Thorsten Heins and Nick Fry from Mercedes AMG PETRONAS team up for a chat

Nick Fry
By James Richardson on 14 May 2013 02:36 pm EDT

One of the sessions that took place earlier at BlackBerry Live in Orlando was where Nick Fry - the CEO of the Mercedes AMG PETRONAS team got together with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins to discuss the relationship between the two companies since BlackBerry made the decision to sponsor the Formula 1 team.

We had Lewis Hamilton on stage at the keynote this morning - although he had to make a swift exit to rush off to his next race - so it was nice to see the main man staying here at BlackBerry Live to talk to the F1 fans.

The discussion was very much relaxed and really just highlighting the commitment between the two companies and how they continue to work together for the foreseeable future. There was also a Q&A session at the end where a few folk from the audience got to ask a questions to Thorsten and Nick however they were more about there own personal success's in business than F1.

Overall a great session for F1 fans as well as the folk that were just interested in hearing about the business relationship between the two organizations.

Let's hope the new sponsorship deal keeps bringing the Mercedes AMG team good luck. We're off to a decent start.

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Thorsten Heins and Nick Fry from Mercedes AMG PETRONAS team up for a chat


I just wish someone would call Heins on the fact that he promised for weeks that the Q10 would hit the US in May, then suddenly changed his tune today without comment...

I'm a Ferrari fan at heart, but secretly support the Mercedes team now too, given their relationship with BB.

What "relationship" between the two companies??? Mercedes won't release their Mbrace app for BB10 stating to me that they have "no plans to support BlackBerry."

Wow I thought Nick Fry had already had his marching orders from the Mercedes F1 team. This must be his swan song expenses claim tour before he finally goes, the Toto Wolff is at the door!

The relationship between BlackBerry and Mercedes extends as far as BlackBerry give the F1 team some cash, they stick a BlackBerry sticker on the car and make their drivers and the occasional figure head team member available for 'corporate days' where the sponsor can spin some PR and finally there will be the occasional invite for BlackBerry suits to a race catered for in luxury hospitality areas.

It's all off the shelf sponsorship package stuff nowadays, there's no special relationship going on.

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Some people like myself were at work when the key note was on and in the evening it still wasn't available to watch on demand in BlackBerry Live website.

But you obviously for their PR spin. To the Mercedes F1 team BlackBerry are just another revenue stream to help them burn rubber and oil.

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Oh, you can't watch the Key note again on demand. It's just re-streamed (on a loop?) and you have to hope you catch or from the start. Never gonna get to watch it at this rate.

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I would prefer to see bbry spend more focus on production and distribution issues surrounding the Q10, and on a superior marketing campaign than on these irrelevancies.

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