Three new high-end BlackBerry devices on the horizon, BBM for desktops getting a 'serious look'

By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2014 08:39 am EDT

In speaking with Reuters, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that within the next 18 months, he plans to introduce high-end devices that cater to the "keyboard aficionados." BlackBerry has at least three different devices in the works and that "the focus is going to be very keyboard centric."

We do know that the BlackBerry Q20 AKA the "BlackBerry Classic" is one new keyboard device that's on the way, as well as the all-touch BlackBerry Z3 that's due out in Indonesia in late April. Aside from those we haven't heard any rumblings on other new devices, so we're curious to see what turns up in the next few months.

BlackBerry only sold 1.1 million BlackBerry 10 phones in the last quarter, so they'll definitely need some amazing devices to turn things around. Chen seems to know what the users want and we certainly hope he delivers.

BBM for Desktop

One thing that's been a burning issue for years is BBM for desktops. With BBM going cross-platform, it only makes sense that the next step would be to bring BBM to desktops as well. Chen says "We are certainly going to take a very serious look at putting BBM on the desktop." No word of just when, but fingers crossed that it's still in the works.

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Three new high-end BlackBerry devices on the horizon, BBM for desktops getting a 'serious look'



Keyboard-centric, snooze.. Z10 owners looking for an upgrade will get to choose an ageing Z30 or have to leave the platform for a modern device.

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Specs nerds will buy anything that's overpowered, so BlackBerry's smart not to make an overpowered device the first priority because it's not strategic: the market of people who will buy anything on any platform that is overpowered is small, so device vendors barely have to work at it. That is to say: for those for whom the specs are more important than the OS that the device is running, they're always going to be there ready to buy, so there's no hurry. If you look at the way overpowered Androids not by Samsung sell, or how the overpowered Windows 8 devices sell, you have to ask how big that market ("I don't care what OS it runs so long as it's overpowered") actually is.

It does show a bit of contempt for customers, i.e. "Oh, we don't have to worry about that guy, he'll switch platforms but when we put out an overpowered device, he'll buy that one too, even if it only sits in a drawer... he'll be back".

That's a good point but I'm sure even a regular Joe would appreciate a competitive spec profile. Offering at least one device from their line up that offers an alternative which doesn't feel like a spec downgrade is important. Blackberry is working to attract customers back while keeping current customers happy. Spec nerds are customers too and they know what they want. Sure they sound a little too hardcore about 0.1Ghz but they write reviews and advocate for devices. Many customers don't know what an OS is (iOS, BB10, and Android without widgets all look similar with their app grids). They want a good camera with lasting battery life while expecting a smooth UI and intuitive OS. BB10 has all of this and just needs to catch up a little bit with the specs of at least one device. I commend Mr. Chen for listening to the different BB niche groups and making an obvious effort to make them happy.

"The market of people are will buy anything that is overpowered is small "

That is so wrong.
This kind of non sense is what is keeping bb10 in a niche market and stopping developers to come along.

Hope BlackBerry doesn't think like you.

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Why misquote me and complain about it what you misquoted? The context matters, and your post is a pointless argument against something I didn't say or mean. I didn't say that BB shouldn't put out a high powered device, it's just not job 1: there are not 10s of millions of Android and iOS users waiting in the wings for the OctaCore Beast BB10 phone, no matter how much you want one or think others may.

My father owns a Z30, I will not be upgrading to one for the sole reason that the Z10 dimensions are friendlier to my hands, it looks better to me and the screen is nicer.

I love the BlackBerry 10 platform but coming from a LG Viewty and iPhone 3GS background I won't be fiddling about with tiny buttons on a dirty keyboard.

I believe after being on contract for two years you should be able to expect a worthy upgrade that is a clear step up, stepping from a Z10 to a Z30 does not achieve this and the likelihood that the Z30 will still be stocked by then is slim.

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I'm glad you know all the divices being developed by BB and that there won't be any more touch screens after the Z30.

Good thing for me I know people that work there and i do know that there is a serious touch screen phone being developed.

I would think so. BB needs to have as many options as possible. I love my keyboard so they definitely need to have some kick-ass keyboard phones, but they definitely need the all-touch phones for those who prefer that...

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BlackBerry needs to cover all the bases, Qwerty Devices, Touch Screen Smartphones and TABLETS. I think the Q10 and Q5 showed us just how in demand a Qwerty Device is in today's market. Yes there are some folks out there that want them, but no they aren't enough to base a business on.

The platform and having devices that meet all of a customers needs is going to be more important than just one form factor.

Three new keyboard-centric devices. I did not write the article.

Nice to know your friends believe in confidentiality.

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I kinda agree with that. But does BlackBerry need to pander to non-kb users? Think about it; if 2/3rds of handsets sold in Q4 were BB07, it strikes me that keyboard is still the way to go, regardless if how fantastic the touch kb is on BB10 devices...

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I would argue Publisher that the reason legacy devices outsold BB10 is because the market those devices go into are business and government. In that space there isn't as much a requirement or need for frills...and in some cases the frills are not allowed. Further its easier, to deploy them within their current system structures...not every enterprise is rushing out to upgrade to BES10 or 12, nor are budget meetings filled those itching for the latest greatest.

