Thorsten Heins and RIM execs take to the media today to get their message across

Thorstein Heins BBWC
By James Richardson on 3 Jul 2012 09:59 am EDT

This morning RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took to the airwaves of CBC Radio and it looks like he was on a mission to get his message across that things are really not as bad for Research in Motion as the media is making out.

"There's nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now" he has been quoted as saying. "I'm not talking about the company as I, kind of, took it over six months ago. I'm talking about the company (in the) state it's in right now."

Talking about the state of the market in North America and RIM's biggest rivals, iOS and Android he stated:

"This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral. Yes, it is very, very challenged at the moment - specifically in the U.S. market. The way I would describe it: we're in the middle of a transition," he said. "All that is in the making, it's in the works. This company is in the middle of it and I'm positive we will emerge successfully from that transition."

From where I am sitting I love the fact that Thorsten Heins is so openly positive about the whole situation. Kevin also just spoke to Rick Costanzo, RIM's Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Regional Marketing and it sounds like other RIM execs are also giving interviews today. Keep it locked to CrackBerry. It's going to be a busy day for quotes!

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Thorsten Heins and RIM execs take to the media today to get their message across


Seriously? You just parked your "first" spot with a goddamn period?!

Let me guess. You're going to edit this comment that was literally just a "." with some trolling haternomics?!

Optimism has to be passed down from the top down. Thanks to Thorstein for reassuring the stability of RIM.

@ Joski, no hate here. Been supporting RIM for about 4 years now. So much so that I bought the Tour and the 9900 at regular retail price. If you would have waited for me to edit my "." you would have figured out that you didn't have to make yourself look like an ass by making assumptions.

Sorry man, just being proactive thinking you were just gonna be like "first" and then turn out to be a smelly trollface.


This is much better to read here than it is from the... people... who half-post it in the forums and try to quote it for some sort of negative truth.

I'm still optimistic!

"This company is not ignoring the world out there, nor is it in a death spiral. Yes, it is very, very challenged at the moment - specifically in the U.S. market."

Really? You interpret this as just another "Everything is fine" statement?

What he said in this quote is very true. RIM is in a very challenging position right now, but they are not dead.

Nero burnt that portion of Rome so that he could construct his masterpiece on previously taken ground. He was fanning the flames not ignoring them.

Right on.

That part of Rome was inhabited by iTrolls anyway. So it wasn't a big loss and they flamed out very nicely.

If anything is to be said about RIM is that the Blackberry brand is still strong. Even if the company doesn't survive, the brand will.

Palm's not a good analogy. Ask your parents if they know what Palm is....then ask them if they know what a Blackberry is. Blackberry has a much greater mind share.

My confidence in Blackberry has certainly been shaken over the past several months. But I find myself still holding on to hope.

Statements like these from Thorsten, as well as the leaked BB10 roadmap are the little nuggets of promise I keep holding on to.

The question is, will it all be worth it and the anticipation will be justified, or will I be smashing my head against a wall wondering how I could be so stupid to not see all the signs?

Only time will tell....

Are these guys still this stupid? BB10 is going to flop not because it is a bad OS or deserves to. BB10 is going to flop because nobody save a few fanboys is going to spend premium $ for a device with last years spec hardware, an unknown OS, and few apps.

What an idiot iOS or Android device-having comment.

It's abundantly clear.

Why don't you just goto Android Central or iMore. If you fail to do so, just go away and get mouthfucked elsewhere - I'm trying to eat my lunch here.

They don't stay over android or imore because the sites are so lame compared to crackberry. Lol seriously have you ever checked the blogs or forum over there?

Crackberry rocks even Android and iOS owners know this.

Android Central, lmao....

Sorry mate you've lost me there. for Android you only have one real place,

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Enough said...

wow!! you know the hardware specs? id be heading down the bookies to put some bets on if i was you.

NO hardware specs are certain, especially since tech can move so fast. you may `know` what they were going to be in a sept launch, but nothing shown publicly indicates it will or will not be the same come q1 2013.

thats pretty funny since we don't actually know but the leak came out that the Qualcomm chipset is ready for use and its speculated that BB10 phones will be using their snapdragon S4 chipset, which is the same chipset used in the north american galaxy S3, so keep spitting shit out of your mouth that you don't know and make yourself look liek a fucking toolbag

There are different S4 chips....the one that BB10 was rumoured to be using had the adero 320 GPU (think that's top my head) & that chipset is not yet our, nore is it used on any other phones (4 obvious reasons)

VP, Sales & Marketing was on Canada AM this morning as well. Glad to see that they are trying to get their side of the story out.

Its nice to see Heins coming out and being positive about Blackberry but call me a cynic, its hardly likely that he will be saying yes we are in big big trouble, this company wont be surviving blah blah blah. After all RIM pays his wages so hardly a good thing that he would come out all doom and gloom.

