Thorsten Heins hints at BBM enterprise suite

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By Simon Sage on 11 Jul 2013 10:08 am EDT

Following the annual general meeting this week, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins responded to one question about BBM not being logged or tracked by BES 10 anymore. This could understandably lead to a downswing of BBM being used as a corporate tool, but Heins said that following on the cross-platform rollout of BlackBerry Messenger to address consumers, we're going to see "something of a BBM corporate suite".

Apparently addressing all platforms is a key to building these enterprise functions, so it's probably safe to assume you'll be able to manage iOS and Android BBM usage from the suite. Of the solution, he said "We're going to make sure if it's in the corporate domain, it is as secure as e-mail, as any other BlackBerry messaging is."

How popular is BBM in your workplace? Can you see cross-platform support and proper management solutions increasing usage? Are there any work-specific BBM features you'd like to see in BlackBerry Messenger that aren't there yet?

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Thorsten Heins hints at BBM enterprise suite


Not really. All people I know are "cross platform" and really don't care about another Messenger. + Those people I know that abandoned BBM, wont't come back either. So no.

No it wont be easy I agree. If BB can give it more features than whats app and free then BBM would stand a better chance of being adopted.

My BBM list has shrunk by about 80%. Just goes to show you how popular iOS and abdroid are.

I'm the same other than my family just one person but I do know people that are going to get bbm when it becomes available to them.

What's App has copied BBM I hope BlackBerry has some use up it's sleeve when it is launched. Channels so far are meh interesting but just a mini version of Tumblr. I don't think they will get people on other platforms excited.

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BBM makes WhatsApp look like child's play. The current functionalities of BBM are awesome. WhatsApp is so limited it's not funny.

I really don't mean to be rude, but "people I know" includes "people I care about and want to talk to"... :D ...not billions of randomness.

I can get 100K new PIN via FaceBook or CrackBerry and yes I did try that. People stopped talking after realizing I'm not female, won't share nudes or whatever.
Sorry. And that's 90% of the people that are ON those PIN-sharings sides.
Just take a look at all those "Adults-Threads" etc. ...

Quality instead of quantity. I don't care about those 100K I "don't know" but those I actually know and care about.

Then why did a fake BBM app on Google Play get over 100,000 downloads in 4 hours?

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Considering that over 100k people signed up for a fake Android app within a short period of time with zero advertising, I'm not sure if I agree.

Just admit you were wrong about no one wanting BBM.

You can't argue with facts... oh wait. I guess you can

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I have friends who switched to other platforms that are patiently waiting for bbm to become available on their device. They switched because they find iPhone or Samsung phones are faster than the OLD BlackBerry units but NOT because of BBM.

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TH said BBM only for corporations with BES10? D:

BES10 Already supports Android and iOS and I think BBM suit will be a new addition to it.

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I love BBM and so do is and android users, can't wait for it to come to is an android to have more contacts

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Some BBM users but not as many as before!!! Want more contacts, can't stand whatsapp


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I kinda feel bad for Whatsapp. They were so nice supporting BB10. But as soon as BBM goes cross platform, I will be uninstalling Whatsapp.

I've used WhatsApp on iOS and BB10, and both experiences were shitty. I just don't like the layout of the app it's hard to navigate it and set stuff up with it.

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pretty much this just the way it has to be.I had to get girls and peoples numbers than instantly block them so they didn try message me.Just was'nt right.

Lack of apps? You seriously need to get a life, not a new phone.

Go get you inferior phone just so you can play candy crush.

I'm getting sooooo sick of these comments.

Pay a buck or two and you can get quality apps from BlackBerry.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

100%. If I had a nickel for every time someone complained about the lack of apps.....i could launch a new brand of smartphones. I'm pretty sure the entire globe is aware that BlackBerry is missing a couple 'essential' apps (the haters have already made that very well documented). Try posting something new....

Sent from the future on my Z10.

Only one app on my z10 that I want and I found an alternative.

It's true, older people buy apple because they don't know better. Most older. People that don't care for games would be better off with a z10.

Whoa, settle down. There was nothing wrong with the original poster stating his frustration with a lack of apps. I personally am not frustrated yet, but I sideload and have an iPad for certain games if I decide I want them. While sideloading is a good option, it is far from perfect. Apps lag, and updates to apps require resideloading.

