Three more senior executives exit BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 7 Aug 2013 09:29 pm EDT

Digging around the CrackBerry Forums today, one thread I spotted that was getting some serious traffic was the news from CBC that three more senior executives would be exiting BlackBerry. Taking a look through the list of those departing, one has already apparently been gone for over a month now and can be found working at Amazon yet, the information is just now coming about. The other two, consisting of Doug Kozak, vice-president, corporate information technology operations and Graeme Whittington, vice-president, service operations come shortly after BlackBerry announced recent layoffs.

BlackBerry grew up quickly. You promote internally and when you start implementing accountabilities, you realize that some people are not right for the job.Ofutur, CrackBerry Member

In the broad scope of it all, the information really isn't all that interesting. We knew more people would be exiting the company and more layoffs were bound to happen. Even the confirmation CBC obtained from BlackBerry's Rebecca Freiburger, confirms it's an ongoing process - "We are in the second phase of our transformation plan where we will be assessing our organization — from top to bottom — to ensure we have the right people in the right roles with the right skill sets to drive new opportunities in mobile computing."

BlackBerry is in a long term plan for FUTURE growth. There's no opportunity for a VP to move up quickly now. ​The hammer has come down, and execs have to EARN their bonuses. allisos, CrackBerry Member

The interesting aspect to all this is the varied responses from folks in the CrackBerry Forums, for which there has been many. Some people see it as 'trimming the fat' while other folks see it as a terrible sign of the company going further down the drain. Now, I'm no stock analyst, nor do I own any stock in BlackBerry but I did manage to learn one thing over the years and that's that BlackBerry was a significantly large company and there was plenty of extra baggage, especially now that BlackBerry 10 has arrived and folks from the old architecture are no longer needed.

Either they are seeing a sinking ship and jumping off or they were part of bbry's problems.kbz1960, CrackBerry Member

Still though, many see it as terrible times ahead and that's understandable. Low stock, many layoffs and a not so great quarter. Are those who don't see it as negative though looking through rose-colored glasses? Maybe some. But what if it's all for the betterment of the company and the people exiting weren't really needed any more? Maybe they just wanted to move on. For example, Doug Kozak was at BlackBerry for 13 years and prior to that at Bell for 18. No doubt he's done well for himself. Maybe it was just time to kick it on a beach somewhere with some mojitos.

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Three more senior executives exit BlackBerry


I agree doesn't look promising. But BlackBerry is still in the restructuring phase and these execs positions probably were no longer needed. Just extra costs for nothing.

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True but does anyone know when the "restructuring phase" ends?

Corky Notes and Lazy Lists for BlackBerry 10 developer

A healthy company should never stop restructuring and keep working and evaluating it's inner workings

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+1000 percent agree with this statement.

With all big companies that were making money hand over fist, the need to grow the company with multiple rolls or title positions always occurs. When you move into a restructuring phase because the focus is on salvaging or renewing a company the first step is to get rid of redundancy and folks who no longer have the appropriate skill sets to manage change.

It's unfortunate and you don't want to see some good people lose possibly the only job they may have been good at but it's a fact of corporate life. I've been unlikely to witness layoffs over my 13 year career at Bell Canada but I've also been fortunate enough, to contribute to the companies change in a positive way.

BlackBerry just needs to setup their chess pieces. When they're done they can move to execution of product and consumer related items.

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+1 - for years, our family business was an outplacement agency and I saw many large, successful companies who did restructuring and slimming of middle/upper management in order to streamline both their operations and their payroll during times when the economy declined or company goals changed, either for financial or quality improvement purposes. The real key is how does the restructuring change the long-term outlook and/or refocus the core team on future goals, as well as does the leaner, meaner BBRY machine see improved services and sales as a result. It's still a bit of a wait-and-see in my opinion. No restructuring is accomplished overnight, nor are the benefits immediately seen. Be patient, be proud of the quality devices you carry and watch it all unfold.

Scorepion is right, a company technically never stops "restructuring" (evolving).
But I think what gynbok meant, is the current "heavy restructuring/re-vamp" of the entire company from the culture to product portfolio. Thorsten publicly laid out a "3 phase" plan which given the previous intervals, is roughly 1-1.5 year per phase. Since he just recently said we are in the middle of "phase 2", I think Thorsten is planning to complete/wrap-up this "heavy restructuring" by Fiscal Yr-End 2015 (March 2015) [speculation].

In my opinion, that's when Blackberry will reach sustainable profits and constant growth. It probably won't be mind-blowing profits or rapid growth like in the past, but enough to keep them as a relevant competitor for the long-term future and keep the cash flowing.

