The BlackBerry Z10: Why it's my device of choice over the Q10 & Q5

BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 12 Jul 2013 11:14 am EDT

Here in the UK, like in many countries now, we have a choice of three BlackBerry 10 smartphones - the Z10, Q10 and Q5. Which one you use is clearly down to personal preference but I thought I would take a few minutes just to share my own thoughts and preferences as to why as a die hard QWERTY keyboard lover I now favor the BlackBerry Z10 with its on-screen keyboard as opposed to the other two devices with hardware keyboard options.

I'll paint a quick picture of my time using BlackBerry: I was quite a late starter compared to the rest of the CrackBerry team. The first BlackBerry I used was the Curve 8520 so we're not talking that long ago in terms of how long BlackBerry have been producing smartphones. I soon progressed to the Bold 9700 and then the 9780 before the BlackBerry Torch 9800 came on the scene. Since then I have been lucky enough to use every BlackBerry released apart from the BlackBerry Style which didn't make its way over the pond.

As well as using a BlackBerry as my primary device I have also used dozens of Android and Windows phones as well as owning the Apple iPhone 4, so I'm more than familiar with the on-screen keyboard options out there, but I just couldn't not use my BlackBerry as my primary device. I think it was a combination of it being the best communication device as well as having the hardware keyboard. In fact, even before my time with BlackBerry I was a long term keyboard lover. I used the Palm Treo and several Samsung Windows Mobiles all with hardware QWERTY's.

But let's bring it back to BlackBerry 10. I got the Z10 in mid January 2013 and of course it was like a breath of fresh air having a new operating system along with new hardware. Switching from my BlackBerry Bold 9900 was initially a bit of a shock when it came to typing, but like most things in life you soon adjust. Going from a hardware keyboard to a on-screen one is a big step as far as I'm concerned, but within a day or two I was flying around the Z10 and with its awesome spell corrections and predictions it didn't take me too long to type faster on the Z10 than I could on the 9900.

After a few months the BlackBerry Q10 arrived with me and I was super excited to be going back to a more traditional BlackBerry. The keyboard on the Q10 is glorious and in my opinion by far the best BlackBerry have made to date. But I then found myself in that same predicament as before but in reverse. Although moving to the Q10 felt great, it once again took some adjusting after using the Z10 for some time. The same applied when the Q5 showed up. By this time I was back using my Z10 and once again made the transition to a hardware keyboard. The Q5 is a great bit of kit but the keyboard has a much different design to that on the Q10 and it's certainly not as luxurious - but it isn't meant to be due to its price point.

Z10 vs. Q10

So as things stand now I have three BlackBerry 10 smartphones. However hard I try I just keep on going back to the Z10. For me it isn't necessarily about the screen real estate but more the typing experience. Sure, there are pro's and con's for all devices - such as typing while walking is much easier on the Q10/Q5 than it is on the Z10, but I just find the whole on-screen experience better for me. Take me back a year and I never thought I would say that, but BlackBerry have done such a superb job of the Z10 keyboard that it's my addiction. In fact, I would go as far as to say that its so much better than typing on other operating system too and I can say that from experience.

There will always (I hope) be die hard physical QWERTY users out there and in many parts of the world I'm sure that the Q10/Q5 will outsell the Z10 over the next year or so. I say this for two reasons. First up is the business users that work for big corporations. The Q10 or even the Q5 will be a natural upgrade for them, although it may just be one person in the organization that makes the decision. The same applies for the youngsters. Here in the UK the BlackBerry Curve has had phenomenal success over the past few years and once again the Q5 will be the perfect new device for them as long as they don't turn to the dark side!

Anyway, that's just my opinion and of course many of you may disagree with me but that's fine. We are all different - but I would certainly be interested to hear your thoughts if you have been lucky enough to use more than one BlackBerry 10 smartphone. One thing I will add is that I always carry two devices and although the Z10 takes the number one spot I switch between the Q10 and Q5 as my back up rather than another OS as I had done in previous years.

Sound off in the comments - but don't be too cruel to me!

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The BlackBerry Z10: Why it's my device of choice over the Q10 & Q5




Plus the z10 is my choice of current BB10 phones too. I love the physical keyboard but ever since I used the Torch 9860 I was sold on touchscreens. Deciding factor for me... screen real estate.

Keyboard without trackpad and essential shortcuts such as Copy/Paste have kept me from going "Q"... still getting used to my Z, but happy enough!

Open the browser, go to a Web page, do a two finger swipe up on the bezel, press the R key and it'll open reader mode ;) certain keyboard shortcuts are implemented on the Z10 but sometimes you may not find them practical as the keyboard is not always open

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I would love a chance to use the Q10 as I have been using the Z10 for a few months now and love. I just don't have the disposable income to purchase multiple phones.

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I touched a demo of the Q after checking the demo of the Z twice and my wife getting her Z... Q is nice, but I was underwhelmed, bought a Z within a few days of that.

Agree with the analysis, last BlackBerry was the 9900! I was a bit worried about the transition over to the digital keyboard! But no question BlackBerry has the best on glass typing experience out there!

Thanks for your thoughts and reviews James!

Swiped On My Zed10

Second! *EDIT* - Fourth!

I'm selling my Nexus to get an S3 Mini so I can use Google Music and SD card. <3 my Q10 as primary.

I agree with this. I love the on screen keyboard. So much easier to type with. Can do with both thumbs or with one hand. The predictive text is very good also. When typing on the iPhone or android device it is just not the same. I love the Z10 just wish Verizon would update the darn thing.

Use the latest 10.1 update leak. Ez to install. Works so much better. Battery. Voice. Everything is amazing. It's newer update than what Verizon will give you. Just do it you will thank yourself. Was my only leak install I've ever done. So happy

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I agree. Better battery life and no more random reboots after installing the leaked update. Just do it! :)

Z10 for me, I rep for BlackBerry so have all three but my personal SIM stays firmly in my Z10. Awsomevbit bit of kit.

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I still think the z10 keyboard is by far the best on screen keyboard I have ever used. And the "flick-typing" is brilliant! I just wish they would fix that extra space that appears between words that have been corrected and a punctuation mark. Example...

Spelled correctly!


Spelled correctly !

The latter was corrected by the auto correct which adds that extra space. Only started AFTER I updated to 10.1.

On my Z10 somewhere in the GTA.

Mine doesn't do that, tried to force it but auto correct with punctuation works perfect for me, no extra spaces! Works perfect! Testing it now to make sure!

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Don't know if it's a settings thing, but after flicking a word I just hit the period and the space is removed automatically! At the beginning I wondered too about this issue but I tried once and it works perfectly.

You're welcome :)!

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I mean punctuation, not period
.. sorry, not native English speaking!

But works only with punctuation and comma, not with exclamation or question mark? (here too, I had to remove the space before hitting the question mark)

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The only punctuation mark that won't remove the space is the semicolon; other than that the function works great!

On another note, I was hesitant about using a touchscreen coming from the 9700, but I love the Z10 typing experience

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Mine does not do this with 10.1 (Rogers). If I flick a word, it puts in the space, but when I enter punctuation like a .,!? or whatever, the space backs out and enters it correctly and automatically right beside the last word.
unless I'm misunderstanding what your problem is?

