small data allowance is stupid.
My home broadband is down while the fibre is being installed, so I've been using by z10 as a hot spot, and I'm doing a gig a day on my all you can eat plan. With speeds of up to 20mb down and 3 up. That is better than my old adsl service.
I'm happy with the go faster version of 3g from three, I hope their delay on rolling out 4g means they will skip the first generation, and go straight to 2nd generation of 4g.

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