But we shall see =)

I'm MORE proud that BlackBerry is trimming from the TOP and not the little guy with fresh ideas and regular bills to pay (maybe even a small mouth to feed) whos' willing to find tooth and nail for BlackBerry's success and thus his/her own!! Those top guys are a dime a dozen and probably costing the company a HELL of a lot more than their severance for over 13yrs on expenses over cases of wine, new phones given out to friends and families, plan trips (mostly for vacation), etc etc.

BIG BOOT out the DOOR!

^ I think this is THE most stupid post I've ever seen "bitter much?". My post is not bitter, nor is it on a personal level. It's to clearly show how those in higher ranks consistently abuse financial power of the company they work for ... and in times of financial unrest the board/executives decide its best to let go the employee that makes $50-90/yr with less than 12K bonus vs those in top brass whom they report to and that fail in performances earning $150K/yr with bonus' above $25K and expense an enormous amount of fees.


At the VP level, I would be amazed if they were working for anything close to that number. I suggest you adjust 2 to 3X, up of course.


did you not see the bonuses and salaries bbry pays out?

thorstein gets 9-12million even if he is fired not performance based over a few years i dont remeber the exact compensation *this was while mike was still co-chairman of the board and on the compensation committee

jim baisaille and mike lazardis get 12m together with mike getting the bulk at 8m as long as he remains available to the company and he gets a free company car

With the "top down" statement I am sure there will be more and not all at the top. Look for cutting prior to financial reporting. It is a good way to make the numbers look good when things are struggling. Hopefully the ones left are the right ones and they can turn it around but optimizing only makes up for lost sales for so long. Eventually you need to sell more or create new profit centers

It's not good or bad it's just part of the phase the company is in. Good people will leave under performers will be let go and hopefully good people will be hired

Three employees leaving out of 10,000 and it "doesn't sound promising"?

It turns out that in sales at least, an attrition rate of 10% per annum is a good thing for corporations.

So if 20 employees leave every week that should be good for BlackBerry. Fewer than that and the company may be carrying too much dead weight!

I disagree, it is exactly what this company needs.

Anyone who thinks the launch of the q10 and z10 was a success is mistaken.

Those responsible for that launch need to be asked to leave.

Don't get me wrong, the phone is great (Z10), but what a brutal launch.

With the 10.1 official on one if my z's it's way better and the last 10.2 leak on my other...oh boy this phone is getting great.

BlackBerry needs to keep people who keep them moving, otherwise they can move along.

It's business, there are layoffs all the time. The fact that BlackBerry is being fiscally responsible to its shareholders is a good thing, bit the other way around.

In no way shape or form, do i want to own stock in any Company, no matter how successful that keep high paid employees around when they are not needed, that goes against any corporations duty to its shareholders

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Not always, promoting the right people to fill these holes yields a good chance of reconstruction. Getting people who aren't ready for the position will drag BlackBerry straight to hell. That's below rock bottom.

*crossing fingers* please be Frank Boulben, please be Frank Boulben, please be Frank Boulben....what? He's not?? Awww, dang it! So, still more of the worst marketing ever, huh? Great

I saw this headline and immediately thought "oh no". This could be good for them though. Moving forward sometimes means making changes. The way it is worded can be a bit worrying though. Saying that they exited the company instead of let go could be what is leading to the talk of them "abandoning a sinking ship". It is possible however that BlackBerry gave them the option to step aside or be fired and they chose door number one. Either way I hope things work out for them, losing your job is never a good thing.

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So true, and yes.... no one needs to lose a job in this economy, although THEY are in Canada... I think their economy is better than U.S.'s, anywho I would like to think this is a good move for BBRY as a whole

I really hope so. I wish I could recall the name, but I read a great book during a group communications class, that was about a CEO being replaced, and her subsequent struggles with executives at the company. It put a lot of things in perspective for me about how things need to work at the top levels of a corporation. BBRYs current sitch has kept reminding me of that book... I really hope this is the necessary "cleaning out" that obviously needed to be done a long time ago. I'm not really sure where to look to really find out, and maybe there is no where to look; I don't know. To be honest, I hope someday Thorsten writes a tell-all book about his time inside RIM/BBRY... I would be quite interested in reading it.

Considering how poorly BlackBerry has been marketed to date some heads were bound to roll. This comes as no surprise and the game is far from over.

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That's the thing. With obvious performance issues to date( although getting better) to not see people go would be worse. The exits could be either poor performance or just that time in the life cycle but it needs to happen. Did anyone notice they were all vp's? Not necessary people. Everyone works with people who could go and just not need to be replaced.

It's ironic the people on the sinking ship are the most unaware that it is happening. The rest of us on shore are shaking our heads. This company is so ratchet. The fact this article is 12 hours late proves the lack of insight.

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The rest of the articles today were short sighted. This one takes in forum feedback with actually balanced info. I would not call it late I would call it informed.

