Three BlackBerry 7 Smartphones arriving in India

BlackBerry 7 Smartphones
By DJ Reyes on 24 Nov 2011 12:50 pm EST

BlackBerry 7 devices are coming at us left, right and centre. Today, it has been announced that RIM will be bringing three BlackBerry 7 devices to the Indian market. The BlackBerry Bold 9790Curve 9380 and the Curve 9350 will be coming to India on 1st December.

The BlackBerry Curve 9350 will be hitting CDMA networks in India so that more customers can avail of these great BlackBerry 7 devices on the network. Krishnadeep Baruah, Director Marketing at RIM says, "We are pleased with the response that the new BlackBerry 7 operating system is receiving from customers in India and we are very excited to introduce these three new BlackBerry 7 based models here". 

You can get your mitts on the Curve 9380 and Curve 9350 for Rs 20,990 ($403) and the Bold 9790 for Rs 27.490 ($526). With no news of when it will be coming to the UK, it just shows how big BlackBerry smartphones are in the Asian market with the BlackBerry Bold 9790 arriving this December in time for the Christmas season. 

Source: The Mobile Indian

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Three BlackBerry 7 Smartphones arriving in India


Bold 9790 too expensive .... If i'm not wrong its been quoted as an entry level Bold which at 27,490 is way too expensive for an entry level Bold...

and the Curve 9360 White started coming in this week!

good times for Blackberry in India but wish they would get their marketing right.

and well the Bold 9900 is at Rs.33,000 so the Bold 9790 at Rs.27,000 is a fair deal :)

Rs. 27,500 (almost US$ 550) for an entry level Bold, is a FAIR PRICE!! Who do you work for? The Sultan of Brunei?

Your benchmark - the 9900 - too is overpriced @ Rs.33,000 (US$650). It doesn't even have an AutoFocus camera. The iPhone 4 (16GB) sells in India @ that price!
RIM needs to understand that apart from the first 3 and the last 2 alphabets being the same, Indonesia and India are two different stories.

Deathwalkr....any news on the wine/merlot 9360?

I think 24,000 rs ( 1 USD = Approx. Rs 51 these days) would have been a fair price for the 9790.

I totally agree with you. Rs.24k (US$ 470) would have been a fair price. And, if I know anything about the Indian Market, The 9790 price would be hovering around this level in a few weeks..

Folks, I think we've surpassed the number of BB7 devices promised for 2011 by a long shot. RIM had suggested seven devices.

9900, 9930, 9860, 9850, 9810, 9350, 9360, 9370, 9790.

I count nine (9) new rockin' BB7 devices!

I believe the 9900/30 are considered one, the 9860/50 another. If so, there are seven!

I still think they should drop the Curve line. How can you sell a 9370 for $50 when the 9860 is being discounted to $79?

The masses in Singapore and India are proving the point: we just want a smartphone that works well. They're buying BlackBerrys for a reason, not because RIM is brainwashing them. The growth in the far east especially has been huge!

In North America, we're too concerned with who has the better ecosystem, so we buy Android and iPhone. These ecosystems aren't necessarily better, they're just bigger, and bigger definitely isn't better. Bigger is just bigger.