Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry 10 and what's next for mobile computing

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2013 02:56 pm EST

At the BlackBerry Experience yesterday in New York after the huge BlackBerry 10 announcement, Thorsten Heins sat down with Inside BlackBerry for a quick interview. He talked a bit about his favorite features of BlackBerry 10 as well as bringing BlackBerry 10 to global markets. He also noted that next for BlackBerry is to "explore the whole domain of mobile computing". Remember, BlackBerry is marketing BlackBerry 10 as a mobile computing platform -- not just another smartphone OS. As Heins says, "that's why we built BlackBerry 10". 

I'm pretty pumped for the coming months now that BlackBerry 10 has finally been announced. Plenty of amazing stuff to come for BlackBerry fans everywhere.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry 10 and what's next for mobile computing


One can read into the statements and infer a tablet is in the works using OS10 but of course he doesn't name playbook specifically.

Maybe the reason they're not saying it outright is because they may have plans to rename it and not call it "playbook". Speculating of course.

Great launch. A little bummed about having to wait till March for the US, but that could be a blessing in disguise. It means I only have to wait a couple of months after availibility in the US to get mine on upgrade.

Agree on the great launch but very sad on the US release date.
Can anybody explain why US carriers take so long after England and Canada to release the Z10? Thanks.


just wanna share an experience here in asia. iphone, for example, the release date here has always been months late from the first release which already been a frustrating circle every year. However the good point is that usually the defects will be fixed after we got them in hand due to the feedbacks(complains?) from early released regions. so couple months late might be a totally bad thing. hope this will help :P

Bb10 FTW.

"BlackBerrys Back, BlackBerrys Back, tell em isheep and droid users BlackBerrys Back"

Too bad they didn't do a demonstration of this mobile computing yesterday, they just showed a phone OS, the features they've been showing everyday leading up to yesterday should've received about 15mins of attention and speak on the performance and demo some apps...hopefully BBJAM Europe will be a lil more entertaining.

+1 Why did Heins not open the door for discussions or interest in mobile computing. He constantly uses the term "mobile computing" but nothing more has been said. I don't think this is a head fake by Heins but give the world a little taste of what you are suggesting. Hopefully, he is not implying that by 2014-2015 BB10 be a mobile computing platform.

+1 They seem to have so many initiatives going on at BlackBerry, but only the die hard fans know about them. I'd really like to hear more people talking about the great things that will be coming out of BlackBerry.

What's the hurry bro? QNX Car 2 will be out in a few months.. New Tablet version will be ready in a while.. You will see all of the features..

If you go by your rule.. BB OS7 has 1000+ features.. The presentations and demonstrations on BB OS7 would have never ended..

They point is.. They (BB) don't want to say anything. Let the product speak.. Reviewers will pick it up and give their take on it.. Users will promote it themselves.. THIS is what they want.. and the only thing that will work right now.

I guess Mashable just put out a video today with how intuitive the new BB10 OS is.. You see.. This is grass-roots marketing.

If Thor or BB staff would have tried selling you this by bringing 5 people on stage.. People would have hated their guts..

If RIM will talk about all the features themselves.. Blogs and reviewers will have nothing to say and they will divert all their attention to the lack of apps.. hardware.. and many other stuff (which actually does not matter but to pick on things.. you can just pick on anything and make it negative).

So they are giving time to people.. To be amazed with Hub, Flow, Peek Gestures, Keyboard, Camera etc...

Till the time people really get over all this excitement and new interesting features.. They will go to Plan B.. BOOOOM.. Wait for it brooo!


Next time a BB fan site has Thor cornered for questions, ask about other devices we'll see BB10 in... like an inexpensive media player (lacking a cellular radio)... or a new tablet... or other technologies like a Smart TV box you can control with your BB10 (that you can sync to the device wtih NFC!) Imagine a portable media player like an iPod Touch that ships WITH an HDMI dock... you can use it as a media player on its own, or you can dock it to your TV and use your Z10 or even BB7 device to control it.

My pet project: a router add on that will allow for no-hassle VPN between my Z10 and my home media files through the internet when I'm on the go... basically allows me to add parts of my home network to "the cloud". I don't have to pay for a cloud service or trust a third party not to lose or share my stuff. I keep it all on my own network, but I access it securely through a BB10 device just behind my firewall.

Who cares about BB10 if devices are NOT available?

This is no different than saying 'Our phones are DELAYED... AGAIN!!!!!'

What a waste of Time, Money and above all Opportunity!

Too bad....

BB 10 Launch - Jan 30.. Available within 45 days all over the world.

Not a long time to wait.. I can even save up.. Plan an upgrade.. Research.. Wait for the new competitor products to launch.. and then buy the phone. No rush.. and just a smooth comfortable experience when I have to buy many phones for my business.

I don't get what you saying...

I honestly think that Heins is on to something major. And where he is going with this will more than likely change the face of mobile. I can't wait to see the results. I personally think, despite what naysayers might say, that the launch went incredibly well and showcased everything that the world needed to see. BlackBerry put themselves back on the map and now they are poised to have explosive growth if they do exactly as they are. They are setting up the global market first, solidifying their stance and getting their product into the hands of the BB faithful and then turning their attention to the US market as the rest of the world should have been won over by then. In essence, you create the hype, build demand and then go for it.