Thorsten Heins includes a special note with new employee devices

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2013 04:55 pm EDT

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is a stand up guy all the way. We've seen him in person and in numerous interviews and appearances -- each time he continues to impress us. We're fairly sure that the employees at BlackBerry have taken a liking to him in the last year or so as well, especially after receiving their new BlackBerry 10 devices. 

Included with their new corporate devices, Mr. Heins included a note that shows he is truly proud of the entire team at BlackBerry, their years of hard work and the future of the company. 

Just goes to show that Thorsten Heins really is the right man for the job - we can't wait to see what's in store for BlackBerry Live in just a few weeks. The message here certainly is a good one and most definitely put a smile on some faces up in Waterloo. 

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Thorsten Heins includes a special note with new employee devices


Another one of the reasons I want to co-op, and eventually work at BlackBerry after my University career.

Why don't you quit your job and work for free if you hate blackberry so much and your current job by the way you comment? Stop spreading misinformation. Seriously.

No need to tell people what to do. I have work already since yesterday. You should be happy. Heavy scrap metal sorting isn't easy especially when each piece weighs up to 60 lbs. Size doesn't matter either, it just makes it more difficult to carry.

Two boxes filled with various old and new cellular phones. Blackberry sad to say that nothing is able to be bought from them or I would've recovered those vintage blackberries. There was also a recycle-bin or small garbage bin Filled to the top with really old handspring palm treos. Both black and white and A few colour units.

Motivation, appreciation and support. Those are the drivers of your workforce. This little letter shows

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Smiles all around. Oh maybe expect the 5,000 employees that were laid off shortly after the BlackBerry 10 release? How using some of his charm to hire them back? Their hard work and dedication were rewarded with unemployment. A somber note, but the point needs to be made.

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Cost saving measures were vital for them at that time. I am sure he didn't want to fire anyone, but when you're in a position like that, there's little room for error. There might not have been a chance to give out these devices if they didn't cut back.

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+10... the unfortunate side of business, and one that my company has gone through lately. Never wanted, but some times needed!

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An unfortunate end to an over bloated company that didn't need as many employees and divisions that it did.

I have a franchisee who owns a restaurant in Waterloo and they would tell me a ton of RIM employees would show up around noon for lunch and stay for hours, regularly. Also had 3 friends who worked there, two were fired, one quit, and all of then would tell me stories of the mismanagement there.

Too much middle management, dual CEOs, messed up reporting structure. That was then, this is now. A new lean and mean company that's hopefully much nimbler at moving with the market and getting ideas realized and products out the door.

Go RIM! ( I mean blackberry :) )

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... and way too many contractors too, yes, I was one of them for 5 years! I voiced my thoughts openly about thé waste... many agreed, but nothing was done.
Good for Thor for dropping that wet blanket Robyn!

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You can't blame heins at all. The former CEO's mismanaged the company to a near death state and he had no choice but to make the hard decisions.

Their culture was toxic pre-Heins. I'm sure plenty of people got fired that didn't deserve it but also plenty of people that probably did.

Coming from a position of senior management, i would like to categorically state that it is never fun to fire staff and it's always the last option available.

I believe RIM had alot of dead weight from poor decisions and Thorsten had little to no choice. He is, afterall, responsible for the numbers report every quarter......

Nice touch. CEO's got to realize they are nothing without dedicated enthusiastic employees. Thorsten seems to get that.

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I hope they do... at least at a rate to match the user community. It will help them identify and fix the problem.

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I've had mine since the 1st week of February and I have never seen it reboot on its own not some sign that it had rebooted while I wasn't looking... my three friends with z10s have had the same experience as me and they are each on different carriers than each other and than me (Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Bell). I am very curious about what the pattern is with whomever is experiencing these reported reboots.

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Reboots may be caused by third party apps. Mine roboots when using WhatsApp through BlackBerry Hub.

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Nice note but when will he give the customers what we want. The popular apps which RIM even had on the other blackberrys

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Sure, it's neat but... You do realize these aren't gifts the employees get to keep? Use of company-owned/paid devices is an employee benefit. Assets are retained by the employer upon the employee's separation.

So in effect, all BlackBerry did was replace existing assets with new ones. Just like company XYZ upgrading its employees from all Bold 9900s to BlackBerry Z10s. It was an IT upgrade.

