Thorsten Heins and Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed welcome BlackBerry Z10 to Canada

By Simon Sage on 5 Feb 2013 12:33 pm EST

The air was electric this morning in the Rogers headquarters in Toronto as Thorsten Heins and Rogers head Nadir Mohamed introduced the BlackBerry Z10 to the Canadian media and fielded a handful of questions. It's a pretty momentous occasion, as this is the first firm sign of retail availability in North America, though Rogers is far from alone; Bell and TELUS are also offering this bad boy, and I'm getting the feeling WIND and Mobilicity will have it too, though they've been awfully quiet about the whole affair.

You can see Nadir and Thorsten all in the video above, fed into the tale of Kevin's purchase of the white BlackBerry Z10. Be sure to check out his unboxing!

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Thorsten Heins and Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed welcome BlackBerry Z10 to Canada


i'm guessing that there weren't any huge line ups since it can be had basically anywhere, and there were no pics of big lines in Canada posted yet? Just curious.

There was line up in the Rogers store in Waterloo. Not a huge one but there was a good 20 or so people in the line.

Thanks! Not for myself, but my wife got herself a white Z10 free of charge. We were also picked up by Rogers and comped a night at the Marriott.

Congrats qpro!! 

We wanted to interview, but then we lost you in the crowd. You'll maybe have to drop by CB HQ for an interview.  

First qpro, congratulation to you and your wife! Wish I were in your spot right there taking a picture with the two CEOs. You look sharp. I'm envious.


Awesome video! Congrats to qpro for being the first North American customer. :-) Can you tell us how you were chosen? Thanks.

You see the bald guy recording on an iPhone at a Blackberry launch, dummy! Congrats on the first phone in N.A. Good video too, wish I was there picking up my BBZ10

BB Kevin was in the background shots of the cbc news story on this launch.
Just sayin'.. Wish I was there instead of working.

Anyone else noticed Thorsten using the marketing tagline from last year (Be Bold) in describing the Super Bowl ad campaign?

"Thorsten, what was it like watching the first ever BlackBerry ad during the Superbowl?"

(9:36) "...I think it talks about the new BlackBerry, right? Be Bold, be brave..."

I think it might have just been a slip. I'm pretty sure that BlackBerry wants to "Keep Moving" from this point forward, and I really doubt that they'll officially invoke "Be Bold" again, as that would muddle their current message with 2012. That said, I don't think Thorsten's comment would be read into other than by people like me on CrackBerry. :)