Personally i dont know how Blackberry is going to survive the next 6-8 mths without BB10, im gutted that there wont be any BB10 devices out later this year. Dont get me wrong i love BB, i have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which is lovely but i cant use it as my daily driver, i use my 9900 as my daily driver.

But BB10 now being delayed till next year is not something i expected in al honesty and i am worried that BB may very well be on its way out. I dont think BB can compete with Android or Apple anymore, they are light yrs ahead software and hardware wise...Android is ahead hardware wise for sure, not so much software wise. But still BB has a near impossible task of trying to score some market share back from Apple and Android.

Still im remaining positive that BB nails it when BB10 comes out but really what a let down that BB10 is further delayed.

I agree with some of what you wrote here but not entirely about the hardware part. I know the camera isn't up to par with the iPhone for example but the build quality I think is far better on the 99xx than the 4s. My main gripe is the metal edge around the phone. The 4s is designed to it you lay it face down or drop it the screen touches the Surface. The 99xx the metal comes up further and wraps around getting screen so on a flat surface at least it can't be touched.
Plus the iPhone is so dang slippery without a case it darn near impossible to hold onto the sucker. We're a BlackBerry house and my wife was issued an iPhone for her new job and they told her they have to replace 1 every week because someone breaks it.

As far as this ENTIRE RIM fiasco goes, the United States can lay on their back while I slowly and deeply mouthfuck them. It's such arrogance that it's killing RIM. So fuck what you heard before you tell me RIM did this to themselves. I'm not necessarily wrong here.

DUDE!!!! I'm in the US of A and I have to say I'm supposed to be offended by your comment but being born and raised in NYC you get the comment of the day star. By far you have made my day. I was cracking up at work.

I am from the US also and no offense taken. However- I and some of my friends are just as anxious to get our hands on the BB10 phones as you Canucks. lol I am a huge RIM supported and will be till the end (mine will be before theirs I predict).

It is, but it isn't the only market...

If the US market dictated the survival of technology, Nokia should be dead long before they joined forces with Microsoft.

But they were still around (barely surviving) but still around.

No death spiral in the US
One of the 2 bit's of good news in The last report was that sales in the US have stablised.....granted, they have stablized at almost 0 but atleast that should also stablize their losses, which mean that next quarter's losses should be around what they were on this quarter

While they don't seem to have any bones to throw, I am glad RIM is responding with something. This is necessary PR that is not typical of old RIM.

What do they expect him to say?

Heins wins whatever happens - if they flop or are bought out, he will get a decent payoff.

Because the RIM story is an interesting one. I use a lumia because it was free (literally free Nokia gave it to me), when that dies, I'll move onto another platform - I'm agnostic on that level. about one of these execs tell us exactly what is causing the delays. Yea, they do sound positive, but they aren't telling us anything with 100% certainty. I know I would feel much better if they were a little more transparent about the BB10 delay instead of this lip service that these guys will be handing out today over the airwaves.

Again, I will preface I am fan of BB and hope they come out from all this. That being said for the CEO to come out and say:

"There's nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now"

That is just the complete wrong stance to have. There is something wrong with the company, whats wrong with it is nobody in the US buys anything you put out anymore. You are delaying you "saving grace" beyond Back to School, and the holidays, and expect to be relevant once your phone actually does come out (if it ever makes it). What an asanine statement. There is something wrong with the company, something fundamentaly wrong.

I get it, he is trying to do damage control from last week when the companys value lost 30%. he is trying to give reassurance to it's investors, it's customers, and it's potential customers. I get it. But to come out and say there is nothing wrong with the company, doesn't (to me anyways) strike confidence in RIM, it makes me fear for it. If Thorston HONESTLY belives there is nothing wrong with RIM as it exists currently, then forget the comeback story, forget RIM fighting and making it, forget about BB10, if he really believes this, then RIM is DEAD.

The whole problem with RIM in "the past" (and apparently now) is they refuse to admit their shortcomings. I would much prefer Thorston come out and be real, be humble and say...

"Blackberry is in an extremely competative and cut throat market, our backs are against the wall, but BB10 is going to change the way people look at smartphones. We didn't adapt to a changing market as quickly as we should, but now we are on the brink of something BIG. Although we were forced to delay the release of our first BB10 phone, we feel it is for the greater good. We want our customers past, future, and present to have the absolute best OS available, and we won't settle for anything less. We understand were we have failed, and we will not fail with BB10, we can't, and we won't allow it. This is a tough period for RIM, we now realize what the consumer demands, as well as what our business customers have come to expect with our phones, and our incredible services we provide. With our new BB10 phones that will come out in Q1FY13 we will have the best of both worlds. A truely unique experience, that we feel is supior to the Apple and Android experience. Both consumers and our business customers will appreciate the attention to detail we have put in to this OS and our new line of phones. "

And so on.

