Thorsten Heins not ready for another PlayBook; Says iPhone is dated

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins may not be ready for another tablet just yet, but still has other projects in the works and is all about mobile computing.

Thorsten Heins
By Adam Zeis on 18 Mar 2013 10:26 am EDT

Thorsten Heins has been making the rounds again interviewing with various media outlets, this time surrounding the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Australia. While BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 are all the focus, Heins did have a few bits to drop in on other topics like the rumors of an updated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

We've seen stories flying about BlackBerry 10 coming to the current PlayBook or even a new 10" version running BlackBerry 10, but nothing concrete around an actual release of either product. 

While he was in town for the opening race of the 2013 Formula 1 season to check out the new BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes AMG Petronas car, Heins took some time to speak at the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Sydney. He stressed that BlackBerry is currently locked to smartphones for the time being. He also noted that mobile computing is more about services than devices. BlackBerry has referred to their latest OS all along as a "mobile computing platform" rather than just another smartphone OS. While he didn't comment directly on if a new PlayBook tablet was in the works, he did not that it goes "way beyond mobile communications". 

"How can we take this to the next stage and not just be another tablet, or another design of a tablet? How can we really add value? ... Tablets in my view, from a hardware perspective, is a very difficult business. There's one company, kudos to them, that did it really well and they own the majority of the market."

It goes way beyond mobile communications

Hein's also riffed a bit on other platforms on the market. While he sent a bit of praise to Apple and the iPhone, he doesn't believe they have been very innovative since the initial launch in 2007. Heins didn't take anything away from them however as he said that "Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market " but also noted that at this point iOS is five years old. "There is a reason why they were so successful, and we actually have to admit this and respect that.” 

BlackBerry 10 is the new kid on the block, but with the US launch just days away and an order for one million Z10's on the books, the coming weeks will tell us a lot about BlackBerry and what's in store down the road. The numbers have been better than expected across the globe already, so we look forward to good things in the months ahead.

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Thorsten Heins not ready for another PlayBook; Says iPhone is dated


Humble? This sucks. I say compete to win and bring us a better tablet. If not, Blackberry will be the sole ecosystem (Microsoft, Android, Apple) without a complementary tablet/phone pair.

All in good time. He's spot on in his self assessment when asks "Where can we add value?" That's what it's all about. Apple all but controls the tablet space. Everyone else is a minority. Us Playbook owners end up being the minority of the minority.

So, in order to even think about invading that space, they require, first and foremost, lots of cash, which BlackBerry does not exactly have right now for highly risky endeavors such as that. If they did, they would definitely need something that not only adds value to the tablet market space, but is also pretty much #mindblowing.

With BB10 phones, BlackBerry seems to be looking to compete with the other fruits and robots through a smooth and addictive user experience. I think it can be compared to driving a car vs driving a motorcycle. If both are going 70mph, you're probably going to FEEL like you're going faster on the motorcycle because the experience is what it is: lower to the ground, lack of protective surroundings, feel of the wind, etc. Well, the specs for the Z10 aren't exactly top-of-the-line, but who needs it when the experience is what it is? It's different enough from the other companies given the current atmosphere surrounding them that they are able to compete enough to keep their foot in the door and still be relevant. One might say that their timing is perfect.

The same can't be said about their tablet space. The timing is bad right now. Their cash is limited. Apple is still going strong with their tablets and the Androids out there now have enough experience that they can at least hold their own. If BlackBerry tries to enter that fight again now, they'll probably get crippled enough that they won't even be able to support and push their BB10 phones, let alone their current tablet base.

I think the best thing BlackBerry can do right now is push their new phones and keep their current tablet base happy with updates. From what I can tell, those who own a Playbook are really happy with them (myself included). It would be pretty damaging to BlackBerry if they didn't keep us happy since it pretty much looks like those who own their tablet are BB loyalists. They'd lose more than just tablet holders, I'm sure.