Do you include French in your input languages? I recently removed Français from my input languages and the extra spaces went away with it!

The screen is the window into the heart--- I mean- internet... the bigger the window, the better... as long as it fits in my pocket.

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I love the screen real estate. Transitioned to touch a few years back and don't see myself going back :)

Just wish keyboard shortcuts worked on the Z10 too.

Which ones? Most already do on 10.1. For instant action you just have to tap on the search magnifying glass in the home screen. And in the browser, you just have to bring up the keyboard (two-thumb swipe up).

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I agree that the keyboard is as good as it gets, but what kills me with the Z10 is the battery life. The move from the 9900 means I use the Internet more (real browser) and gaming more, and the battery struggles to keep up. If they can keep improving on the battery front, it would be a great differentiator over Apple and Android.

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I came from the 9810 and I used Opera mini and a few games and always killed the battery by the afternoon.

I do it even more with my Z10 and there are days I drain the battery by 11am if I don't charge it. I will definitely upgrade to the next Z10. (A10 is too big) if it has better battery life.

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I agree. If the battery could have been better. Blackberry should find a solution to this, then it will be the best bb phone.

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I started off with a secondhand 8800 in an effort to 'try' BlackBerry, and I loved it! So upgraded to the 9700, then when that white-screened, I went to the 9780, courtesy of James himself, which served me well, then a bargain 9900 came up, so went to that. Once the Z10 came out, I got it that very same day! Initially worried about it being my first ever all-touch device, but I settled in very easily, and doubt I'll ever go back now, unless employment dictates. I've played with the Q10/5, and they're both very good, but they're no Z, and I'm surprised finding myself saying that after so many years with a physical keyboard.

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I also took a chance with my first full touch phone. Previously i had the Torch. I almost waited for the Q10, but am glad i didn't. I love this phone. I really just wish BlackBerry would have marketed it a lot better

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Not sure how many times this has to be said, but the keyboard is good for more than just typing. Just wait until they bring back home screen one-button speed dialing and expanded universal search and type and go capability and you'll be running back to the Q10, lol. :-P

I agree with you. But Z10 BB can make Z10 do this too. And stay tuned third party apps are coming to do just this on Z10.

How? Without an always there physical keyboard, you'll have to add an additional step to the process of opening the keyboard first before you can do this. The thing with the Q10 is that I can take it out of my holster with one hand and simply start typing. No need to pull out the keyboard, press anything before I simply start typing. I know you will say it only takes a second to pull out the virtual keyboard, but to me every extra second it takes to do anything is just time wasted... Between the accuracy of typing on a physical keyboard, the ability to type "blindly," and the always there convenience of the keys to be used for shortcuts/universal searches, those things trump having a big screen so I can play angrybirds and watch movies better...

1) Home screen keyboard can be context aware; the moment you pull out the device it is there.
2) In-app shortcut is more difficult. One way is to move frequently used actions to be always displayed on action bar - user behavior aware.

Thanks for your impressions, James. I was so torn in deciding between the Z10 and Q10. Reviews and comments on CB helped me decide on the Z10. I am more than happy with the typing experience. And (should Verizon ever update us in this lifetime) it sounds like it will be even better with 10.1

Posted via CB10 with *Z* BEST!

I'm a little torn, and I wish I could try a Q10 for a week and see what it's like to live with.

My very first smartphone was a Storm, and my second was a Torch. I enjoyed the screen real estate, but when I moved to a Bold I was kind of impressed at how nice it was to use a device I didn't have to frequently reorient for certain tasks.

Love the screen on my Z10, but I'm curious now about the keyboard shortcuts. And it seems to feel SOOO nice in the hand. I dunno.

There are a ton of advantages in having a physical keyboard. Typing is only the tip of the iceberg. But on the topic of typing, the one main thing you'll find with a physical keyboard is accuracy. You can be fast with a virtual one, but most likely you will not be as accurate. Especially if you're not looking at the screen. And like you said, things like universal search and keyboard shortcuts within apps also make a big difference. And once they add the one-button speed dialing back into the phone, the advantages of the physical keyboard will just keep piling up. Oh, but watching movie won't be as good because the screen is smaller. Oooooohhhhh...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Sorry slagman, I find I type better and more accurately on the Z10 than on the Q10. It may be different for you, but one or the other is not a universal truth.

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I've often made the point that the Z10 keyboard is SOOOOOO innovative that it actually represents a whole new text entry method. The text prediction is excellent, and keyboard swipes are actually a real thing, not just a gimmick.

Now, I loved the keyboard on my 9900, and as I said I liked the single orientation in using it. I'd even say that I'm intrigued with Instant Actions on the Q. But the keyboard on the Z10 IS excellent, the display IS very good with a wonderful pixel density. It's a beautiful media device.

So, yes, I'm torn.

Yup, never would have agreed a year ago, but i'm now sold on the virtual keyboard experience. Z10 does this better than the competition at the moment.

Big Big BIg Big QWERTY user and was waiting for the Q10, but my Z10 is fine the keyboard is great but give me a bigger screen Q10 in the 4inch range and I will move back to the QWERTY !! Blackberry you spoil me with two great phones Z10 and Q10 !!

I love to type on my Z10 virtual keyboard. I hate typing on virtual keyboard of my Iphone 4S. Since switched from an Iphone 4S to Z10, typing is too easy for me as a slow typist. The most scary part of my Z10, it knows what I want to say.

Agreed. The phone's anticipation of where you're going with a text is disconcerting... in a good way, if that's possible.

The Z10 tempted me, but I held out for the Q10 and couldn't be happier. Between the ability to blind type, shortcuts, and a good number of detailed emails to write in the course of a day giving up my QWERTY would be tough. Screen real estate on my phone doesn't matter since the main things I'd be viewing are manuals or Excel sheets which my PlayBook gives me a much better experience with.

All of that said, it all comes down to having the right tool for the right job: I needed a communication focused handheld while others may need more of the jack of all trades that is the Z10. At least BlackBerry still gives its customers the choice of what type of device suits them best.

I used Z10 after 9900, and I actually liked the flick typing, it was really accurate and fun. But I chose the Q10 because I like the size. My favorite BlackBerry of all-time is still Pearl 3g, which my be the way things go with mobile computing and wireless connection to monitor and tvs. I will be a happy camper when that happens!

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In life there are three kinds of people. Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those than wonder what happened.

Came from a bold 9900 which I thought at the time had the best keyboard. It was a fantastic phone for communicating and going through emails and bbm. One thing that phone lacked was the screen real estate.
The z10 now by far is my phone of choice. For me the screen size and the predictive texts is awesome. Also the flash support is great along with the overall experience with the OS. The peek hub and flow really helps me with getting things done faster and more efficiently. No other hand set that I've tried does what the z10 can do.

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All I can say is only BlackBerry could deliver the best qwerty and virtual keyboard experience with the same super fluid BlackBerry 10!