"whats wrong with it is nobody in the US buys anything you put out anymore."

I live in the US of A and I've been through the 8330, 9630, 9650, 9780 and now the 9900. So if nothing else I count for 5 people. So someone in the US does buy some of the things RIM puts out.

I know exactly what you meant, but the generalization made me stop reading the rest of what you had to say.

I get what your saying, and yes, I suppose if you take what I mean to the absolute literal sense of terms then you are correct.

But stop fooling yourslef. RIM is DEAD in the US. Do they sell BBs here, YES, but they lose more customers than they sell phones.

And Apple was once dead too. RIM has had so much bad press and bad luck that they're bound to win on something! lol and I think that's going to be with BB10! Go BB10!

His point is not that "no one is buying BB products in the U.S." - that's just a figure of speech or an illustration. Of course there are people buying BB products in the U.S. Heck, I even know a guy going around buying Edsels - some day he hopes to get one running, and I'm wishing him the best. But I'm not in the market for an Edsel.

You've bought a few BB devices, I've bought a few BB devices, and so have many others, here in the U.S. But the reality is that reports are showing a rapidly shrinking market share for RIM, and this recent news and media hype about RIM's death spiral isn't going to sell many phones. But then, neither is the CEO's plug. From where I sit, it looks like he's trying to put a (false) positive spin on a very negative situation. It's just empty rhetoric.

What will build a better perception is truth, transparency, and delivery. Under promise and over deliver. Get BB10 out before the holidays and make sure it has so much wow factor that everyone takes notice. Use some of that cash and make sure there are plenty of apps for BB10 when it launches.

Personally, I'd love to go out and buy a PB. But I just can't justify spending the $$$ on a device that has been plagued with unfulfilled promises.

At this point, RIM needs to get first class hardware and software on the market. Make the important dead lines happen. If they can't pull that off, then the company will be dismantled and sold for parts.

See? this is the problem:

You want to by a PB, but you are punishing the company for unfulfilled promises?? Lame. The question should be, does the PB do want I want it to do now? If yes, then buy. If not, then don't.

Also, RIM has been as transparent as any other company. They have been honest, and even delivered the bad news well in advance of when the reality of the bad news hits.

Lastly, how is the positive spin false, as you say? I think I trust the CEO's current statement over the negative media getting ad dollars for clicks.

His job as CEO, one of them anyway, is to maintain the face of the company. When the media get it wrong, he has to step in and guide them. That's what he's doing.

His "plug" as you put it wasn't released to sell more phones. It was designed to give the media some facts to focus on rather than use speculation to conjure up the negative articles and posts. Will everyone bite? No. But he has to get the good news out every chance he gets because no one else is going to do it for him.

It's not lame to refuse to throw money at a company that doesn't deliver the goods. If you promise and don't deliver, then you really are sending customers away. The PB does ok, but it isn't exceptional - and RIM needs exceptional to counter all of their blunders.

When you are in the position of losing market share like RIM is, status quo won't cut it. Investors need greater transparency from a faltering company than they do from one that is experiencing increases.

It's not a question of trust - you can see the numbers for yourself. Without concrete information shared transparently with investors, the CEO's words are just false positive spin. They aren't buying and I don't blame them.

I would love for the media to be wrong in this instance, but looking at the product offerings, the continued delays, declining market share, etc., there is just no compelling reason to doubt the media. The CEO coming out and saying "it's gonna be ok," notwithstanding.

His plug is damage control, plain and simple. An attempt to mitigate some of the bad news from a week ago. Selling phones and support is their product, without which they don't have a company. Hence my statement about selling phones in relation to the press release. It should not be taken as a literal advertisement.

Buying a product that meets your needs is not throwing money at a company. Like I said, if the PB meets your needs now, buy it. If not, don't. Period.

If the news about BB10 affects whether or not you buy a capable tablet, then that is proof of the power of spin. One has nothing to do with the other, yet it seems that market share (what everyone else is doing) and market value (what investors do to make money off of others) is affecting your decision. It just doesn't make sense.

So call it damage control if you will. You're right, that's what it is. I dont' think anyone would deny it. But what's the alternative? Sit and watch the media continue to get it wrong and spread a negative message filled with incorrect information? How can you criticize this statement or the reason for it.

and again, how can anyone say this is status quo? Is RIM doing what they have always done and expecting different results? No. They have made some major changes, most of which are very recent. They are now implementing those changes strategically. They expect to turn around the company in a major way. Good for them.

Tell me, how would you handle a new CEO, a new OS platform, new hardware, new company acquisitions, new work force, and other changes all while managing a slowing capital and doing your best to instill confidence in other about your company?