This is accurate. It's long been a double-edged sword for BlackBerry. Enterprise IT isn't eager to implement technology upgrades that could break their business-as-usual mindset. It's stress, worry, and expense that they don't need. Buying replacement BlackBerry devices is an easy solution. But, the employees using the devices are no longer thrilled. At one point, it was a sign of prestige to be carrying a BlackBerry. Now, people carry another device for their non-work-related activities. BB10 should have helped address the problem of here's the device I *have* to use (BlackBerry) and here's the device I *want* to use (iPhone/Android). Eventually, if businesses don't upgrade to BB10, they'll likely look to go iOS only or adopt some other cross-platform MDM for iOS/Android/WP7+.

yup.. If there isn't a replacement for the z30 in the next 12-18 months, i think i may switch to something else again.. I'm the Network / Infastructure admin at our company and got a z10 and loved it. It drove me to add bes 10 beside our besx 5 installs to manage all our devices.. But if there are no New touch screen phones, we will probably start moving to something else. Out of all out phones deployed, only 2 are q10s. the rest prefer all touch, with the z30 being the most popular. But if the z30 isn't replaced with something new by BB, then it will be replaced most likely by a bigger screened IOS or android device.

I used ios for 3 years and then back to a 9900 then to an s3, and then found the z10 and then z30 to be the best for me /us. but things change quickly and if there are only new keyboard devices to choose from, our only choice will be to switch to another os with phones that suit the majority of our users needs.

And if anyone out there doesn't understand that this post by adrenaline is quite possibly the single most important point made on any thread then, they will never understand why BB is still in serious danger of folding. Luckily I'm sure John Chen gets it and the future will be great.

I agree Euler,
BB is stuck between several rocks and a HUGE hard place. On one hand...a good number of traditional BB users much prefer keyboard devices over touch screen. BB also understands the value of this as well by evidence of their response to "Typo". Lots of BB users are not hung up loads of apps for use as other platform users and these users demand basic functions relevant to their daily requirements....mostly business. However, BB can not continue to grow strongly enough serving just one segment of the mobile market. Moreover, consumers require the latest greatest thing...this means that BB as well as every mobile manufacture must continue to push the boundaries. They must continue to innovate and offer "MORE". BB can not continue to be an iterations behind the competition! Whether "we" BB fans consider it spec hogging and not worthy or not, LOTS of potential and current customers...both commercial and enterprise will consider specs a key feature to their decision making process. The Z30 replacement CAN NOT just feature MUST be worthy of premium value and MUST move the BB experience fully forward. This will serve to keep BB trending forward, not backwards...which in turn keeps consumers INTERESTED in BB products. BB must not force folks into the hands of competing platform by doing little to nothing or face further and further decline.

Yes... But BB showed they can make a great all touch device with the z30.. release a z30 ver 2. and we would be happy. Make it faster, with a better camera and maybe more onboard storage and we would keep buying them up. Apps? We have the majority of apps we need for our users can grab the apks from the amazon app store.

but to not release another all touch flagship in the next year and a half will be disastrous for them.

Partly true ..
I live in Mexico (am not Mexican) and out of the 4 major cell phone operators you will only find BB10 devices with 1. They need more distribution channels. We have 1 BB-store in the whole country but they only sell accessories. So yes, they buy os7 mainly because of enterprises but just as well because the BB10 just isn't available.

I am probably among many people who switched keyboard devices to full touch like my Z10. I cam say with certainty I prefer a keyboard even though I enjoyed and continue to appreciate my Z10. If Blackberry offered a large screen with keyboard slider, I would drop my Z10 in a heartbeat. Best of both worlds IMO.


If they release a slider I will drop this all touch phone like a bad habbit. I still don't do much with apps on my phone. Mostly the same stuff I did on my old BB.

I came to a Z10 from a 9810 also. Even though I absolutely loved my 9810, I don't feel the need for a slider now. The Z10 has been perfect for me. We're all different. :-)

Same for me David. I also came over from a 9810 and I thought the transition to an all touch keyboard might take a while, but it only took a couple of days to feel 100% comfortable with my Z10's keyboard. I'm very happy I made the switch. From here on out I'm going all touch, so I'd like to see more BlackBerry touch models coming down the pipeline.

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It didn't take me long to feel totally comfortable with my Z10...and I would personally like to see more and better touch screen phones released.

Posted using my amazing Z10...BB4All

Ditto: I'm not likely to replace my Z30 with next years model, but I'd trade in my z30, Nexus 5 and iPhone 5s for Z30-sized portrait slider with the Belt, and if you think I'm exaggerating, c'mon BlackBerry: try me.

Yes, snooze for keyboard phones... As if the trillion and one other devices out there are not all-touchscreen... To me, when I saw that the first BB10 was going to be all-touch like the massive ocean of other all-touch phones out there, "snooze" was the exact response I had to it...

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They better realize that us early adopters want an upgrade that is not the Z30. I'll wait a month or two for a Z50 once my contract is up, but if they have nothing announced, I'm probably moving on to Android. And it better NOT be the small form factor of the Z10. I'd love a 4.8" to 5.0" screen. My wife has the 5.0" Z30 and it is a tad big.

Hoping and praying that one of the other two keyboard devices has a tall screen with 16:9 ratio like the Z10/Z30. Fingers crossed...

AKA the BlackBerry Light-Saber for it's unwieldy height...

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Just because it has a 16:9 ratio doesn't mean it will be unwieldy... given certain, currently available parts, it could be as tall as the Z30 and still work. I don't understand people's hatred and efforts to tear down the idea of combining the best of both worlds...

It is nice to see that new phones are in the works.
It is only good news if they can be sold in large numbers.
With only a single digit million BB's sold in the past quarter, there MUST be a major effort by BB to:

> Build confidence that the BB company will continue to exist.