I wish BlackBerry 10 could provide a seamless experience so users can swap between a Q10 and Z10 every other day or week. ;)

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So in love with my Z10. I had a pearl 8120, bold 9000, and Torch 9800 but the typing experience on my Z10 is by far the best and the easiest. The keyboard understands me. It recognizes all my mistakes and makes life so much easier :)

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

I absolutely agree with you!!!
My first smartphone was a Nokia E7, still running Symbian, great piece of hardware with qwerty slider, really amazing, but as after a week not even my IT geek was able to set up a wireless connection I gave it back and was forced to take an iPhone4, my first touch keyboard... and I hated it, typos everywhere...!

Then my first BlackBerry ever came along, Z10, and I don't think I'll ever go back to qwerty again.

I set it up with English, French and german, auto correct switched off, and I fly and flick over the keys like never before, much much faster than qwerty! As the auto correct is switched off, he still sees the typos and suggests you latest at the end of a word the corrected word, so you'll never have embarrassing autocorrect moments... as you decide when to correct something! Also, I don't remember when I hit the apostrophe the last time, just write it without and he'll suggest you the right way at the end... simply astonishing prediction and correction suggestions!

The thing I hate most: when I show the keyboard, the half of the people bought the z10 afterwards... But BlackBerry is not able to advertise this USP in a good ad... it's the only frustrating part of this keyboard...!

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Nice article, James. Like yourself, I was a die-hard physical keyboard user for years. No matter what, I couldn't be talked into using a touch screen phone. Being a BlackBerry user for some time, I finally decided I'd give the Z10 a try when it was released. Now, I absolutely love my decision. I can also relate to what you say about being able to now type faster on the virtual keyboard than previously on my 9700. Which is amazing to me, because I was pretty fast on that particular phone. I had an opportunity to step into two AT&T stores this past weekend, just to check out and play around with a Q10. Surprisingly, I wasn't impressed with it. That's not to say it isn't a good phone (with the exception that the keyboard didn't feel as sturdy to me as past BlackBerry keyboards). It's just as if I, personally, would be taking a step backward by purchasing it. At least, in terms of screen real estate. Like you say, though, it's matter of preference.

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I havent had the chance to own both like many other commentators, but my boss and family members have the Q10 and I do not regret my choice of Z10. I moved from an 8750 -> 9800 -> 9810 so I was firmly on board with the QWERTY beforehand, but I'll never go back. The z10 is simply the best onscreen keyboard you can imagine.

The jury is still out on my liking the Z vs the Q. I've only used the Z now for 6 wks and never used the Q. However, I've had several BB's w/hardware keyboards and I'm still get used to the virtual kybrd. I'm more concerned about the functionality lost w/ OS10 - e.g. Calendar sync, etc.

But as far as devices go the Z is as good as any already out there. It has a good solid feel to it and my 20 year old son congratulated me for finally getting a 'real' phone.'s a good day! Kids!

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All around - physical or pixel - BlackBerry makes the best keyboards of anybody. As well, the entire BlackBerry 10 OS.

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Certain elements such as the big action bar and big headers take up too much screen estate on the q10 which makes me inclined to believe BlackBerry 10 is more suited for full touch.

I really like the Z10 - its the best virtual keyboard,
but I can type easier on Q10.
I'll use the Q10 as my primary device and Z10 as 2nd. As soon as A10 will arrive, I'll take the A10 as my 2nd device and also as a tablet - replacement: 5" is large enough (for me) to watch videos etc. and at home I can use Miracast (from 10.2) to stream to larger screens.
As more as I think about: Q10 + A10 will be the best combo.
One thing I wanto to get at Q10: swipe from right-to-left on word-predictions to delete last word typed. this is the feature I'm missing most on Q10.
Also hopefully one day Cascades will find another way for Sheets and place the OK / Cancel at the bottom to avoid moving the thumbs up to the top of the screen.

I just wanted to comment and say that's exactly how I feel about it. I a love that swipe to delete and it would be great to blackberry find a way to introduce that to the q1p. Holding delete key is fine but I just loved that about the z10.

Also if blackberry paid more attention to stream in our content to larger screens, q10 users feel like they were missing out on too much. I really think that's the way we're heading.

Regarding the z10, I do think it's the best on screen keyboard I've used at least when it comes to defaults.

I do find myself more comfortable with the single orientation and physical keyboard and I probably would lean towards the q10 even with the exposure I've had with the z10.

The Q10 and the Z10 are the two highest scoring tiles in Scrabble. BlackBerry has it's own Canadian postage stamp featuring the iconic qwerty keyboard. Canada also invented the electric wheelchair and the space arm, also featured on postage stamps. Kowean Pwide.

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That is a totally cool point - thanks for thinking of this!

Now, thinking about the A-10 which is the ultimate ground-support, tank-destroying aircraft - one which is low cost, super-effective, has been around for a long time, and will be around a lot longer.

Reading things like this make me impatient for the day I can give the Z10 a shot!

Also, the device pic for the story...drool worthy!

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The bigger screen is definitely the way to go for games (it seems that most of James' posts are game-related). Unfortunately, the wimpy battery makes it hard to take advantage of the Z's gaming and media abilities.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Came to the Z10 from a life time of using keyboards....fastest I have ever adapted to something :)

Posted via CB10

Z10 for me. Because i need my typing and media consumption all rolled into one.

The number of apps not available/optimized for the q (read:instagram) is keeping in the Z.

Posted via CB10

Thanks for your opinion James, this discussion will go on for years but I always find it an interesting read. I use a Z10 but lately I've been having the urge to try a qwerty again.

Posted via CB10

I'm in love with my z10. It hardly took me a day to get used to the awesome keyboard the z10 has and typing on it is a breeze.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry has 'Just show the people what we can do '

Stop hiding your light under a bushel.

Take some of your own advice....

BlackBerry 10.2

BE BOLD!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Nice article man, I was really tempted by the Q10 coming from a Bold 9930, but I had been waiting for a decent all touch option from BlackBerry for a long time. The Z10 is perfect. Size, design and OS feel like they are made for me. Bring on your QWERTY and A10s. I'm sticking with my Z10 for the foreseeable future, and I couldn't be happier.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I have a Z10 and my wife got her Q10 a few weeks ago. After using her Q10 a few times, there is no way I could go back to a qwerty KB. I just love typing on the Z10. That plus the screen size have me hooked for quite a while or until I see what the A10 looks like.

I have both and have been constantly switching for the last month. Finally settled on the Q10 :) it just feels better to me!

Posted via CB10

The Z10 keyboard is hands down the best keyboard on any device I have used including Samsung Galaxy (any) and Iphone (any).

Posted via CB10

Complete opposite! The Z has by far the best virtual keyboard and I enjoyed my times with the Dev Alpha B BUT the Q is THE ONE built for me! #Q10rocks

Posted via CB10

I disagree. There isn't any reason for me to own a BlackBerry if it doesn't have a physical keyboard. I've already invested heavily into the Android and iOS platforms an BlackBerry barely has any apps.