Using your logic, ax, BlackBerry should exit the smartphone business as well because Android owns that market.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

No, I believe what he's saying is that fighting on two fronts is probably not the best plan of attack. One fight at a time, in my opinion.

if they dont come up with fresh hardware, they are bound to loose that market and make their current users unhappy. myself included.

By Fresh hardware, I don't want to see a new tablet like they have with android. Then the current becomes obsolete. Forget that. We don't need that. Have you seen what's been happening to current laptops? In less than a year, a hundred or so they say, are now "obsoleted" and they aren't even "old" (15-20 years is old).

Excellent post. I think that this is a "1984 Apple Superbowl commercial" moment in time. Great words. Great ads. Everything is great except you are focusing on the wrong foe. Apple is worried about Samsung. Samsung is worried about Apple. Blackberry is trying to study Android. And while everyone is worried about the next biggest CURRENT competitor, Microsoft just invested billions in DELL. They did not do this because they like Michael Dell personally. In one night, they went and bought an ecosystem and a distribution mechanism for it. The same way that it was Microsoft in 1984 that the focus should have been on. 40 years later, it should be Microsoft that people should keep their eye on.

Doesn't exactly suck IMO. Trying to do what others are doing is one factor that got us where we are (excuse me, where we were). The intent here is to innovate forward strategically and not knee jerk react to consumer demands. There's a balance.

I have to say I am disappointed that Thorsten Heins basically told BlackBerry PlayBook users to suck it up and move on to another tablet. This is unacceptable. We deserve better treatment from the company that we have stood behind all these years, particularly during the transition to BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 and BlackBerry OS 10.0. If his real intent is merely licensing BlackBerry OS 10 to other vendors then get out of the smartphone and tablet business now. He best learn Canadians will turn on their own if the person is revealed to be a charlatan. If Heins is hoping for rock star status and adoration, he should have applied for US citizenship instead.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

THAT'S what he said?! I must have missed it somehow. And please, he's totally a silver fox, even if he isn't a rock star yet.

Read comment above yours by mscooley. BlackBerry 10 is NOT going to be licensed out. They aren't going to exit the tablet/smartphone business. BlackBerry 10 is a layer on top of QNX, which is licensed out already.

QNX is not BlackBerry OS 10; it is merely the kernel of an operating system. Of course QNX is already licensed to third parties and has naught to do with smartphone and tablet offerings from BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

If you read between the lines, I believe he said that hardware was a cut throat business, and that mobile computing is about services. Put those two together and he may be pointing to a hardware/software partnership. Something that could bring a new perspective to a saturated idea.

Heins is a con artist. Blackberry BB10 is now a huge success and this once strugling company is now concentrating on its new hot cash cow z10 and throwing Playbook owners to the lions as this tablet is completely profitless. I have been a Playbook owner since the beginning but knew this would happen if BB10 was a success, so I went out and bought myself a Samsing Galaxy Tablet 2, 7.0 and this is my new main tablet as Im fed up with Heins lies and Blackberrys cons of bringing BB10 to the Playbook. Heins needs to stop putting out these rediculous smoke screens of his and outright admit that Blackberry has trashed the Playbook. Kevin has said Playbook cant run BB10 and perhaps a watered down version of BB10 will be created for our Playbooks. So be it. Blackberry is making a HUGE mistake concentrating exclusively on smartphones. Tablets are an enormous part of the market. My Playbook will be waiting patiently for some kind of version of BB10, meanwhile I am tremendiously enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy Tab I purchased, as I wont spend one dime on a z10 from a company who has lied to us loyal Playbook owners one to many times,

@george_helgerson. More delusional than humble. Heins is letting it go to his head the z10 is a huge success and thinks he can save Blackberry money by gearing production costs fully to the BB10 smartphones. What he is overlooking is what you said. The big 3 Android Apple and Microsoft all have tablets which are a huge part of the market. No Playbook? Droves or Tablet fans are gonna get a tablet from one of the big 3 which will hurt Blackberry big time in the end...believe it.