Also, we were promised (or at least led to believe) certain apps were coming to BlackBerry 10 and we are still waiting for them or can't get them yet (blame your carrier or BlackBerry, I understand each side of that argument...).

Anyways, Z10 owners have the right to a little frustration, especially when they state that frustration calmly.

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Agreed. I think he stated it relatively calmly, and I tend to agree. Lack of apps sent me back to my iPhone 5.

That is until my company's BES 10 was up and running and I BYOBB'd the Z10. Now I have the best of both worlds: Apple's app selection is unrivalled, and it handles media management far better. But the Z10 is the CLEAR winner when I actually have to get work done. BB10.1 and BES completely change the experience for the better.

But I'm still carrying two devices because of apps and media.

Apple's App selection is unrivalled ? Is that in the DC or the Marvel universe ?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I agree lack of quality apps like he said, z10. Worse if just port from android and sell it for $ and apps not working smooth as paid. Heating issues bother me still

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Do tell what "quality apps" are missing.

Cause with 90% of the 10 apps you will list, I guarantee BlackBerry has a quality app that is just as good.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Any apo that us side loaded is an app that isn't there. Think of it this way, u can either drive a bullock cart and think it a maserati or drive the real thing. This is what is happening in the smartphone world. Side loading and all is great but that's not the point the actual apps have to be there and unfortunately they aren't. Believe I am a z10 owner suffering because of the obstinacy of BBRY and those that ran it pandering to fools like you who call themselves fans. With fans like this who needs enemies.

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What app. Get specific. What app that I can't get out of BlackBerry World which is so vital for my happiness and productivity is not already there.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

I have posted a list of apps just to begin with there are loads more I can name without even breaking a sweat that's how angry BBRY makes me. As a customer if I'm this angry they need to win me over before pretending to bring the love to non-customers.

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Who knows what app is vital to your happiness but you? For me, I want SunTrust, Kroger, FitBit, a proper Delta app, Key Ring, Dark Sky, SoundCloud, IMDb, DirectTV, YouTube...

Imdb and youtube are better through the browser than through their Android or iOS app equivalents.

The browser is a super app on bb10, especially with the prevalence of html5 optimized websites. It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't seem to understand how to make a home screen shortcut to the website. People need to realize some times the website is actually BETTER than an app.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

...and some people need to realize that some of us disagree with them regarding a browser experience being better than an app experience. Further, some people need to realize that disagreeing with them does not equal not knowing how to use the device.

I agree somewhat. However there are many cases where I have abandoned a Web session on the z10 because the browser/screen simply doesn't recognize a finger... it is optimized for a mouse. So I put the z10 or PlayBook down and finish up on the windows desktop. And windows / Microsoft have apps, tablet and a strategy.

Admit it. BBRY is failing. Many more have (and will) so no biggie. Just break up the company already and unlock my shareholder value.

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@buylocal Yeah, that's the ticket! It's not BB's fault that there's a shortage of quality apps, it's not even the Developer's fault, IT'S THE CONSUMER's FAULT FOR WANTING APPS when they could just use the Browser! You need to inform T.H. that BB should adjust their marketing strategy accordingly. LOL, Speaking of people never ceasing to amaze!
P.S. Buy Local may not be the best way when it comes to your meds!

You seriously need to get your head out of the sand. BlackBerry has a few good apps for the new OS, but the business world has moved well beyond something that will read pdf documents and spread sheets. I've shown several business associates my Z10, and they like the phone. But when we look for industry specific apps that they need and use daily to get their job done - nothing, nada, zilch.

We can blame the devs or the new OS, or the gov't, or any thing we want, but the real problem is that BlackBerry acted like iOS and Android devices were toys and failed to embrace a changing market. Because of this, no one is sure that BlackBerry will be around long enough for the devs to recoup their investment. This is a BlackBerry problem and no one else's.

The current market is about services that run on your phone as apps. So drop the stupid game comments and realize that this isn't Rocky. BlackBerry doesn't get another chance if they blow this one.

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Viber, Instagram, Tumblr, Netflix, amazon, IMDb, yahoo, flip board, zinio, yelp, Pandora, pocket, Spotify, Google maps, path, just to begin with. Don't tell me u can side load it and shit. App quality is what matters and that's what I and other customers want for the bucks we paid.