Posted via CB10

Coming from a 9900 I was also worried about the keyboard but I adapted the very first day, which I found amazing, I never thought that I could adapt so fast. I still try to type on an Android and on an iPhone and can't do it as smooth as on my Z10, I always end up yelling at them because it take me forever to type a complex search which I can do quickly on the Z10. I also switch between two languages all the time and no problems with the predicting text whatsoever.

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I have been using my Z10 for approx 4mnths now and very happy. Although my last legacy device was 9900 I made the switch and still learning but with no regret. I've used Q10 but only for few minutes at a time and will get one as secondary device but will still keep my current device as primary. Whether it's touchscreen, physical keyboard or whatever, die hard physical keyboard fan doesn't matter, I stay a DIE HARD BlackBerry FAN. Go BlackBerry!!!!!!

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Used the Q & Z. Both excellent but, chose the Z as something new and different from what I had before. Screen, hardware, software and overall experience placed it better than the iPhone, for me. Not to take away from other devices - Z is better.

Posted via CB10

I used Z10 for long time, then I tried the Q10. The physical keyboard is the way to go if you type a lot. Anyway I bought the Z10, cause of the big screen and the lower price.

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The keyboard on the Z10 is just amazing. It allows me to type super fast and the auto correct is just the best.

Posted via CB10

The Z10 is, unfortunately, not a very solid device. Mine got its third backdoor already and that doesn't seem to last long either. I guess that's why you can order them from quite a few online shops. Once the device completely falls apart, I will finally say goodbye to BlackBerry which was once reknown for quality. The other BIG problem is the battery. All in all this is not a device for people who travel and work outside, it's a device to use in the office or at home with WIFI and there you don't really need it. Last not least this thing cost me more than an iPhone 5, so what the heck...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

FYI I work out side a lot, I am a farmer and getting in and out of many machines plus lifting and carrying stuff and all I can say is my back door is still on and it's still the same phone. Once again if you don't like something shut up and don't moan, no one likes a moaner. How many iphones do you see with cracked screens, I see loads if it's not the front it's the back, and at least you can take a batt out of a blackberry unlike an iphone.

Posted via CB10

I can understand if it's something that has occurred to most of the blackberry devices you own but of it just one. A little drastic. It's not the most durable phone out there like a xperia Z or those casino rugged phones but it is a full touch device. I do think we'll see a far more premium made device in the future.

Durability on my legacy devices have been fine and the z10 has a few nick's on the side but otherwise it's sturdy and the plastic isn't a big problem nor is the battery door. At least it's not a 'premium' all glass phone like an iPhone which just gets covered up by a case anyways lol

Tried a little the Q10, but the keyboard is not a decisive element. My Z10 is great with its virtual one. It's screen size vs battery life, IMO.

Posted via CB10

Nice reading your thoughts James! Better than those games-review ;) Anyway, it must indeed be quite strange to pronounce yourself a Z10 lover when you lived the last years an addicted hardware keyboard lover!

Love my Z10... too swore I would NEVER Ho to touch! Still missing it
... but happy with Z10 except for one thing.....wish the send was located some where else..... i have sent some pretty outrageous text by accident...

Posted via CB10

Love my Z10. Love the keyboard and the extra screenestate. I can't imagine going back to QWERTY device ....and I NEVER thought I would EVER say that.

I was an iPhone user since it's release. Prior to that a BlackBerry and treo user... i switched to the z10 day of its USA release. Bb10 os is far superior to that of ios..

Gestures, hub, keyboard all enhance the speed and satisfaction of the communication experience....

Why can't BlackBerry get this point across to the rest of the world? Why can't the must have apps be available.....

Better advertising, training and incentives to retail outlets, apps and bb10 would be a huge success......

The marketing and store support to date seriously has failed the launch of this amazing product.....

Posted via CB10

I thought I would switch to the Q10 when it came out. Have gone to the store many times to play with the Q10 and found it awkward now after having used my Z10. I actually find the Z10's keyboard addictive. Love the phone and the screen real estate is a huge plus. I am actually getting good battery life. Heavy user and have had this phone since end of March.

Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10

Q10 screen is much too small for me personally, Z10 screen is perfect for me personally!

Posted via CB10

The new A10 will have tactile feedback for on-screen keyboard, using a newly invented low-power, low-latency "clicker".

Posted via CB10

The Z10 is simply the best phone I have ever had. I moved to blackberry from a nokia into a storm, an odd typing experience but none the less good, then the storm 2 and torch like most. For some reason I went to an iphone 4 and changed 5 months later when did a business deal with T mobile who allowed me to have any phones for our business, I went to a 9860 and rest of them had torch, curve and bolds. I could never get on with a hard keyboard. So move to a Z10 is the best thing I have ever done. So now T mobile just ask what phone I want and we have many Z10, Q10 still a curve and the last bold from last year die hard fan won't give it up. BlackBerry have out done themselves I just wish others could see the light. My dad has a Samsung and what a faff to operate I'm surprised he's got one.

Posted via CB10

"but BlackBerry have done such a superb job of the Z10 keyboard that it's my addiction."

That's exactly how I feel and why I ended up keeping the Z10. It definitely has an addictive quality to it. Maybe it's the flick typing or those freaky moments when an entire sentence you type is predicted perfectly.

I once erased the whole freshly finished email draft... but with a Z10 that's not really an issue... I wrote the whole mail again just with flicks, all at first character... amazing!!!

Posted via CB10

Z10 is will always be my favorite until of course something else blows me away. But digital keyboard is the best I have ever seen!

I absolutely agree with you and ill be doing the same, Z10 and Q10 for me. I am a Keyboard guy but the on screen keyboard on the Z10 is phenomenal and can't be touched by any other platform or keyboard period.

Anthon CB10

Well said and I have said it before the BlackBerry z10 is a leap to BlackBerry's future not the q10 or5.

Posted via CB10

Happy with my Z10! Not missing keyboard from BB99... . I'm sure the Q10 is the next great step forward on tech "keypad"

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I have been thinking of selling my Z10 To go to the Q10. Recalling my years of typing on BlackBerry keyboards (since 2005 first device 7520) the corrections come from me too often. With this phone I can totally misspell a word. Not even get one letter right and there on the space bar is the right word. I'm also concerned there is no way I can use the Q10 one handed as well as I use the Z10. I have played with a Q10 btw the way. So for now I think I am going to stick with the Z10 and call it good.

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I can't agree more. I am using Z10 and I love it so much, especially the on screen keyboard. I wanna say is BlackBerry make the best keyboard for mobile phones, no matter it is virtual keyboard or physical keyboard. BB is always the king.

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Funny, feel the same way!
I work for a mobile company, and I've also had mentioned devices in different platforms. But I'm in love with Z10, just looking forward to the A10 now, which leaked today, looks very similar to Z10 and will perhaps some day be upgraded to 10.3 and further :-)

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Agree with you that Q is a true tool. However, in order to get these tools we need RIM to survive. People like yourself and me (keyboard user since 950) are only 1% of total. RIM cannot survive by focusing on us.

Fully agree.

I tried the Q10 but had to go back to the Z10.

The is a former 9800 user talking.

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James you are over there in the UK, lets now get the Top Gear blokes switched to the Z10. Last Episode I saw Jeremy using an iPhone.