> Build confidence from companies that use BES to purchase BB phones (if only in addition to phones that are BYOD).

> Build a better way to sell the phones. Vendors like TM US have abandoned BB retail sales. Maybe direct sales is the way to go.

> Deploy confidence that BB's can use many existing apps, even if BBWorld does not have them. BB must have a native app like 'Snap' to allow phone users to directly access the Google Android app store. There must be a way for all Android apps work on BB's as if on the highest level Android OS. People buy other (Android) phones solely because they have apps NOT available from BBWorld.

> IMO, the main market to build are $200 phones (as coming soon) not the $600 phones (in the works).

lol.. anyways I do hope any bbm desktop integration doesn't suck.

I do question whether this will be available in some sort of ebbm suite they were talking about or they do plan on doing a consumer version too.

What I do like is that BlackBerry isn't abandoning the keyboard which many feel they should which I personally think is wrong because it's a good differentiation among the touch only phones out there. Physical keys are great... OK :)

It's good that they don't abandoned the keyboard(why would they? Is the best keyboard out there) one thing I would like to see is, the 3 phones hitting the market at the same time. It would give and idea or what customers want. Second, I've abandoned the keyboard for the Z10. I watch a lot of videos and it won't be good going back to a smaller screen plus I type faster with one hand on my Z10 that on a keyboard. There's not way I'm carrying a 5 inch tablet in my pocket so he has to get something good for me.

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Get your phone changed, I have no such issue with mine, nor with the two Q10's I sold...

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BlackBerry isn't abandoning the physical keyboard?

As a launch day Q10 owner, I'd argue otherwise. They got my sale, and I guess new keyboards will be a recurring revenue stream for them. I could understand needing a new keyboard after a couple of years, but a new one every 5 or 6 months is a bit excessive.

No real support, acknowledgment or solution to the double type issue from BlackBerry. That doesn't bode well if keyboards are going to be their bread and butter.

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I know man....we need a successor to the z30 big time....a 5.2 inch quad core and 3 GB of ram 1080p 16mp stereo speakers smartphone keyboard is cool yes but we need a all touch screen device big time

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? Are you serious? :-) What's the Problem with the Z30? It's really fast and the Battery is really good for such a big Device. If I like big BlackBerry's that's the way to go.
The Z10 has only one Problem and that's the Battery, but I don't know if it could be better at the moment technology wise. After using the Z10 one Year now my next choice is a smaller BlackBerry with more Power. I had 5 Years before a Keyboard BlackBerry and no Problem with the Keyboard in the next 5 Years if it brings the Power back.
Greetings Chris

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I have the z30 and of course it's amazing but we are talking about a phone on paper that will impress non blackberry users especially spec hungry android people....we all know specs don't matter as my z30 is extremely smooth and even faster than any android phone to get things done but we need a phone that again on paper looks appealing that is what I am trying to say...:)

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Agree with you, it is on-paper specs which count for first impression. The mass who are going to buy the phone will compare it with currently available android/iphone. it is the perception that sell high-speced androids. Not to mention, android became fluid only at version 4.3 in my experience. z30 needs a successor during this year.

Nothing will impress non-blackberry users in significant numbers except clear evidence that BB isn't going to go bankrupt AND 10s of thousands of high profile apps ported to native BB10 and integrated to fully leverage the hub and the invocation framework. Then the merits of BB10 will be obvious. But until then, you can't dismiss that BB10 can't even win over BBOS users in significant numbers, so winning over iOS and Android users (again, in significant numbers) is basically impossible in the short term. Let's see what the q20 and the promise of BBOS feature parity does to spur migration from BBOS, then they can turn their attention to winning Other platform users over.

BlackBerry needs to start pulling some of apples tricks, release a new Z30 + letter. Add minor improvements and TALK ABOUT THE % of PERFORMANCE INCREASE Not the specs.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Thats def a good idea but BlackBerry would have to advertise and market the device. BlackBerry is against advertising and marketing.

Exactly why I gave up my Z10 for a Q5 :)


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I wouldn't want the Z30 successor to be 5.2 inch, not when Apple's Iphone 6 is gearing up to be 5.5 inch Samsung's Flagship models being 5.7 inches. A 5.5 inch device, quad core definitely sounds like a good competitive match up. Put in a 15 Megapixel camera to beat the 13 Megapixel found on Samsung devices, keep up the good work on the audio (which is the top of the line technology), and increase your display ppi to go full HD 1080 and you've got a winner.

Have to beat the competition when it comes to the high end device! You'll get consumers from all over the world buying the most secure and highest end blackberry out there that can also run Android APKS!

And while you're at it, please try to show off the white Z30!

Why not cut to the chase and make a phone that's 1 foot. I bet no one will be crazy enough to compete with that!

That wouldn't work. My foot can't reach my ear, so how would I hear phone calls?

Ah! I forgot about the speaker phone.

The whole point is not to try to compete with Apple Android devices, They won't win that battle. 5" is plenty and is a great size phone. No need for anything bigger. Just make it 1080p with good camera.


1) Because a one foot device is ridiculous, but I do get your point and think the same thing when I see the Galaxy Mega. Some screen sizes are just too big for functionality. Personally I love the 5" Z30 but BlackBerry may want to think about the strategic advantage it will have with other products if it made a 5.5" device simliar to the Iphone6. How much market share has BlackBerry lost because they've chosen not to be competitive?

Do you want Apple and Samsung to always have a lead of screen size? 5.5 inch isn't that huge of an improvement. And yes agreed, be on part with HD resolutions and higher PPI. Most people want to see BlackBerry's come with better cameras to the very least.

