Thorsten actually said BB10 is delayed only two months

BlackBerry 10
By Chris Umiastowski on 5 Jul 2012 05:45 pm EDT

When Thorsten Heins was interviewed on the radio by CBC's Matt Galloway, one of the key questions asked of him was, "Why was BlackBerry 10 delayed". What he actually said may surprise you.

You can go listen to Thorsten's answer for yourself here. There is an embedded audio player on the left side of the article, and Thorsten's answer happens at the 5:30 mark.

I transcribed the following portion of Thorsten's answer:

We wanted to make one thing really really clear Matt. And this is this product has to be of the highest quality so there is no compromise on quality. Could we have rushed it out? Probably yes. But the point is, it's a new platform for the next 10 years. We want it to be stable. We want it to be reliable. We want it to be of high quality. And in light of this, I think a delay of two months is disappointing, and the whole team is disappointed, but they will continue working hard and get it out in the first quarter and we'll get it right.

Only two months? Let's look at what was previously announced by RIM. Immediately prior to this delay, they said it would launch late in 2012. People were hoping this meant October, but it could have meant December. Now, RIM is saying Q1 2013. This could mean January or it could mean March.

We have to assume RIM knows more about its own timelines than we do (logical). And two months of additional delay IS a mathematical possibility given what they'd said before. But I never noticed, until today, that Thorsten actually said these words out loud, in public, on a radio interview.

Yesterday I wrote what some people considered to be harsh criticism of RIM's communication skills on the Q1 conference call and the recent media blitz across Canada. I stand by what I said. Their communication needs to be more polished.

But I also said that their message doesn't really affect the quality of the product they will launch. The sales pitch is not the same as the product. I don't like the sales pitch, but I care more about the product.

I think the general media, tech sites, and even enthusiast sites like CrackBerry, have been assuming that the announced delay was more like 5-6 months. Hence the massive criticism and crowds of people proclaiming RIM's certain death.

So I'll wrap this up with two questions.

First - if the delay is truly only two months does it change anything? Does it make you feel more comfortable?

Second - do you believe Thorsten? There is no denying that RIM has missed launch dates with an almost perfect track record lately. But every promised date, in the past, was promised under the leadership of Jim & Mike. Thorsten is now responsible for taking ownership of his own promises. Unless I'm mistaken, this is his first promise about a product delivery date.

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Thorsten actually said BB10 is delayed only two months


I was disappointed when they originally announced first BB10 phone would be screen only. People love keyboards! So many people that left BB for Iphone/Android say they miss the keyboard.. I think people will rush back to BB when they launch a 9900-looking smooth UI BB10. I'm breaking my 9900 contract the moment the 9900-looking bb10 arrives. I wouldn't even consider the bb10 slate. It's either keyboard or nothing for me!

RIM, please make the phone hot! I want a sexy phone in my hands and I will pay anything for a sexy 9900-like bb10. Anything!!!

1+++ Exactly my point of view! I hope that the device (with physical keyboard) wont become so ugly like the full-touchscreen...

my 9700 is fine until then. all i really do is email/text/whatsapp and make phone calls and check twitter now and then. all handled by the 9700 in a very awesome, ergonomic and speedy fashion. would i love to have a brand new OS 10 keyboard blackberry in my pocket? YES! will I do anything differently on it that i don't do now? NO. most people have just been caught up in the 'new phone' hype. what will you do on your new blackberry, or galaxy, or iphone that you cant do now? not much!

couldn't agree more, and even though its an oldie, my 9700 still holds a charge for ~36 hours of normal use, email, bbm, twitter, etc.

Although I love my 9700 I would really like a BB10 phone. I love apps and unfortunately there is not enough memory on the phone. I am also still running OS 5. OS 6 although nice just never worked for me with all the memory leaks. Bring on BB10.

Would a guaranteed trade in value for a BB 7 phone that can be applied against the cost of a BB10 phone when they launch allow you to bridge the gap with one of those instead? They are awesome little devices!

They should have just said that the Blackberry 10 will be delayed for 2 months instead of saying "Next quarter". Obviously, the media exaggerated the timeline and everyone just went nuts.

No, the media reported what they were given. You said it yourself.

"They should have just said that the Blackberry 10 will be delayed for 2 months instead of saying "Next quarter"."