Yes, RIM is doing what they have always done and are expecting different results. The history of RIM is littered with missed deadlines for roll outs, but because they had such a buy in from the corporate world due to security and a good product, they did not suffer from their conduct. As technology caught up to them and eventually passed them by, people became frustrated with their BB devices. Many started carrying two devices: The work issued BB and their personal iPhone or Android device.

Recently, the corporate world caught enough flak from their employees that the security conscious IT departments had to knuckle under to the demand for BYOD. Now that corporations are leaving the Blackberry fold, it will be years before they return - unless some major security problem occurs with BYOD.

Therefore, I see his statement as an unrealistic assessment of the untenable situation in which they find themselves. The truth is that RIM is on the edge of a precipice, back arched, swinging their arms frantically to regain their balance before falling over the edge. Without a miracle, they won't make it.

How would I handle it? If I thought it was salvageable, I would kiss the wife and kids goodbye for about a year and work non-stop until I got the thing jump started and headed in the right direction with all of the new products delivered on time, as promised. If I thought it was a failing proposition, I'd call in the bankers and attorneys and see what they thought we could salvage from this mess.

Sadly, yours is an opinion, misguided nonetheless, similar to most other naysayers, especially those here.

1) You are looking at RIM pre-Heins. They are not doing what they've always done.
a) People complain about apps, they are focusing on devs in a major way to deliver the apprs
b) People complain about communication, they have given more releases of information since heins than I ever remember before him, even bad news kind of stuff. Remember the big outage? They were great with keeping their customers informed of the situation... and they gave away free stuff afterward.
c) Projects were poorly managed with too many tasks for any given team, they now have restructured teams with proper management with defined and realistic goals for any given team
d) Morale was low, they have communicated with employees to boost morale to the point that all in-the-know resources seem to be reporting a major morale boost.

Your first three paragraphs are a summary of the history of RIM pre Heins. Take a look at the difference in the company since he took the reins. An objective reviewer of facts and circumstances would see things much differently than you.

2) really? You would abandon your family for a year and work really hard? That's exactly what a person who does not know how to manage does. A good manager motivates and leads, usually by example and with humility. And what on earth would you do with your bankers and attorneys? Figure out an escape plan? Great job. Abandoning your family would be all for nothing then.

What a good leader would do, what Heins is doing, is assess the situation and take action based on what is possible. You work hard on your job and ask your crew to do the same. You instill a sense of teamwork, of family, if you will. You get your team to come together and visualize a conquering of a challenge for the good of the whole. You earn respect by giving respect to your team, and they will deliver for you. You do this by staying in communication with them when (and before) necessary; by protecting your company (their company) from threats (negatively spun media using incorrect assumptions); by facing the hard stuff head on with truth and with pride; and by singing the praises of the team's company any chance you get. The good leader does this all day, every day and kisses his family good night every night.

@ niss - Trust me on this. The Qwerty on the Bold 9900 and the Playbook with 2.0 and "someday supposedly" BB 10 are the two BEST products RIMM has to offer right now. I have had a Playbook since 2.0 OS in February, have loaded some of the best Android Apps on it and use it EVERYDAY. Problem is - and it is a BIG PROMBLEM - I have no idea where you can even go to try one out at a store at this point.


How do you compete against looking at an iPad in an AAPL store... there is nowhere near, remotely, close to that idea for BlackBerry products...

Go check out reviews on Amazon, Best Buy etc after February - PEOPLE LOVE THE PLAYBOOK and at $199 amazing deal..

Uncle Freddy

You, sir, are a moron!

I couldn't even read your paragraph it was so boring.

It's also the most wordy way to say what the people of RIM have been saying in a direct way.

Media cut up quotes. when giving a press release, you have to keep that in mind when constructing each and every sentence.

Your proposed quote is infested with things anyone wanting to create a negatively spun article would easily pounce on.

Everything in this world is perception. If RIM releases the perception that things are positive, then some media will pick up on that. The negative spinners will still be negative, but when they quote him the reader will see the positive statment and then have to believe the dispute of the author.

And finally, let me tell you this. From RIM's perspective, there is nothing wrong with the company right now. This is the most important message to perpetuate. They are on task, morale is high, developers are spreading an excited buzz. The only things not good for RIM are things that have nothing to do with RIM's day-to-day: like perception, stock market, media, and the uninformed information spreaders who are fascinated with the idea of a company like RIM failing. At this point, anything negative about the company is due to those things getting out of control.

RIM is on task?

Right, cause remember when we were told BB10 was coming out in February of 2012, then it was 3Q of this year, and now it's next year 1Q. Yup, they sure are on task...for delaying BB10. I can't speak for morale, but I fail to believe that a company that just let go 5,000 employees that everyone has a smile on their face and can't wait to go to work every morning. Oh and I'm also sure the developers who before last week were still assuming their app they invested time and work into being ready for launch in Q3 are just peachy after learning the phone is delayed.

What world are you living on, yes I agree perception unfortunately is reality in a lot of things. But people who believe there is nothing wrong with RIM are damned fools!

