Thought Piece: What to Call Future Palm Pre Owners....

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Mar 2009 04:14 pm EDT
Palm and Palmer... Pre-Jects or Pre-Verts?!

Having attended CES earlier this year and both witnessing the unveiling of the Palm Pre and getting to go hands-on with it, I know when it officially gets released (assuming Palm lasts that long of course) that it will be a device worthy of the CrackBerry title Public Smartphone Frenemy #2. It's a big compliment to Palm that a crazy CrackBerry Addict like myself and an Apple fanboy for life like Rene Ritchie (of TheiPhoneBlog) both see innovations in the Pre and Palm Web OS that we wish our favorite devices possessed.

In anticipation of the Palm Pre entering the smartphone game for realz, Rene and I have been arguing back and forth over the past couple of months trying to decide what sort of nickname suits the Pre and those who stand in line to buy one when it goes on sale (especially those who may be converting over from another smartphone). Today we took the argument to Twitter (@crackberrykevin, @reneritchie) and got a lot of helpful feedback. As it turns out, the Pre name is an easy one to poke fun at... I've taken a liking to Pre-Jects while Rene thinks Pre-Verts is where it's at. And of course we all know Pre owners are really just Pre-BlackBerry owners!

Think you have a better name? Toss it in the comments! BlackBerry has CrackBerry and iPhone is the Ahh Frak phone. It's only a matter of time before the Palm Pre gets stuck with a name... it might as well be one picked out and perpetuated by CrackBerry Nation :-)

* Update: has already thrown back... with Pre-Fects. Read the rebuttal >> * 

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Thought Piece: What to Call Future Palm Pre Owners....


That picture is full of win.

I like Pre-jects. Unless of course the Pre somehow turns into a stocker phone. That mirror on the back might help. I haven't figured out how yet...

How abt Pre-Ressurection? They can be Palm-Ressurectors!

That's what Palm is hoping will happen to their brandname! lol!

How about "smart". If it ends up being a better phone than the Storm, why not switch? Especially if you end up with a cheaper monthly plan which ends up being a win on both sides. Only immature fanboys with envy of what they don't have would really care to create a post or thread like this. There's enough room in the world for RIM, Apple, HTC, Palm, Nokia and whoever. No one has created a perfect phone. That's why there are many and we have a choice. Suck it up, grow up, and just enjoy what you have for what it is.

How about this, this phone has already had to go back to the drawing board SEVERAL time due to violating copy-righted "ideals" that Apple/HTC and RIM have trademarked. Palm is trying to take what everyone likes about the other phones and put them together in the Pre.I do agree with the statement that HTC/Palm/RIM/Apple/Nokia/Motorola and ect. to make phone for various reasons. I.E. some teenage girl or Emo kid that needs their music, give them an iPhone. you got a lawyer and they need .docs and .pdfs at a fingertip and ready to edit copy/paste/ and trasfer... give them a RIM BB ... you know how this plays out... but when you are on a BB baisis site.... and you rant like that... please grow up and gather the facts, that we are just having fun.

Depending on just how smart the phone really is...


Or... if those using the Pre tend to be a bit snobby...

Ok, maybe not so funny... But I thought it was.

And depending on just how fast it takes off...


(that one was too easy...come on...)

I meant, "Hope it hasn't" been said, but that is neither here nor there as "pretenders" was already offered.

The best that I've read, however, isn't even the first idea I had.

I like "Pretards" props to excess!

I still don't like the name 'Pre'. I guess it means something in whatever country Palm is camped out in. But to me, an American English speaker, it means 'before.'

Before what?
Before Palm chokes on it's own entrails?
Before they come out with a better smartphone?
Before they get the snot sued out of them by apple and the dozen or so patent trolls?

I guess I'll wait for the Palm ______ or the Palm Post.

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard they were naming the phone "Pre." Sorry Palm, but what a stupid name for a phone, especially one that is supposed to be the latest and greatest flagship model. I can just see it now when someone asks a Pre owner what they use for a cell phone. "I have a pre." "A pre what?"

I just suggested the following on the Pre blog:

"Pre-Nuptials, cause if you're on Limp you're gonna wish you'd read the one they made you sign and added a 'no kinky sex' clause. Cause you're gonna get [redacted].

But seriously, I can't wait for see how the Pre handles after the launch. I can only wish everyone the best of luck on the road to smartphone evolution.

At least we're both kicking the iPhone's ass, right?"

Another thought that came to me was Premature E******ors but then that would lead to really fun, unprintable flame war.

why would anyone buy this smartphone?? i could understand getting an iphone over a blackberry. but really, this? this is a joke right?? this phone is a premature april fools joke

Palm will soon go out of business, and the rights will be bought up. To many people are trying to copy the "iPhone"

Much like going through puberty, but in the pda sense.
Think of buying a pre as one step closer to man/woman-hood.
They will soon become BlackBerry users!


