Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry 10 with Piers Morgan

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry 10 on Piers Morgan Tonight

Piers Morgan
By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2013 11:30 am EDT

Last night BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins sat down with Piers Morgan for a brief chat about BlackBerry 10 and tomorrow's US launch. While it was brief, Thorsten got a chance talk a bit about BlackBerry 10, the BlackBerry Z10 and what will bring business users back to BlackBerry. He touched a bit on his previous statement about the iPhone being "outdated" and also how users love the peek and flow of BlackBerry 10. 

Thorsten noted that the top three things he hopes will bring users back to BlackBerry are the user interface, the physical keyboard of the BlackBerry Q10 and keeping their private and business lives separate on one device (thanks to BlackBerry Balance).

Plenty more to come from Thorsten and Team BlackBerry over the next few days, so stay tuned for more on the US launch of the BlackBerry Z10!

Check out the interview video below in full.

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Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry 10 with Piers Morgan


I wish CB article comments had a voting system. Would encourage more people to post something relevant to the article rather than "first".

This isn't the forums so i don't care what comments people post.

Posting "first" is no worse than "good article!" or "i can't wait" or other 2-5 word comments.

It almost makes it seem like if some folks just continue to hit refresh until a new article is posted. Type "first" and just go about their business.

Not really. The interview is not that excited at all more of a repeat. They didn't even show the phone closeup.

Some things are product of Sub Cultural Norms. This started a long time ago on Crackberry posting and it's just a fun thing to do if you happen to be first. C'mon people, this is a time to come together & celebrate, not criticize.

lol, this thread is crazy. Now, I like the comments from Thorsten Heins. I am losing my confidence in BB now that I have been researching cell phone for about 8 months now :)

Piers Morgan is one of my least favorite TV people. But good that BlackBerry is getting there name out in the US right before the launch. Good stuff

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What i like about PM is he isnt afraid to be blunt with people. Even as a blakberry fan he didnt hold back any punches. Im sure he would do the same to android and apple. Anyways good interview and i hope there are more to come.

Being blunt is fine, but bullying your guests is another story.

The fact is none of you watch PM regularly, his ratings don't support that notion!

I like that Piers is a BB user and mentioned it and how he mentioned other people (celebrities) that use BB. Keep up the interviews and push out more info on both the Z10 and Q10.

It's good to see BB get more exposure. Is it just me or does the Q10 look tiny? It looks like it may be curve size?

It looks that way because Thorsten has giant hands. Even the Z10 looked small when he was holding it on stage at the BB10 unveiling.

i did a beer comercial and they used a guy with real small hands holding the bottle in a close up,to make the product stand out,so i think thorstien shld get hand transplants,

Now if Piers Morgan would have the other great Canadian Stefan Molyneux on. He might have proven his worth for a while.

I was a good interview, I didn't like how PM threw the playbook under the bus with giving the CEO a chance to respond.

Threw the Playbook under the bus? He was right, the PB bombed. Maybe not in your Bubble Gum and Candy filled world, but in the real world, it was a disaster. But it was a disaster that was meant to be. If that didn't fail, we'd still have those other bozos running BBRY into the ground.

The best move blackberry did was to go on CNN right before the launch of the new physical keyboard Q10 X good job BlackBerry, go BlackBerry go

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Sixteenth!! ;)

I am in agreement with most folks that the "first" post is getting tired. Perhaps we can turn on a filter that automatically hides any post containing "first" on a single line or within the first five posts or something?

Anyways, very glad to see some positive US press on the BlackBerry. Piers asked the questions on everyone's mind in the US and did so without being snarky or confrontational. How are you going to get people back on BlackBerry or is it too late? You can tell he really is a BlackBerry fan even if he hadn't said it over and over again.

Granted Piers doesn't have the best reputation in the US but name dropping rappers as devout fans of BlackBerry was good from a PR point of view.

Perhaps also all the "+1" comments? People whine about having to scroll way down for a relevant comment - well basically "+1" comments are no more factual than"first" comments, so are we to filter those too?