Other than that the processor isn't as important when it comes to speed (The same goes with RAM in comptuer chips). BlackBerry has the fastest web browser for example (with the lowest data usage) so programming makes more of an impact.

Highlight some of the key strategic advantages to consumers! Have a sample Z30 ready packed with popular Android apps and show consumers (that working professionals are a part of) that they can do everything that can be done with an Android. Have them ask the question why even bother going for the Android OS when BB can run it AND have best in class cyber security technology?

Forming a mindset not to focus on the consumer is heartbreaking for the world when it comes to this. Doesn't make sense why they don't want to focus 95% of the market and just stick with enterprise users (which are still faithful pretty much). It is possible to be best in class for strategy (cybersecurity) and still fuflill some consumer requirements (a great camera!).

With the ongoing evolution of QNX technology and BB10 we should see some more results. Anyone else out there can propose why they would choose Apple's IOS or an Android variant over a BB?

Agreed, but what about the Nokia Lumina, it has 41 mega pixel camera. BlackBerry definitely need to get better cameras with higher resolution and zoom. Add some better/louder speakers, more on board storage such as 64 gig or better still 128 gig, USB OTG, and what about DAB (digital) radios - I don't think anyone has come up with that idea?? 5" or 5.5" is big enough. And to top it off a brand new 8-10" tablet with similar specs. What more could you want??

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I'm hoping to see a torch like slider come out.

Give me a landscape 4.2" touch screen and slide out keyboard with good battery life and I would be happy.

I'm no fan of slider phones but if the future of BlackBerry's devices is keyboard focused then there is a chance we might see one.

As far as future high end full touch devices go, one only needs to look at how the awesome Z10 and the Z30 sales have been doing to see that there is little motivation to spend more of BlackBerry's decreasing cash pile on phones that just don't sell. I love my Z10 and will get a Z30 in the future some time unless the Z3 is a worthy upgrade on my Z10.

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That an eternity in the smartphone world, they need that q20 by summer time. Other companies are putting out new devices every 6-12 months, seems like BlackBerry is set on 12-18 months.


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!
Me too and bloody proud of it!

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Me too! To have a chat going on my desktop and continue it when I get up to leave is a no brainer.

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Me too, maybe a good replacement for skype and whatsapp.
Currently I using Skype to group voice chat while playing PS3 games with the same friends that I have on whatsapp.
But I love to see using only 1 app.
And I want to ability to remove the ads. Like Skype has. If you put money on your account it will disables the ads.

It's not the time and place to announce something like this but there's a rumoured 5 inch high end device, after all the title did say 3 and so far we only know of 2 so far.

It's obvious the focus is for a keyboard device that will suit legacy users and a low end, high volume phone to bring users towards the BlackBerry 10 platform. The low end once left to legacy devices

Actually the title said 3 High end devices. Emphasis on high end. As far as I know, the z3 isn't meant to be high end. Therefore we only know of one high end, being the classic. Leaving two more, possibly an all touch and a qwerty probably without the belt.

It's more complex to design and manufacture keyboard devices... so if they go through all that trouble, I'm pretty sure they will just throw in the new internals into a slab of glass for us full touch screen users.

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Depends how you look at it. Compared to a lot of other devices priced at what the Z3 will sell for? It can still be considered a high end device. I tested a lot of 200 dollar phones while in Asia last week and not a single one was as fast or smooth as a BB10 device including the Q5. So if this Z3 runs as smooth as a z10 at that price. You can market it as a high end device at low end price and kick apple in the face for charging so much for a mediocre slab of metal.

Posted Via my second Z10

That's amazingly twisted logic. You're saying that the Z3 will be the "high-end of the low-end". BlackBerry itself will not be marketing it as a high-end phone though.

We've already been told there's a new touch flagship.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

So I may be on my Z30 for a long time. Unless they somehow make a large screen and qwerty KB in one phone. A slider perhaps? I hope so.

Yeah, to put that into perspective, that is roughly when the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 come out ;-)

Un-sarcastically, it would actually be the era of the Apple iPhone 6 this year and 6s next year and the Samadung Galaxy Note 4 and S6.

Oh man!!! I could get into a high-end keyboard 'Berry for sure!!! Just might bring me back from WinPho....

It's great that in the next 18 months we will see 3 new physical keyboard phones. That sounds like enough to keep everyone looking for the greatest hardware keyboard on the market on a mobile device happy.

But they need to throw out a high end all touch phone or two as well

I am curious about these 3 high end devices. If indeed all three of them are qwerty devices, where do they fit? The only way it makes sense to release three high end devices in a shirt span is if they will each be from a different line. We already know there will be a classic line and we know they're working on a gesture based keyboard. What's the third? What could they possibly do with a keyboard that would be so drastically different that it would warrant releasing it at the same time as these other 3 devices?

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

Only want full touchscreen. I hope they release a high-end one before too long. Hopefully, the physical keyboard phones bring more people back to BlackBerry.

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It won't be if nothing comes out that's all touch in the next 18 months.

Besides, as great as the device is, it is not available anywhere (physically to see)

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z30 is already behind spec-wise compared to competition, even iphone who was not in the spec race is moving to 64 bit processor


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Now I see why they are fighting so hard with Typo. They are really trying to corner the keyboard market. And it's only right

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I'm right there with you. Holding on to my Z10 until an updated version comes along.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10

That's what I'm waiting for too. I hope I don't have to wait too long though otherwise I might not be able to help myself and go back to android probably an HTC One). The thought of android compared to BB10 is so bleh though....

