Thorsten Heins, RIM President and CEO speaks about RIM's strengths, PlayBook 2.0 and more

By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2012 08:15 pm EST

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RIM has already taken the time to introduce Thorsten Heins, as their President and CEO and since the announcement, there has been a lot happening and many questions remain unanswered for now. But if you're looking to learn more about Thorsten Heins, RIM has posted up smaller portions of a larger interview held with him.

In the videos you get to hear his thoughts on RIM's strengths, PlayBook 2.0 and where RIM is heading in the next five years. There is a total of seven videos for you, just jump on past the break to watch them all.

On the next 5 years…

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On growth and enthusiasm…

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On PlayBook 2.0…

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On the best people…

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On motivation…

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On his proudest moment…

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Thorsten Heins, RIM President and CEO speaks about RIM's strengths, PlayBook 2.0 and more


I was never a blackberry nay-sayer or someone who threatened to swith to apple/android, but seeing Heins as the future Rimpire leader is a huge breath of fresh air. He looks like he will be a good jump start for this company and hopefully things will keep looking up from here.

I'm more cautious about this guy: He stated that most initiatives would stay in place, so to me the changes in leadership are mostly superficial. They should have brought in someone from the outside.

I disagree.

One of the worst things to do when taking over a large position such as this or any other, is to invoke immediate changes.

It's smarter to first learn your surroundings and THEN make changes where needed/appropriate. Opinions about what needs to change and should change can change with time.

You want to make sure you are fully aware (as best as you can) of what needs to happen and then take appropriate and educated action.

the playbook has always been able to do flash... the biggest key points of os 2 is android player, predictive keyboard, email/social intergration and the blackberry bridge remote function. other than that its alot of the same stuff. but then again thats all it needed to be the best tablet in the entire galaxy ever! :P

I tell you what, after seeing the "Social Contacts" feature, I think the Playbook could end Facebook. Granted, you have to get your family on Twitter and some other services, but it basically was a Facebook killer app (in my opinion).

On a side note, they should put out some commercials as the Playbook 2.0 being "the little black book" of the future.

"the playbook has always been able to do flash... "

not really....

The flash supported is NOT the full "desktop flash" version - and therefore alot of web pages will not show correctly and instead simply tell the user to upgrade the flashplayer, somthing that is not (not yet at least) possible from the "normal" web pages...

So Flash is there Yes, but - the web pages still have to be specially made aware of the tablets and accept the mobile Flash version which is included in the Playbook.

I believe he says "catch up" as in the O/S is more than catching up to the competition. But yeah, my first thought was he said Ketchup. :)

All this talk and no mention of developers or if they will be treated better. Devs and 3rd party apps are the most important factor now in making a platform make or break it.

I think RIM has greatly improved its developer relations. Don't think it's worth mentioning. Large 3rd party development firms will start developing when they see a large enough audience worth investing in. It's quite simple, there aren't enough PB's out in the hands of customers yet for some dev. companies to move with the PB.

Don't think it's worth mentioning? Really? Are you talking on behalf of RIM?

Have you been to the forums to see the number of issues devs have to deal with to get their apps on the app store or when they do. This isn't just about the PB. The PB is just one product.

When your customers start getting purchase not found errors for apps they have purchased, and RIM do nothing about it, when RIM doesn't let you use anything but PayPal to receive income from apps and PayPal decide to freeze your account for silly reasons. When your income suddenly drops because some partner network (read Bango) decides to offer refunds or doesn't explain how the calculations are performed... it's like taking a shot in a blind alley. When you get 907 COD file installation issues for enterprise customers and you've verified the build so many times but they still get it... the list goes on.

Check the forums or to speak to some real devs and you might realise.

I think half of your rant had nothing to do with RiM (ie PayPal stopping your account and some carrier doing refunds?? Lol?). On the other hand, you need to realize that RiM is, first and foremost, an enterprise-driven company; like Heins said they focus on solutions, not individual products; and I 100% agree with them. What makes RiM better and stronger than any other company out there is that they sell a solution, an entire system.

I honestly don't give two bits if I can play angry birds or doodle jump on my BlackBerry. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a mobile communications hub, it's not a gameboy.

Actually it has a lot to do with RIM. They offer PayPal as the only way to get paid, would be nice to have direct bank account transfers or at least a cheque option. Carrier doing refunds: RIM states they do not offer refunds on apps sold, they don't make it clear that their "partners" may do this.

It's true they are first and foremost enterprise driven, but they have at least 50mil+ personal consumers out there.

A lot of the best "enterprise apps" are developed by 3rd party devs with an interest in tackling the consumer market too. My whole point was if they could make things easier for devs and acknowledge them more we all win: RIM, devs, enterprise and consumers.

considering that Microsoft and RIM seem to always have something in connection to each other I call for some sharing. What if Microsoft gave up full access to word excel and powerpoint and released skype while RIM shares it's security and gives access to bbm exclusively to Microsoft.

That would be two enterprise companies that can make a push for first and second.

Just a thought.

Actually, it sorta makes sense doesn't it. Especially since Blackberry has signed with Microsoft to load Bing services onto their devices as proprietary, and also are using activesync for a part of their back-end solution for BB10 devices and Playbook 2.0 in addition to the NOC.

In 2.0 for Playbook, I hope they fix the Browser/Memory issues. My browser closes down if I have say, 2 tabs open, 2 apps open and not long after a restart. With that said, this makes the Playbook lack in the multi-tasking department. Fix this now before you move on RIM. Does it to everyone's Playbook that I know as well. Sick of it.