Can they be saved? Only time will tell, but the attitude that the status quo is okay, and acceptable is laughable.

Go to the sources, not the sensational media.

Alec Saunders has great things to report and great communications. He fielded calls, emails, and tweets from developers non-stop after the earnings call. His efforts are much appreciated. The response has been positive even still.

They are on task. RIM employees have been floating around on great ideas implemented in a hodgepodge of poorly managed teams and tasks for the past few years. Now they are on task, meaning: they have goals to be implemented and an organized, properly managed way to see to them.

As far as the layoffs: Think of the redundancy that RIM must have acquired over the years. There are likely managers upon managers upon managers... and assistants for all of them. properly managed departments do not need all that redundancy. Also, much of the coding workforce has been dedicated to BBOS. Focus has been shifting to BB10. The workforce must evolve. Just because one coder is an expert in BBOS does not mean he can just move on to BB10 immediately. As a company, it makes more sense for RIM to train BB10 coders concurrently with BBOS coders working on BBOS 6 and BBOS 7, which are still alive and well and still being updated. As the demand for BBOS 6&7 decreases, so can the workforce dedicated to them.

So for the layoffs, I'm not concerned. Especially because RIM has talked about the plan for the layoffs and the severece plans associated with them. RIM seems dedicated to taking care of their employees, even the ones whose services are no longer needed. Oh, and they didn't just let go of 5000 employees. Layoff are planned out over the next year or so (don't rember the exact time frames off the top of my head).

Finally, status quo? Really? you think the past 6 months have been status quo? There has been more excitement, more buzz, and more direct communication from RIM than there has ever been.

I agree with the statement that this is a company in transition and transition is tough. Things are going to look bad until the transition is complete and likely some time afterward. But this is nowhere near status quo.

"From RIMs perspective, there is nothing wrong with the company right now."

And therein lies the very issue that is at the heart of the problem.

"developers are spreading an excited buzz"

Do you mean name-brand, first-party, developers of mainstream apps or do you mean other developers?

RIM higher-ups are the only people who know the real story. So believe your sensational speculative media all you want.

here's all that matters

1) RIM wants BB10 out.
2) RIM has the money in the bank to get them to and a little past BB10 launch
3) Nothing else matters until then nearly as much. Not stock prices, not bashing in the media. nothing.
4) When they're closer to launch, they need to nail marketing and positive buzz.
5) Until then, they need to fly under the radar. when the radar hits them in the face, they need to control the damage and do their best to maintain the most positive image they can.


BB10 is due Q1C13 not Q1FY13.

seems your facts arent quite there.

As for heins` comments, firstly if you expect him to come out and say the sky is falling (wether it is or isnt) then thats jus silly. also lets be fair, theyve announced their reductions and the setback, so technically if they can stick to that, then technically he`d be right with his current statement. Obviously that relies on a rather large `if` though.

Earnings call, before last, Thor said that he was very impressed with the progress on BB 10, told you it would be out at the end of 2012.... NUF SAID.... On the "Integrity Front" - Thor and Balsille are now, unfortunately, interchangeable.

After investing tons of cash in BB all retail bought eg playbook cost me 699 how much can i sell it for today? And all the other divices i have been changing every 6 months just to be on the edge of tech with BB I have been let down in the sence of having gadgets that are way to vintage for todays time. Pls dont get me wrong i am not trolling i am expressing my frustration for a company i have supported the past 8 years and always buying the best they have to offer also being in countless discussions with freinds ending up today telling me you are so hardcore BB why did you change?

To be ohnest i am far way more productive now with the changed device i have better value for money and the device is more trendy.

I have trusted bb many times i cant trust them again because they did not deliver then why should they now?

I can only wait to see what they have to offer not that i think they will have something better to offer then the compitition unless their new devices will be able to make a cup of coffee then its worth talking about.

What are we expecting , better camera? Faster device? More apps? I mean WTF no viber no skype its 2012 i cant have a mobile device that cant support todays connecting services. My last 9900 camera was a total disaster for a device in this day and age!

For me to go back they have to come up with something better than the competition not equal to.

I hope not to offend anyone its my frustration expressing my self

I have been a BB user for over 10 years and have finally decided to leave the brand. Personally, I don't think RIM will exist by the end of 2013. The constant delays and weak product lines will be the downfall. People do not want their products anymore. Tough to hear but the truth. Will be moving to iphone at my next upgrade in Aug. Not willing to wait for BB any longer.

The pessimistic side says this is RIM attempting damage control in order to make it look better for potential buyers. The optimistic side is thankful to see the effort. I don't see a reason to sell out. I've always understood that BB needed to make some major changes. Now they are. While I doubt 10 will be "perfect", I have no doubt it's the starting point for near perfect (for me.)
RIMMPIRE Strikes slow motion!