I too find the Z10 quite usable (although I find quite annoying to have to switch batteries at the end of the afternoon if I didn't manage to charge it for a bit), but to me that goes on showing how unfinished BB10 is for qwerty devices. All these gestures can save time on touch screens, but we should be even more efficient with a keyboard, so let's hope 10.2 fixes some of that.

And no, the youth in the UK will not go for an expensive Q5. They will move on to cheap Android and keep on using BBM.

I tried the Z10 for about a week, couldn't do it. I boiught it second hand and actually sold at a profit, so it was all good.

I love my Q10 as a communication device. I could never two thumb type on glass, always felt like I was going to drop the phone, but with the Q10 that's not a worry. I can two thumb type very quickly, while doing other tasks. I've had text conversations with only the occasional glance at the screen, walked around while typing messages, things you cannot do with glass.

I'll be a die hard QWERTY user until they don't make them anymore.

I wouldn't say that they're obsolete, it's moved on to a niche market now. When typing for business purposes you don't want software auto correction, typos are OK but substituting 'orifice' for 'office' might not go so well when replying to your clients/business contacts.

For one, when you are on a train or some other moving vehicle, it's easier and more accurate to type on a physical keyboard.

Love my z10 for the same reason and I used to be someone that hated touch screen phones. That is until the z10.

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I thought twice about getting a Z10 coming from physical keyboard Blackberries (9000 Bold, 9700 Bold & 9800 Torch) I was worried I'll be much slower on my typing and I hate text typing. A week after I got the Z10 I'm pretty surprised and pleased that I've adapted really quick. I was able to try typing on a Q10 through a demo unit and it felt good too, maybe my thumbs felt at home with the BlackBerry physical keyboard. But I believe that the Z10 typing experience is the next step. Now I'm so used to the swiping up I'm even doing it unconsciously on our iPad.

via Z10.

I thought I'd never be a virtual KB person but the Z10 KB changed me forever. I can type loose and fast on the Z10 and it'll correct everything for me most of the time. It's gotten so bad that I'm expecting the same performance on iphones, ipads, PB, laptop, etc. and find myself cursing at them when they don't fix my atrociously mis-spelled words (some of them not even resembling what they're suppose to spell). It's a shame BBRY can't properly market the best phone OS on the planet because if they got the Z10 in the hands of most people I'm sure there would be many more sales.

Hi James, good post. I used to own the BB 8900 and really liked it. since then I have been using an iphone for the most part and tried some android phones. I got the BB Z10 in May and REALLY liked it. Especially the typing. I have not had the pleasure of using the Q10. I ended up going to iphone 5 due to apps. If I could carry a second device it would be the Z10 which brings me to a question. How do you and so many others who write reviews for tech. sites get so many phones?? Do you go pay full price for every phone?

Being a Die hard Keyboard fan but Z10 got Me from the first minute!!
Will be difficult to go back

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Z10 is the device for me... now if I could just stop the accidental random camera initialization... could anybody move the button a bit more to the left?

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I'm more than satisfied with my Z10. I am coming from a Torch 9800 (and a Storm 9530 with SurePress screen before that - yikes). Ultimately, it's all about the screen real estate for me.

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I love my zed too. Upgraded from Bold 9900 and thought that I would have a harder time to adjust to an all touch phone... But I didn't... I find the zed is much more versatile than the Q is. Zed offers a first class keyboard and all the real estate needed to use full media exploitation. Battery with the update is very good for my use. Anyway, would love to own a Q too... but...
Z remains a very good communication platform as I spend lots of time typing.... so I don't really miss a physical keyboard.

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I always hated BlackBerry until the storm came out, because of the keyboards. Touch screen all the way.

Storm, Torch, Z10

This. ALL DAY. But then they never followed up on the best device they've ever made: The Storm 2. Now, with the Z10, they are just too late to the game.

I own a Z10, and I've played with a Q10. I really want to get a Q10 just to be able to swap when I want. I miss the physical keyboard of my old 9900...

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Z10 all the way. I was too sold on the typing experience on my old iPhone especially since auto correct butchered all my sentences but the z10's screen and digital keyboard are in a league of their own.

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Z10 is great and I find it better than my ipod to type on but I am just counting down the days till I can upgrade to the Q10 - I will always be a hardware keyboard guy

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Best touchscreen keyboard in the world? The Z10, of course. I loved the innovation of it but I found if my fingers were too dry or too greasy, my typing productivity dropped by half.
For that reason alone, I'm now rocking the Q10 and loving it.

The Z10, my main mobile device, is definitely an excellent smartphone with several great features - ideal display, great on-screen typing, peek and flow, etc. which make for quite a smooth and enjoyable experience. It has almost replaced my earlier devices - Bold 9780 and 9790. However, the OS has a few issues and hicups - lack of shortcuts and some features need to be enhanced (lack of Time in Remember is a major issue for me). Therefore, I intend to keep my 9780 as a backup until, hopefully, BlackBerry develops an update that satisfactorily addresses some of the issues in the current BB 10 OS.

Nothing compares to the typing speed, accuracy, predictive text, flicking and pure enjoyment of the z10. Will never go back to a physical keyboard. Can type so much faster on the z10 keyboard. BlackBerry did an additional job with this part of the software. I've tried other phone, iPhone5 and SGS4 typing and it was horrific and completely frustrating. Awful experience. I need to have the ability to type fast and that is most important thing to me since I do a lot if emails, texting and BBM. The z10 rocks and it gives the extra screen real estate as well an added bonus.

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You BlackBerry fans kill me. Acting as if the Z10 is the first all touch device ever made.

"Well, now that BB makes a touch screen phone, I all of a sudden love all touch! Look at the screen real estate! I don't even miss physical keyboards! Unprecedented!"


I am also trying to decide between Q an Z. Coming from a feature phone, universal search will be my saviour, since I use my current phone without looking at the display for certain tasks. But the idea of a square display is also frightening me, even though my current display is much smaller. Q series would be wonderfull if they had 4:3 displays vertically placed, with a resolution of 960:720 pixels, but this would require a longer device or uncomfortably placed keyboard.

Kudos to CB. Finally you guys got the guts to publish something against RIM CEO's current direction. With articles like this and many hard numbers (e.g. apps downloads) and struggling devs (due to the small square screen), I believe Mr. Heins - the super intelligent and brave man (in the sense of righting the wrongs) will re-focus on big screen.

Q10 is the best keyboard device for true mobile professionals. It is just that only a small portion (1 or 2 %) of smart phone users who are frequently "In Motion" will sacrifice screen real estate for keyboard. BB cannot survive by focusing on this 1%. I honestly believe when Mr. Heins said "tens of millions of " he either means "tens of millions of BB10 devices" or just slipped his tone. There is no way for RIM to sell tens of millions of Q10.

I am a Q10 user who hope BB sell more Z10 so that it can survive and continue to provide device like Q10 to hard core keyboarders like myself.

And let's hope the next keyboard device will have a BIG screen too. Let's hope BB innovate.

