Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha at BlackBerry World

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 07:58 pm EDT

Thorsten Heins introduced the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha, a device Research In Motion has created for developers to use for testing their newly created BlackBerry 10 apps. He also let everyone know that developers that are currently attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam sessions right now will be taking one of these Alphas home with them.

Reminder: The Dev Alpha is not a BlackBerry 10 Phone. RIM has made this message loud and clear, but we'll repeat it once again for good measure.

The purpose of this seeding is to give BlackBerry 10 Jam developer attendees a testing device to create excitement as they start to develop BlackBerry 10 applications alongside us.

To be clear, this is not a BlackBerry 10 device. It's the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha. It includes a modified version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS which shows the path to the BlackBerry 10 OS, which has been customized to a phone. This device will allow developers to test the applications they are building with our BlackBerry 10 toolsets.

It was later revealed that not only would developers get to take home one of these BlackBerry 10 Dev Alphas, they will be able to trade it in later this year for an actual BlackBerry 10 smartphone! Awesome!

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Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha at BlackBerry World


I wish EVERYONE here would go to Yahoo finance and look up RIMM (ticker symbol). The financial press is piling on misinformation, calling the programming device a prototype phone and in general getting investers to run like hell from R.I.M. If they are not rebutted there will be no BB10, the stock will have become worthless and you can close the website.
Currently, they are comparing RIM to the death throws of Palm.

I hope RIM will be smart enough to make the device available to developers like me that wasn't able to attend the conference. They can do just like Microsoft does so that not every tom, dick and harry who isn't a developer tries to scam for a device by asking the requesting developer for either a install of the app they are developing OR a screenshot of the app running in the simulator.

I hope the new bb10 devices would come with a different twitter application that indicates that you. Are "tweeting via BB10". I'd like that