+1000000 Mainstream media useally reports on what is said by the company and what is crapped out on shitty tech blogs like bgr. But this one all Rims fault, hope they turn things around and get things right.

Geller throwing a tantrum for not getting a dev alpha device didn't look 100% stupid... it only looked 25% stupid and 25% childish, and 50% utterly ridiculous.

-1 Bla1ze. Remember this is an earnings report to comply with regulators. Thats their first responsibility here, not our feelings. Bring on BB10!!!!

IF IF IF we read into the fact that 2 months plus year end is end of February, that would give us the European launch.

The North American launch follows a few weeks after. That still puts us North Americans at earliest mid to end of March.

(Another If) If the European launch delays and goes end of first 1/4 (March)then we could even be end of April for North American launch.

I hope this doesn't get taken as a bashing statement. I'm just trying to see it worst case senerio. Expect the worst and hope for the best.

storm series launched at same time in europe and the US. 9800 launched in the US first with europe a month later.
where is the sudden perception that the US will get the phone after europe coming from?

Blame your litigious culture. As Samsung and HTC are finding, a US launch immediately results in an attempt by Apple to stop their sales on the basis that the new phone is better than the iPhone - sorry, infringes a design patent on looking like every other phone, or something.
Since European courts (and law) take a much more sensible view, a European launch has much less attendant risk. (An English judge has just dismissed the latest Apple spoiler attempt by saying that the "patent" is obvious.)
Expect more and more phones to launch first in the Far East or Europe.

That makes me excited that we potentially don't have to wait for BB World 2013 to play with sexy new BB10.

Its like saying "Hey I met you last year" to someone who you met at a new years eve party the night before on Dec 31st.

Perception: "A few months" VS "a year"

The later is how its reported because all media is scum (present company excluded).

If it were only two months, they could have delayed at the last minute and teased the market with little trinkets of information. I'll be surprised if it's just two months.

it will be out in december. they will suddenly make an announcement in november saying shipments will start in december.

It would be nice to lowkey ship November then announce dates along with an amazing marketing campaign. This may be the year RIM actually have a huge sellout of LTE blackberry phones.

Under promise then over deliver is the dream launch. Keep it hush hush and suddenly unveil is the best approach for effec alone.
This is what would serve RIM very well right now. With expectations so low RIM would do well to take everyone by surprise.
Don't hold your breath.

As loyal to the brand as I am, I am skeptical about RIM's dating system. It's gotten so their reference to Quarters immediately suggests the last hour of the last day of that Quarter. They've missed the back-to-school, and holiday seasons, and I somehow get this familiar feeling that once those milestones are off the board, the temptation to wait and wait will increase, as there will always be more work and polish to do. If Thorsten meant 60 days and allowed it to be trumpeted around the world as 200 or more days, you would think he would have taken his shoe off and started pounding the table. It's likely his words were closely parsed. Sometimes that is what drives timing of announcements. Right now, it might be possible, however improbable, that the delay will only be 60 days, if every thing hums from now on and like it never has before. OTOH, he may know that within a week or a few days that even that hedge will no longer be operable. The whole question is somewhat silly, if you consider that we never had a hard release date in the first place. A 60 day delay from when?

2 months still misses the back to school crowd, black Friday shoppers, and the Christmas season. Someone in a previous post said that they may announce something at CES 2013. That would've been a great time to announce the keyboard version of a BB10 product after a successful launch of the touch screen version. Now they won't have the time to build some momentum they really need.

You know what else RIM misses by releasing BB10 early next year? All the iPhone 5 hype. A big part of the mishandling of the Playbook's launch revolves around how they tried to time it with Apple's iPad 2 launch, and failed to even do that.

I'm not nuts about the delay either, trust me, but there is an upside.

The other way to look at it: if BB10 turns out to be disappointing, all the timing in the world won't save it. If it turns out to be great, two months shouldn't kill it, either.