Blackberry is aiming for is to provide a platform in while you can externally connect your phone to larger screens/computer and use it that way.(securely) Another tablet/screen may come soon, but they're putting all resources in advancing the OS and exploiting what it can do.

I was hoping for a Playbook update but maybe something even better is in the works! Oh and I guess I am first! Wait I am not First now my day is ruined, how can I live

That was put in as sarcasm...

I really respect Thorsten's objective and thoughtful responses in interviews. He gives praise where it is earned and points out weaknesses where it exists.

Posted via CB10

He's positioning BlackBerry as a mature, realistic company for value investors and CIOs, while the videos hint at a sense of humor missing from the competition. Pure marketing. Creating a new and distinctive brand identity, different from Apple (and a little more aligned to Google perhaps).

Yeah, he really hasn't said it enough in context of his recent discussions about tablets. Don't think that I haven't kept up to date with the news.

I have been talking in my circles about how Blackberry should stay away from tablets for many reasons. TH mentioned poor ROI, which is obviously a big reason from an economic standpoint. However from a technology perspective, I don't believe the future of mobile computing is about providing different devices that do the same thing but with different fixed display sizes. Instead the mobile computing future should have in its roadmap a move away from fixed displays in the traditional sense.

IMO apple doesn't have to always be innovating. App developers do that for them. An excellent example is the mailbox app that got purchased by Dropbox. It improves the user experience in innovative way and all apple had to do was nothing

Posted via CB10

I read about that...
DropBox has good partnership with BlackBerry so hopefully this acquisition leads to something good for BlackBerry users.

Love how detached and smooth Heins is handling the whole media situation! Makes me proud to be german!

Posted via CB10

Okay????? I was under the impression there will be a PlayBook update to OS10? Adam have you heard anything more on that? Bla1ze? Kevin?

I was certain of this too now I'm starting to wonder if they (BBRY) are regretting that statement like the Android emulator adoption.

We need larger screen sizes for browsing or working with documents. Can't blame PlayBook for RIM's past missteps.

Redacting this form ipad mini. 4reasons
screen size (with overall size almost similar to the playbook)
Speed, playbook shows its age...
But the KILLER one, neither the playbook or the dev alpha managed to connect the the hotel wifi...
I miss the multitasking though, and surprisingly the typing experience, but also of course the hdmi (at least I was able showing a movie to my daughter).
There is room for a tablet that is not looking too much for the cheap like android (my nexus 7 stayed at home). But maybe it is easier for apple fixing the software.

PlayBook is wonderful but needed a complete OS and stable company. Can't sell a BlackBerry without BBM. Things are changing. Uncertainties surrounding RIM is fading now and BB10 is fantastic! Tablets are a natural path forward. Hope Thorsten reconsiders.

Agreed. I think that focusing on phones for now is a good idea. As much as I want BB10 on my PlayBook, BBRY needs to be a stable company 1st and a successful line of new BB10 phones this year with good sales will get them there. Then they can branch out and focus back on the tablet market.

Sorry for the short notes, but I was unable to post it all at once. Got a posting error each time, but shorter posts worked.

Nice that he can see the futility in bbry tablets, but another bbry ceo scoffing at iphone, we saw that in 2007 and that didnt turn out so well.

Scoffing? Don't think so; he simply stated the obvious and I don't see that as dissing or scoffing at all.

1) Heins is correct, BB makes money on services, and required contracts
Samsung and Apple make their money on hardware.
2) Playbook was far advanced for it's time but BB (RIMM) ran out of money to advance the software.
BB was not able to build support from app makers and to build profitable app re-sales.
Hopefully, the best that BB can do now is to build BB10 for PB.