It's time for a change blackberry needs to step it up a notch. Out with the old in with the new maybe then they can keep up with high-technology

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That's one of their biggest challenges right now. They aren't keeping up with the pace of technology. At least from a hardware standpoint. BlackBerry needs fresh talent there. They need engineers who can predict where the market will be 18 months in advance. They need buyers who can make the deals with suppliers to get the best price on the parts. They need designers who can craft housings that are in line with industry trends and consumer expectations. Plus, they need R&D people who will come up with innovative new ideas that can be incorporated to differentiate the hardware from the competition.

It's the phones right now that are the biggest problem. BlackBerry isn't keeping pace with the industry and they aren't knocking it out of the park with their designs. They also aren't pushing any boundaries or breaking new ground in terms of design or innovative new features or technology in their hardware.

BlackBerry 10 is a good platform. Even it is arguably a little conservative visually though. But as good a software platform as it is, there is only so much traction it can gain without competitive hardware and without the app ecosystem and services consumers expect these days.

They did a great job with BlackBerry 10 software. But they are doing a piss poor job of showing off the platform on a worthy stage [read: phones from high end down to mid range that underwhelm]. They are also doing only an okay job right now at attracting the hottest developers producing the big name apps people want to buy today.

not that i'm a blackberry cheerleader.. but some of the people had to go.. blackberry can roll with the same people that brought them to this point

We need BB to be a lean machine. Get the people that are completely onboard with BB10, keep a decent amount on the books for BB7 as they just came out with a phone. Keep that system steady and minor improvements passed onto the customer. Unfortunately for the rest, its time to go. Hard to say it and I bet it is even harder to do, but it needs to be done.

Good. At this point, it's probably better to have less experienced, hungry ppl work for their spots than to have those execs sit around, probably not doing their jobs.

The only problem with the restructuring theory is that that was supposed to be done long before bb10 launched. The fact it's happening now and they rolled out their "hail Mary pass" with these alleged incompetent or unnecessary people shows how bad thorstein is at his job. What is happening is not normal. It's plan b

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And you're sharing this insight because you're the successful leader of a high tech company? No? I didn't think so. It's easy to be the armchair quarterback or the referee in the stands.

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+1 also we are forgetting most of these guys income is salary based = contracts. Sometimes it's just about waiting it out til the contract expires and they are no longer needed

Its good as long as they re getting rid of useless and/or unprofessional employees or VPs that took the company down the drain to the wrong side of mobile computing. Those people were earning 6 digits probably and had no vision of the Future ans they let Apple take over easily. And they failed to react and rrply back

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Personally I see it as a company re-branding and trimming to be competitive in the market. Great company's make tough choices to be Great company's. Take for what it is a rebirth of BlackBerry

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Not sure why they are shooting themselves in the foot I just switched to a gs 4 from a z10 and I do like bb os better is smoother and easier to use but I don't understand why they market a "high end " device when it can't compete with current really high end devices ? The z10 can't stand a chance to the gs4 then the starting price of that device should've been $99 just like every other mid device.

You obviously didn't know how to use your Z. It is better in every aspect of the SG3/4 as they are the smartphone phone. Small differences.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Some of our execs just don't have a clue about running a tech company. BlackBerry from the top seems to have to much conflict going on amongst themselves. Different ideology about what to do next and who's steering the boat. Just my observation.

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Thor is steering the boat. Think of other management in the company as messing with the gears that actually turn the rudder so when Thor turns hard left the boat just kind of drifts lazily left. Thor thinks it's getting done until he looks out the window and goes "wtf".

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"Good riddance". Anyone who had their fingerprints on that pathetic last quarter that cost me, and others, a lot of money in stock depreciation - needs to go.

Thor was "promoted from within". I am still trying to determine if that was such a "great thing".

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This is normal with most companies. We just don't hear about companies we have no interest in. Nothing wrong with new blood trying to prove themselves. We don't even know why this happened though? I really hope it's for the best.

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Thor was the brainchild of basilly and lizardlips. You know when the teacher leaves the room and they leave the nerd in charge? That's bbry. Hand picked ceo chosen by the two buffoons who ran the company into the ground because they didn't know the market.

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And is that why BBRY is making a comeback? Now don't get me wrong, Thor is not a genius...but I believe he's making some sound decisions on what needs to be improved.... as far as the marketing, well.... Do we expect Thor to get it ALL right? when the right people are moved into the right places....then we'll see BBRY solid all around

If I recall correctly, Thor led a failing Siemens division back into profitability, so I would suggest he has some experience in turning things around. Bigger ships take longer to make a turn than smaller ones.

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At the moment there aren't any signs that BlackBerry is making a comeback. The first two phones are not selling well. There are still way more legacy OS customers leaving then BlackBerry 10 is bringing in. The installed base is still shrinking.

When we see BlackBerry 10 sell more units then the number of legacy customers leaving BB OS then we will know BlackBerry is making a comeback as their market share will be growing again.

