Thorsten Heins sits down with Fox Business and discusses U.S. release of the BlackBerry Q10

By DJ Reyes on 30 Apr 2013 11:29 am EDT

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has been busy with interviews of late. We saw him sit down with Bloomberg, talking about the BlackBerry Q10 and how it became the fastest selling handset at Selfridges, amongst other things. Thorsten was asked about when we should see the BlackBerry Q10 launch in the U.S., following the successful week launch in the U.K. and he states that the U.S. should expect to see an end of May launch. He goes on to say how the these initial sale numbers, for both the Z10 and Q10, are an exciting time for the company. They certainly are. 

When asked about taking back market share, Thorsten states that he's only interested in targeting the "hyper-connected people", always on the go. He's not interested in shooting for the stars. There's a target audience for the BlackBerry 10 products and that's what he's aiming for, that segment of the market.

The topic of Detwiler Fenton comes up once again. He adds that the investigation he requested with the SEC is still on going.

Lastly, Thorsten was asked about which device, the Z10 or the Q10, will be more popular. While we've seen Kevin ask Thorsten which his favorite device is (watch the answer here), he goes on to say that smartphone industry has become a place where many form factors have segmented and it's all about preference. While there are many who want the full touchscreen Z10, we've seen that there many who still want that trademark physical keyboard that BlackBerry is known for and so both models have a place in the company's future. 

If you're interested in watching the 6 minute video, check it out below. Thoughts and views are welcome in the comment.


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Thorsten Heins sits down with Fox Business and discusses U.S. release of the BlackBerry Q10


I think that the end of May launch in the US is absolutely ridiculous to say the least. Why more delays? Release the phone already!

This comment just made me laugh out loud, but then it reminded me how much I hate verizon w/ my Z10. Thank you for the chuckle to say the least :P

It launched in the UK already and Canada this week, but the US has to wait over a month. That's a delay. I know you want to shout out "but, but it's not a delay if no one said a date yet."

I worked with a couple of people like pooo over the years, they used to agitate me but now I just ignore them, I understand that they need attention and that's fine.

It's not a delay. Q10 is suppose to be release several weeks after the Z10 launch. Z10 has only been out in the US for a month(4 weeks). end of May seems to be right to me...

A month is several weeks. And what about Sprint? They never even launched the z10. Why not launch the q10 now and get a jump on everyone. That would be huge for them.

Look. Blackberry originally said 2 months after, they have gotten that down to a month. It's no different than the Z10 launching a month before in the UK. Companies do this bro, it's just the US isn't the once waiting. Every OEM has said our carrier are the hardest world wide to work with. Being a past Sprint employee, I can you for a fact the carriers control release days the majority of the time. End of May is the latest not the earliest. We could see them next week.

FYI I am a Sprint users who's been waiting for the Q10, I get your impatience. We'll get there soon enough and I wouldn't doubt we be first with the Q10 bc of it.

A delay by definition is something that happens after it is planned to happen. Not sure how a launch that is happening when the carriers expect it to happen can be considered delayed... And let's remember that BlackBerry has no direct power over when carriers release products. The gold code is sent to all carriers at the same time. Americans always need to complain about something I guess, and that's fine, but bitch to AT&T or sprint or whoever. This is not blackberries problem.

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You can justify or define it however you'd like but its still a Delay looking at it from a consumer's point of view if its already out in other markets..... How do you know that its not Blackberries problem. I don't think that any of us truly know that information but its still a damn delay

Then I guess the house I just bought that is scheduled to be done in July is delayed because some other people have already moved into other houses in the subdivision.

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I think your comparison is far fetched, I thought we were talking about a mass produced communication device that rolls off of an assembly line by the thousands. I understand your point but it was a terrible analogy. I'm just saying that their shouldn't be any excuse for the US carriers to not offer them at the same time as the UK. The device should be ready for purchase while its still fresh. By the time the Z10 hit the US market, people weren't excited as much because they had already heard what others had to say about it for a month in advance. I'm a hardcore blackberry guy and have been for many years. I have the 9 receipts to prove, not including the two from the playbooks that I own. I'm still supporting BB 100%. I don't know when your closing day is on your new home, but I hope it doesn't get

Yea but within subdivisions you have different blueprints, builders, and start/end dates that range in days/weeks. I've never seen a phase of a neighborhood complete in the same day. Sounds sorta like SimCity2000. Sometimes it's the zoning laws and permits that cause a delay not the company that builds the house.