That's my concern too. I'm cool, just bring it up to snuff with the Bold functionality. I blow people's minds all the time, "Are you using your Blackberry... as a MOUSE!?" LoL

Glad to see him that confident but he has to remember that the same thing happened to BlackBerry...but now everything has changed and apple has to be careful before they find them self inside the same hole has BlackBerry once was or still is will see with the results soon.

From a huge BlackBerry fan and supporter.

Posted via CB10

The playbook is dead don't see it getting an update to bb10. Once gain bb doesn't deliver on its promise. Love the form factor but the thing is basically useless. I just use it to play my movies via hdmi output. But I'm gonna sell it soon. Hopefully I can find a buyer.

This is the sentiment we do not want. This is why I am asking Thorsten to reconsider his comments. The tablet market is important to RIM as desktops are slowly vanishing. Laptops will be the next to follow as keyboards become obsoleted by voice commands. Tablets are the future.

Your delusional if you think a application developer will use voice commands to output code instead of a keyboard...

bbfanboi never said laptops / desktops would be extinct, just that fewer people will use them in the future as smartphones and tablets provide the experience that users' want.


"he did not that it goes "way beyond mobile communications"."

supposed to be:

"he did note that it goes "way beyond mobile communications". "


Posted via CB10

Is this a serious question? NO, it was supposed to be not :| Care to inquire about the punctuation as well?

RP Singh guessed the author meant 'note' instead of 'not'. But wanted to draw attention to the mistake in a non-critical way. No reason for the sarcastic reply.

Plus, based on the context of the sentence, it would appear that RP Singh's guess is in fact correct. I agree, no need for sarcasm.

With BlackBerry bringing out more devices over the next year, I wonder how long it will be before we see a phablet. I suspect we will see this before a Playbook replacement.

Posted via CB10

A phablet may make more sense for Blackberry than a tablet. How about a Z10 with a flexible expandable display? Now that would be interesting. The blackberry experience is currently about getting things done, messaging, multi-tasking. You want to flip around using one hand. On the tablet side I would just buy a cheap google nexus or something like that. Why does your Z10 have to be paired with another Blackberry so you can watch movies? Blackberry needs to lead the way into mobile computing with new stuff, instead of playing catch-up yet again in the saturated tablet market. Do you want to hear the "too little too late" message all over again? How about "wow look at what Blackberry has come up with before everyone else?"

Where he says the company is going, very exciting. With what he is talking about, could bring in a lot of talent for employees.
Also, he talks about how important services are. That's apps. Really hoping more top name apps come.

Posted via CB10

This is the kind of CEO that BlackBerry really need right now, the one that's down to earth and see the reality, whilst still dream big for the future.

Yet just about a week or so ago he was quoted as saying he instructed his team to build him another tablet and that they are working currently on BlackBerry10 for the Playbook.


You guys have to listen to all his comments in context to get where he is headed with the tablets.

Playbook was a great way to get feedback on QNX before coming out with the BB10 software. BB10 on the Playbook is a great way to get feedback on BB10 as a tablet software so we will see BB10 on the Playbook by June (the sooner it is out the quicker they get the feedback they need).

They will not issue another tablet just strictly for the sake of competing in the hardware business because the hardware is now commodized. A new tablet will come out when they have figured out how to do this in conjunction with services. This all points to a tablet for businesses who can afford the services charges.

Listen to everything Thor says, not just piece meal comments. He is very consistent once you put all the pieces together.

You mentioned an order for 1 000 000 Z10 smartphones but the article says 1 000 000 BB10 phones. Is it actually 1 000 000 Z10's?

Can't complain about that perspective. Putting out an updated tablet for the sake of putting out a tablet makes no sense. The market is owned by Apple. Apple's iPad created the marketplace and own the space. Android tablets, say what you want, are all over the place and just run a phone OS with very few attractive apps designed for a 10.1" screen. Every time I use an Android tablet I feel like I've got a spec'd out monster that seems like an afterthought among developers. I am sure apps are "coming" but they're coming at a very slow pace. Not worth it. Heck, they don't even have a Facebook app designed for tablets -- or a good eBay app. The PlayBook at least tries to be a bit more of an integrated business device, but until they find a new angle that will make it a must-have kind of device I would wait until the opportunity presents itself. Give me a reason to carry the thing around instead of making a big phone with all the same functionality.