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And my point was just made. BlackBerry need to die. Its epitaph should be "we just gave it away".

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Typical babbling fool. Counting down to BlackBerry's demise but having a membership on a fan site. Go play with yourself. I'll send you a link to an Android magnifying app so you can find your mini-me.

Bye hater, bye hater, go!

So your point is that if anyone wants to use their phone beyond what you deem important, those people need to get a life? You are a shocking example of epic douchebaggery.

Come on dude. You are missing the point. The fact you list YouTube is another example of missing what the phone or mobile sites have to offer.

The fact remains you are right when you say the beauty is in the beholder, the point I am making is that app wise there is more then enough available to make people happy and more to come I'm sure as it is only 8 months in.

The point of the story is to say that BlackBerry is garbage because these apps arnt yet available is ridiculous.

There is enough available to get you through the day. And the ones that are real important will be there soon enough.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

Agreed... BlackBerry isnt garbage because of the limited app selection. However, believing that missing apps will "be there soon enough" is where the issue lies, at least for me. There is no real indication that the missing apps will be there ever. There is, unfortunately, mounting indications that at least some of the often requested apps won't be there.

There is a recent "campaign" to bug developers into writing OS10 apps and some have already responded that they won't. Others have blocked e-mail access. Not a good sign and cause for concern over the growth of the app selection.

As has been the case for a long time: BlackBerry makes a great product hampered by BlackBerry's lack of marketing, their glacial pace for rollouts and updates, and the developer community's lack of interest.

Furthermore, you continue to talk as if your viewpoint is the only valid one. To say "there is enough available to get you through the day" is absurd considering you don't know me (or the others here) and are therefore concluding that if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for everyone.

That's wrong.

Apps is just as invalid.

That said, I just want people to stop judging this device on what apps are not there. It means nothing at this stage of bb10.

Expectations of customers need to be set accordingly.

It's a smart phone, not necessarily an app machine.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

You're on here all fucking day telling people to get a life because they cannot use their devices as expected. As 'tools' not 'toys'.

Yes. Someone needs to get a life.

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These are apps people need to get their jobs done? What "Jobs" are these people doing lol :)

I agree with that BlackBerry has an app gap, but no one needs Instagram for work...

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There are several, but since these individuals work in different fields than I do, I'm not sure of the names if the specific apps that we looked up when I showed them my new BlackBerry phone. Nor am I inclined to bug them to prove a point to you.

Personally, I need the Identifix app on my phone. It's specific to my industry, a service to which I subscribe and use daily, is available on iOS and Android, but not BlackBerry.

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The question is what "quality" business apps are missing where another available app can't do the job? I have a Z10, I have been frustrated at times but, I can't say there is an app I can't function without and is hampering my productivity

Posted via BlackBerry 6230

Sure spot on. Maybe you could be the CMO and tell all non BB10 users to get a life.

Or maybe dude needs an app outside of a Driving Maps in Siberia app?

But hey... your experiences are everyone's so...

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Yeah no shit. Millions of apps on ios, how many do you really use. On my Z10 I use cbc news, crackberry and a music app. Maybe a few games. It's the phone I bought not the apps. Wake up iPhone ppl, your phone is shity

I completely agree. The whining about apps is pathetic. I can't see a reason to "need" something like Netflix on my cellphone, regardless the make. It may be nice to have, but certainly not a "deal breaker".

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I use BBM more at work now than all other messaging systems combined. It is to the point where I get very frustrated if someone doesn't have BBM. When BBM goes cross platform I will be much happier.

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Since BlackBerry has lost a lot of users in recent years it's good that it ll go cross platform. I'm excited to add my iOS and Android friends on it! They should create a BBM messenger to install on windows computers just like Microsoft s messenger/ office communicator. I don't think BBM is popular in corporate environment s right now but it might be once it's available on iOS and Android devices since enterprise s have opened up their environment s to BYOD. Plus most users use their iPads since it's the only popular tablet making its way into entrtprises.

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Superior in handling messages, but that's about it. Either way, they're all good phones. That's why I have my Nexus 4 still, so I can swap out SIMs if I get bored of one.