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At least on my Z30 it works only on WiFi. My niece also has BB10 and I wanted to use BBM. But this and inability to send high quality photos (unlike whatsapp) prevented from using it.

You can request high quality picture on BBM also. For me the problem is BBM had very bad user experience in iOS and Android. Every time I open my BBM app it seems like I'm using a cheap Android phones. That's why most of my friend prefer whatsapp.

Well actually quite a few people would like a slider. Go through the forums and some of the recent polls, there are people out there that want a slider!

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Except they are not many or at least sufficient (vocal as they are) to justify the cost. And they I am sure would not be willing to pay 1000 or 1200$ for the small production run. Small runs cost more - look at the porche line, o fcourse being premium they cost more (small production run + brand/prestige)

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In all fairness, I would say the most popular BlackBerry phone that I have seen out in the wild was the BlackBerry Torch line. 9800/9810.
Juat my opinion, obviously no hard fact.

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Yep, I love the form factor of my Z10, and will be looking for a successor, Z20?

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BlackBerry needs to ramp up production of the Z30 . It needs to be out there with a better pricing structure (sub £300 )

The Z30 is giving the competition a bloody nose in the head to head (just ask WIRED)

Less is more ( two high end keyboard and one touchscreen device)

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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I want a high end all touch.

Too much keyboard focus will not be good for BlackBerry either IMO.

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Want a high end all touch super specced announcement yet but I hope it happens before the year end!!!
Come on BlackBerry, let us touch guys be happy as well!!!
I seriously doubt w/o an all touch super specced special, BlackBerry will struggle to win over more don't make plenty of touch versions like you are doing it for keyboard...but at least a super successor to Z30 is the need of the hour...IMO...

Posted via CB10

Now with leaks banned, this might drop all of a sudden before the iPhone 6 launch and make a few waves...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

It's good to give customers choice.
But they better also release a high end Full Touch device too.

ZERO Marketing Efforts is the reason why BB10 devices had slow sales.

That said, I still stand by John Chen's words via an Interview, where he specifically said they are working on a device to attract New Customers. I cannot see this device being a physical keyboard device.

As for the so called 3 Qwerty devices mentioned. Can one of them be based on the sensitive touch keyboard? That would be interesting. To be able to feel the keys, but not pressing them to get the words typed.

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"Aside from those we haven't heard any rumblings on other new devices, so we're curious to see what turns up in the next few months."

Have you been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks?

They're probably talking about real rumors as opposed to what we create as rumors. Remember that they have different grapevines than most. :)

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What do you call a high end keyboard device? Mr Chen

I'm still waiting for a device to rule them all.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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First it was all about apps and now specs cores etc??
I don't understand the mobile market anymore
The z30 is not even 6 months old?? And why doesn't BlackBerry make effort to sale there flagship like grazy? I remember that when bb10 was introduced Thorsten talked about their upcoming flagship (existing hu was his stop word)
And it isn't hardly to find anywhere????

posted via my Z10 

I have to disagree with the processor being a big deal breaker. Proof in point is the volume of people that purchase the "C" model of iPhone.

Sent while driving from my Crackberry.

If like my Z10 and live the screen size of my wife's Z30 but BlackBerry has to have a good all touch phone. While I think they have to stay in the 5 to 5.2 market my ideal phone I'd likely a little bigger than the Z10 but smaller than the Z30. 4.6?

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Love the size and the feel of the z10 way better then my current z30. Z30 obviously having better battery, screen quality, speakers are amazing (competition for HTC one fore sure) my Q10 as my primary work phone is awesome, keyboard is key!

OS is coming along beautifully with every update! Every time I show someone some of the features I get a "ooohhhh, cool" anyone that owned a blackberry in the past I think would be reality very easy to get back.

BlackBerry needs to get the masses in in what I've been showing off!

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So no upgrade for the Z30? I love the Z30 and I for one was hopping for a faster, more feature packed version late this year or early next. This doesn't sound like I'm going to get my wish

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No, he's too busy curbing leaks. Apparently BlackBerry is going all-keyboard again. So much flip-flopping, it hurts. If it wasn't for BlackBerry 10 efficiency in communication and the amazing virtual keyboard I would be jumping ship. Pandering to this confused company is really starting to make me sick. No matter how much I try to promote them they seem to have a way of countering everything with missteps. It is as though they really want to abandon the consumer space altogether.

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That's what it sounded like to me. They are going back to the original roots where it is considered a premium business phone.

May be good for BBRY but not so good for the average consumer looking for an entertainment device.

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I'd like a pocket friendly z10 size phone but with bigger screen real estate (those bezels could have been stretched more). And of course better specs.

Main reason I didn't go for the z30 was because of the physical size. That and every time there's an update, I feel like I just got a new phone again. Z10 is still going strong. Got it at launch and I love it more and more each update!

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OK but the Q20 is NOT an update for me, it's an alternative, the real update will be Q30, so I hope they won't make the mistake to forget people who are already on BB10.

I'm fine going back to a keyboard for now besides it was the reason I picked BlackBerry in the first place

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They need to make an updated Z10 with slightly better specs, especially a better battery. The Z10 is the perfect size. The Z30 is great too, but a little too big for me personally. But there's a market for bigger size phones as well so the Z30 is important as well and can be a factor.

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Glad to see new devices but I'd be happier to see rockin' software developments. Fix contacts, release API so incoming calls can be blocked, for starters.