I think he's acknowledging Apple owning the tablet space and that BB needs to create a unique angle for its own devices, and there's no need to put out the same device again. Probably wait and see where things go with BB10 and the new phones and go from there...(hurry mail and get here...waiting for my Z10)

Exactly. It's refreshing to see a CEO that appears to see the big picture rather than just trying to follow the "me too" or "leapfrog the competition" ( :P ) mentality. Don't release a device just to say you released a device; provide a service, a reason for people to use it.

And let's be honest, BBRY can not afford the cost of releasing a new or refreshed product that falls short in the marketplace and gets trashed in the press. Been there, done that.

" he doesn't believe they have been very innovative since the initial launch in 2007. "

Come on - that isn't what he said. Amazing how this story is making the rounds all over the place as "Heins bashes iPhone!". He heaped a bunch of praise on them and simply said that the OS is now 5 years old. Which is completely true.

Nowhere did a say, "They were cool five years ago, but have been sitting on their ass" or anything like it.

Well considering there are some of us that don't own any Droid or iOS tablets a new Playbook would be great news.

Basically Heinz told us to wait again LOL.

Actually it sounds like he's telling you to look at the great options that exist and consider them as well.

Thorsten is definitely smooth when it comes to the media, l Iove how he gave a balanced response -- he gave praise to Apple first before busting out the truth of the matter. way to go Thorsten, keep it up!

BlackBerry's future is looking awesome :-) makes me wanna buy some stock in it....

I think what bb should do is focus on the phones and make them better, more apps etc. then focus on the tablets and bring them up to par.

TH is probably not using PlayBook... because if he does, he knew the importance of BB10 to current PB... he will have the urgency to totally commit on it with measurable time frame...

Posted via Z10

This is how a CEO is supposed to act. Perfect! I really have a good feeling about Blackberry's future.

Totally agree with previous posts. Get the bb10 and it's bugs ironed out first. There's still gripes many folks have cited here. Once you can put those issues to rest, then re deploy resources as needed.

BlackBerry fell victim to spreading themselves way too thin in the past. Can't afford to make the same mistake.

Posted via CB10

BB doing the right things right now.. they're listening to the customers and actually trying to innovate what would be useful to the customer. They should take the time and get it right the first time.

I love this dude....blackberry really did their homework when they hired thorsten heins....i said it before a 10in playbook isn't a gud or gr8 move....

Every Tech News writer is spinning this as a Jab to Apple. Only CrackBerry has the full quote up. Everywhere else is taking it out of context to make a story. That's just pathetic. Here Thor makes a great point to highlight how great Apple has been over the years before pointing the obvious (that their os IS 5 years old) and they spin it as hateful jabs. Bravo to TeamCrackBerry for actually reporting the full story as always

"iPhone is dated" says Heinz ! Sound's like the guy who told us that " amateur hour is over "! :)
And... is Heinz really the man to define passe ???

They don't give a f... about playbook users, they mentioned an os update of playbook just to buy more time... I really sick of listning bullsh... (also bullshit from blackberry zombies, who always defending RIM, sorry Blackberry). they've changed name, they've produced new devices, but what about applications? 70000 apps and more of 85% are stup!d android ports, no native C++ apps! promising some updates for playbook but not having a clue when it will be released (that is immature), gues what waiting for 2 years for some OS to be released, is showing how serious they are.... I hate Blackberry and all their stup!d devices, they doesn't worth that money. and for all those brain dead Blackberry fans who cannot see further of their plastic sh..., grow up...!