Here is what Heins said this morning news: "Heins defended Canada's leading technology company as part of RIM's efforts to convince customers and investors that it can survive intense competition from Apple and other competitors." I just bought 500 more shares. I can wait for a year.

Good article. Here’s the problem. Having been an investor in RIMM for years and having owned nothing but BlackBerrys for, nearly a decade, the issue with this company is now INTEGRITY.

We have listened to earnings calls for a few years now commandiered by Mssrs. Balsille and Lazaridis and have been misinformed at nearly every turn. Statements from CEO’s like “new features on upcoming phones will blow you away”, “we are going to leapfrog the competition”, and “thousands of companies are looking to buy the Playbook” were either exaggerations, delusions or flat out LIES.

Fast forward to the earnings call of last week. With the delay of BB 10 until next year – THOR JUST MORPHED INTO BALSILLE…. in doing so, he lost all respect and credibility in my mind. They did a pre warning on the quarter’s earnings – why not mention it then – why not mention it on last quarter’s earning’s call??? Bottom line RIMM has become a company, whereas, as an investor – just when you think you are getting a handle on the bad news – they drop another BOMB on you.

This is irresponsible leadership and the company can no longer be trusted. When they gave Balsille and Laz another $12 million bucks, it should have been apparent that Thor is a shill for these guys.

The latest conference call mirrored the last call – could have used the same script – and when the stock was “halted” – you knew an brand new can of “RIMM Whip Ass” was about to be showered on RIMM investors. Pathetic.

With all this “reality” – here is the “shame of it all”. I bought a BlackBerry Playbook when I had a chance to test it with 2.0. This is an amazing product (Android Apps, Flash, great size) and because RIMM blew the launch so badly – the vulture “distortion field media” was able to absolutely bury this product, even when, the new 2.0 software came out and made iit, possibly, the best value in the tablet market at $199.

I emailed Walt Mossberg and David Pogue of the Wall Street Journal and All Things Digital and asked them where there reviews were of “Playbook 2.0 OS” – they both responded that they were aware of it, but would not say when they would review it – still waiting as they are still hiding from this fantastic tablet.

Chris – I agree with your point that the management of RIMM has taken a real “manana attitude” to their approach. Time is a killer in this fast paced extremely competitive smartphone landscape and they do not understand that it is working against them every day. Months are quarters and quarters are years in this environment.

With the launch of BB 10, supposedly, Q1 of next year – that means it will be, at least, launched Q2 at ATT as their verification process is painfully slow historically.

I will buy a Galaxy S3 when they arrive at ATT. If RIMM is around and BB 10 is as awesome as it looks and the OS is, even better than, the amazing OS on the Playbook – I will be back this time next year.

Until then, as Hillary said to Barry – “shame on you, management of RIMM”….

Uncle Freddy

Kevin and Company

Here's the problem. Having been an investor in RIMM for years and having owned nothing but BlackBerrys for, nearly a decade, the issue with the company is now one of INTEGRITY.

I gotta give you credit just for that username...

I can only imagine how much of a pain in the *** it is to login with...

That's dedication to a name however...

@ menaknow.... "Thanks" I had a different ID, but ran into a bit of a "disagreement" with the management of this site, in the past. This new ID, as you will learn if you read my follow up posts below, are the BB phones that I have owned until I leave BlackBerry on July 6th. Enjoy.

We have listened to earnings calls for a few years now commandiered by Mssrs. Balsille and Lazaridis and have been misinformed at, nearly, every turn. Statements from CEO's like "new features on upcoming phones will blow you away", " we are going to leapfrog the competition", and "thousands fo companies are looking to buy the Playbook" were either exaggerations, delusions or flat out LIES.

Fast forward to the earnings call of last week. With the delay of BB 10 until next year - THOR JUST MORPHED INTO BALSILLE.. in doing so, he lost all respect and credibility in my mind. They did a pre warning on the quarter's earnings - why not mention it then - why not mention it at last quarter's eanings call??? Bottom line THEY KNEW BB 10 WOULD BE DELAYED LONG BEFORE LAST WEEK... RIMM has become a company, whereas, as an investor - just when you think you are getting a handle on all of the bad news - THEY DROP ANOTHER BOMB ON YOU.

This is irresponsible leadership and the company can no longer be trusted. When they gave Balsille and Laz another $12 million bucks, it should have been apparent that Thor , and this board of directors, are shills for the past Co CEO's.

I'm not reading or hearing anywhere that Thor denied any of the charges and accusations brought
forward in the last 24 hours.

That BB10 remains to have large issus with intergration and functions.
That He/RIM lied about the time line for BB10.

Do the strings I see on Thor lead to the old "X CEO" in the office down the hall?
One of its largest, if not the largest stock holder of RIMs?

Thor you have lost many of us. This didn't help. Come clean!