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No high performance touch screen, and I will move to either Sailfish or Ubuntu at the earliest moment

So 18 months, the Q20 in 6 months, the Q30 in 12 months and the Q40 or 50 as someone say in 18 months. Sorry but I thought the Q20 was only a transition phone to help people to pass from BBOS to BB10, so I'm not concerned, I already got my Q10 for that, so I have to wait for the Q30 in one year. I don't think it's a good strategy for people like me who buy the Q10 at the begining.

Q20 classic, a slider, and those messed up square 5 inch space bar castrated keyboard phone. Boom three

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Come on Crackberry, time for another survey to find out what the public want for a high end device, Z30 upgraded version, Z10 upgraded version or a physical keyboard upgraded version.
I got the Z10 when it was first released so am due (along with a lot of people on 24 month contracts) for an upgrade early next year, so it would be nice if the new devices were out by then. The last thing you would want is the customer looking to upgrade but only being able to choose the same phone from BlackBerry or an up to date new one from another company!

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Most people are already on this update, sorry but not so new

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Nice, but they to keep going on with making both: full touch AND qwerty keyboard! I hope a bigger screen on the Q20 and also option to watch video's @ landscape mode


Personaly I can't imagine to have to turn a QWERTY phone to watch videos. So I need a square or landscape screen, but not a typo like phone...
I don't watch a lot of videos so it's not really a problem for me, but i think a portrait ratio on a QWERTY phone is a bad idea, it make the phone to long, I like it more wide like a musculous one.

I'd love to see BlackBerry Z10S /z20 with the same size, same design but better materials (steel), 4.5" screen and two times bigger battery.
Not everybody like the size of Z30 and other flagships from other producers, and not everyone is going to get back to physical keyboard...
In fact, that there will be BlackBerry Classic with belt and BlackBerry Windmere with new type of three rows keyboard there is no room for successor of Z10 and Z30, only for one of them...too bad.

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Yes!!!!!! Finally like I have said!! BBM for desktops! Get out the way skype. I like the way this is going

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Yes about BBM, will it be possible to improve the system of identification, I explain my mind, I'd love to be able to add a phone numbers and multiple adresses in my profile to help people to find me if they need it.

Well if blackberry doesn't start to focus on all touch which is what people obviously want then I'm going to switch platforms because in a hear when my contracts up I'm not going to buy a 2 year old blackberry z30 when I could get a galaxy s6. Like come on really in this day and age people do not want keyboard phones maybe some do but not enough to keep blackberry in business.

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There'll be an all touch update too. Chen said 3 high end devices and the Z3 is not high end so that means the Z20 plus 2 others and you gotta think an updated Z30 will be one of those. Without leaks any more though we won't know for sure until they want us to.

Looks promising but are they seriously going to make us wait months and months for a new device, when the new HTC One, Galaxy S5, and iPhone 6 will all be coming to market?

Come on Chen you have to give us something soon to compete. Can't wait for the BlackBerry Q20.

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This is the strategy to win back consumers with a high end device, that are probably going to buy the iphone6, samsung s5, HTC one M8 and Sony z2 etc..... And if BlackBerry doesn't want to compete with these brands, then they are better off to write off completely the consumer segment, and stick to corporate and part of the fan base on these forums.

Sorry, but I'm not impressed, this may satisfy some of the existing user base, especially that are passionate about qwerty, but doesn't that like represent even less than 0.5% of the smartphone market share. Consumers have made there choice, it's all touch which is the other 99.5%.

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18 months? sounds so far away, makes you wonder if BlackBerry will stick around for so long time, in light of the falling trend. They should release a super phone, able to fight the other monsters out there. From what I've seen (read), legacy devices are still selling ok, which makes BB10 a commercial flop. No matter what they do (marketing or otherwise), I don't see people buying BB10 phones.

BlackBerry better make a app for video chatting I mean seriously why don't we have Oovoo glide tango kik we just got shype and it doesn't work right have the time the z10 and q10 been out for a year already !!DAM!!

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BBM needs to be native on playbook with channels 1st.... if it can be done cross platform surely on playbook

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I don't think the Z3 counts as one of the 3 high end devices he was talking about so there'll be the Z20 plus two others... my guess is one Z30ish type phone with a slider and a full touch screen device. I'm on a 12 month plan therefore get a new phone every year so I hope there's an upgraded Z30 on the way because I love my Z30, mostly for the battery life and screen but the sound quality and speed blow everyone away too (+NFC, HDMI, MicroSD...). With the leaks plugged we won't know what's coming any more, we'll have to wait just like the iWads.

It's like JC doesn't understand how BYOD is stomping all over BlackBerry.

Heck even BlackBerry produces BES to handle BYOD!

The majority of BYOD users do not use a BlackBerry or keyboard phone!!!

It's easy to corner the market on something everyone stopped making.

We shall see....I hope I'm wrong.

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BlackBerry is not going all keyboard again. He was simplify talking about keyboard phones this time. When the CEO of Microsoft talks just about tablets does that mean they have given up on notebooks and desktops ?

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I want an OS that morphs into a desktop version when docked. Oh, I guess I need a dock as well.

I assume most people only surf the internet as well as use social media, if those are already on the phone why not make them usable on a desktop while docked. No more need for a laptop or desktop for most people, just peripherals.

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BBM for desktop is 3 years over due.

Hope it makes it.

BBM needs to pull out all the stops to just remain relevant let alone gain the lead.

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I'm hoping for a new sleek Z10 like the Z30 but 4.5 inch screen or so. BBM desk top? Please be making BBM PS3/4


I hope there will be a predecessor to the Z30 at some point in the not too distant future.
I love my Z30 and will keep until the next great BlackBerry phab comes out.