The Iphone 5 hype was going to happen whether we liked it or not. The challenge that RIM just created for itself was an opportunity to create its own narrative of why people should purchase a BB 10 product. I don't know all the shopping cycles around but I'd assume more people shop for phones around the holidays than any other time.

what i don't think alot of peopel get is there is already alot of hype over BB10 and RIM.

there is the old saying "all publicity is good publicity" weather the news about RIM is good or bad the word is still out there. everyone knows about the struggles they have ahead of them and knows the garbage being said, everyone knows that BB10 is supposed to be the saviour of the company.

this is where humanities curious nature comes into play. with all that is being published about RIM and all the news about the delays of BB10 that everyone knows about there will be this curiousity about it once its released. RIM still has their supporters that will purchase the new BB10 line or devices, and there will not doutibly be those writing technical reviews about the product that will end up buying the devices also. there will be those making comparisons with other devices, which will all account for sales of the devices and income into RIMs wallet. allowing for a small growth and a small profit.

these people may then be showing their friends and relitives the product and news will spread about the device, peopel that may have though RIM to be dead seeing what RIM has strived for many months to produce and may be impressed with the final product so much that they might want one or don't. either way the news goes around that the the new Blackberry device is out and its not bad.

RIM is probably using this publicity to their advantage even if what is reported is so negative. RIMs name is still out there and they are known and human curiosity will give them that edge they are in need of.

RIM has a bad track record for delays. Remember when the PlayBook 4G was announced? They said "in the future" then "later this year" and then.. ya... we still don't have it. Sorry, but just STFU about any release dates and just get into the lab and produce something I want to throw $$ at RIM.

The 4G Playbook is the only thing they've missed getting out, and it may be due to circumstances beyond RIM's control.

Think about it: the WiFi PB has sold less than 2 mil after well over a year on the market, and the 4G version will cost even more. What carrier wants to bother?

Apparently, there have been some roll-outs to large enterprise customers. By all accounts it IS out there.

I quess when speaking with the financials, you have to talk in quarters and when speaking to the general public, you need to speak about chronological time. Too many people listening to broadcasts meant for others. Expected vocabulary gets mixed up.

Not once did I assume a 6 month delay when I heard the news. What's one quarter of twelve people?(hint: it's not six)

I was so upset that i wanted to throw all my devices in the trash (except for my playbook) but when i saw that rim is staying in the tablet game and actually pushing out a 128g 10 inch i got eexcited again.

So long story short i was upset,got over it,and i am now excited again and will be in line for the first day of launch for an all touch for the wife....hybrid touch qwerty for me...4g playbook again for me,and if blackberry10 is that good ill splurge for a 10 incher and park the laptop in the house permanently!

One more thing....BlackBerry10 FTW!!

This certainly makes me feel better. I'm actually thinking of a January release.


To me, at this point, it's hard to believe anything RIM says. If they know the delay is truly 2 months, then why don't they give a specific date?

If they do launch in Q1 of 2013, it will have taken them nearly 3 years to build BB10 and that's building off the QNX base!!

I want to believe but they've got to show something more substantial than the BB World demo and they've got to show it very soon.

It took apple years to come up with the iphone, and apple has been in software and hardware and computers for how long? Steve Jobs also said it was 5 years ahead of the competition... In UI? I'll give him that. In gaming? Sure but that does not make a phone. There are things I can do with a bb that you still cannot do with an iphone. And now that boring and horribly non intuitive phone is 5 years old and still catching up to some features other smartphones have had for a while.

Agree 100% but the Sheeple claim without hesitation that 1. the iPhone is the best and most innovative phone on the market. 2. BlackBerrys are outdated and can't do most of what an iPhone can do.

BOTH of which we all know aren't remotely true. Am I saying the iPhone is a POS? Not in the least bit, but it isn't heads and tails better than the 9900 either like most iFanbois think.

"Most innovative", yeah....
They only added Twitter integration recently, they are just about to add Facebook integration - things that BlackBerry had for years.
You can't add an arbitrary attachment when replying to email on iPnone but you can on BlackBerry.
You need to wait until iOS 6 to have f*cking sound profiles - I've been using them for years on my Bold.
They are about to add "live" icons in iOS 6 - woo-hoo! Wait.... I had them at least for couple years on my Bold.
Super-cool iMessage! Wait, it's just a poor replica of BBM. 140 million iMessage users managed to send 150 billion messages in a year. 55 million of BBM users send 100 billion in a MONTH.

So, it all looks like "the most innovative" OS constantly tries to catch up with the "outdated" one. Yup, that makes a perfect sense to me %)

>>>If they do launch in Q1 of 2013, it will have taken them nearly 3 years to build BB10 and that's building off the QNX base!!

