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If your BlackBerry 10 device is with Three UK you'll now be on a 4G plan

By James Richardson on 1 Mar 2014 03:32 am EST

If you're a BlackBerry 10 user on the UK network Three you'll be pleased to hear that all users have automatically been switched to a 4G plan. What makes Three unique compared with other UK carriers is that they are not charging any extra for the privilidge - something they promised right from the start. 

Of course, their 4G coverage is limited at the moment with it only being in place in 36 towns and cities, but that will grow fairly rapidly, with 98% of the population having 4G coverage by the end of 2015. This year alone should see the them offering LTE in 50 cities and 200 towns - nice. 

All BlackBerry 10 devices are 4G ready so if you are on Three and hit an area with coverage you'll be in for some pretty fast speeds. It may be worth jumping into your settings and just checking your BlackBerry will search for 4G. To do this:

  • Open settings (pull down from the top bezel)
  • Select Network and Connections
  • Select Mobile Network
  • Check the 'Network Mode is set to 4G & 3G

If you have an unlocked BlackBerry 10 smartphone Three offer some superb value SIM only deals. You can check them out here

Source: Android Central




Finally! I was on EE and they were first thought but at least the others are catching up..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


And unlike EE they're not charging a premium for 4g, I hope ED reduce their prices soon..

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)


Everybody's doing it. SIM only for 12mths. from O2 (unlimited minutes and texts + 1Gb data) is now for £16/mth in 4G option. 3G is even more expensive with worse conditions. Carriers have to show numbers of 4G Customers in reports for Investors. So, there's no need to change tariffs from 3G to 4G too quick to get a real bargain...

[...] first ever London smartphone story powered by Z10:

Clement Wong

Yes EE is first, but I would rather pay 15 pounds a month with unlimited date and 4g. It's refreshing to turn off wifi and just use the phone as it intended.

Posted via CB10

Anubhav Nagpal

Just to mention, please don't say ALL BlackBerry 10 devices are 4G ready, because STL 1 is not. I understand the context in which this was mentioned, but there are a lot of people who may visit CB for the first time and get a wrong impression.


Posted via CB10

Charles V

I couldn't agree more.

CB10/Z10 STL100-1/10.2.1 /Telkom Mobile South Africa


Oh well unless Vodafone give me an offer I can't refuse at upgrade time I will be going to Three :)

Posted via CB10


Pretty sweet deal.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!


Been on Threes 4G for a couple of weeks now, superfast on the Z10!

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Never liked Three network and was a loyal customer of O2 but since January, I switched to Three and couldn't be more happy. True value for money :)


I've got 4G on 3 Network on my Z10 :D I had it a week ago

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Krzysztof Patyna

That's me!! Haha Thanks for the tip on the settings. Done it!!

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Posted via CB10


Is it me or can anyone else not see a massive increase from H+ to 4G. Doesn't seem to make a massive difference on my Q10.

Posted via CB10


Speed really depends on what your doing with it mobile speed test site showed pretty good increase and downloads for BlackBerry World seemed faster on 4G for me, browsing oddly I don't notice it on so much.

Posted via CB10


Snap. It seems to stall for a second on the blue bar right at the beginning of loading a page. To be honest it's done this since I upgraded to 10.2.1

Posted via CB10


Noticed 4g in Oxford city on three for the first time last week. Sadly it doesn't yet extend to the towns nearby.

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anybody know what 3's policy on 'unlimited usage' is? My home broadband is terribly slow....
Currently have EE, my 12 month contract is up and I'm very tempted by 3 prices (although I previously vowed to never ever ever use 3 again after dreadful experience with customer services).

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It is actually Unlimited hence their plan calls All-you-can-eat data :D It's worth giving them a try as I did, you can just get 30 days sim only contract just to try it first :)


Can confirm, been on 2 weeks in Glasgow.

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Yay. Three FTW

Posted via my Z10 powered with

Gaganpreet Nanra

My 4g update happened when I updated my z10 to 10.1

On my Z10 Booyha


I've been 4g for over a week. Got it in Walsall, Birlingham, Dudley and Stoke . 43mbps download and 9.5 upload
Chuffed with the coverage to be honest too.

Posted via CB10

Taren Capel

I've been with Three for a month and I am about to leave because their internet speeds are diabolical.
My Q10 clearly say H+ but the speed is only about 300kbs. I got better speeds with giffgaff!

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There are 3 4g frequencies in the UK. Three only have a license for one of them (same as o2) which is the longest range but slowest speed. Two big rumours which are coming from several members of staff from Three.
1) There will be two data limits to customers. Unlimited for 3g speed only and data capped allowance for 4g
2) ALL tariffs will be going up by approx £5 to cover the cost of 4g.

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Had 4G for over a week now.

At work get excellent coverage and up to 40mb downloads and 10mb upload!

At home the 4G Isn't great and downloads approx 5mb.

But a huge improvement over 3G speeds I was getting 1mb downloads.

I switched from o2 whos 3G was even worse!!

My Z10 feels like a new phone with the new speeds lovin IT!!

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Actually I switched to three because of good coverage at work and Home Signal box...

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Not charging yet! You wait till they get us all on 4g. Price hikes coming to pay for the extra bandwidth. Those on contracts should beware especially in the UK.

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Paul Mouzer

I got 4G free on o2 sim only after 10 month just wish I had a 4G signal around here

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Great to hear fellow BBERS across the pond are experiencing the full BB10 potential on 4G

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Not in my area in UK yet I'm also on a 3 UK pay as you go deal

£15 a month

600 minutes
3000 texts
All u can eat data

Carnt wait till 4g gets to county durham

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