It is nice seeing John not trying to tell the end consumer what they want though, and listening to his customers instead.

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They (Foxconn) can throw a successor of the Z30 (almost same phone with better specs) into the market within months, when they want.

Is BlackBerry looking to do the same mistakes again? Who is requesting all these different devices?

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BBM will be on the desktop once BBM is on Windows phones properly.

Less keyboard devices more touchscreen

BlackBerry still the one device to rule them all . A keyboard devicrr

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!!

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What I want: a Yotaphone like device.
Keyboard and small e-ink screen on one side: lcd display on the other. One side to send messages, one side to read documents, watch videos etc. With only the e-ink display enabled, the display could be permanently on (in non-backlit mode), and still have very long battery life.

I currently have Z10 I would be quite disappointed if Blackberry doesn't come up with a step up version of Z30 or Z10 for that matter. Having physical keyboard is all nice and convinient, I have gone quite used to the touch screen. Although I wouldn't mind if they came up with some like Torch, then I would look into getting one.

Going to burn more cash since these won't sell!

But for me personally I'm so happy I get some neew phones to buy!

 BlackBerry Q10 

In my opinion further investments in keyboard based cellphones is a dead end. This type of tech is old tech and in my opinion should be toned down and instead modern touch devices should be promoted. The proof is in that BB7 sales are falling dramaticly and new BB10 based Q10/5 devices have had no impact on sales. Z10 and Z30 are failing because they have not been pushed as they should have been. Chen has failed and does not understand the marked.

You can't say the keyboard tech is an old tech only because the majority prefer it. Some people, like me can't work on a tactile device, can you imagine a computer with a tactile keyboard? however computer are not old devices. It's simple, for me, as a communication device, I always, and before all thought abour blackberry and its keyboard. Big tactil screens are good for consuming entertainement. I know some people will talk me about PDF and others documents but a Q10 or a phone with a bigger screen like the Q20 could be suficient to read it(I'd prefer the Q30 with a larger screen and without the trackball but I think it'll arrive too late fore me) and for those who think that it's not, it'll never be enough so buy an ipad wich is in my opinion the best to do it. For the rest I can't imagine someone really work only with his phone, it never could replace a computer.
I think it's a bad fight, blackberry must return to what it does better, the communication, so in fact, I think a bold could be convenient and it's why BBOS oversell BB10, if we want to keep the blackberry ID, BB10 is for people who want to do more with their phone so there's a market for both tactile and physical keyboard.

I think the real difficulty is to saw the BB's strategy, continuing BBOS, get out the BB Q20 to help people to pass from BBOS to BB10 and the Q30 to satisfy the BB10 users, I think this two phone should be on the market at the same moment. And finaly the third could be a tactile device to satisfy the ones who already have a Z30 but can arrive later.

I continue to think 18 months is too much, I'd prefered to see the Q20 and Q30 before the end of the year and the next tactile device for the 2015 Q1.

Thanks for the reply, I must say that you have some good points and I agree that the 18 month period is just too long if they are going to make an impact that counts. Concerning keyboard based cellphones well I understand were your coming from but the reality is that BB7 cellphones sales have fallen dramatically and new BB10 Q10 and Q5 have not been able to take up the slack. BB7 are also in direct compation with the Q10 and Q5 which is seldom a good thing. When it comes to the BB10 based Z10 and Z30 they have failed because they were incorrectly priced and badly handled when it comes to marketing yet they are fantastic cellphones when you think about (I personally own a Z10 and I love it). I think BlackBerry needs to rethink its strategy and begin to market its cellphones more aggressively and more inn line with what the marked leaders have already understood.

Best regards

Yes you're right. But in reality there's two solutions, compete with these giants, and I'm more and more thinking that this is a bad idea, hardcore competition and advertising are not in the blackberry's gene. Or coming back to their roots the professional sector wich is what I think they are doing. But we mustn't loose sight of the fact that the professional sector is not homogeneous, some people only need phones like BBOS others and this is what respond better to the BYOD logic want more. Some are able to transit instantaneously from one platform to the other, but others need help to this. So I continue to say that in this logic, the firsts need Q20 the seconds Q30 or Q20 or a full tactile phone if they think it is more convenient and finally other want a full tactile phone. But it'd be an error to offer one by one. I agree that the Q20 might be out in the same time than the Q10, but this is not the case and we should fight against the time.

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Thanks for sharing the news, Adam. I guess he's not ruling out an upgraded version of the Z30, but it's interesting that there will be so many QWERTY options released. ... As I think about it, I'm having a hard time imagining why we'd need 3.
* The new Q device with the belt of buttons and the trackpad.
* A slider
* The QWERTY device that was leaked with an all-caps keyboard.

Seems like at least one of the new devices would in some fashion need to offer a much larger screen, along with a physical keyboard.

"BlackBerry only sold 1.1 million BlackBerry 10 phones in the last quarter, so they'll definitely need some amazing devices to turn things around"

I completely disagree with that assertion; the reason why people have stayed away from Blackberry 10 phones, is due to lack of, and support for, software/applications. The phones themselves are not and were not the issue; the lack of software is/was. You can produce some of the most amazing pieces of hardware all you want, but if the applications to which consumers expect/demand are not available for it, then all you have is an amazing piece of hardware with an woefully inadequate depth of software. The result will be the same as what has occurred now = no sales.

