Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry Q4 results with Bloomberg

Bloomberg sits down with Thorsten Heins to discuss BlackBerry Q4 resullts

By Bla1ze on 28 Mar 2013 06:01 pm EDT

With the BlackBerry Q4 and year-end results for fiscal 2013 results now out there, Thorsten Heins, President and Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry, sat down to speak with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Money Moves.”

It's a fairly long interview, coming in at over six minutes, but it's a nice summary of today's events and it certainly offers some further insight as to where Thorsten wants to take BlackBerry in the near future. As always, there is a few topics that don't really get answered but that's par for the course, as some things just simply have to remain unanswered until it's time to officially announce them. 

You can hit the source link below to check out the full video and be sure to drop your comments with your thoughts on it all. Personally, I thought it was a great interview for Thorsten and covered all the topics I wanted to hear.

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Thorsten Heins talks BlackBerry Q4 results with Bloomberg


No, I was not! I started with Android, then iphone, and and got tired of both so gave BlackBerry a try. Proud to say I am NEVER GOING BACK!

Cool, calm, and collected, Thor is good dealing with these interviews.

On a side note, the source link doesn't show up on cb10 app.

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I cant wait to get my Z10 in November. Ill have to suffer with my 9930 which I just bought a extra battery and extra battery charger and new case for it.

Why is it that so many of these so called Media outlets who are supposed to be clued up about Technology continue to show old video's of BlackBerry 10 running on either early prototypes or on the Dev Alpha devices such as shown in this very interview???

Solid interview compared to the CNBC's bigotry and disgusting racist remarks against BB's success in other markets in the world. Thorsten carried himself well because he was asked sensible questions, it must have been a breath of fresh air for him after all the nonsense he had to deal with earlier in the day.

Yes. I hated seeing the CNBC interviews all day. They picked on everything negative and kept talking about BlackBerry being sold to one of it's competitors. They tried to make the audience think that all BlackBerry can do is make qwerty devices. But they forgot this is the same network that said BB10 phones wouldn't see the light of day. iPhone sheeps.

SO glad he killed that stupid 10" PlayBook rumor. The PlayBook is amazing as a 7" device. Everyone (Apple) who put out a 10" has said how inefficient it is. The PlayBook is about portability. I love PlayBooks. I have a 16GB for work and a 64gb for pla. 10" is overkill

Great interview... Thor hit everything with this. He has been an amazing force for BlackBerry and its future. He speaks with confidence in the name. This is a great start to whats looking to be an amazing year for #TeamBlackBerry

Posting for the heck of it just to get my 1st 'from cb10' signature. Lol. *now running along *

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Hey, Welcome to blackberry team, its amazing to see that people are moving to BlackBerry, from different platforms, I would really like to see all of you who switched from other platform to BlackBerry, write testimony

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Love to see all the new users.

Heins must really be looking forward to a long weekend - must need to recharge badly. Noticed public sources have his net worth at $10mm. Well, its going to be a hell of a lot more very soon.

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"there is a few topics" - Hello is this the new age talking for I don't understand what you is say?!
Come on folks, who proof reads this stuff? :-)

Happy Easter

You would think that, if someone's job is to write, they would at least be able to conjugate verbs correctly. This is one of many examples of poor writing on this site but, to be fair, this site is no worse than most. Every day I see examples of poor writing just about everywhere I look.

I'm sure an innovative playbook is in the works. They need to gain grounds on smartphone market so tablets has to wait. Pb is good at its current size.

Congrats to BB for shocking the biz' world with a unforecast PROFIT !!

economists and speculators, yeeeech !

Bought the ipad....drove me crazy....gave it to my gf
Bought the playbook....i would be crazy if I gave it away.
Have Z10 and am just crazy about it :)

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Ya its killing iPhone. But some apps are still missing. Like Skype for gods sake.

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Went from a 9700 to an HTC One X. Soo happy to own a Z10, even bought it full pop as I still have two years left on the HTC contract with Rogers! Soo much better! So yes, call me a 55%er, I never thought I would go back to a blackberry.

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haha .. around the 4:20 mark Jon says "Lenovo" and you can almost see Thorsten's expression turn to "FML" ... Good interview!!