The latest conference call mirrored the last conference call, almost, word for word - could have used the same teleprompter. When the stock was 'HALTED" , you just knew that a brand new can of "RIMM WHIP ASS" was about to be showered down on the RIMM faithful investors. Pathetic.

With the launch of BB 10, supposedly, Q1 of next year - that means that it will be, at least, launched Q2 at ATT because their verification process is death slow here in the U.S. historically.

If you think that I am just a "RIMM Basher" - check out my ID. Those are the BlackBerry products that I have owned, concurrently, over nearly a decade.

In conclusion, someone at RIMM should probably figure out that why a guy like me who has owned 7 BB phones and a Playbook is going to ATT on July 6th to buy a Galaxy S3 because I am so disgusted with losing money on RIMM stock, the deception that has caused this loss and the "final blow" of moving the launch of BB 10, for all intents and purposes to, to this time next year in the States.

Like Hillary once said Barry.... "Shame on you, RIMM Management".

Uncle Freddy

Uncle Freddy, while I don't disagree with a lot of what you've said today; surely your first device wasn't a 8310, Announced in 2007? If so, you just lost a lot of integrity and credibility, much the same as Mr. Heins in your mind. Last time I checked, 2007 is not anywhere near a decade ago. Try 5 years. And your username is 6 phones and a playbook, not 7.
So who's spinning the message now?

I saw a few tumbleweeds blow by, and a guy playing a blues harmonica while that was guy talking. RIM is a dead man...errr dead company walking. It's an embarrassment to even be seen carrying a Blackberry phone nowadays. And the name "Crackberry" is sooo played out, it's not even funny.

Maybe for you, but in other parts of the world, that's NOT the US, it's still respected and revered.

Thanks for your opinion, see you around.

I can remember as a kid having to wear Sears Toughskin bluejeans when other more 'well-to-do' kids had Levi's. I was embarrassed and envious. Funny thing was that the Toughskin bluejeans were stronger, better built, lasted longer, were way less money, and did the same darn thing just a little better than the Levi's; the Toughskins just weren't as nice looking.

Well, it's good to see things haven't changed much except someone carries an iPhone and another carries a Blackberry. One definitely reminds me of those Toughskins and the other get the picture.

It took me awhile to realize what I wore or carried didn't matter as much as I thought it did. Don't get me wrong. I still like to have the very best made product, I just don't have to have what everyone else has just to fit in.

So, if your embarrassed by the phone you carry. You might reconsider how you judge yourself and others.

This is great, but exactly what he HAS to say to keep investors on board. What is he supposed to do but try and keep everything positive? Palm was positive about the state of their company into its dying days, and we all know how that turned out. I realize that they are different companies with different obstacles, but for those of you who see this statement from Thorstein as some sort of affirmation on the state of RIM you are in fantasy land. This is corporate spin at its finest and sugarcoating a really bad situation for RIM.

I need to seriously contain myself to not reply to some of these comments. Use your common sense people and stop believing blatant lies that are written in the press. Do some of your own research. You guys went full retard. Never go full retard.

If it sparks discussion it is.
And i'm not trying to persuade anyone, you're all entitled to your own opinion. Unfortunately none of the commenters above seem to have one.

Very much needed. I hope they don't just stop there, they need to grab the bull (media) by the horns here.

End this speculation misinformation crud.

Mr. Heins hasn't really said anything new here. I sure wouldn't expect the market to improve based on his presser with CBC’s Metro Morning radio show. I also wouldn't expect RIM to provide much insight into their BB10 or go-forward plans either based on watching the media and analysts rag the company to no-end. If I were RIM, I would turn the place into North Korea until BB10 was released and never again announce a schedule for the release of a device until I had to start planning the parties.

Just my two cents this morning.....

Quote from ZD Net : " Rim's chief says NOTHING IS WRONG with company but risks sounding like Jim Balsillie 2.0 in an attempt to keep customers, employees and a flagging ecosystem in the fold"!
LOL ! " Jim Balsillie 2.0 " !! Hillarical ! CBAC

People believe this guy? This is the same guy who a few weeks ago said BB10 was on schedule.... YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWN

What do you want him to say?

"We're going to split the company so the share value diminishes even further and we cease to exist altogether"

"We're so desperate we're going to sell to Microsoft and then cease to exist anyway"

The guy has taken over a mess. Deluded CEO's who didn't have a clue what they were doing and hired people just like themselves. Heins is taking a knife to the fat, has regenerated developer relations, and is transitioning to a new ecosystem.

If you bothered to listen to what he said, they're building a new "mobile computing platform" not just a new phone and OS.

My guess is this will involve some kind of cloud service, various phone and tablet models in differing configurations (10" Playbook on its way perhaps), and most importantly an integration model between the phones and tablet devices (including in your vehicle/home perhaps).