Just try to remember that BB10 need to compete with CURRENT iOS which in Q1 2013 is gonna be 6 YEARS after the first release and SEVERAL YEARS PRIOR to that. So we're easily talking about 10 YEARS of development here! Now think again: isn't that A F*CKING AMAZING that it would take ONLY 3 years to develop an OS that is supposed to seriously compete with iOS?

And I'm not even mentioning how different their resources are. Just go and check Apple's and RIM's headcounts. Wikipedia will help.

If I can't be first at least I can agree with the first comment, love my bold 9900 and will gladly hand it off to my son after I get my new BB10 with keyboard.

If my 9650 dies, I have it Insured and will get replaced and continue to wait for the BB 10.

Make it die. Chances are the insurance company will replace it with a 9900 (if you are on Verizon/Sprint in the USA)...

SO Blackberry 10 will be launched sometime between 25 -28 February 2013 in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress.

Lets rock n roll this :)

Honestly, I switched to a Windows phone a few months ago and am patiently awaiting the BB 10 arrival. I may be the only person in Seattle waiting, but I plan to be the first to have it and I still LOVE my playbook. I think this was the right move - delay it until it's solid, complete and a plentiful app catalog exists (even if RIM has to pay companies to build them). I have faith this can be the beginning of the turn around and have stopped wasting time reading all the biased stories in the press. All we can do is wait and see! My only fear is that a sale of the company or some strange partnership happens before BB10 ships.

You aren't the only person in Seattle, I may only be going to school here (in Seattle) but I will second your comment. I am still using a 9550 (Storm2) and am up for an upgrade in October. I wish to there were some more airline apps and mobile banking apps. I also wish BlackBerry Travel had a PlayBook app that had some additional features and linked to the phone app. Anyway that was a tangent, I hope BB10 is everything it is being hyped to be otherwise all of this anticipation would have been for nothing.

Sent from my BlackBerry ® PlayBook ™ Tablet

Its all about semantics....a delay of 2 months is still late Q3. If they had said initially bb10 will be delayed by 2 months it would have "sounded" better and let people understand the late Q3 on their own. I personally was pissed but hearing 2months rather than Q3 to me sounds easier to swallow and i think some of us hardcore BB people would have been less upset. Just my 2 cents.

Agree, you're bang on. RIM's messaging is completely incompetent. With just a little bit of thought this would have been a minor 2 month delay but instead they sold it like The Hindenburg.

Well now, that's a relevation. Sadly, it only confirms that:

(i) The concept of, and understanding for, time is simply, utterly, and completely beyond those individuals working at RIM;

(ii) Thorsten communication skills, when used directly with the press or in an earnings call, are woefully inadequate;

(iii) RIM's communications department including the individuals that are working at coaching the powers that be in how to communicate with the media must have come from a non-accredited higher institution as no reputable instiution would have graduated individuals that give such poor advice.

Why do I say this? Because the interpretation, as Chris indicated in his artcle, was the end of Quarter 1 - a significant delay with some newspapers running headlines that BB10 is delayed 9 months! The outcry and blatant hatred that was directed for RIM towards this decision was palpatable - much more than at any other time in RIM's history. People were and are fed up with all of the delays

Had Thorsten indicated that it was ONLY going to be a two month delay, THAT would have mitigated the hostility that occured last week. People would have been much happier hearing that it was only a two month delay; particularly, if it was explained as to why it was being delayed, i.e., features. Instead, RIM's communication skills, or lack thereof, only served to create more hostility towards it.

As to Chris's last question, with Thorsten's new comments of two months, it's hard to believe anything that spews from the mouth of RIM. Cynically, it appears that the release day seems to change depending on what side of the bed Thorsten wakes up on. The lack of clarity and certainty around RIM and its ability to bring a product to market is the key reason why people do not trust them.

**********************One of my cousin works for RIM, as far as she knows, the BB10 touch screen will be released at Mobile world congress 2013 but playbook will be getting 2 updates before that.***************************

So - you are releasing a world phone, the US is not your most important region of future growth because of Apple lock-in, Europe and its hinterland are very important, and the main non-US mobile conference happens in Spain at the end of February.

Now- where do you go for a launch?

The real question is 2 months from when? It could very well be 4-5 months since we only have a quarter date. If the initial goal was October, and it comes out Feburary, they will just say the original goal was December.

