Thorsten Heins talks about "BlackBerry People" at BlackBerry World 2012

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 08:30 pm EDT
During the BlackBerry World keynote this morning, Thorsten Heins talked about the "BlackBerry people", meaning the hyper-connected users that are Research In Motion's target audience. These people are using social media, organizational tools and other apps, and more on a daily basis. Not only are they doing this daily, they are doing it more often than users on other platforms. Said Thorsten about BlackBerry users: "You are people of purpose. You believe that the more you put into life, the more you get out of it. You don't just dream, you make your goals happen. You're successful by your own definition, not someone else's definition. You do more, and you get more done in a day."
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Thorsten Heins talks about "BlackBerry People" at BlackBerry World 2012


Behold the mighty words of Thor! Through this keynote, i gazed upon a company which knows what they are trying to make of themselves. Like a guided missile locked onto its target, bound to strike with extreme force. The RIMPIRE will strike back!

Okay, that may be a bit much i admit. hahaha. But i'm super psyched about BB10.

*Gag* "Not only are they doing this daily, they are doing it more often than users on other platforms." And I'm the king of England... Blackberry is the worst operating system that I've ever used, not to mention that I've gone through 4 tours since they come out...which also makes it the worst hardware I've ever used. Unfortunately I hate Android and refuse to switch to an iphone, so im stuck using the same old POS until this one craps out...which should be any day now since Ive had a constant loading sign for about 1/2 the time my phone is on for the last month.

And I took three BlackBerries to the front lines of Afghanistan to utilize the different prepaid options there. Not once did any of them have an issue. Bold 9000, Bold 9700 and Torch 9800 if your are wondering.

Just because you had an issues does not make the phones bad. BlackBerry makes ones the best built phones on the market. This couldn't be said for most out there.

And...And what? I've talked to my cousin and one of my best friends while they were deployed on a TRACfone? I guess thats a solid logic that they dont make bad phones and they're one of the best on the market also?
My problems with BB are hardware and software related. Trust me, I would love for them to work fantastically 100% for everyone, and I'd be right on the bandwagon with everyone else who hasn't had a problem...yet. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Prior to my tours, I had an original curve (that shit out) and my wife's curve II (prior to her iphone 2)....SHIT OUT.

Sounds to me like no phone is durable enough for you. If your issue is with both the hardware and the software, then why are you still using the devices??? Glutton for punishment or just looking for something to complain about?

Again, read before you post. I don't really care to go through all the conversation that you tried to jump into the middle of and sound witty...

No, but you are making a fool of yourself (in most of ours opinion). RIM makes a quality product (its known for it), I'm not sure what the circumstances are that has made your experience be 100% opposite to this generalisation. I do know the Tour line was plagued with bad hardware, perhaps you had bad luck three times in a row.

Again, some fanboy feels it's necessary to jump through a series of posts and either change my opinion? Or try to bring an upbeat note to the thread. FIGURE IT OUT, IF YOU WANT ME TO STOP TALKING THEN STOP COMMENTING ON MY COMMENTS. RIM makes a -mediocre- product at best. They had a great niche when they were strictly business phones, unfortunately an average consumer finds them to be crap because they have -0- proprietary software (other than the holy grail of BB messenger). Other multiplatform apps either don't convert or lack basic features etc. At least you sounded like you had a clue for a second with the "tour line being plagued with bad hardware", Tour#1 software crash, Tour#2 hardware (specifically a power connection), Tour #3 software crash, Tour#4 Software crashing -again-

I took my BB 9700 to Afghanistan too and using UMA, I was able to make and recive calls without paying a single international penny! RIM ROCKS!!! Can Androids or iPhones do that?

Dont blame RIM for your neglect Paul. Your still with BB for a reason. Your experiences are not representative of the majority of users of BB os's. I'm sure when BB10 is here you won't understand how to use it either. You should get an iphone like the rest of the herd. They don't give you the ability to make decisions or be unique. Therefore less opportunity to have loading "signs" or other issues you can't solve.

First of all I never blamed RIM for my ... neglect? Im not sure that you speak english but "neglect" had nothing to do with any of my comments. I baby my phones in hardshell cases, never putting them in my pocket, not removing the protective screen cover etc, my actions have nothing to do with this. 80% of the apps fail to continue working with any new update, the other 20% of the apps never work correctly in the first place. Also cute line with the "I'm sure when BB10 is here you won't understand how to use it either". Get real douche, I'm a CIT Masters with a focus in microtech...And as I said, Im still with BB because I hate android even more than I dislike RIM, and as I specifically said, don't care to get an iphone. Thanks for playing, come again!

Lol! So BBOS is the worst you've ever used ... except for Android?

I'd say "and iOS" but you're not clear on why you refuse to use it. Try it out some time so that you can say "BBOS is the worst I've ever used except for iOS and Android"

80% of apps don't work after an update? That's just plain nonsense. Are you sure you have a BlackBerry?

Anyhow, thanks for playing Mr. "CIT Masters". It's been loads of fun!

