Thorsten Heins to be a guest on Piers Morgan Live

Thorsten Heins
By Michelle Haag on 20 Mar 2013 08:34 pm EDT

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins will be appearing on Piers Morgan Live tonight on CNN. Piers Morgan is a long time BlackBerry user and supporter, so it should be an interesting interview to watch. The show airs in the US at 9PM on the East coast, but be sure to check your local listings for what time you can catch it. Alternatively, you should hopefully be able to watch the video later on the CNN website.

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Thorsten Heins to be a guest on Piers Morgan Live


Oh my word! A Brit and a German talking about technology.. This will be fun! I am going to watch it. Ach du lieber LOL

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Well, hopefully Piers is pro-BB because he's one of the most biased news personalities out there and will not be too flexible in his opinion. Not exactly an open-minded person...

kind of ironic Morgan using a secure device given his involvement in the phone hacking scandal in the U.K.,,, lets hope TH has some unvague things to say,,, thanks for the heads up...

Great, if only we could get that idiot to support the 2nd amendment of the US of A, we'd be golden!
I can't stand that dumbass... Sorry, but I find it extremely insulting that a red-coat wanker like him has the balls to support gun-bans in the US... Does he forget WHY our 2nd amendment was included in the Bill of Rights in the first place? LOL

Dude, Piers Morgan is a horrible human being, but seriously, you're talking gun laws on a Blackberry forum? And "Red Coat"? Come on mate, grow up.

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fyi I'm talking about Piers Morgan. The fact I happened to mentioning his infatuation with gun-bans in the US is just one example on why I don't like the guy.
To put it in terms you might understand... Think of it as if a native French guy was trying to promote an outright ban of hockey sticks and maple syrup in Canada. Get it now?

No...As an American I don't get it. Rise above your dumbass fears or your weird infatuation with who tells you what and recognize that we don't need fifty round magazines of armor piercing bullets sold to the general public. Trust me slugger, your government revolution fetish isn't happening. Feel free to get on with life and embrace reality.

Agreed as well. Plus, the gun nuts don't seem to get the idea that the freedom to own weapons was put in place to protect the government more than to protect against it. That whole 'well regulated militia' bit seems to be forgotten.

Besides, it was pretty easy to do when the same weapon that you used for hunting was the same one you used when lining up in rows and shooting at the enemy. Big difference between a musket and an M-240...

chant: More Laws! More Laws! More Laws! Protect me from me, daddy!

Subtract the inner city gun violence, and we have the "gun problem" of Belgium.

Oh well, I'll watch Piers to see this interview.

"the idea that the freedom to own weapons was put in place to protect the government more than to protect against it"

No, you are wrong. You apparently have no understanding of history. Until before World War II, regular U.S. citizens could acquire weapons that were more advanced than what the U.S. Military were issuing.

Why R people so freaking stupid. Morgan dose not want to ban guns why can't u dumb idiots get that in ur head???? We don't freaking need rocket launchers on the streets. I stand by my cnn guy. America is full of guns and gay people and they both want rights lol

LOL, please restrain yourself from posting until you know what you're talking about. I hope you're not serious.

No Sir, LOL to u because I think what I said was right.. Morgans exact words I believe in the 2nd amendment (Something u said he did not) What he does not believe in is 100 Clip magazine and Machine guns What dont YOU GET???... U my friend sound dumb with ur comment. please refrain from replying to me.


C'mon Thor, do an interview with someone whose every word doesn't make me physically ill...

Oooh. I know! Craig Ferguson!

I have to agree with you. Ever since the phone hacking scandal, I just can't trust a word that comes out of Piers Morgan's mouth.

Guys, ignore your political view about Piers, this is brilliant timing by BBRY!! Piers should be good as he's a huge BBRY fan (owns a P9981) and the US launches start tomorrow...#BB10Believe

Dammit, I hate that this actually makes me want to watch Piers Morgan. Maybe I can turn captioning on and mute it while he's talking lol.

Why go on CNN? Nobody watches that network. He should be where the people are. Judging from the ratings alone, it seems like Fox News (love them or hate them) is what people are watching.

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Fox news has better ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined.

Just because something is terrible, doesn't mean that it isn't popular (kinda like Android).

Lol, I'm not sure I'd want Fox news viewers to get their hands on the Z10, I don't think BBRY is that desperate :P

Because FOX is fake news, CNN is for people that DO, if they follow FOX then thats like Follwing iOS and Android... Smart move to go with CNN, U dont need to follow the crowd, Most of the time they are wrong anyway. FOX just talks crap on everyone, They always have shi+ to say about the rest of the news channels, they should concentrate on their own channel

No Thor, just gun control and mid east as per usual CNN programing. Doesn't quite make sense for him to go on Piers, maybe better if goes on Lang & O'Leary.