It may look like delay from uninformed costumer's point of view but in business sense it is not.
To start sales in US is idiotic idea for BB. US has ridiculously competitive market in high-end smartphones (it is hyped out of proportion) and not very loyal customer base. Canada and UK are bastions of BB. Why in the hell would BB lunch Q10 in US first or at sime time with CA/UK and risk bad press when there is almost guarantee of smooth launch with great press reception in UK and Canada.

It is not a delay if flight schedule states arrival at 11AM and flight lands at 10AM ... but you can bitch about schedule missing morning flight. :-D

Point well taken, however it was BB that said Q10 by quarter 1 of 2013, not the US........guess what sir! Quarter one just passed by......... I do understand what you mean from the business aspect of things.

Could be wrong, but the "Delay" is a result of US standards testing followed by US Carriers testing, which is supposed to take longer than other countries such as the UK and Canada.

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It's not carrier testing. Kevin himself even called bs on that one with the z10. And Rogers in Canada has virtually the same testing procedures as AT&T in the US. It's the exact same timetable.

It's probably commitments to other manufacturers. They're all releasing devices like rabbits breeding so you have to find the right slot to give each one. Now you can argue that the U.S. carriers dropped the ball on the Z (see what I did there lol) but at least Verizon has stepped up officially.

It's a valid argument, but I disagree. All of the UK and Canadian carriers launched the same phones at the same time (galaxy s4, HTC One, etc.)

Regardless of why, BlackBerry can't force the carriers to launch the phone. You think they want to delay the launch and a chance to get more phones sold before the end of the quarter? The carriers launch when they say they are ready, not when BlackBerry is ready.

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Are you sure? According to A LOT of commentators on here, this is a "good move" by BlackBerry, because the US isn't loyal and the media is too nitpicky. So they're "punishing" us deliberately.

There are any number of reasons why the release date for the US is slated for end of may, it's a much larger market and will require more inventory to support it for starters, maybe it's part of the overall marketing strategy to sell their phones where they will be successful but calling it a delay when you have a fluid date like end of may is disingenuous at best. That's the first time I've heard a release time frame for the Q10 in the US. Just because you have to wait longer than you thought doesn't constitute a delay on BlackBerry part.

I'm from the Philippines, the Z10 was officially launched here last March 19 so you mean that the Z10 was delayed 48 days because it was launched first in UK while there's now signs of Z10 in the Philippines?

Oooh. So after a couple of users the majority of usa users voting with their dollars stating BlackBerry is behind the curve, fallen, no longer relevant now wants some of the funk that big daddy brought with his brand new . bag you're complaining because you're third best? How does it feel?!

Time to wait for a change.

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So the fact that the US is, by far, BlackBerry's single biggest market and Hein's is on record several times saying how "vital the US market is for BlackBerry's comeback" doesn't mean anything... Third best?

It's not. Mr. Heins spelled out the release of the Z10 on time and the Q10 on time in the UK and in Canada, must be the Apple shareholders who are still angry they didn't get out at $550 but were still buying (I have friends who were buying Apple against my recommendation) all because some analyst gave a target of $1,111.11 for AAPL stock. And so they have to lash out at BBRY because they are angry and can't say anything about Samsung since it's at $1,400 and thus BBRY is their victim, they are bullies.

AGREED. When you announce that 2 two phones coming out in Q1 in 2013. And it's dam near halfway thru 2013 at the end of May. This constitutes as a delay. That being said, I understand that there are reasons for a delay. And I have no other choice, My S2 needs to go....

You hit the nail on the head my friend, they certainly said quarter one back in Nov and Dec of 2012...............quarter one is over!! CAN WE ALL SAY "DELAY" Thanks doza2012

Again, Mr. heins said in February that the rollout would be April 26 in the UK, May 1st in Canada, and late May for the U.S. And also gave logical and methodical reasons for rolling out the Z10 ahead of the Q10s which are being manufactured at the rate of 2 million per month, and he's also said they expect to sell tens of millions. No delays are foreseen.