Either way, I would rather wait and see a polished product. Although we all know nothing is perfect, the masses always find problems and when that happens god only knows how the Media will take it. Maybe we should ask Siri when its coming out, she knows everything :/

I think the larger issue is people no longer trust RIMs original deadlines under the previous management and history of breaking them.

Late 2012 to me makes me think spring 2013 (conditioning from all the broken release dates), then add 2 months on top of that.

That's one of the reasons "previous management" has been rendered "previous".

RIM has generally done a much better job of communicating in general, and it's met pretty much all of its stated targets. I DID have the impression that we would have seen the 4G Playbook before now, but that could just as easily be because carriers can't be bothered offering it.

I really don't care when it comes out, or how long it's delayed again, as long as it's absolutely awesome when I get it in my hands, and plays well with my PlayBook. In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy my Torch 9860.

This changes nothing for me. I've stayed on the ledge while watching idiot after idiot jump to there death. My 9900 gets the job done till its replacement comes.

A few days ago there is a poll listed here asking what people are going to do because of this delay. I counted about 7000 people in about two days saying that they are leaving the BB10 concept one way or another.

You guys better make it 7 days a week and make some things work!

I am pretty sure that RIM has a target launch date and has been building their critical paths accordingly. This is a global launch of a brand new platform and while the company has experience with other launches, don't forget they have a brand new chief marketing officer and a new chief operating officer. Both are recent hires and I am not sure the new COO has even started work yet. Given the rebranding, new senior hires and complex launch, it is not surprising that they won't go public with a date this far out. That doesn't mean they don't have a date and plan that's been or being set; just that they won't make it public until they are sure all the pieces are fitting together perfectly.

Really now BlackBerry10 will be new fresh and exciting no doubt but anyone who says os7 sux or is outdated blah blah blah is crazy.The browser on os7 is very fast and the overall Os is a joy to use. I can wait for BlackBerry10 no problem.

I don't care if I have to get it in November or March, just make it Perfect.

With some positive reinforcement, maybe RIM will feel like all their hard work and 6-day weeks are for people who actually care.

Thanks for the hard work RIM, I'll be in line release day even if I have to stand in 4 feet of snow!

Regarless if its a few months or Q1, I want a killer product...

I have all the comfidence in Thorsten and RIM it will be.

Up for renewal or not, I'm all in with BB10

2 months from what? What's the point of reference?

Here's an idea, RIM... give people a f'n release date! At the very least say which month.

Just can't trust a word they say because it's all double-talk, and if it's straight forward - they don't fulfil their promise.

This is what I am afraid of:

BB10 will "launch" in February. Launch means that it will be announced. But, product won't actually be available for a few months after that! Tell me I'm wrong.

Unless they do one of the apple esque "...and its available, today." Kind of things. Yes. You are correct as far as I think.

And that's why I think they've been putting so much stress on the fact that its not just a phone os, its a platform for multiple uses. (Cars oem etc) that's why I think its taking longer and it'll be a platform launch of everything, not release of a phone. Which is just a fraction of they're entire platform plan(an important one at that, though).

Looking at this from a business standpoint, RIM's initial BB10 release date was early 2012. So, to any financial analyst or anyone with a perspective, BB10 has a year delay - a day or two doesn't matter. This isn't like the new guy gets to reset the clock to zero on product delays.
From a PR perspective, they seem in over their heads. How many days have gone by? How many top execs have made public statements - but they all missed this? If the initial statement was so wrong, you correct it in a local interview?
Have had (and have) a BB for years - it's too long to wait. My BB business apps for other devices are all more robust and possess greater functionality. In just a few months I will move on; my business needs require greater functionality. Just the way it is.

If it is only going to be a 2 month delay, that would explain all the reports of RIM personnel having vacation leave cancelled and having to work 6 day weeks... buckling down for the home straight.

Oh and to answer your questions, Chris...
1/ If it's 2 months (or a little more even) I can live with that, but it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside that the launch isn't as far off as originally thought.
2/ I still haven't decided about Thorsten. As far as I'm concerned, he hasn't made any massive mistakes yet - I still believe the "delay" is down to an overly optimistic presumption from the previous co-CEOs - and he's only been in the CEO post for 6months. His apparent fight to ensure BB10 is perfect gives me hope for him and RIM.