Bravo! Although it was quite a wait, it's evident this team has busted their rear ends making BB10. I'm very satisfied with my new phone, and I hope they appreciate what they've accomplished. Hopefully, improvements can continue to flow, and I can't help but think the feedback from BlackBerry's very own team carrying around this product will only help. Way to go!

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Still the gesture means a lot coming from management. Appreciation goes a long way. Nice work CEO.

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Exactly!! And this being tangible, not in a basic email out to the company but upgrading all employees to BB10 devices along with this note inside the box.

Adam ... took a long time to post this, this was yesterday ;) Still glad you did post this - it's critical.

BlackBerry Live is what we'll see just how hard the upper echelon teams at BlackBerry have been and what fruits and BlackBerry deserts they'll bring forth.

Man, the negativity.

Some of you people always have a way of reminding me what's wrong with the world. Corporate device, laid off employees or not, this is a gesture that some people can only hope for from their employer. The fact the the CEO of a multi-national corporation actually recognised that it's his employees that made BlackBerry what it is and what it will become, is an enourmous gesture.

This isn't for you or me to pick apart and add our own opinions. This is about BlackBerry and it's employees, why take that away from them?

<------- Line up for free hugs starts here.

He was given command of a sinking ship and now he's got it floating again. The letter was a nice gesture to the staff. Sure downsizing was needed but that's what good CEO's do...make tough decisions in tough times. It's always unfortunate when people lose jobs but if keeps this company moving in the right direction, it will mean more jobs down the road. He's done a commendable job. Kudos to you Mr. Hein.

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This is definitely a nice touch by someone who is engaged. We recently had a mini crisis at my work location. Everything was very well handled and was noticed by big brass. We were rewarded for efforts made and received a little thank you speech during the thank you event. It's definitely nice to get that pat on the back.

Extremely proud of the blackberry team! Going through a painful and necessary shake up. Showing noting but character and perseverance.

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I agree AngryEdmontonian. My guess is that most of the negative comments are either from people who have issues with other people who are successful, are the same people who for some reason wanted RIM (now BlackBerry) to fail or maybe they were fired from BlackBerry. Who knows because to me the gesture from Mr. Hein and BlackBerry was positive.

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Watching blackberry's comeback is like watching a classic hollywood boxing movie. U see the confident and arrogant ex champion lose round after round til hes a rock-bottom underdog that everyone bashes at n counts out. Humbled And determined, blackberry began its climb back up to its fotmer glory days. Beautiful. I'm so happy for blackberry and proud of myself for being a berry loyalist when everyone moved on to other platforms :)

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Really cool... I would've also ended with a "Thank you" to everyone who was able to make this possible but that's just me. GO THOR AND BB! :)

That's just true class right there. I work for one of the largest telecommunications company in Canada and although they insist we carry company phones, your definitely not getting VP approval for any BB10 phones.

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It's too bad the recently laid-off employees, who sank just as much effort into the platform, will be paying out of pocket for the privilege to carry a BB10 device.

The only way my Z10 could be any better is if the box came with a note from their CEO. What a nice thing to do for his employees.

He is such a humble yet determined man with charisma. I envy you, Mr. Heins!

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Why this is posted on N4BB before Crackberry as much of the time, it seems like Crackberry just copies posts and titles from N4BB which seems to get the news or info first? Just saying and that's all

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My gawd people you act as though Thorsten is the second coming.

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That is so cool! I'd be well chuffed if I got that sort of encouragement from my boss :)

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Outstanding, proud to own Blackberry shares and be a Blackberry developer. Nice job everyone!

RIM's failure so far is partly caused by labor shortage in Canada. RIM should move some departments out of Waterloo and further expand its workforce globally. Heins is doing this. Obviously, this faces a lot challenge. But when things like random device reboot happened in BB7 and happened again in BlackBerry 10 disciplines are needed. No discipline no quality. Canadian government is responsible for the IT labor shortage; RIM executive team is responsible corporate disciplines (also think about those leaks). RIM can hardly apply any discipline because it just can't find enough qualified labor in Canada. Heins must continue the effort of expanding globally.


Did he fire the other CEO?? My guess is that he did. Mike Lazaridis was sending BlackBerry down. Thor sent it back up. Wish I would work for BlackBerry.

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It's a lot better then the layoff notices he was handing out last year. Bet those employees don't see him as the messiah

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Sometimes, something as simple as acknowledging your staff is all it takes. That can go a long way with morale.

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I am curious about what is the new device. This is not Z10 or Q10. I saw another photo the device and the device is big, bigger than Z10 a lot and the bezel is very thin.