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This indeed will be entertaining. Don't expect any surprises there but a nice marketing stunt for BB on launch day.

Hopefully Mr Heins invites a surprise guest of his own, and Jeremy Clarkson comes from backstage to knuckle Piers' eyeball again for our general entertainment.

To be fair to Michelle, CNN and especially Piers Morgan are known to bump guests when there is some breaking news or popular and controversial news. Today it was the Colorado gun laws. If he's not on today he will be on tomorrow.

I think some of you are missing the point. Whether you like him or not. He's a Huge BlackBerry supporter. He may actually have a good interview rather than getting ripped a new one from some other smartphone fanatic that tries to do anything but give him and BlackBerry a positive choice for consumers.

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I'm watching right now. Just hope Thor doesn't start bashing apple or anything wild like that :)

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Well we are at commercial and looks like they are ending the gun control debate. Let's see what's next.

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If he's on it will be a short segment. Piers likes devoting most of his time on the most talked about news of the day and today it was the Colorado gun laws. Otherwise he won't get any viewers.

Guys its going to start in a few seconds. Don't miss it. Flicking words on my z10, while zipping morning tea, sitting n watching the interview

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LOL. . .Hey Thorsten! Nice new phones. . .did you mean it when you said the iPhone was outdated? Oh and thanks for the great phones! Here's a shameless plug on my show. . .good night!!! LOL

Apparently Piers is addicted to crack. I think he meant he is a crackberry addict but that's what you get when you rush a segment.

Very short! But I think Thorsten hit most of the points. He was obviously prepared and knew the questions beforehand. Overall, I think it was a positive segment, just enough to peak curiosity.

Not to bad of an interview. Piers was fair; asked good questions but as we can all probably agree Thor is a good to great CEO but an average spokesman.

yeah,,, it appears he's always uncomfortable when doing public gigs,,, which, understandably, can be tough for some people,,, cred for getting out there & doin' it,,, more than some are doing...

Was very quick, was pretty much a message to Americans that it's new its fresh and that they will fall in live with blackberry again son give it a try!!

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A little too superficial an interview, didn't like Piers ending on a negative PlayBook note, we didn't get to see enough of the actual Z10 in use, but I did like Thor's little quip reiterating what he had said before about the iPhone being dated, specifically in terms of UI. Still, could have been a much better promotional bit.

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Might be just be, but Heins seems much more relaxed and jovial on camera now compared from when I saw him at the launch.

I'm getting up there, so not sure if mentioning P Diddy was mad he didn't have a black z10 a good or bad thing?

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Thanks for the live commentary, if TH looked relaxed he must be feeling happy/confident about the upcoming results on the 28th

Omg I sat through an hour of piers gun control mania and obama goes to isreal for that? Piers sux, sorry. The z10 commercials were more informative. I did like the 'iphone is outdated' statement though. That should really make the cnn bloggers mad!

Piers Morgan is not only biased but a very poor interviewer.

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Thor would be better served going on the morning shows to show of the BB10 phones.

Not that the morning shows give a lot of time for each segment, but it would be better than CNN at night.

Thorsten should have read that abysmal and totally biased CNN Money review they wrote, "BlackBerry Z10 review: A noble failure".
They should have then interviewed the journalistic who wrote the piece and have him try to defend his review against Thorsten. That would have been highly entertaining.

Piers is an Arsenal supporter and a BlackBerry loyalist, which makes him basically my favourite media personality ever.

Good interview. Piers was positive. PlayBook truly didn't go well. Z10 looked awesome. Good teaser of what to come. Too much time would have lead to the superficial "App Gap" conversation.

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Short but sweet. Wish I could get the first 50 minutes of my life back, I can think of 1000 things I'd rather be doing than watching more gun control debates. Also that CNN Money review was absolute crap. Good luck with the US launch BlackBerry! Living in Waterloo region I'm probably a little biased but I really do love the Z10 and think it deserves a fair chance.

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It wasn't a bad interview. I'm not a fan of Piers but he does love his blackberry so I'm cool. Maybe he was giving us news about the next celebrity to endorse the blackberry (P Diddy) hmmm

Watched with my wife (4x iPhone) user, and guess what - she said she want to get a Z10. She was ready to get the iPhone 5, but after this interview something clicked and she said she is ready for a change. She asked for mine (I got it when it came out in Canada), and she played with it for about an hour. She thinks it is cool and she was impressed. (she used to hate all of my BlackBerry devices - occasions when I was driving she replied emails for me turned her away from BB). I ordered her a white one today. :)

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