Hope it doesn't take selling 2 BlackBerry 10 phones to out pace the last Legacy OS customer leaving before we see that return to growth.

From what all they made so far since the launch of BlackBerry 10, I believe.. this company has a bright future. Every update, every innovation, every move they choose.. without no doubt, I can see their vision. Let's say..those ppl who abandoned BBRY, actually disagree with new BBRY or maybe they don't have any skill to work with. This is a hard time really, but BBRY survive and success

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Ships is...

Rats are....

WTF is the Marketing VP still around? He should a walked the plank by now...

My ZeeTen strikes again! (Z10STL100-3/


Blackberry's marketing has greatly increased since this time last year.
It's obviously not perfect yet but it's much better than anything in the past.
Last year I saw maybe 5 commercial's the entire summer. Now I see about 2-5 a day on all the popular network channels at prime viewing hours. There commercials "could" be better but I'm sure their working hard at it.

BTW they don't have a Marketing VP, they have a CMO. Big difference in scope =)

Getting rid of people who were part of the problem is always a good thing.

I'd be more worried if no one was let go after years of mediocrity.

As for Thor, he may have been promoted from within, but if you look at his resume he has the bonafides to be where he is. His unique perspective of seeing where the previous management went wrong and having experience turning around other companies (Siemens) makes him a good candidate for the top job.

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I'm interested what these people were actually responsible for as job titles are not usually very enlightening.

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19,000 workers were far too many. One guy I know there spends 4 hours a day goofing around.
He is really not needed, but stays because he is getting paid.

They are dumping the luggage from the ship to slow down the sinking rate. But if they don't fix their real problem ship will keep on sinking.

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Thorsten heins knows what he's doing. I see by 2015 BlackBerry may be leading the market! Just show people BB10. It should advertise and show it to people. I don't see advertisements!

Yes these are some rough times but take heart, the OS we know and the one that we are about to know (10.2) are second to done. No other platform comes close in comparison. There will be some more bleeding ahead but soon the hemoraging will stop. Stay strong, stay true, you will be rewarded in the end. Here for the long haul. Phones going forward are going to be all about the operating system.

Z10 Verizon and thanks Verizon for the 10.1 update.

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Stay strong, stay true? True to what? It's about the experience. The OS is just a delivery system.

BES is the delivery system. The OS is what you interface and use to interface with almost everything you know of.

And one more thought, thank you to our brave soles who download the leaks and provide such valuable feedback. You guys are the real heros here. I will always be in debit ed to you and what you do for all of us!

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Apparently there is a plan which, of course, is a good thing for any successful business. Sticking to the plan with modification for the current and future environment changes is key for growth and longevity of an entity despite the speculation of outsider sources such as the media. The plan obviously involves efficiencies from downsizing staff. So what is so awful about trimming the fat?

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Out with the old for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if they got rid of some more older execs and vp's and brought in some new faces with fresh ideas.

It's a long road ahead but BlackBerry is restructuring. That means change for a better and long future.

I also see them buying another company that will help them. Or even being bought out by Samsung? Crazier things have happened...

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Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you don't perform then we gotta look for better individuals. How they have fcked up the marketing and product development accuont for these measures

We have people coming and going all the time in our company of 200.

A few execs from a company of thousands is normal. If they're not needed, adios! Let's get some new blood and ideas flowing in BlackBerry.

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The rate bbry is losing customers it gets tougher to see them as an asset. Their biggest chance appears to be bbm. They are coming into the cross platform messenger game in the 4th quarter but they have the brand recognition on their side. Bbm seems to have dodged the horrible reputation that bbry/rim can't shed. It's almost like it's a separate entity.

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Hate to see people lose their jobs but BlackBerry should look at the people representing them on the Keep Moving Tour. I've been to a couple events in the Waterloo area with these vans and only two of the eight or ten people I talked with showed any type of energy and passion for BlackBerry. If your front line people aren't passionate about the product you are going to have a hard time selling it.

I think I engaged more people and answered more questions than some of those that were suppose to be working. Engage your potential customers and show them what a great mobile device is. It's pretty easy when you are talking about the Z10 and Q10.