The only way RIM will generate shareholder value to anything like what they had in the past is if they execute on this program. Any other option will pay peanuts to shareholders.

As Prem Watsa said when he invested at around $40-50 it could take 5 years to fully turn the company around.

This is how it is brothers and sisters, in today's society we are spoiled, we take material possessions for granted and we aren't respectful to the people hard at work to help give these things to us. We don't hesitate to knock a man or company down when they don't meet our expectations, how about a little love and tolerance. No one smartphone company is perfect nor is anybody so let's practice giving a little room for learning from our mistakes. RIM will succeed, maybe not in apple's eyes but RIM is more of an elite phone maker. Take all the phones out there and compare them to a BlackBerry and see what you learn. A communications device with plenty of business tools but wait until BB10 comes out and then compare, you haters may not like what you find out.

I'm not trolling. But if there's nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now, they would have kept their timeline for BB10. If there was nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now, they wouldn't have banks coming in to look at their financial options...They wouldn't have gotten rid of their two CEOs, they wouldn't have released PB without EMAIL. Just on & on & on. Yes optimism is great, but so is realism. Thor is a stupid idiot whom I do not trust one bit. Almost nobody I know owns a BB or wants a BB. I don't believe him when he talks at all. It is almost as if they're just postponing BB10 devices so they will have time to break up and sell the company-

Question is if they were really sinking would he come out and say "We are in trouble???"

This is damage control done to stop the stock from spiralling any further and worse losing their 70+ million subscriber base.

As many of you I have defended RIM tirelessly against the competition, pleaded with family members to stay put and not get swayed by the marketing but the news of another delay for BB10 deflated me.

I've only got one last hope left and that's 2013 for RIMM else its over.

I have used BlackBerry device exclusively since 2004, but I am now so disillusioned with RIM that I am on the verge of jumping ship.

I am considering an Android, even though I am not in love with that platform. My son has a very nice HTC device but I just don't like Google's "Big Brother is watching you"(and logging it all) feel. And with Apple's uber-control, I just can't go there.

I have held off on an upgrade for so long because RIM PR has told us that BB10 is just a few months away for so long. I refused to buy an OS7 device because I did not want to be stuck in a 2 year contract with an outdated OS.

I really feel that RIM owes the faithful more detailed explanation and an apology. IMHO, the best way to do that might be to do so through BBM so as to somewhat personalize it exclusive to BB users.




Please stop comparing RIM's transition to Apple's transition and comeback. Apple did what few companies have been able to do. They are the exception not the rule. The likelihood of RIM following suit is slim.

Even my confidence in RIM/BB10 was shaken last week but I am on for the whole ride because of principals not pride:
- I don't like Apple as a company. They impose too many restrictions on their customers. On principal I will not give Apple my hard earned cash.
- I don't like Google's (Android) business model of collecting and using data on every person that uses its services. I don't trust a company where I am not the customer but I am the source of revenue. On principal I will not give up my individuality for free S/W or OS.
- RIM is a respectable North American (Canadian) company in the busy of providing relatively open products IMHO. So on principal I will support them, to my end or theirs (haha)
Glad to see the EXECs speaking out, we need more positive rhetoric.

It wouldn't hurt to see more of what BB10 is to be. I really want to see how cascades affects some of the native APPs...BBM on BB10?, Social Feeds on BB10?, Twitter/FB on BB10?, Media player on BB10?, Phone on BB10?

Come on RIM push me over the edge with BB10 excitement!!!

I cant give anymore chances when my business moves on technology, Rim is behind and their devices are making me less lucrative and productive. Its not only email that keeps your business going. my new phone is a super scanner using genius scan dont need files to be scanned and converted to pdf from a computer do that with my phone now and the resolution is outstanding. I can now take pictures of my products attach them to emails fast choose the size i like i can control 6 images at a time of my cctv real time not to mention other documentation editing capabilities. Yes some apps are available for BB but the result is a 3 out of 10

So at the end of the day the device wins that does your job best

The reason that i am posting this here is because i like BB I hope that someone will at least read my comments and do something about it! And i think i soeak for others who many people think are trolling around.

I am typing this from my IPAD as my PB lags speed apps and crashes a lot and no skype! I mean a tablet with a great camera and no skype?

The CEO and the C suite had a fiduciary responsibility to the company to stop the tide of stories questioning the road forward for RIM, especially those that include the words Bankruptcy, of which I read 2 this morning on major business news sites. This isn't going to end because of a few well chosen words, but it had to be done.

Here's the problem. Thor and the other senior management can say what they want but the latest delay opened Pandora's box. They no longer control the message.
The stock price is the ultimate barometer of sentiment and it's down again today.

Stock falls on the slight rumor, more so these days that even countries are falling hard. So the stock is no barometer at all, it just shows that investors piss in their pants every minute of every day, every time a new rumor or news hit the market.