Security, Handing messages, receiving messages, sending messages, multitasking, hub, battery, organization, built in apps, calendar,password keeper, bbm, remember, speed, browser, keyboard, swipe keyboard, camera, look and feel.

And this thing isn't even a year old.

You can have you candy crush, your constant needless updates, your billion useless apps, your out of date phone after 8 months.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

OOOOkay lets not get too crazy here. I love my Z10 as much as anyone can

Multitasking good but could be better
Camera is soft and you know it
keyboard is preference great but there are so many awesome options that do very well on android
speed its getting there but not quite there yet
battery your kidding right it is good but no where near great we will see in 10.2

like you said the thing isnt even a year old and is improving.

Fair response.

But I love the camera, quality is there and potential to improve.

Keyboard on Android I hear has those options, but I was also told it doesn't learn as well as BB.

Battery improved after update, and is even better if I lower brightness.

Much of it is preference. But I appreciate you keeping me humble, and respect your reply.

I just get so bent outta shape when people think the Z10 or BlackBerry can't compete.

It can.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

@Leafer80 - I think most people agree with you that the Z10 can compete, although, I also agree with the original post (which started this whole "argument") about the lack of apps.

Although I don't respond to every forum post or comment, I too wish for more quality apps. I definitely have most of the apps I need, but apps like Bank of America or Time Warner Cable would allow me to enjoy my Z10 experience a lot more. On top of that, a lot of other apps I use like Check (formally Pageonce) are horrible ports that function half as well as they should.

I really wish Chase Bank kept supporting the BBRY. I keep a 3GS around only to deposit checks. The rest of the time my 6 month old daughter uses it.

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I am one of the few people who still use a BB in my company. All others moved to iphones or androids or WP8. But I already started bothering everybody that I will request them to install the BBM client as soon as available. Did the same within the circle of friends.
So my only hope is that it will get released soon, and that it will work flawlessly, so i can continue to advertise.

P.S. and yes, a PC desktop version would be awesome. And, if I may, I would also ask for a Mac desktop version....many people moved from Windows to Mac since the odd W8 was released.

P.P.S. I also wish they would consider support for WP8. For some reason, former BBOS users show a tendency towards WP8.

I so agree with the comment about BBRY users gravitating towards wphones. I found it interesting. So while a lot of people like iphones and android for some reasons the worker bees like BBRY and winphones. :)

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Company im workin for is waiting for bbm go cross platform. We will use bbm instead if imessage.

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BBM money to transfer between users, with instant transfer marked by the R. Let's get going people, talk is cheap, BlackBerry needs mind share and this Imo is the feature to take them there.

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We use BBM on a daily basis. Group chats for problem solving when an issue develops. My one issue with BBM on my Z10 is that i used to be able to shut off my notifications on my Bold 9900 but a "ping" would still come through (thats the whole point of the "ping"). On BB10 you can't do that and it is a pain in my ass. Please fix.

BlackBerry had already created a Lync app for BB10 for enterprise users it's called enterprise IM, give it a search it looks quite good.

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BBM Cross platform, if rolled out correctly can become a MONSTER for BB. Seamlessly moving from messaging to Audio to Video. BBM Channels for Social networking, BBM Money for secure payments. I think they need to set up some kind of incentive plan for current BBM users to draw in non BlackBerry users to BBM...i.e- Give BB App World credits for every 5 non BB platform users you successfully invite to BBM. This way they can rapidly grow the user base. If the 60 million current BBM users grabbed / invited 10 non BB users each to would have a MONSTER instantly and add some serious VALUE to the BB shareholders. git er done

BBM (cross platform) needs to be rolled out ASAP.

They need to transform messaging like they transform emails when they started.

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BBM marketplace, to list products and storefronts for the big players linked with BBM money for quick point of sale.
This insures support, when everyone involved gets paid.

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I haven't used BBM in about 2 years. I am down to one person on my BBM contact list, and she doesn't even know how to use it.

My list started dwindling right around the time they actually made it easy to get a new phone (PIN) and keep your contact list would update automatically. Before that, getting a new phone was a pain. RIM finally fixed that issue and made BBM so much more reliable, and everyone left for iPhones....

I can't wait till BBM goes cross platform so I can start using it again!!