Hope you got an ignorant losing giggle out of your second attempt of a burn. My wife currently has an iphone 4s after upgrading from the iphone 2, and I've had more than enough experience doing repairs on android run systems (not to mention the 30 or so people that I know that currently use them and hate them) that I think of it I'm not entirely sure that I have a BB....cuz thats about the dumbest shit Ive heard this week.

Try Again?

You're amazing, and on top if it - you make absolutely no sense. One can only conclude that you hate BBOS, hate Android, and hate all Apple products. I wouldn't be surprised you're like this in most areas of your life - miserable anyone? And by the way, your in the wrong forum to go preaching your inaccurate statistics (80% of apps don't work after update and 20% don't work in the first place)... Nonsense. Go somewhere else and preach your misery. Or at least go back and read your original post and try to learn from your pointless writings (yes, your post has no point other than to crap on things), and try to progress from your depressing attitude. Gee wiz.

That does about sum it up. Im not impressed with RIM software or hardware, many of their issues would be simple to fix and they simply either ignore the problems or try to upsell you to the new model. Android is garbage plain and simple, and as I already said, while I personally don't care for apple or macs, at least I can say their products are solid. As far as miserable in my life, no, If you'd like to pry into that though, Im very happily married for 6 years with 2 kids, Im a stay at home dad in my $300,000 house, own 3 vehicles a boat and 2 dogs, and never have to work again if I choose not to as I inherited several million dollars from my grandfathers estate. So in short, miserable? Not even remotely close, about my only complaint in life is this terrible phone. Gee Wiz indeed...

Oh, and I suppose I didn't refute your "why I refuse to use iOS". Plain and simple, I hate MACs and everything about them. I disagree with the "user friendly" facade that they put up, and have been using since they started using them in elementary schools to teach toddlers...While the system is in fact faaaaaar more stable, 'easier to use', and virus/malware resistant, I plain and simple don't care for it, and don't use it.

Quiet ya troll. RIM is awesome and will just get better. It is too bad you masters hasn't taught you to buy an sd card, put it in and change some of the settings for where things save. Nor has it taught you to clear out your old emails and messages,browser cache, do a hard reset and to close the apps when you're done using them. Pretty simple. Had a tour for 2years now and love the phone,never had a problem with it except as it didn't come with wifi. I've dropped it in water many times,had it fall into a grease bucket, got salt and sugar in it. Not to mention the hundred times it's hit the pavement and floors with minor damage to it. It works great and I've never had a problem with the numerous apps I have downloaded or updated. Plus the OS while outdated is pretty easy to use. So Chill your balls and go back to living under your bridge.

Yes, it would have been too bad if my masters wouldn't have taught me to by an sd card you twat. I have (and have had) a 4gb micro SD card in it for the last 2 years (as well as changed the card in the meantime)...Settings to save shit are irrelevant as I backup and cleanup (meaning delete to you moron) my MMS SMS *yawn* etc every well as check for an update on the firmware and the desktop software. As far as aps, about the only things I've used in the last year are basically AP news and The weather channel. As far as hard reset, I'm doing about 5 times a day because its locking up, however Im glad that you treated your POS like a POS and its still working like a charm for you, as I stated earlier, this is my -FOURTH- tour and I guarantee that I take better care of it than you (as you stated) besides the fact that your ignorance and retarded suggestions solidify that you basically know nothing about the actual hardware or software...So in short, suck a dick, enjoy your tour while it lasts or until you can scrounge your pennies to help contribute to the 3%? total mobile sales of BB (as of 2011), have a nice nite and thanks for playing!

Also, as long as your pouring gas on the fire, thanks for addressing the fact that the OS is outdated as well as lacking wifi. Now i won;t have to bring that up when the next dipshit is talking about "How great RIM and BB are!!!"

And if anyone is following the other videos on here the "stop time" or "slow motion" or whatever their trying to market their new camera function as, is simply a good fix to the poor shutter speed and processor every other BB usese, as well as a very very very poor rip off of (wont mention brands) feature of taking video AND pictures at the same time...

Anyone else think they have some retarded argument to make about how superior rim/bb are?

Oh, and while we're at it, "I've dropped it in water many times,had it fall into a grease bucket, got salt and sugar in it." Stop trying to talk tech to someone with a MASTERS and get my fucking McBurger you hack

Wow, gotta love someone throwing a tantrum. Seeing as you have a almighty masters which means shitall all to me, you should be able to solve the problem. What I don't understand is why you Have gotten 4 of them if they all don't work. Move on already. Don't see how what you quoted has anything to do with talking tech, maybe that's what your Masters has taught you, absolutely nothing.

First of all, apparently by your logic I could get a degreee in foodservice and stop world hunger?
Second, I didn't continue purchasing more and more of the same shit phones. Its been a recurring problem of being either under manufacturers warranty or under insurance and having the phone -replaced-. I suppose if you would like to talk tech we could discuss how after the tour BB changed to the Snapdragon processors on the torch (which is a comparatively the same as a tour with a slide out keyboard)and then did the same shit on re-releases of older versions of the phone with a touch pad instead of a mouse-clit (trac ball), however I would be under the impression the your lost already...If you would like to discuss anything tech, please feel free to start as I dont want to go over your tiny little head...