That is a lot of pent up emotions. If you "hate BB and all their stupid devices" then do yourself a favour - sell them all and go buy something else that works for you Life is way too short to be this riled up about a phone and / or a tablet..

as I said before, there always will be some blackberry zombies that cannot get the point. let me enlighten you: this is a matter of principles, if you sell something than you need to provide support, unless you are trying to con someone. 2 years of not getting any support from RIM proves that they are immature, and that is why their stock share collapsed... I wish that I could sell this peace of crap and get my money back but unfortunatelly that is imposible...

In my opinion, there'll be no BB10 for Playbook, and no tablet for 2013.. Probably a quad core, Full HD display 9"/10" tablet with BB10.2 in 2014. And from my point of view, it's great. They don't want to bring another tablet out there without a wow effect. Clever.

Didn't you read everything? It doesn't make sense to make another tablet if one is already on the market. Thousands of android tablets, but the same experience in each one...

I read this twice and sorry but I don't think anything was said of significance which is probably the point. I'm not reading too much into this comment in terms of direction.

If you check out the leaked blackberry roadmap it looks like there will be a tablet this year. Everyone laughed at it before but it seems like it was right all along
Am I wrong? Search Web for leaked BlackBerry roadmap.

Posted from my z10. Haven't been able to put it down for a month now.

Posted via CB10

Good for Hiens. I'm not ready for a new PlayBook, either. Mine (32GB, Wifi) does everything I need it to do. As long as my new Z10 (due to be shipped to me Wednesday) will bridge as cleanly as my Torch 9800 does, I'll be quite satisfied. My PlayBook, even without OS10, is infinitely more useful to me in the conduct of my business than my wife's iPad will ever be.

this is the man we need to lead the boat of BBRY. Mr. Heins, well said. stay humble and let the BB10 ship sails away to the victory.

I just bought a 4g Playbook unlocked. What the hell. Price was OK. Still like the device, even if everyone else doesn't.

Great news as always! Who needs to re-release another tablet if the current one performs well? I like thorstens thinking.

Yeah, the iPhone is dated... we dated for a while, but then I found out that despite being handsome and in great shape, he wasn't all that bright, and, despite having diverse tastes, he couldn't keep up his end of the conversation... after a while, the sex got boring... I admit that every once in a while (since he's so hot) it's fun to just play around a bit, find out what's new, but then I remember why I just can't commit to him... there's no way I'd ever want to be 'exclusive' with him. I am seeing someone very special right now, who has almost everything that the iPhone had, but is MUCH BETTER at communicating and is a great life partner. Oh, and the sex is HOT, and getting better ALL THE TIME. I think I'll make him my Hub-and.

Thorsten Heins has great confidence and seems to know what he is aiming for, but he needs to deliver! Even though Apple may not seem innovative or "new", they are the most complete platform! In terms of being able to complete all tasks and being compatible with all the services we use. I use other non-BlackBerry devices because BlackBerry can't do certain things... So if Thor is talking about "Mobile Computing" and how that's the future, then it needs to be more complete! Make BlackBerry the only device and platform I need!

What he said is true iOS is the oldest of the 4 major smartphone & tablet operating systems. It has some advantages of being the most mature but as Blackberry found there is a tipping point where old is just old.
People who complain about their Playbook not being updated need to get a grip if they'd bought any other tablet when the Playbook was released it would have been several generations obsolete by now.

Wow, I know many that cannot find a brand new PlayBook and want one. I know a few more that are looking forward to a more powerful PlayBook but the 10" version all based on BB10 to replace there current iPad 2's.

Get new BB10 tablets out the door ASAP because Smart Phones and Tablets go hand in hand.

Nowhere in that article do you see Mike Al Melfah QUOTED saying anything about Playbook release. The writer drew his own false conclusions.