Nice review man! I own both here in the US, the Z first. I thought I was going to be switching back and fourth between them because I would miss the screen space and that addictive flicking but since I got on the Q I am unable to go back to the Z. There are many things I like about them both but the Q wins for me. The battery life, build quality and keyboard shortcuts have won me over. I love my Z but as for now it's my backup device.

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I feel the same. I didn't think I would a virtual keyboard. I had a 9860, and I hated typing on it. As long as BlackBerry continues to make VKBs on the Z10, I will stick with it.

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I had a 9860 touch screen before and was starting to get frustrated with the amount of times I hit the back space button. Now have my z10 and the experience is night and day difference. Physical keyboard? Sorry that's old school. Love the geography and will never go back.

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I have been using the Z10 for five months and will not be going back. I also have an android phone which I carried along side in case I needed an ap Bb10 did not have. The android sits on my bedside table unused....a great device...until A10

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Great read. I used the Z10 for a couple of months and was really happy with it, but snapped up the Q10 when it became available and haven't looked back. I must say thoug, the flick typing was very impressive and the screen and phone it's self are top notch. Regardless, I love the Q10 and wouldn't trade back to the Z10.

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3 things let the Z10 down:

1. Its form factor - it looks cheap, compared with those it is supposedly in competition with: the iPhone and the HTC One.

2. Dreadful battery - for what the phone can do, its battery is simply awful. Not up to scratch and not fit for purpose.

3. BlackBerry World - one might be able to ignore the points above, but a fundamental lack of apps is intolerable.

I would therefore rather use a Q10 for communications and an iPad Mini or iPad for my apps and fun. A BlackBerry to me is essential. In the absence of the points above, I'd have happily kept my Z10, without pining for an iOS device. There is really no need to have two touchscreen devices (i.e. a Z10 and iPad), so it's either one great touchscreen phone that combines BlackBerry features and useful apps or a keypad BlackBerry plus an iPad.

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I have to say that I agree when it comes to the blackberry keyboard I haven't seen one better on any platform using touch.

I can type incredibly fast with this thing and the correction is brilliant. There are a couple of issues and it's only then I momentarily get annoyed - it seems a bit too complex to correct inaccurate guesses of words, but I haven't thought of a better way they could implement it.

I got a Blackberry z10 because I had used blackberry before and missed the keyboard and the overall experience of email which it's always been strong at but the touch seemed appealing as my other phone is Android.

It took me time to adjust because the touch keyboard wasn't initially as obvious as the old blackberry and there are a couple of things about new blackberry email that suck compared to the old ones but the keyboard is amazing.

As a tool for handling my work email I cannot fault it at all and that's largely down to the keyboard and the ability for me to type really fast with corrections being intelligent and right almost all of the time.

I have to agree...the Z10 is by far the best BlackBerry I ever laid my hands on. had curve83xx, torch9800, torch 9860(really loved that one) , played a lot with my better half's 9900, tried the KB of the Q10, but the virtual keyboard of the Z10 is just amazing...i type what I need to much faster (shouldn't say type...should say flick) and I use the three language feature to its maximum extent.
Compared to previous keyboards, the one on the 9900 is fenomenal, and the Q10's IS EVEN BETTER...but still prefer the Z. mostly for the screen real estate and for the fast typing.
My Android tablet also has word prediction, and learns my frequent words, but it just isn't the same...
Got a company iPhone :(:( that I have to carry...well typing is ok on that, but pretty much just that...nothing more .
So from my exposure to all three...BlackBerry Z10 all the way!!!

I wonder what is going to make me replace the Z10...

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James suggested I sound of here but nit be too cruel to him...
Hmmm well what do I say, if I'm going to sound off I must be cruel to someone! Who's volunteering? :D Z10 FTW

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Going into Z10 is like jumping into a new ship. It is different from old bold series. I never use touch screen devices before, so when using Z10 it is just a new learning curve. I didn't confused over how to do things.

But when you're moving to Q10/5 there are some hardness, especially the love of trackpad. With the same dimension or similar with bold, my thumb always put like there is trackpad. Trackpad is just that addictive.

The reason why I choose Z10 is, even without hard keyboard, the keyboard software is that good that i don't miss real keyboard. Of coutse i need about 3 months to adjust fully and almost never mistyped anything, but that's because i rarely type on my smartphone.

Z10 also feels better to play games. I really want device that give me more option. And Z10 provide what iPhone or Android can do. Even the game selection haven't equal yet, the growing number is good enough.

For me using Q10 maybe will give better experience of typing real thing, yet it limit the experience of gaming. Z10 is truly better for me both on working and palying against Q10/5

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For me it's the pure screen real estate, nothing beats using a Z10 even though I love the puffy feel of the Q10...but I'm amazed Blackberry has come mighty close to replicating the experience on a full touchscreen device. Amazing.

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Was a little worried at first coming from a traditional BlackBerry physical keyboard (9800) to the Z10. But after having the phone since February 5th, I can't justify moving over to a Q10 and the Q5, well that would be a step backwards IMO. Given the rich multimedia experience we now have with this full touch device, something we could never really say BlackBerry ever had.

The fact that the keyboard is this good on the Z10, is even more of an incentive to stay with the Z10 over any other current BB10 device on other platforms. My only grip, is that the Z10 loves to predict words......and I mean loves it so much, it replaces perfectly good words with stuff that doesn't even make sense! I'm constantly having to proof read everything to make sure it's correct. Other then that, I love this phone and people in the US don't know what they're missing.

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well at your some points i agree with you given the choice of three bb here, but personally i feel that Z10 becomes a primary choice bcoz of few downtrend things in qwerty phone who runs bb10 right now....
1: missing keypad: This is a serious blunder, bb querty keypad is not every one die for in a bb, its coz of combination of shortcuts plus the trackpad which makes selecting, edditing flawless and at par with desktop experience, they simply deleted the most compelling hardware which combines and make way for a desired phone for core communication person who is a bb loyal.
2:) bb10 OS was primarily targeted to the full touch interface, there is hardly anything in OS side which makes q10 different from z10, considering you missed a trackpad, a tiny half touch screen with amoled low light sub par display(i hardly read text from website at a glance, i know reader is there but not everytime u switch to reader mode while looking for something). BB overlooked the potential of bb die hard querty fans and later on decided to make a qwerty version named Q10 and again missed the core aspects which is fine coz of limitation of time. remember we had dev alpha A and b way before than dev alpha C and release of Q10 too.

So i think iits a right decision to opt for Z10 instead of these 2 phones, who want a bb which have qwert keypad without trackpad and touch screen so tiny that he can hardly read, select or edit. might be i have larger fingers so having trouble in q10.

btw i own z10(in the drawer coz i have a better option), q10(secondary device used basically for keyboard and mails) and iphone 5(primary device)

Always was a die hard qwerty keyboard fan got the Z10 and now it's very hard for me to even think of going back. It has been super easy to get used to! Not to mentioned it's a very versatile device for my use. I got all the apps that I need in a super fast, easy to navigate OS!

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Just curious if the BlackBerry Z10 dock (micro USB and HDMI) is available yet? Saw some photos of it here on CB a while ago, but no sign of it in stores.