I would go with PREMI(S)...

As in:
Premature to think this is the second coming
Premature to think this will save Palm
Premature to think this is the same as a Blackberry
Premature to think that Apple will not bury them in law suits
Premature to think Sprint can handle this device
Premature to think people will dump VZW or AT&T to get this
Premature to think that I put so damn much thought into this

Oh I know what to call them! How about "People who don't have to revert to name calling and childish BS just because another group of folks have a better product and didn't settle for crap like the Blackberry Storm" Yeah. That's a good name to call them!

Uhhh Palm was first and patent wise they own the pda smartphone world so to all the lawsuit comments, Palm laughs at Apple:) Not to mention Mr. Jobs the smartest man in the company ever, point to case when he left the product line went to ***** in a handbasket so he had to come back, did ya miss he is gone again give it a year or two product line will again be terrible they can only play on what Jobs has done for so long before everyone realizes he's gone and say what you want but the man is skin and bones and Can u say expiring seriously overpriced att plans please set me free god sooon!!!!!!

As far a Crackberry users now besides corrupt ceo and coo burning the books and only one crappy product cough cough STORM they pushed it to quick should have waited, anyway hella good company best in the bussiness so I'll leave it be at that, they own industry period.

Now back to Palm Pre whatever you wanna call the people that buy it it will eventually have Flash player ten NUFF SAID LOL they will sell and well I bet although the company just like all others unless something major happens will never overtake RIM

Just my opinion

I probably wouldn't be laughing at this article if not for one I saw earlier today quoting the Palm CEO trashtalking the iPhone. He said that it was perfect timing as the second-year anniversary of iPhone because people's contracts would be up so they can throw them out and get a Pre.

It probably will be a very good phone, and Palm were the originators of smartphones so I respect the company, but foolish words by a CEO to trashtalk the competition before your phone is even released. Especially since the Palm name is pretty much dead, so it'll be an uphill battle to overpower the Apple and Blackberry names.

pre-lude. Maybe something else will follow

I got another name for the owners, Pre-Jaculations..... thought it was good maybe not what ever, BB4LIFE!!

PIN ME BITCHES!! 3060c43e

There was a demo of this phone on the late show last night. Aside from the slider to use the keyboard, the phone was nice. If Palm can survive till the summer release date they may have something.

I've been calling this thing the Palm Prēo since day one. and now that I FINALLY saw that it does turn on it's side, which I had never seen before, my short stint with RIM (Storm) may be over. though, ugh.. going back to Sprint.

couldn't get to sleep last night thinking of "pre" names :)





he hehehe

have fun!

My company, Catchword, actually worked with Palm to name the Pre, and I thought it might help your readers to hear some of the reasons why the name was recommended to Palm.

Before I do though, I want to give props to everyone on this thread for coming up with some pretty damn funny and clever names for future Pre users. Never a fan of the names that make fun of the handicapped (um, Pre-Tards), but Pre-tenders certainly made me chuckle. And that's quite a compliment coming from a naming guy. :-)

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, while I'm currently a BB user, I gotta admit I'm seriously tempted by the Pre. Pretty rockin' phone.

Anyway - the reasons for the name:

For starters, the name is a short, single syllable, word that pairs very nicely with the Palm company name. And, of course, because it begins with a "P" it's alliterative. Palm Pre really does roll off the tongue.

In addition, it makes use of an accented "e", which is consistent with other products in the Palm portfolio, including the Treo (and the Foleo), which also makes use of an accented "e". The accent is also a really nice device for distinguishing the name visually in the market.

The messaging communicated in the name is intentionally broad in order to avoid pigeonholing and the suggestion of a specific *type* of phone (e.g. text phone, music phone, camera phone, etc). General associations with setting a new PREcedent, and the implication of things to come were of course intentional. You get a bit of redefining what it means to be a smartphone. And maybe you get a little speed and efficiency from the name if you're taken to Prix as in Grand Prix.

Lastly, and this is really important, the name doesn't try to out "cool" all the other phones in the space. It's not a "Dare" or a "Decoy" or a "Sway" or a "Juke" or a "Mirage" or whatever. Pre is more understated and allows the phone itself to take center stage. It's a cool phone and shouldn't be upstaged by the name. The thinking is that you don't buy this phone because it sounds cool - you buy this phone because it IS cool!

Here's the link to Catchword's website, where you can find a case study on the Pre name:

Cool thread. Really enjoyed all the reader suggestions! :-)

Mark Skoultchi