Here is the QUOTE: “We have a very clear road map. The company will launch six additional new devices in 2013,” said Al Mefleh" (and added that the PlayBook will be in addition to these six new devices). As you can see in the brackets, the author of the article must have heard Al Melfah state sometime within the live interview and/or speech that a PlayBook was among the 6 BB10 devices for 2013.
So far we know two of them, the Z10 and Q10. I believe we will see one more QWERTY phone and two more full touch, one mid range and one high end, followed with a Tablet.

Will BlackBerry be continuing to supply the PlayBook with the 2.0OS? Because I cannot find them anywhere, not even at Best Buy, Future Shop, The Source, WalMart, Staples etc.

"... the author of the article must have heard Al Melfah state.." Yeah, he must have heard, yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. LOL!

Oh, but wait, what if he heard wrong?

All Blackberry has ever done is promised and never deliver a BB10 update for Playbook. Thorsten himself says in this article Blackberry is abandoning the Playbook and any future tablets. Face it guys, our Playbooks will soon become bricks like the Microsoft Zune. Theres no BB10 coming to Playbook.

TH has said on several occasions that BB10 is being developed for the PlayBook. Other BB officers have said the same. None have ever said that the PlayBook would not be supported. You have to laugh at the stupid jerks moaning and crying here on this site leaping to their ridiculous assumptions. Call the whambulance! All in due time cry babies.

Heins is taking a beating on the web and news for saying Iphone or Apple has not been innovative for a while. Bloomberg has been pretty synical in the write up about Heins comments. Taking bits and pieces and not the whole story of what he had said. BB time for damage control !!

When it comes to new product developments, BB must be able to set its own time table - the tablet market is overly saturated already and is now a dog's breakfast market with limited future.
BB must break out of this boxy confinement of the dying tablets industry and start thinking inventively of things like wearable playbooks, like merging tablet functions into BB phones, flexible screens as second monitors for BB phones, BB's that wirelessly project images onto eye glasses and any white backgrounds, economically encrypt voice transmissions and internet browsing (possible nightmares for CIA) and make them available to ordinary users every where, create higher level web based programming algorithms to completely replace the apps (apps are structurally inefficient by nature and are dumming down our future generations).

I think a new innovative PB is in the works. it has to be.. ppl loave tables. BB just have to make it different. Not necessary ming blowing, although, mind blowing would be great... Time will tell. I predict by end of summer, we'll hear more realistic plan for PB

You guys Still don't get it!

RIM Endgame is qnx not smartphones! I did that Blogger post last month on my serious mobile WordPress site and still I'm seeing loos end posts like this over the web.

BlackBerry + QNX + NOC = Machine to machine business!! do you all really think F1 presence is for simple marketing?! Seriously?! Think of provider tele metrics and qnx in the F1 car along with NOC what does that equal. This is NOTHING new for BlackBerry either they have lots of this kind of experience with military drones in flight using qnx as well.

Posted via CB10

I'm a huge BB fan and have been avid reader/visitor to crackberry for many years. I've never posted anything but I feel compelled to now. I've been trying to post this all morning but get a posting error message. I'll post in several shorter messages

Just like so many others, I bought a PlayBook at launch and struggled through the dark days until 2.0. I still love it but its usefulness is deteriorating rapidly. But my point is to agree with Vic regarding the salespitch given to all us diehard PlayBook fans.

We were told to "hang on in there" because the new OS is coming and we'll get the apps that everyone takes for granted.My children were asking for Galaxy Tabs and iPads last Christmas, but I held on to the belief that the app store would soon change and developers would be coming on board in droves.

I bought PlayBooks for my children and my wife and I now feel like a complete tool. Quite soon, the only app for the playbook will be "Tumbleweed" and I dare say we'll have to pay for that. I'm absolutely gutted that my loyalty to RIM/BB has been abused in this way.
I can't bring myself to give cash to the fruit or even to shamsung so I will continue to turn up to meetings with my chunky playbook. But I'm really, really annoyed to have been treated this way.