You are the one who brought up "talking tech" so go right ahead, I know for a fact that my highschool education can keep up. You could have gotten a new phone and you still can. But I guess you like having the same problems over and over again. Please find me someone with a degree in "food service". Also by my logic, you would shut up about having a masters as it hasn't helped you any. Feel free to solve world hunger, ain't gonna happen.

That is correct, I did bring up talking tech as most of the comments following my initial issues with bb's/rim were irrelevant "nuh-uh" counters, with idiotic suggestions...check the timestamps...And you are correct, i could have and still can get a new phone...Obviously (if you read through the comments) my 4th tour shitting out was the beginning of the bickering...In any case, if you want a degree in foodservice, heres a link Also I have no intention of solving world hunger, apparently sarcasm is foreign to you... As far as shutting up about having a masters because it hasn't helped me any (?) Im not sure what your basis for that was or where you were going with it...if it was some pathetic attempt at taking a stab at having a higher education than 99% of the people commenting on this thread...then you lose?

Also as far as talking tech, scroll up and try to understand the words coming out of the screen ...

"I suppose if you would like to talk tech we could discuss how after the tour BB changed to the Snapdragon processors on the torch (which is a comparatively the same as a tour with a slide out keyboard)and then did the same shit on re-releases of older versions of the phone with a touch pad instead of a mouse-clit (trac ball), however I would be under the impression the your lost already...If you would like to discuss anything tech, please feel free to start as I dont want to go over your tiny little head..."

So What about that SnapDragon or any other processor that BB has used? I would love to hear some googled input as far as the speed or for that matter anything to do with former hardware or software of any BB device? Surely your Highschool education can keep up with that, as you said, even though you didn't actually comment about it... Perhaps you'll do some research and learn something about the insuperiority of either that you didnt know previously (which is sounding like naught)

Dude I'm pretty sure that the multiple expletives are doing nothing more than making you look like an ignorant fool. Congrats on your masters degree I'm sure you've made your teachers proud.

Dude, I cant take comments from the intranets seriously when they start with Dude, Dude. Can you really name a time when you "made your teachers proud" on the internet trying to jump in the middle of a bunch of comments and sounding ballsy Dude? Thanks for the congrats, stay in school, maybe someday you'll work your way up to a GED

if you carry the phone in a hardshell case, and never put it in your pocket, how do you carry it around with you? in your purse? lol

lol im fully aware of that mr masters, i was actually just trying to see if you were still sitting there hitting the refresh button on your screen hoping someone would still be talking to you, proved my theory, guess sitting around at home in a 300,000$ house all day gives you plenty of free time to be able to do that

All I know is right now is a special time for RIM. People please leave the negativity alone. If you don't like RIM stay off of this site. This is a community and we just want to express our excitement, if you're not apart of it then why even be on here.

Nicely said. Thank you. Couldn't agree more. I suppose there are some who will say Thorsen's call was a bit over the top. I don't. RIM needs a CEO who will fight back and set a call to action around what all of us loyal users already know. This is flat out hands down the most efficient multi tasking integrated communication device/platform in the world. Memory leaks and all it can't be beat. BB10 gives me chills.

I assume that comment was directed towards me, to answer your question I was hoping for a download that would fix whatever bug is causing my BB to randomly decide that it's processing...something...Which is why I came to the site that was originated for downloading software (see jailbreaking) to correct the painfully obvious flaws in menial programming...and hopefully not have to go blow another $200 on the top-of-the-line competitors POS...Instead now I still have the same problem on the same POS and for some reason ignorant fanboys cant get off the "RideTheDickWagon"

Ah, if you were looking for a forum post regarding an issue with your Tour then I would suggest searching those forums.

Otherwise I hope you enjoyed trolling this post.

If I were looking for a forum post would I be commenting on a video? No. Likely I would be looking for a the forums? As far as trolling, timestamps dont lie, wasn't nobody talking to you, but you feel the need to jump in and comment 5 times in 2 minutes on my posts? I was just having a discussion and putting in my opinion on comments directly replied to me. But that's cool, I had a good time regardless. Welcome to America, where people are free to speak their opinions.

This nicely contrasts with an analyst on CNBC on the day of RIM's recent results announcement. After a couple of minutes of RIM bashing, he concluded, to an audience of business people and investors with, "you can't play Angry Birds on a BlackBerry".

So: "Stock analysts" don't have a clue about technology. Banks employed PhDs who omitted to tell them that their risk models were seriously flawed. Financial people knowing nothing and understanding less is hardly news.

If he cares so much for the "Blackberry people" he should own up and refund for the lame playbook that I bought at Full Price based on RIM promises....which btw still doesn't have freakin bookmark browser...seriously.

Isn't embarassing to be a growup and bicker like 10 year old boys? How does one suspend his self respect long enough to press SEND after spewing such childishness. Meh. Apparently not ALL Blackberry people have busy, sucessful productive lives. Can some of THOSE folks PLEASE post here?