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Usually when people are let go, it's for the better of the company, plain and simple.. Maybe one left to Amazon, but we don't know the full details as to why it was that he left. For all we know, he could have been forewarned that he was going to be on the chopping block and so he sought out employment elsewhere. Blackberry may have given them their notice, and one of them found a job.. whoop dee doo.. wouldn't be surprised if these people were way over paid and were a burdening cost to the company. I personally don't see it entirely as a bad thing as the last time i recall them restructuring, it ended up saving them cash and the ensuing result was the stock rose after bottoming out at $6/share when they announced they had more cash on their hands. Let's be real, it doesn't look good from the outside at first glance, but we don't know all the details from a business standpoint.. There's always a reason for these things.. instead of assuming the worst (sinking ship) maybe try to see if there's a silver lining.. Let's not get all dramatic just yet. the fat lady hasn't sung yet. A turnaround doesn't happen overnight (not that time is on our side), but holy crap people, some times you have to make some big changes in order to get to the good changes.. if it's not broke don't fix it, they say... Well, clearly some $%*^ broke, and now they're fixing it.. hopefully we'll see some positive results out of it. If not, then we'll go to plan B, which is not bad either.. But for the love of god (if there is one), chill out people. It's not over just yet.. like a flooded email inbox, sometimes one simply needs to evaluate what emails they can do without and get rid of the less important ones. It just helps you work more efficiently. Cheese, i know, it's just part of the cycle.

Three executives leaving in an employee population of 10,000 is not news. It's normal attrition.

I recommend you ask the individuals whether they jumped or were pushed - they'll all be on Linked-In no doubt. At least one has already updated his Linked-In profile and is working in a senior role working on the Kindle at Amazon for example.

Well to add to this bad news, the other day I dropped my BB10 device and shattered the screen so that phone is done. So I went back to my iphone 4s and the power button stopped working. So good day for me. Hope all is well for everyone else. LOL

Blackberry had problems well before restructuring the organization. Now that the process has begun, the company can operate more efficiently. Job cuts/layoffs are never a good sign even through rose colored glasses.

Its like having an injury that requires surgery.
The problem that exists is bad and so is going under the knife, but it's neccesary to mend and heal the wound properly.

There is nothing wrong with the product in regards to BB10 beyond limited apps and BlackBerry is not completely responsible for that but it appears that the world's most precious commodity seems to be BlackBerry's biggest foe...Time

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I just don't see BB increasing or even keeping their market share. There is just way to much pressure from Android and iOS phones. I think the best that BB can hope for is to slow the hemorrhaging of users but even that might be wishful thinking.

I don't get it when iPhone has only one model each year when blackberry has z10q10z15z30q5...i feel that people in this firm has diversified preferences and so many choices may scare people away.

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"q10 battery dies too fast!"
- no it does not! it depends on your usage!

"app world sucks and barely has good apps"
- apps? who needs apps? this phone gets things done!

"3 high ranking employees fired from bbry"
- who needs em!? no worries, it's all part of the rebuild. in fact this is great news.

. . . i sometimes have to remind myself this is a blackberry site and that the glass is always half full.

Posted via CB10 on Q10

This is fine. Normal. It's a process all company's have to go through during a transition period. Sure, it sucks some folks are losing jobs, but this is typical. I do not see it as a negative at all. They're becoming more agile and it's noticeable, hence the press coverage and people speculating negatively. I worked at a company during a very similar period in a very similar industry, I lost my job as a result of the transition. I was lucky enough to go back and work there for a few more years afterwards. It's the cycle of life, in corporate form.

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They're doing what is right for the future of the company. It's no longer the crazy boom industry it once was, for a lot of players. I truly believe they're simply restructuring as a direct result of having lost control of the growth during the "golden years". The mobile computing industry is still poised for strong growth and BlackBerry realizes that in order to capitalize on the new way of conducting business within the technology environment, it is important to become more sustainable and efficient. That's what they're doing.

It's viewed as a rough time because people believe everything should just happen in the blink of an eye or overnight fast. Unfortunately, this rough patch was always the expectation BlackBerry expressed would occur and is inevitable.

They're doing the right things and I'm excited about their future.

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The process can take several quarters to start an upswing. That means it could be a year even. That's very short term in the grand scheme of things, for the mindful. The big picture is unfolding and the bad part is people are going to lose their jobs or walk away for whatever reason, that's just the way it is. Clearly.

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New OS, new execs. Old ones have to go. When Nokia upgraded from s40 to today's OS, it has been a long journey, there must have been many lay-offs. Same is the case with Samsung, from BADA to android many execs must have been laid off. One has to change with time, there is space for emotions and ethics in a business but upto a point, thereafter you have to think about your organisation and your standing in the global market. Fools are they who are calling BlackBerry a sinking ship, wait till the times when BlackBerry would rule the seas. And then eat your own shoes!

Go ahead BlackBerry, I'm with you. We are with you. There is some bunch of people like me in this world who would never abandon using BlackBerry come-what-may! All the best for FUTURE plans... (:

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Just like so many things BB over the past many quarters....What is there to be inspired by? 2.7 million units sold last quarter sure wasn't. And the board continues to be spellbound by Heins and Co's....blah, blah, blah.

Oh for S*&^ sakes people. you are looking too hard at this. Yes BB is in a transitional period, do we know the whole story...NO, we never do.
We are Crackberrians and hope for the best for this company and their devices however decisions have to be made, some smooth, some not so smooth. For me and my family we are happy with the upturn, the Z10s-Q10s that we using. They only get better over time which is why these changes need to be looked at optimistically. Good luck BB.