Argh. By "hyper-connected" he means wealthy business types that can afford the wonderful, darn thing. When's the mid-tier coming out for the "hyper-connected" college student or "Hyper-connected" Landscape Architect? I really want the Q10 (marketing is a success. Congrats), but I can. not. afford. it.

EDIT: You know, I just realized something. What a genius marketing strategy. Create something great that only a few people can actually have, and create desire amongst the little people that can't. Stupid carnal desires.

As a college student myself, I agree that the price point is way too high for me to afford, but all of my friends and fellow college students are using touch screen devices, and that's where the Z comes in! :)

I feel you man, coincidentally enough I'm also a Landscape Architect in college right now. I'll be honest, I'm using the tax return from this year to fund it. I might try to sell my nexus 4, but I don't know if I can get a lot from it. I might just keep it as a backup in case I have problems down the line, or if a friend breaks their phone and needs one for a few days. I've never paid more than my nexus for an out of contract phone, so it'll hurt.... but I think it's worth it to not have to deal with android anymore.

Really! What school and MLA or BLA? I'm just finishing my Associates and got accepted into Texas A&M. I have to defer for a year, though, so I won't start the MLA until next Fall.

I'd say keep the Nexus, because you're right: you never know when you'll need it as backup.

Penn State. just finished my second year of BLA. Grats on A&M :) Was looking into them for a bit but PSU accepted me first :P

She sure seemed fixated on what the return rate percentage was. Has Apple and Samsung been asked that? I suspect Thorsten doesn't want to give a number, because maybe it sounds high, but no one will realize it's like that for Apple and others too. He's quite media savvy, good to see, especially in a tech company.

SEC regulations essentially forbid giving out numbers that will impact a stock price by the company in such an interview. They would, at a minimum, have to issue a press release so that everyone has the information at the same time. If a press release is coming, we will only see it once the regulatory review is completed. (Both SEC and Ontario regulators are involved.)

I would love for UMI to do an analysis of the legalities of what can and can't be said here. I don't know much about what constitutes stock manipulation. Also, not really sure what BlackBerry is and isn't allowed so say legally about return rates? For example, if they are measuring return rates on the basis of what the carriers provide as return rate data (they sell the phones after all), is BlackBerry allowed to say what the carriers return rates are and what competitors are at those carriers, since it's technically the carrier's number and probably both materially impacting to the carrier and governed by confidentiality agreements between various carriers and manufacturing partners?

The key here is that any information, especially quantitative information, related to performance must be released in a manner such that it is publicly available to all interested parties at the same time. As for information from partners, the partner must agree to the release of the information.

Been there; done that.

Excellent interview! Thorsten tells it like it is, which is great when crappy reporters have false claims and ridiculous statements.

I think he is a smart person to target the Q10 and Z10 phones. There are many businesses people who couldn't live without their BlackBerry back in his day. Many of us went away to try a cooler phone, but many like me missed BlackBerry and we are coming back where we belong. They need to keep the phone geared to "getting things done" and let the others cater to the toy users.

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Not sure if it's a result of his interviews, but BlackBerry stock price is on the rise again today.

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If you would have bought BlackBerry stock about six months ago you would have more than doubled your money today.:) The man is doing something right.

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We don't even have a Canadian date yet. Tomorrow is allegedly the day but nobody has Rogers shipping confirmation yet.

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Tomorrow is the confirmed date. And don't complain, the US market got screwed once again...over a month for us!

Actually its the US screwing over Blackberry. No point in launching first in the US when the media there is just going to bash Blackberry. Smart of Blackberry to launch in UK then Canada. Even though there are many fans of BB in the US, its a good move to go where there is larger demand and the media doesn't nit pick on every little thing.

You honestly believe that BlackBerry is deliberately delaying the US launch because of the "nitpicking media"? That's a "good move"? You're seriously going with that?

As with the Z10 I actually believe it's a good idea to launch later in the U.S. because a lot of the software "kinks" could be ironed out before the U.S. release to the "nitpicking media". When they find anything bad to exploit with BlackBerry and hype Apple, BlackBerry probably wants to lessen the negative blows, imo.