@spjones77. Hey my friend I know how you feel. I have been a loyal Playbook owner since the beginning and after hearing this moronic announcement by Thor, I ran to Best Buy and got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2, 7.0, I've had it with Blackberry's constant lies and obfuscation lying to us saying they are giving us BB10 on our Playbooks. Face it guys...BLACKBERRY ARE LIARS AND WE ARE NOT GETTING BB10 EVER ON OUR PLAYBOOKS. Abandoning the Tablet market is a moronic mistake. One Blackberry will pay for in the long run. I love my new Samsung Tablet. Its so hot and fast and best of all, 90% of the apps are FREE unlike Blackberry where they charge you through the butt for everything. I will still use my Playbook for watching HD movies on my big screen Tv, and Playing the exsisting games I have on there, but won't spend another cent ever on a Playbook app.

The comments from Thorsten about the iPhone might end up hurting BlackBerry the most. If in fact iOS is stale as every technology blog, BlackBerry and Android fan boy points out on a daily basis and Apple refreshes iOS 7 along with a new iPhone/iPad, it might be bad news for BB10. We won't know what's in iOS 7 until WWDC in early June/July. With Jonathan Ive revamping the GUI, it could breath fresh air on the stale iOS, and BlackBerry might be the one that would suffer the worst.

Whats gonna hurt Thor the most is abandoning Playbook. I am fed up with the constant lies concerning BB10 coming to the Playbook. The Tablet market is huge and Thor is an idiot for abandoning it. Both super giants Android and Apple have huge tablet markets. Bad move for abandoning Playbook Thor. You just lost a customer here, the first of many to come.

No? Ok. Who started the rumour about BB10 on the playbook? I'm pretty sure I read it quoted from an authoritative source here on CB. As a loyal PB owner from the start, I think I've been pretty patient considering we've had next to no eco-sytem from day 1.
Seriously though I'd love to know who give me and so many others false hope for what was and still is in many ways, a fantastic tablet.
C'mon, who started the BB10 on a PB rumour?

@shootsscores. Thor hasnt lied? LOL at that one. Go google how many times in the past year he promised that BB10 was coming to our Playbooks. I cant count them. And now in this article he's dumping the Playbook and concentrating solely on BB10 phones. Thats a mega lie buddy!! Research what you say before posting it and looking like an idiot. Thor is a major con artist.

Everything TH has promised to deliver has been delivered. He said all PlayBooks will be updated to PB10. I'll take his word over a snivelling cry baby's rantings any day.

@shootsscores. Ya Thor also promised to deliver BB10 to Playbook BEFORE the Q10 was released. Guess what, the Q10 was released. Where is it? We're not being ''cry babys'' you presumptuous idiot. Just pointing out Thor's lies. Learn the difference there son.

Easy to see... "We don't want to be another one... we will follow our own path..."
"Things will be ready when they are... and then you'll know about them!"
BBRY isn't struggling with anyone... They're moving foward... And I think the path is the correct one!
Keep up the pace!!!!

@DanDonahue. Sounds great in theory but Blackberry is a greedy company who are dumping their Playbook customers so they can make mega profit from their new Z10's to line their own pockets.

Apps apps, cross platforms popular apps and bb10 will be very popular! Do what people like...just apps! FREEEE !!!!! Spend money on that please!!

The fact is before 2007 touchscreens were a thing of the scifi realm Apple pioneered the touchscreen no they didn't invent it but they perfected it speaking from where Blackberry is right now(fighting for third spot) it seems a little soon to claim any sort of title.

This post has been on the landing page for days now and as a playbook owner is becoming quite irksome. Just saying . . .

@jz1. I have a Playbook and would like to see that happen, but good Luck with that. Its clear from the sound of this article Thor threw the Playbooks and their owners in the trash. But then again whats a mere Playbook to a company who just got 1 million Z10 orders? They are a write off. Id be really suprised if we ever see a Playbook update to BB10.