Maybe now is the time for everyone to start being optimistic. This doesn't mean a lot in the grand scheme of things. Judging by the amount of news we get on a daily basis, I'd say the ball is still rolling. Until I hear the words, "bought out" or "sold." I'm still pulling for the new improved blackberry! Let's just hope who ever takes over for the positions that were opened
up, are the best and most qualified. Who ever they may be!

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The "executive seniors homes" will be busy accepting new clients to take care of since so many senior executives are losing their jobs.

The "senior executive home" in your area can usually be found close to the regular "seniors home". You can always spot the difference at a glance since the "senior executive home" always has expensive cars parked nearby.

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The guy who created the "HUB" isn't there anymore either??? Is that reason for the hub icon in 10.2???

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Need to fire and rehire a new social media manager. The existing one is terrible. Even on their Facebook page the just have the Q10 posted instead of all their BlackBerry 10 product line up.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Restructuring every three months??? Twisting and turning! sleeping! Like a bad dream! LoL! The brand is strong enough to survive these severe changes! why waste time on that?? When you could be making the brand extraordinary! Superior OS! With all the apps and new apps! Stay focus! #Keepmoving!

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We need to keep the support and be always optimistic and not join in the bashing. Let’s join in and Keep Moving Being Bold

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Were they terminated because the caused the problem or were they terminated because they disagreed with the approach taken by the CEO? Bosses hate to be proven wrong. This move might be the CEO removing obstacles and dissenting voices - maybe entrenching mediocrity! All he will have left are his hand chosen " yes" men- "Was I wrong to renege on my PlayBook promises?"he asks- "No no no your highness - the rabble know not what is good for them- they just don't understand you! " "Ah yes " he replies " they are only consumers hahaha- throw the to the lions "

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I no expert in any of this... but I do not think a company on the verge of collapse would continue to work on new devices or keep on other expensive ventures, such as multiple platform bbm.. if they were afraid of failure... appears to me they are growing.. and maybe those guys got caught stealing paperclips =P lol jk... long live BlackBerry

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The truth is, no one knows what it means or why this happened. I think anyone looking at this as negative or positive is looking through glasses colored by their own crap and stupidity. The idea that we can know what this means is ridiculous. There are only questions, no answers. Anyone with answers, outside of those 3 individuals and/or a certified BlackBerry source, is full of sh-t.

My only advice to these angels and demons is to go grab a hot cup of STFU! Of course, that advice is about as solicited as their nonsensical opinions on the issue. Excuse me while I go grab a sip of that STFU tea!

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I don't mind loosing execs but I dislike when there are not enough worker bees to resolve and work on all the "Day 2" OS problems that have not been addressed, eg: auto on/off, separate volume control for notifications and other customizations we have come to expect with the BB OS.

This is great news!
These guys drove BlackBerry to where it is now...the bottom.

Now there us space for new brains that may lead BlackBerry to a new future.

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The fundamental question is: How significant were these poeple exiting in the turn over BlackBerry had. Because from OS 7.1 to 10, the jump is huge. In my opinion, it's the best OS with the best innovation(s) in the mobile/organizing world. So if these poeple were "old generation" sticking to "old" principles, that's ok... If, however, they were "key deciders", "innovators" that leave, then it would be like "rats leaving the sinking ship"...
May BlackBerry live long and prosper _\\//
And might new developers and Application creators continue the very good job they've begun!

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I'm not sure if we can still believe BlackBerry everything what they say... maybe they are dying slowly... I hope not.. I'm so disappointed.

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when RIM had 20,000 employees couple yrs ago, there were more than 200 VPs and more than 600 directors.

they were all taking large salery and big bonus. these guys, the middle level management are the real killers of RIM, not Apple.

Apple hired many engineers from RIM. No battle is lost because of solders...

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as a tradesman Im a strong believer you can eliminate half the suits of any company and not be putting too much work load on there coworkers.

Some Devolpers PB, OS 7 and staff are fired and some new blood will come in to get more what I read for computing development.

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One additional thing that may be happening is that the entire senior management level is basically new and its sometimes hard to work with operational execs who were hired and trained by your predecessors. It's not that they are bad; it's that they may not be perceived as loyal or compliant. They learned from someone else. Maybe you could win them over at this stage in their careers, but it'll be easier just to bring on your own peeps who will owe you and be part of your core cadre.

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How do you abandon your only tablet???? Without a follow up????? Make new devices that don't support what you've been doing for the last couple of decades???? And turn everybody into survey Consumers? Simple and plan!! there was NO real effort in making BB10 #1!!!!! They just wanted to compete! Without being in shape! For such a task! LOL!