First of all, the media already has devices and the reviews are out. Second, it's never good to delay a major market. There aren't kinks to be worked out at this point. BB10 has had months to mature at this point.

Tell your carriers to start being open minded about products not starting with an "i" and you would get your product on time..

There is a reason that the story about returns outpacing sales has died in the media. With the exception of these interviews it is a non story and the jack wad that put it out there is most likely going have his ass handed to him.

One of the few times watching Fox is bearable, of course obviously outside from when they are being clowned on.

Serious note, I don't know what to do with my Z10 now, keep it AND get the Q10, or return/sell it to get the Q10.

Ahhhhh!!!!!! Choices!!!!!

Get the Q10 as well. 3 winners, you, me and Blackberry. You are gonna get it anyway, i already noticed from your post. Me, cause the Q10 is the device i've been patiently waiting for. BB itself for obvious reasons.

Physical keyboards are definitely in BlackBerry's future. Now all we need is a physical keyboard on a larger form factor... :)

Great, great, great interview. He is so good at showcasing BlackBerry and firing up the base. Here he answers every question with confidence and ease. That analyst is royally F'ed. This sets a precedence NOT to mess with BlackBerry. The Q10 sales should do AMAZING here and elsewhere. Once the numbers come out, there will be no denying that BlackBerry is at the forefront, where we BB fans have always placed it.

I think thorstein heins needs to be specific with his answers. We all know the Q10 is Going to sell better than the Z10. It's okay to say it. That sneaking away of questions puts doubt in consumers minds. If I want a Z10, the fact that the Q10 is going to sell more than it doesn't mean I will by an iphone. Both are blackberry and both run the BBX or blackberry10. BBX is quite cool

BlackBerry really needs to figure out how to launch their products in the US. A month or more delay between the UK and Canada, and the US market is wearing very, very thin. The other major players can all do it, why not BlackBerry!

What bb should do is make clear when the phone is coming to Europe and other countries. Just like apple give a date and then it all will be clear.

This waiting for a phone that will be released, at the end of may??

Thorsten does so well answering these darn insistent reporters. I wouldn't be so calm when they kept questioning like she did. And then at the end she had to kiss up with her BB use over the years. Jerk reporter.

How many CEO take this much time for interviews. This is the 3rd one today I have seen.
If you want to view video hit the 3 dots at the bottom right and hit open in browser. There you go.

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No switching for me. The predictive typing just gets better and better the more I use the Z10. Hope both phones do well.

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What's hilarious is that analysts keep trying to find out what return rates are because they have no idea what the industry standard is. They want someone to feed them internal information and keep trying to dig at the information. What about their vaunted "sources"?

The only people who view an end of May launch as a delay are those exited and informed fans of the product and it's upcoming release. Of course it's human nature to not want to wait for something you want, but the general public isn't tracking when phones get released where and why it isn't HERE yet. I for one find the complaining a bit annoying to say the least. The end of May is pretty close really and regardless of the reason, there undoubtedly is a reason and a well thought out one. No company is going to delay a launch to punish a market! That's just ignorant. People get paid damn good money to try and make these launches as successful as possible. It's coming soon and it will be a great device!

As much as I like Thor to respond with those numbers the interviewer was looking for, I do understand it is smart not to share it... Because whatever number he says, it's going to be met with more questions.

I think that a lot of the media is trying to kill the hype around the new line up that BlackBerry is bringing to the table. Just because one person said that they are returning more than they are selling doesn't mean anything without any proof. As a blackberry enthusiast, I'm happy that Heins is standing up for the blackberry community and not folding under the pressure that Fox News is attempting to throw his way.

Kind of sad that this reporter is asking such foolish questions and at the end of the day she owns and uses a blackberry herself. She should be encouraging and congratulating Heins for the company's achievements after all the hard work and obstacles instead of trying to show that BlackBerry is in the hole already.

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I had the chance to have fun with one at a store and it is NOT bullshit at all. You don't even. Have one amirite?

This man is awesome. I know the Q10 is in high demand but i believe some companies just force those, who were waiting for the z10, to buy the q10. I have a Z10 and it's awesome. I'm proud BlackBerry came back to compete.

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It's good that thorsten was correcting her. Trying to push that false data is obvious of fawx news to do. Seen it before.