Three UK is a step nearer to 4G LTE - What does this mean for BlackBerry users

By James Richardson on 22 Aug 2012 10:56 am EDT

Some interesting developments have happened in the 4G LTE saga that has dominated the UK news in the last day or so. We told you yesterday that Everything Everywhere (the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile) has been given clearance by Ofcom, the government regulatory body, to roll out 4G in Great Britain later this year. The latest news is that Everything Everywhere have announced that they will be handing over 2X15MHz of its 1800MHz spectrum to Three. The move is in accordance with the European Commission and it was part of the deal that Everything Everywhere share some of the spectrum.

How does this affect us BlackBerry users? Well, it's good news. With BlackBerry 10 launching in Q1 next year it means that we should already have more than one 4G network up and running in the UK, giving consumers a choice when it comes to choosing which carrier to go with. The BlackBerry 10 handsets, that are still to be officially announced by RIM, will be 4G compatible here in the UK. So as well as a new OS and new hardware we should also have the choice of using super fast LTE from day one.

Now we just need Q1 to hurry up and arrive. I'm not great at being patient.

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Three UK is a step nearer to 4G LTE - What does this mean for BlackBerry users


LOL so far agreed on Patience supposed virtue that i will never have when i want something i want it now :P. But glad things are picking up in other areas to support the new handhelds always a good thing.

"The latest news is that Everything Everywhere have announced that they will be handing over 2X15MHz of its 1800MHz spectrum to Three. "

Yes in Sept 2013....

"When Orange and T-Mobile eloped to form EE, the mammoth phone network was left holding almost half the UK mobile radio spectrum. So EE offered to sell off two 15MHz-wide blocks before the 4G mega auction, which it has now done, but it won't let Three take possession until the last possible moment required by the EC: September 2013 for two 10MHz blocks, and September 2015 for the rest."

not factually accurate sorry. unless you have a statement from EE saying they wont give the specturm till the last minute lol.

heres an actual quote from an EE spokesperson today

"In accordance with these commitments, Everything Everywhere has today announced an agreement with Three to transfer this 2x15 MHz of its 1800MHz spectrum to Three. Ofcom and the European Commission will review whether the divestment satisfies the merger commitments, and a response is expected within the next three months.”

Yeah sure, they are going to hand it over early and lose the marketing opportunity to trumpet the fact that they are the only network who can provide 4G for almost a year?


cos theres great sense in making an agreement, getting it approved by the regulators, then holding off. thered be no chance of negative PR from that eh lol.

and thats before you think how helpful the £250m (or maybe more) they`ll sell for will go towards getting a major infrastructre built before the other big 2 can compete. Three is a small player in the UK, so use them to finance EE becoming even bigger before their actual competition can compete.

It makes sense for them to sell it now, even in 3 months Three will have to build then test infrastructure and devices so its a good 6 months behind EE in terms of rollout. Three has an 8% market share, voda and O2 combined have 51% share, so using Three to break that dominance would actually make EE the biggest provider.

He he, dominated the UK news, James, I do like reading your articles :) I guess this is good news - there is of course the as yet unspoken question as to whether UK networks will try to charge more for 4G provision, as I think is the case with our North American neighbours. If this happens this perhaps isn't such good news for BlackBerry users, given that we tend to consume less data and need less for messaging etc.

I hope your patience improves, because Q1 includes all of March and it's somewhat likely that Q2 will be the actual launch date

Thanks for info on a further delay Thorsten.... oh no wait, you're NOT Thorsten... well that means... you are not being truthful! :o


It is soo wrong to still read about 4G ... all the time that 4G don't really exist...

ITU still state that "4G" is undefined - and "WiMAX, HSDPA+, LTE and other comparable technologies are considered to be evolved 3G technologies. "

I believe even the mighty Apple only has LTE on the AT&T network in the US, so what does that make them?? They're actually purposefully crippling their own device(s).


Plenty of Android phones with LTE. Apple is coming with one next month. The were really criticized for not including LTE in iphone 4S. THIS COMMUNITY SAW RIM's OPPORTUNITY THERE TO COME UP AND BEAT APPLE TO THE PUNCH with an LTE BB10 phone!

we know how that turned out... Q1 2013, at best.

No, you're confusing things - it's for G's ;) (sorry for the painfully 90's joke everyone)

When im using my other phone with Orange i sometimes i get 3.5G come up under the signal bars then it disappears down to 1 bar or drops all togeather :-(.

When this 4G finally gets going will the signal be stronger as well as faster?Reason why im asking is that my Orange signal goes up and down like a yo yo all the time not consistant at all.

It's good to hear that BB10 4G will be compatible here in the UK and that RIM should be avoiding Apple's 4G iPad fiasco. Apple thought that they could get away with branding and marketing the 4G capabilities of their new iPad worldwide when it could only ever be used on 4G in the United States and Canada.
I think that the new iPhone will work on 4G in North America but we will have to wait until launch day to see if it will be 4G compatible in the UK.
My network O2 have a test 4G network running in London but they are yet to announce a launch date. I think that it will be still at least a year away.