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BB10 is a awesome platform! Let android! Make the phones! Like they make HTC for Google! Let the whole platform go cross platform! Why just BBM? I wouldn't mind a blackberry android! With a complete OS in it! And mobile market standard apps! And great new apps! comes the rocks and sticks! Hahahahahahahah!

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As the saying goes "you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs " blackberry 10 is a new format which I am sure some employees embraced and others did not. Speculation is always going to be part of the equation but for some reason blackberry seems to be singled out more so than other mobile manufacturing companies who make the same decisions every day.

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People leaving and people coming, those are all part of the normal life of a company. If BBRY was not under such a microscope those days, no one would really care.

" we are in the second phase"

Haha 3 months later and it'll be...

" we are in the 15th phase"

It's not looking good for BlackBerry. I honestly could care less what happens to BlackBerry as long as someone else takes over and keeps supporting my Z10.

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I'm a huge BlackBerry fan. But we all know BlackBerry days are coming to an end. Some are simply not ready to admit that. But I will...

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I don't think so. I think you are going to see a deal inked with Samsung or Sony in the near future. Either one will produce the low end phones with bb10. That will give them access to bb10 and android and will give BlackBerry access to their huge marketing structure combined with access to their devices such as TV's, stereos etc. Finally your tv will says "bridge to your BB" instead of "connect your ipod". This is possible. Note the recent Samsung promoting BBM in Africa. This would also give Samsung more options to build more hardware...stay tuned!

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Company "reorganization" makes completely sense when those who are firing are more competent than those who are fired.

Lack of marketing, lack of carriers support, wrong product pricing, wrong timing of product introduction (belated launch of BB10/Z30/cross platform BBM, abandoning lucrative tablet market)…

I bet none of the three executives leaving BlackBerry was responsible for this.

I own a company myself and we fire all the time if the people are not doing as we expect them to do. That's normal

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That's normal for a company to fire and hire every couple of months! Senior executives??? Valuable key players! That created BB10??? That's normal? Has BB10! Even been out for a year yet??? Not even a year! with this many changes???? Is normal?

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Quote from

The great exodus continues at BlackBerry as three more executives leave the company. Just after 250 employees in BlackBerry's R&D department were let go recently, three high level executives have left. Doug Kozak, VP of corporate IT operations, Carmine Arabia, SVP of global manufacturing and supply chain, and Graeme Whittington, VP of service operations, have all moved on.

BlackBerry had announced plans to streamline their employees and cut expenses for the struggling company. Although not specifically confirmed by BlackBerry, these recent exits seem to be part of the master plan.

BlackBerry's turnaround is taking a long time and it sure seems like it's not going to happen. BlackBerry has a decent patent portfolio that may be valuable to someone, but at this point the company is basically irrelevant. They are having almost no impact on the big players in the mobile space. The bleeding continues and it seems like only a matter of time before they are either acquired, or follow Palm down the road of no return.

Strong companies moving forward in leaps and bounds making good sales and profits very rarely need to "trim the fat" quite the opposite, they are expanding and recruiting.

That's not true.
You should do more business research before making such comments.
Many company's grow too fast (like Blackberry) and hire too many people, too quickly and then years down the road, the "fat" (expenses) hit you. Similar to us (humans) when we gain weight and still feel "okay" a short while after but then one day, we have some medical problem like a heart attack. Happens to many more company's than just Blackberry. This has happened to Apple (on a smaller scale at the time) but generally a similar case.

Fat always need to be trimmed; just like we always have to work to stay healthy. When a company thinks they don't need to maintain a lean structure, then they will fall into the trap that Blackberry and many other company's have.

My understanding of this is a company having a new vision and MO. These old execs are part of the old ship that sunk in the recent years. Right now it's the cleaning up of old ideas which caused us in the forums to be asking "wtf were they thinking" in many situations past. C'mon it's time for new innovation without the excess baggage which can cause a catastrophic failure. My image of BlackBerry is like preparing for combat by trimming the fat out of your diet and becoming a lean mean machine to outlast your competitors. VP slots can go for now imho. They're doing marginally well so far and I am glad to be a part of their new vision.

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This website becomes more f ING pathetic by the day!!!! People bit*ch and complain... " same old blackberry " "it's a sinking ship and they can't innovate" " same old people running it" " the launch is a failure " " the management are idiots"..... THEN when blackberry starts cleaning house and getting rid of old 13 old employees, people start bit*ching and moaning.... get with the program!!! It seems what is even more pathetic is a bunch of goof's with a few thousand posts seem to have the luxury of saying whatever they want!!! Pathetic. I've spent 2000.00 at Crackberry over the past 3 years and I will not spend a dollar more!!! This site is pathetic

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I cant speak intelligently about the hiring and firing practices of a large company. What I can tell you is that in BlackBerries infinite wisdom the decisions they make, be it right or wrong, will be far more capable with far more insight than that of my own.
BlackBerry. Please continue to fight this tiring battle and let us sword wielding loyalists watch your 6.