Actually, Z10 was the first BB OS10, when the rumors mentioned that Q10 would be at very high price so I selected Z10.
It's impressive but there are still many improvements must be continued working on to make it perfect.

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Well, after a serious climbing fall back in '86, I have never been able to type w/2 thumbs on any mobile keyboard. And given they (thumbs), are somewhat honkin big, virtual keyboards dont do it for me.

I type w/my right index finger and can go easily at 35+ wpm. I also find that given the way a qwerty is set up, I can roll my finger from one key to the other pretty damn quick. Certainly not Good enuff for mobile use.!

Qwerty all the way for me.. if I need screen size, got a MacBk pro that fills the bill as well as a PB 32gB LTE.

Bring on the Q25...! hopefully in 2015/16..?

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

The Z10's keyboard was co-designed with SwiftKey.

I've used SwiftKey on Android, and unless there have been significant improvements made by the BlackBerry team, I fail to see how the Z10 can create a better typing experience than the Q10.

Flicking a word is a novel idea for one-handed typing, but my fingers fly on the Q10. I've written whole short stories on BlackBerry devices and no matter how mant software keyboards I've tried, nothing beats the a physical keyboard for extended typing.

No disrespect to the Z10, but as long as there is a BlackBerry with a physical keyboard, that's my go-to phone.

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I hated touch ever since I had a Samsung. So always was with BlackBerry physical keyboard. Two curves and a bold. First I enjoyed the PlayBook keyboard. The floating words could be touched . Then z10. Though not as fast typing when using my mother tongue in English alphabets, for posting in English. It is brilliant. Writing in non English words for mails or posts in English alphabets is the only drawback. Since it teaches itself, guess that will pass too. Phone getting smarter and me dumber


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It's interesting, I have used stylus, keyboard, and virtual keyboard inputs. Of all the systems I have used, I like the Z10 the best.

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Well, I needed a BlackBerry 10 device urgently when the Z10 came out, and couldn't wait for the Q10. Had they been available simultaneously, I don't know if I would have gone Z... My wife will most likely go out to get a Q10 today, so let's see if that makes me envious...

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converting from ios I guess it's quite a surprise how much I liked the qwerty keyboard of the q10. on screen keyboards just don't give you the accuracy you need. While the z10's keyboard might be great but I don't think it can really beat a physical keyboard. I probably missed a keyboard that's why I made the change and never regretted it.

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I was a diehard keyboard fan, so I held out when the Z was out, and waited for the Q. I did try the Z on several occasions, and I could tell it was the best on screen keyboard out of all other devices,but for some reason I kept holding out until the Q got released, I had a weird feeling that my BB10 has to be a qwerty one too. Maybe if I haven't waited and started with the Z, I would be saying the same words as James.

Absolutely true. Went precisely through the same transition. Would give Z10 full mark. I type faster than with physical keyboard, and even better than iPhone.

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I have few months BlackBerry z10, now I buy q10 and baterry, type and go, business use is absolutely awesome... I think that is the best phone for me...
BlackBerry z10 dedicated for multimedia young users
BlackBerry q10 for communication, powerful users... I choose q10...

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Sorry to be rude, but If I have to choose full touch screen, I will definitely not choose Z10
I will go for iPhone because of the apps and camera.... Besides, the email experience is not as good as old blackberry device, although my email no need to push (much more faster on receiving new emails.). But I am tired of can't attach more than 2 photos on my company mail. And can't re-size image attachments before send it out, it is so stupid now that I need to use other apps to re-size by myself before I send them out. It really piss me off.
But I still like physical keyboards, hope BlackBerry need to improve the above bugs on OS10.2 Otherwise, Sorry, I will leave.

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Absolutely love my Z10 even after the initial shock of moving from a 9900 . I loved the menu options on the 9900; they seemed endless in its possibilities of customizing and investigating (spoken like a true ex-WebOS fan). Swiping words is fun. It's predictions are getting better and better.

One thing that I miss about my Bold is the ability to press my Q to quickly and discreetly go to vibrate mode. It would be nice to have our Z10 mute button become a Convenience button as the 9900 did. I look forward to the updates.

I am proud of myself for finally entering the touchscreen world. I wouldn't trade my screen real estate to go back. I love spreading the intrigue of my Z10. One of the reasons I carry it around naked most of the time.

Big BlackBerry Keyboard fan here. I like that I can type most things with just a thumb. One thumb typing makes a big difference to me.

Four small adjustments I'd suggest....

A) Allow me to type pairs of words separated by slash/dash without changing the slash/dash to a space. So iOs/Android or Roger-Dodger shouldn't required any hassle.

B) give me the keyboard on/off as a one-thumb gesture!!! Two fingers is a big shift.. suddenly need to use two hands exclusively for this common command. (Ironically the keyboard itself is great with just the thumb.) What about a wide thumb for this? Upwards swipe with a thumb parallel to the BlackBerry logo

C) Can I hop forward and back in the text using bunny hop gestures over the keyboard please? Hops like a U or an n back nor forth. One hop = back a word, two hops = back a para or something like that. Again this is so I can continue to do everything with the thumb

D) Finally, can I have a tab gesture so I can move between fields. This could be similar to C above. Maybe double hops as paras don't turn up much in browser forms.

These would help me get text pumped out even faster than I already do and save me the hassle of switching across from them to two-handed holds. Above all, it'd make it easy for me to get to the Type-n-go shortcuts and use them.

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Love my Z10, truly amazing device. First phone to get me off a keyboard and I'm never going back. Flow is now a must have feature for me, it's so painful when I use my I pad, only reason I do is the bigger screen.

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After using phones with physical keyboards since 1998 (though in those days texting was more of a novelty and damn expensive) I think that as an aging fart I have some perspective!

When I got my first look at the BB10 OS, I knew the Z10 was my device of choice, and though both the Q10 and the Q5 are good devices I doubt I'd want to go back to a full QWERTY physical keyboard.

Besides the PlayBook spoiled me so when the Z10 was released there was not much left to decide.

I mean any phone that can make even a retard like me into a decent texter... that is my device! Plus being able to switch to several languages as I type is a real winner. I speak a few languages and all are covered by BlackBerry. The fact on the Z10 I can switch for example, from English to Spanish and viceversa, is freaking amazing. The damn phone not only reproduces all the accents correctly it conjugates the verbs at the correct tense...its one of those "you had me at hello type" type of deals!

I prefer the Z10 in all aspects, design, specs, screen real estate etc. So not to cast any aspersion on the Q10 or Q5, but sorry, I've made my choice!

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I could try the Z10 for one week. The on screen keyboard is the best I have ever seen. My decision went to the Q10 then. Both are great smarphones. Its nice that customers have the choice to either buy a full touch screen device or get a hardware keyboard. I love to see the Q10 as exactly the same phone as the Z10. You dont get a weaker cpu or less memory if you choose the keayboard.

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Agree. The Z10 typing experience is 2nd to none. I'm a former HTC Android user and I will never go back as long as BB is around.

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Having waded through the numerous comments, it seems to me there is no 'best'. It's all down to personal preference.