Better than the CNBC interview. What a bunch of losers at CNBC, one of the most disrespectful interviews ever

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Just watched cnbc interview after this one and wtf is all the sound effects and a.d.d. Video and graphics pop outs... Holly cow, i was getting stressed out out watching that production style!

In terms of what I was able to see, Thor did a good job of avoiding their bait and delivering a good consistent message - although it wasn't a good quality interview (more like an interrogation) i learned a lot about the BlackBerry leader, way way way better spokesperson than Mike or Jim ever could have been... and that physicist comment was gold!

Will miss Mike, and even Jim - but BlackBerry is ready for the big boy table now!

Via Z10

Great interview. I don't think BlackBerry could have had a better suited officer for the job.
On a side note, perhaps CB should indeed think about writing a testimonies article with whomever is willing to explain why they moved to BB10, what's different & how they feel about it.

That Jon character wears way to much make up seriously!!! Throw a wig on and he is in drag!
Love the cool calm collected demeanor of Thor! He hit all the points and answered clearly, now whether it registers in these yahoo analysts that is a different story. lol

Very solid interview. I was a little taken aback by Thor admitting the strategy had changed from number of subscribers to more revenue per subscriber.

When in the old service revenue model, each customer pays about the same, so # of subs ~= $ revenue.
Coming in the near future, there will be different level of service, some pays lower and some pays higher depends on the service customers select. So to just say # of subs doesn't give an accurate picture of the $ revenue.
So Hein is saying, it is more informative to give the total service revenue. This is the same as in, $/subs x # of subs.
There is nothing wrong with it. It provides better information.

Why is it no videos play whilst in the CB10 app. But watch online. Awesome news, the phones super awesome.

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Day 2 with my TMobile Z10 and it's like an unending date with hottest model from Sports Illustrated. The more I am with it, the more I want to make it my wife...

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LoL every guy who gets a Z10 on T-Mobile has definitely got the crackberry syndrome from the person whom Kevin interviewed - what was his name again, the one who got the first Z10 from T-Mobile? =)

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Laughing out loud as my wife refers to my Z10 as my girlfriend!
Enjoy your new toy!

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

This Bloomberg interview was great, fair and balanced (except the DEV alpha device instead of the actual finished product) compared to the ones on CNBC. Yes. I hated seeing the CNBC interviews. They picked on everything negative (no positive points) and talked about BlackBerry being sold to one of it's competitors. They even tried to make their audience think that all BlackBerry can do is make qwerty devices and why did they bother making a touch device. But it's funny how they forgot this is the same network that said BB10 phones wouldn't see the light of day. They're nothing but iPhone sheeps.

Did everyone see Land & Olearly to night? Kevin Olearly was holding out for the Q10, he picked up a Z10 today (he dumped his Iphone). When they taped a Dragon Den the wealthly barber showed him the Z10 and now there is 3 Dragon's sporting the Z10. He was so impressed with the Z10's swift key. Go BB! Kevin goes on to say if Blackberry gets 5% of the market they will be fine.

I agree the mighty Thor looks tired. He evaded some of the questions with what sounded like rehearsed responses, but he stayed on message the whole time. I can safely say he is a great asset to Blackberry as a company. He isn't afraid to be in the news, he shows up at trade shows and rubs elbows with the masses, and he has time even during product launches to interview with the fans. It makes me proud to be a Crackberry addict.

I'm convert from iPhone 5 to Z10
in Indonesia this device is hot like cake, start selling on 15th March, now Z10 it's hard to find and less stocked for high prices

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Isn't the weather already hot enough in Indonesia? The Z10 just makes it even hotter ;)

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Welcome to bb10, we do not judge you no matter which platform you come from we glad you finally on the right on - we after all care bout you.

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I used a Bold 9700 for close to 3 years, missed it terribly when I migrated to a GS3 for 1 entire year. AT&T is my carrier and I travel every Monday to Friday outside my home state. Now, Hallelujah BlackBerry is back in my daily life and I absolutely love using my new Z10. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

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i've been a bb user for about 5 years, i think we deserved a comeback. my iphone was a second fone for a year, now i look at it like a mp3 lol

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Awesome... I believe I have at least 5 converts of droits in office after they saw my phone

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Loving the new white z10. Never owned a blackberry phone before. Moved from the Android to this. Also own a windows 7 qwerty, I plan to move that to the a10 when it comes out

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