From what I hear of people that work at BlackBerry is that there is no sense of panic. Seems like they are reorganizing and with every reorg. There is always extras you need to get rid of. If the ship is sinking, well they're lightning the load to come back on top and it's how things are today in every company.

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Exits mean trouble or problems. BlackBerry doesn't need this. Either execs are not good and need better, or they want out. Better to have all hands on deck in time of trial, like now. But get the best people in these posts as soon as possible.

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18 years at Bell and 13 at RIM. That sounds like the end of RIM. Or perhaps he was just another older guy, who is already mentally retired and he just shows up at work, not to work, but at work to collect his big fat pay as long as the company is stupid enough to keep paying him. Way to go RIM. Your biggest expense is employees that do not earn their keep. Although the local golf course will miss him!

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"BlackBerry was a significantly large company and there was plenty of extra baggage"

But I think you didn't express how important that point is, even at the top levels.
Blackberry has a LOT of senior management, including VP's/SVP's.
More than most people probably know or expect.

So as many people mentioned, this isn't "big news" at all. If EVP's or Cheif [--] Officers start leaving, then that's worth some attention and reporting. This, not so much.

Yep, and this is in addition to the 250 employees that were already let go. I'm getting the vibe that this is not what people expected when "Keep Moving " became the company's new slogan! "Keep Moving" the unemployment line!

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Yes, the 250 employees that were laid off was worth way more attention than this.
But to put it in perspective, compare that to the thousands that they laid off last year.
Consider the over 10,000 that they still have working world wide.

Still 250 people out of a job is not good but necessary for them to become lean.
Most large company's go through layoffs at some point; just like most large company's have to outsource.
It sucks but that's business, and by no means is this just specific to Blackberry's business.

Feels like it did with Palm a while ago! :( Thus I feel "home" as a Z10 user now, coming from webOS.

Gettin rid of the dead weight. Sucks for them hopefully they have no problems for their next endeavor

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Overblown. Subterfuge for the novice investor. No one is indispensable right now other than Sr. Management. These are not massive layoffs which would be more concerning. These are a combination of mutual parting of the ways and elimination of management not crucial to the turnaround, and possibly legacy of previous atrified culture.

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Hey Bla1ze: why not ask BlackBerry for a statement for the BB fan community? I would expect that there would be some direct line into BlackBerry Public- or Investor-Relations that when you say "Hi; I'm Bla1ze from we were wondering if there was anything more you could tell us about the reason for the recent high-level executive departures...". Their reply may be "No Comment" or "it's personal between the departing executive and BlackBerry Management" etc. but no harm in asking, right?

I doubt anyone at blackberry will take notice of someone calling themselves "bla1ze".

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It's Deja Vu all over again. All hardware and no apps. That's what doomed the Playbook.

Build your in-house dev team up to crafting BB-branded native apps for all of the cool stuff that you get on iOS and Android. Pay the bucks for the API licenses. Whatever it takes.

You can have the Z10, Q10, A10, eieio, but if you don't have a native Netflix, Square or PayPal app from BB or the mothership, you ain't gonna fly.

C'mon boys, please don't make me regret buying into the Blackberry comeback trip.

This is a tough time for BB, Apple, MicroSoft, Google (Motorola), HTC, Nokia, & Samsung. All their phone products have essentially the same functions and specs. It is hard for them to make their products different from the next. To make things worse, in China, the main growth market, they have local maker competition at low prices.

At this time, BB must keep those persons of authority who are one step above the others; imagination is the key. I don't know who are the people that are currently leaving, and what they do. Hopefully truly creative individuals will remain.

Abandon ship! That's the impression I get; especially from the most recent announcements coming from BlackBerry. A rehashed BB7 device that portrays execs as not being able to take their eyes off the rearview mirror combined with a hideous and internally bland last gen 5" device. CB can try and put a coat of plaster over an already shoddy and collapsing structure, but the cracks that keep wanning are continual evidence that this formation is not a restructuring but a demolition.

News of departing execs can be great if they were part of the old thinking that drove BlackBerry to the state they are in today. It's irritating that the media immediately spins this as doom and gloom, a loss of faith and people are headed for the exits. Departure reasons are largely confidential and seldom straightforward.

What's most important is BlackBerry's ability to attract and retain top notch new talent who can bring an aggressive, positive spirit to the company and take on the next stage of the epic battle in smartphones , chat, and MDM software. BlackBerry 10.2 shows that a clear innovative spirit still exists and they need our support to help them continue to deliver the best experience in the market.

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It's hard to feel bad for executives. I say move em out, and get some fresh blood with new ideas in there! I may be available for the right price ;)

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