History is going to repeat itself in that (i) Blackberry will produce a very good piece of hardware; (ii) it will be supported by an inadequate ecosystem; (iii) the tech/media reviews will all say "it's a good phone, but...."; and (iv) consumers - not Crackberry posters of course :) - will all but ignore the new products.

I'm definitely looking forward to BBM desktop (take that Skype). As for phones I love my Z10, must admit it took me a while to get used to a touch screen but for having it almost a year now I love flicking words....soo much faster! BlackBerry has shown they can dominate this area too. But in reality most of us are locked into a 2 year contract with our Blackberries so I' ll be happy with my Z10 until something comes along (Z50) and continue to enjoy what BlackBerry brings to the near future!

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 I just hope that in 12 months time a successor to the Z30 is available.... 

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Who's going to sell it? Maybe Verizon will pick it up like the Z30 and stick it in the back corner of the store, where few people venture. You can tell because the carpet looks almost new, very little wear.BB needs to get out to the carriers and make deals to sell and stock all BB10 phones. Pull them out from the back corner. Put them next to the iphone and android phones. Their marketing is non-existent 1.1 million phones sold to current BB owner, but how many iphone or android phone users?.

I am surprised that they sold 1.1 million phones because they failed to market them and they failed to get the major carriers to promote them and they just recently made the z30 available off contract to USA customers and no AT&T model. They can come out with 3 new phones but if the consumer has no method to purchase one it doesn't matter because there will be zero sales. Make the Z30 LTE model available for direct sales unlocked and then advertise that so that the average consumer would know it

I agree overall with the general direction Chen is taking the firm. I understand the need and strategy with getting capable keyboard devices to the market they are pursuing. However, there should be at least one high end fullscreen device in the line-up. Unless there is a compelling product I'm basically stuck when I want to replace my Z10, which is now over a year old. I would consider a slider, but it's not my first choice. I love the BB10 platform and would hate to switch, but if there isn't a decent full screen device I may have to.

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BlackBerry needs to focus more on features than specs. They need to add a feature that lets you plug your phone into a monitor and have more of a Playbook UI appear and you can use your phone as a computer. It would be similar to Google's Chromebook, but way better because you could just take your phone (which is your computer) wherever you need to and then jusst dock it when you need a bigger screen. Features like this will clearly set them apart from the competition.

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In order to be competitive (even thought they might not need it) they need to play the spec game. It's not blackberry selling the devices, it's the carrier. If 4 out of 5 devices have quad core, and BB has Dual, it will automatically be excluded.

BB10 has only been "successful" because of die-hards that were willing to give it a try even though it lost the spec race. Try telling that to someone who has been an iphone or android user for life.

I am the net admin in our small office and we are a BB shop. (most are BB7 devices) when it comes time to upgrade a device, the users are not even thinking blackberry, they want cool iPhones and Android phones. It took me a lot of convincing of one user to get her to try the Z30.

Of course specs are important, but instead of trying to have the very fastest device out there at launch they should spend more resources to get high quality specs with the very best features. Features that blow the competition out of the water. When people are looking for a device they look at features. It's only when the device doesn't have different features than the competition that they start to compare specs.

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To be honest there is not much hope of BlackBerry coming back. The only thing keeping them alive is fans like us. Many people out there say BlackBerry is rubbish and as soon as they hear the name they don't bother with it.

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There is no perceived "cool" factor to BB10 phones. No fancy ways to 'dress' them up BB is old school. Apple is today, Android is acceptable, but not BB. I would like to upgrade my Z10 to a high end phone, but I see nothing coming up. Z30 is it right now and T-Mo along with every other carrier in the US (except Verizon) doesn't sell the Z30. Buying an unlock one for almost $500 is not doable.

If one of the high end device is like Q20 or Q30 and has an aluminum metal type around the device, just like what bold 9900/30 has. Man, I can't wait. Lol

" Initiated from my Q10 "

This will kill blackberry for ever, please don't bring bbm to desktop.
Release less devices and bring more apps to the ecosystem.

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If BBM comes to the desktop, it needs to have multi login like imessage so i can get the message on multiple devices at the same time.

BBM for Desktop is a waste of time. Why would anyone use it?!! BlackBerry needs to focus on polishing the OS and putting out solid new devices at least twice a year - one high-end QWERTY, one low-end QWERTY, one high-end all-touch, one low-end all-touch. BBM for all mobile platforms is enough - no need for Desktop. In any case, if their track record for desktop development is any indication, the product is going to be sub-par. Proud Q10 owner here, can't wait for the new Qwhatever. They need to FOCUS.

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BBM on the Desktop is the last big piece of the puzzle. It should be available in two forms, a simple web-based form that is OS independent, and a tray application that is installed on the OS for Windows, OSX, and maybe Ubuntu (just to prove that they aren't kidding around).

Have they announced how many of those 1.1 million BB10 devices are canadian? As in BB10 devices sold in Canada vs world. Thanks

I think the next half of this year will be the year of the qwerty BB10. I don't believe the development of the all touch BB10 is halted. I still believe the Z50 will be coming later on maybe in Q1 of next year, give the Z30 a room to prove its existence, come on it's just like few months since this beast was launched to the market then we're now ranting to expect a successor to that? Who are we? GALAXY fans?

it's good to hear that BBRY under JC is now more focused on getting the brand back to its roots which is the keyboard. We now have the Z3, the Z30 which will be soldiering for this year, the soon to be replaced Q5, the Q10 which is due for replacement as well and the Q20/30 for this year. See, that's too many phones here, need to get rid of some from the ship!