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Nobody is using BBM at my work place, simply because it's not cross-platform yet and not more secure than Skype without BES anyway. Hell, it's not even possible to send/receive encrypted emails without having to use a combination of Android ports.

So all this is great for enterprises, but the rest of us will move on at some point. I'm not sure why BlackBerry insists on trying to compete in the consumer segment if all they care about is the enterprise segment. They've always been trailing in that segment.

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

BBM needs to take on cisco in enterprise communication. It needs to be on all devices. Not only on smartphones, but also tablets and PCs and securely run on company BES.

I'd imagine most large corporations are already using Microsoft Office Communicator which is available on desktops and all four mobile platforms including BB. If BBM has a desktop client also and is priced cheaper, it may get customers from the small and medium businesses perhaps.

How popular is BBM in your workplace? Can you see cross-platform support and proper management solutions increasing usage? Are there any work-specific BBM features you'd like to see in BlackBerry Messenger that aren't there yet?

BBM is not at all popular in my workplace. But, it is secure and I would love to see it be applied. We are constantly sending e-mails with patient/participant information, student grades, projects with original ideas and ect. In all universities we have the ability to encrypt e-mails so there is never a security issue. I do not know if this is possible on BBM but, it would be intersting to know if it is necessary at all. Maybe, the messanger by itself is that secure that it does not need encryptions (I wouldn't know). But, try sending an e-mail to some phones.

I am not at all saying that Android and Apple phones are slow in the e-mail section of their OS. But, for some reason it really depends on the service they are on. Example, I have always had a Blackberry and have switched carriers (Virgin mobile, T-mobile, Sprint and Verizon) but my e-mails have always come in first. This has been seen in meetings when e-mails are sent out and my phone is the first to ring.

So, if Blackberry can implement the quick messaging on other devices and give us the ability to beat the compitition on producing and completing experiments. Then yes, I see that this could be addopted by many companies. I know this would be very usefull in many research universities; where, our goal is to write up grant proposals to make profitable experiments.

I think most people forget that not all business people wear suits.

Just found out this morning that my dad's company is switching to iPhones because they didn't want to make the switch to BES10. So disappointed right now. Its a pretty big company... How is BlackBerry not making this switch easier or more enticing?? I don't want to live in a world of only apples and androids, haha. Over-dramatic, I know... But I really don't want to see BlackBerry go the way of the dinosaur :(

I have lost 1/2 of my BBM contacts in the last 2 years.

Really hope to get a bunch of them back this summer.

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My workplace's emergency response team used to have a bbm group. Now it's on whatsapp but when BBM goes cross platform I'm sure we'll jump back to BBM.

Not having the same apps available on bb10 but on the other platforms could deter someone from switching.
Example: RSA SecurID is available on Android and IOS but not BB10. Stuff like this needs to be available to gain market share. If someone is considering switching from another platform, they would want most of their apps to be available.

I consult with financial institutions (Bank of England, Investment banks, Financial Corps) in London - none of them use BBM sadly, but then BlackBerry is a request only - no one has rolled out BlackBerry at all. Not even interested.

Secure communications are via specialised OPENVPN encrypted tunnels, PGP and other shared protocols and the GS4's and Iphone 5's everyone use have specially designed apps.

That's the choice they have made - these institutions have access to funds that can buy Apple: I have no idea why they chose to do this. I do know that BlackBerry 10 doesn't allow use of OPENVPN and therefore BlackBerry is precluded from even being a consideration.

It's all well talking about BBM or even the A10 - BlackBerry have more essential functionality to consider and implement.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

To answer the actual question, yes I DO BELIEVE there is an audience for corporate BBM, better than facetime.... is that professional. better than tango, is that professional? Why are we dismissing this great idea? The bulk of BlackBerry $$$$ has and still will come from businesses, and this allows BlackBerry to continue to deliver innovative platforms, so.....

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Hint Hint Hint..blah blah blah... bunch of idiots who live in a fairytale land. instead of hinting and talking bull, Heins should actually do something that actually creates value, not just vapor talk.

Today excluding cash, the value of the whole Blackberry is $1.5 billion. The most pathetic thing i have seen while the losers (the board and management of Blackberry) pat each other on the back in those plush boardrooms. $1.5 billion, thats it. These people have no integrity, no shame, no decency, no self-respect. Knockout punch.. what a joke. They will burn the house. They destroy, not create.