Still using my 9900 and can imagine going for Q10 when contract up in October, just for familiarity. I can't see how an in store 'test' is going to provide sufficient persuasion to change to the Z10 and my only 1 day experience with an iPhone put me off totally touch screens.

Q10 over the Z10 no questions asked. I used the Z10 and you may be quick on the Z10 keyboard but not without re-reading what you wrote or correcting some words the Z10 "fixed" for you. I am much quicker with the Q10 and I can write a full email with everything in the email I would want, no cutting short or not using proper punctuation.

To each their own but either way BBFL.

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Completely agree. I maximise the benefits of BB10 you need the touch screen, but I will always prefer a physical key load for typing.

Posted via CB10

Impressed with BlackBerry right from the start with an 8830 World Edition. The tactile keyboard was excellent at the time, but the screen and digital keyboard on the Z10 definitely sold me. No need to take a step back - been ecstatic with the Z10 since February.

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The writer has used a lot of Android devices plus the iphone 4, still the transition to a touch screen keyboard was a "big step". These kinda people in reality haven't used any other device and this kinda article just reflects that the person writing is feeling insecure and so is trying to justify his purchase in this case a z10.

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i just wish z10 keyboard always shows numpad like A.I.Keyboard on android, because for business and heavy user like me, type between those two really annoying if have to switch back and forth. now i'm using q10 for that reason, somehow i've missed using z10 too. my 2nd device is samsung galaxy s3. since some apps not available in bb world.

I used to love physical keyboard -including any other competitors' products in mobile industry. But, using Z10 now - this is my first full touch phone ever - i am really satisfied with what Z10 features and figured out that this is a cool handheld devices with typing experience.

Posted via BlackBerry

The Z10 sure is giving me a whole new experience for a BlackBerry device. I never thought that BlackBerry would ever develop a full touchscreen phone, and actually hold the best on-screen keyboard I have ever come in contact with.

Posted via CB10

I'd never go back to a physical keyboard. The prediction and learning abilities of the Z10 are unlike any I've seen. I also find I am more relaxed on the screen. Not sure why that is. Probably because I know I don't have to type EVERY SINGLE letter. :)

Plus the O/S is simply awesome - super fast, responsive and very user friendly. The hub is fabulous?

But this is about the keyboard and Until voice rec replaces it, I'll stay with the Z10 virtual!

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OK - you can still make mistakes on a virtual keyboard. I meant to say "The hub is fabulous!". And while I'm at it, I love the swipe once down for the number pad and the swipe once left to delete a word!

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It's great to have a choice of BlackBerry form factor. As to which is your primary and secondary device is truly a personal thing. Valid points have been brought up for both. I was surprised to have my family upgrade from the 9900 to the Z10, while I stuck to the Q10. All are equally happy.

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I know this is a bit off topic, but what do I lose by going from a Torch to a 10 phone? I have a PlayBook bridged to it and already know what that loss will be. I understand that Outlook interface is lost also. I have stayed with Office 10 to facilitate backwards file compatibility with 20 years of work.
I don't want to lose what I have for bling or cute!

Q10 all d way nothing like type in go. So I disagree. Did you have prediction on on ur q10? I used Z10 prior to Q10

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Z10 always!! Gives me a typing experience hard to beat. With that out of the way, screen real estate is the deciding factor!

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Like the article says, "there will be people that disagree with having an on-screen keyboard but that's okay." I guess I fall into the other category. I started with the Palm Treo's then defected to a apple iphone->Blackberry 9780->Nokia Lumia 900->HTC One X then to a Blackberry Z10 on launch day in Australia then to a Blackberry Q10. I do miss a bit of screen real estate but I am given a boost in confidence by the texture of the physical buttons (plus it comes in real handy for single hand typing while stuck in a busy train when commuting to work, try that on a large touch screen keyboard with one hand while standing in a crowded bus/train). Please fill free to disagree (as I'm sure there will be people that do disagree) as the world would be boring without differences. Just thought I would add my two cents to the post.

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I decided to choose the Z over the other 10 devices because for 1. It was the absolute first of its kind with the full touch feature. 2. The Q10, although definitely different and better then the 9900 still reminded me a lot of that device plus that was the phone I was upgrading from and 3. I am not really a fan of the Q5s design. It could be just me but whatevzz! I love my Z10 and am so glad that I am proud to call it my type of device!

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Z10 owner here, almost went for the Q10 but the larger screen on the Z10 was the deciding factor. I'm glad Blackberry has made a strong push in both directions, keeping loyal those who prefer a physical keyboard and appealing to the touch screen crowd. A10 will, I hope, only continue to encroach on the Galaxy territory of large touch screens.

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Thanks for a great and honest (also brave) opinion ...I use the Q10 as my daily driver (workhorse) just mainly because of it's larger capacity battery which I feel will last me throughout the day. The Z10's battery just wont cut it as for now but I love it's big screen, but still love the keyboard on the Q10 - I am still torn that's why I am still holding on to both :-)

I am a new BlackBerry user and I must say, I love the Q10. I've used android and iOS devices only all this while but since I've switched over, the Q10 is really a pleasure to use. What I love most is the screen colour saturation and how its auto screen adjusts the brightness based on the light ambience and it just works flawlessly. I hope BlackBerry developers will continue to develop more apps as the BlackBerry platform truly has a lot to offer.

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I just can't get used of my z10 keyboard and have had it over 3 months, so I recon I gave it a good go... My 9900 rocks so I'm getting a q10 to replace my z10 very shortly ... Just cannot type accurately on glass and can't stand auto correct giving me words I don't want .... Turn off auto correct and it's mistake ridden ... Touch typing on my 9900 is sensational

@james richardson
Really good write up, I luv the Z10 and I think that given the right exposure it could be up there with the best sellers.

Now to what I really need to know,
The wallpaper on the Z10 in the header of this thread, how do I get it?

I need it, my future happiness depends on me getting hold of that wallpaper.
It's a kind of black textured rubber.

Pls tell us.

God save the queen.

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I will be honest I never thought I would like a total touch screen until the z10. I fell in love with her swipe keyboard

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I am still torn between my Q10 and Z10 and still swapping them around but I realise I use the Q10 more than the Z10. After reading DJ's post and now yours, I am further torn...he he...will keep on switching ... :-)

Allo everyone! New to this site, searching for an answer to my Blackberry upgrade dilemma, and -- afraid I am "Merkan"... LOL! I am disabled, and my fingers tend to fumble. I don't have a "type while walking" problem; I am pretty much stationary. I consider myself a diehard hardware keyboard aficionado, but the Z10 is definitely in my price range, while at the moment, the Q10 is not. I do also have eyesight problems, so a larger screen would be nice. Oh! I almost forget to mention: my backlighting has tended to fail me on every hardware keyboard that I have had from BlackBerry. Plus, I don't think I like the trackpad being gone from the Q10. I am unable to visit a store to "try out" either phone, so I am hoping for some useful input. (I use WiFi as a rule, and my phone can be plugged in and charging the battery at any time, so battery life is rarely problematic.)

Your information as users of either or both, especially considering my personal needs for a phone, would be most appreciated! Thank you all, very much! (And thank you, James, for the article!)