These two previous CEOs that some called them "idiots" have done excellent job in appointing Thorsten Heins as new BB CEO. He is doing excellent job as CEO in my opinion. I never thought that i would say that but imo he is actually earning his $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Here's the problem: NO ONE watches Piers the clown or his show. If a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to hear it...

I did watch the interview 2x and PM did a good job here, imo. He mentioned several times he is a longtime BB fan. Laying his cards on the table meaning he was going to fire blunt questions, which he also did, fair and square. He didnt bomb the playbook, he said it was unsuccessful (it was a small disaster but he choose his words carefully). So a good interview and a poster mentioned the CEO, for me this CEO is worth every penny cause he is doing what many considered a surely lost battle. Hats off to Mr. Thorsten Heins.

The reason I think BlackBerry will be successful is because of Thorsten Heins! He is not afraid to stand up for BlackBerry and he really believes in the product! And he always keeps it real! #BlackBerry

Not a PM fan either, but I am Thor fan! Great job Thor, keep up the good work! Maybe they can make the Playbook successful yet....

My daughter had to go iphone5 just prior to z10 launch. She had a Torch. My 2 boys held out for z10. They love it, and really love the hub. My daughter is jealous. Pierce, your boys made a mistake!

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I'm out of the loop on any PM scandals -- haven't seen him since he was on Apprentice! Like him or not, he has a prime time show that is watched by a half million people that probably do like him and listen to what he says. It was a solid interview with Thor doing well on the tough questions. Could've done without the Playbook comment, but at least you know they're keeping it real.

Heins is a smart guy. Concise, on point. And he doesn't dress like a homeless guy or a college freshman; he presents himself as the CEO of a major corporation.

Piers Morgan has the interviewing skills of a piece of wood and the charm of a 3 week old, mouldy sock.
Herr Heins needs to start wearing jumpers with the slacks and develop a sense of fun.

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Well thorstein was in town (hollywood, ca.) cause apparently they had a big debut party here. Celebrities and press were there and today i woke up to a short review by the tech guy on my local news, who gave it a decent review, with a "we'll see" with the news covering it i really think they should start unleashing some clever tv promotions.

Thanks for posting the video adam. Think Thorsten did pretty well, we'll just have to see how well the new devices catch on. Looks pretty good so far.

He said Diddy was pissed that he only had the silver one and that PM had the black one. Didn't see the device but could it be a P'9981?

Please crackberyy Admin, ever since you guys lunched this your new website, I can't see nor watch any of the videos on this website on my BB 9860. Pls fix it. Thanks.

Piers Morgan is an idiot. A loud mouth over opinionated bully. CNN is the dumping ground for low ethical washouts......

Used to always carry an iphone beside my BlackBerry devices. With the Z10 I am not. I carry the Z10 only. It's fabulous and in my opinion far more advanced than the iphone, thanks to the virtual keypad, which for the first time Blackberry got it perfect. I am much faster now in typing. I think the one major breakthrough for Z10 is the virtual keypad. It's even better than iphone.

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Forget the Q10 guys. The Z10 keypad does the job perfectly this time. Forget the iphone. It's the Z10 and nothing else. Go blackberry Go. This is it.

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As a playbook owner, I didn't like that jab. But regardless, it was a positive interview. That's the kind of thing we need! GO BLACKBERRY! Future Q10 owner here!! :)

I have to say Thorsten Heins is getting better at public speeches.

He was a bit nervous and dry at BB10 launch but now ... nicely done! It is really hard to "get English right" for foreigners as high stress levels do horrible things to your language even if you are native. Imagine to be interviewed on CNN in spanish/french or whatever is your second language.

By the way, English is quite easy to learn but bitch to master - I always wonder how many of my sentences feel wrong. I'm Czech and our language is really different from English. Try Czech language on wikipedia. It is the most complicated latin script language from point of English speaker. Well Slovak too but we invented special lettler to be unpronounceble too :-D

No doubt Heins knows what he's talking about. If you have used the peek and flow, you understand how sweet it is!

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