I can see you now, foaming at the mouth, drooling and such because you have such hatred in your heart. Love a little. It causes less stress.

DUMB CEO! You say as secure as email? Plain-text Email is the most insecure thing right now in the internet. That's why we have phising and viruses. Use your brain!

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I for one don't really care for fart apps. The calendar, remember, bbm ,hub peek and flow apps are good enough for me to get things done. Unfortunately the masses have spoken. The bleeding hasn't stopped and it won't stop until bbry gets their act together with the mainstream apps people want and leading edge hardware. That's part of the reason people switched to other platforms. Sorry to burst bubbles here but it's the truth.

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No bubbles were burst. You did not say anything that reasonable BBRY loyalists are not aware of.

100% of our staff have BB's (Z10's and 9900's)
We are planning to upgrade all to OS10's (but the 9900's are still workhorses).
Hard KB's are essential but some of us have learned to like the predictive text of the Z10's virtual KB.
BBM is the major communication tool; email is a fast second, 0% other IM's.
We can't do without BBM.

We like the video conferencing, voice/text functions. We have not yet tried screen share which might have limited use for use.

I purchased my Z10 because the company I'm associated with is a large user of BBRY for secure corporate email and I didn't want to have to pay for Good on another device in order to access company email. No form of messaging is allowed in my industry and without BBM it would require a phone call to get a quick answer. I see a HUGE benefit in a secure corporate environment to the ability for message and video so it can't get here quickly enough for me.

Although I enjoy the hobbiest nature of smartphones, I use relatively few apps, the most important of which are already on BB10. As a businessman interested in making money I have minimal playtime on Z10 and it works hard all day, every day. When I am able to retire comfortably ill start clamoring for more play apps.

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I've been trying to sell my Z10 for 2 months now, NOBODY WANTS IT!! . They're all buying Note 2 and S4. And I've paid 2400 dirhams for this phone 4 months back, now I can only get 1200 dirhams for selling it 2nd hand.

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My work place hate BlackBerry. I convinced them to buy PlayBook but still using Apple products.

Posted by Z10

Well this is how BB get some service revenue back.And this suite will probably get 3-4 way conference call.3-4 way video chat and the like.

I personally do not think that it will be able to break Office Communicator or Same time dominance in large companies. The efforts for change seem too high and and there is no pain to drive the change. Additionally you already have nested products in place you need to change,e.g. IM monitoring solutions.

If it's free and part of BES10 deployment for small and medium organizations it can be a nice add on. IMHO no silver bullet for a sales pitch.

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I would love to See BBM coming to all the desktop OS what ever the Platforms are ( Windows/MAC/ Linux), so we can stop using Lync in corporate s and let the BBM be the best cross platform on this world...:)

BBM s' ouvre aux autres. Est ce une bonne stratégie ? Est juste un moyen de survivre? Du coup les gens qui n'ont pas BlackBerry n'auront pas de raison d'y aller si ils ont accès à BBM et sachant qu'il y a imessage what's app etc... BlackBerry doit se démarque trouver une innovation que les autres n'ont pas. arrêter de sortir trop de téléphone car le consommateurs sera perdu. Il faut une large gamme certes mais aussi des applications aller debout blackberry !

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BruvvaPete 11 hours ago
Idiot. You don't deserve to have the BlackBerry letters in your nickname. Get a life hater.

So C rackberry will not suspend his account, but suspend my account... this is what CB is all about ha

Blackberry CEO "hints"? This is the type of thing that has turned BBRY into a laughing stock. At this point, coming from the CEO it's just more Rick Rolling. BBRY needs to start putting it's effort into rapid meaningful results - not flim-flam worthless hype.

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When the most positive thing we can say about blackberry moving forward is that it "hints" at such and such we should all come to grips with the fact the wheels have long ago come off the wagon. The few faithful customers BBRY has left need more at this point from the BBRY C.E.O then "hints". Did Thor hint about BB10 for playbook or did he promise it? Is the most reliable thing we can get out of this company hints at this point?

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BBM Text, BBM Voice, BBM Video, cross platform including PC and Mac and all available over Cellular, WiFi, IPv4, or IPv6

Multiple accounts login for personal and business so that you can be logged into both at the same time or one or the other.

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