Oh no, is Heins morphing into Basillie??!! Is he's setting up a distortion field.

Ok, Granted "launch late in 2012" was taken by the public as Oct when it could have been technically have been Dec.

But Heins/RIMM already took the hit for delaying it for up to a perceived 6 months. They should take the pain of misunderstanding and if they are successful in rolling it out in Feb then surprise the market.

Don't try and fudge/obfuscate the dates.

Heins -1 notch in the cred department.

And People who needs upgrades now should wait Jan Febraury March 2013 to buy A RIM Phone Forgetaboutit, I give them till October no BB10 then I am switching my whole family to Iphone 5 or SG3 and distant family who usually follow me when it come to buy tech(that's 15 people easy). I just don't understand RIM people and Kevin and the crackberry teams needs to be real and tell RIM they Phuck things up pretty bad by delaying. RIM always delaying stuff geez can they freaking get things right for once. Crack berry fans needs to admit our company is messing up big stop with the false hope. RIM keep on doing those damn mistakes and expect people to be okay with that..... I so want BB10 that I would have taking half baked if it was to be release in October, because I know they can always roll update later and most loyal fan would have too. By the time the year end RIM's market share will drop to 5% and even lower. Samsung has established itself now if it not Iphone then it SG familly, RIM could have been the second best option in a worse case scenario (first yes) but they delaying every products. PB 4G why? WHy not come out with the bigger PB black forest in both 3/4G LTE and a wireless version? I really don't know who is making the product selection at RIM, he or them should get fired

There is a rule for project time estimation in software development. You take your estimate, double it, and take the next unit up.

Hence, using this rule, the BB10 delay will be 4 quarters.

LOL I heard him on the press call that it will be qtr 1 2013, how does that translate to two months?

i doubt it will be two months since the carriers need to test the sets.

Alec Saunders and Rick Costanzo say they read this blog all the time. I believe Thorsten told Kevin in that first interview that he reads Crackberry on a regular basis. Then they have to know the faithful believed in a date on or around October (fill in the blank). Kevin has espoused 10/10 and how incredibly cool it would be to get BB10 out on that date. It's blatantly clear to anyone who pays attention then the delay in the eyes of the faithful is NOT 2 months if the year is 2013 I don't care if it's the 10th of Jan or the 21st of Feb (maybe we can start referring to that date as the date they make good on all their promises every year). The quote we get now all the time is they only said "2nd half of 2012" but not one of us thought that date was December 31.

There are many here who this won't affect in the slightest they have their current BB and they are damn the torpedoes ready to wait until the end of time if that's what it takes to get their hands on the next iteration and I commend them for their faith. Its a faith I used to share I have owned ever major BB release since the 7520.

There are others who just feel like this is another tone deaf tweak. I lump myself in this group I am truly sad to say. Hope for the best and expect something less is what BlackBerry has come to mean to me and that's a shame.

Why does it matter that anyone here THOUGHT or HOPED it meant early October? Latter part of 2012 and Q4 can mean any time in the last 3 months of 2012. If they aimed for December so as to get the holiday season under their belt, then January or February(both of which are in Q1) are within that 2 month delay. People on this site repeatedly belittle those at RIM for being so "stupid". Get your heads out of your asses people.

peopel are mindless apes. the true fact is the general population are all just drones going along with what others say. like a bunch of worker ants or honey bees simple doing what the queen says.

i'm not going to lie i was hoping for an october release and when i heard it was delayed till Q1 i was upset. a delay just means less sales and more cash burn for RIM but when i had time to really think about things i began to realise things and began to see its not the end of the world. there is hype, a hype to really see what BB10 is capable of. human curiousity is a powerful thing :P

Perhaps this is nothing but wishful thinking, but any chance that with the announcement that the RIM employees (those that are left...) will be chucking their summer vacations and working six day weeks that we just might see this before the end of the year? I was thinking MAYBE that would be the case, but can't imagine Thorsten would make such an announcement that basically send the stock into the crapper unless there was no doubt that there will be a significant delay.

The thing is Thorsten.. what are you gonna do between now and then?! Release OS 7.2? No one cares anymore. Release another crappy curve? LOL.

I am hoping that it will be out before the end of March 2013. That is when my contract is up, although I might be willing to pay full price for it. We really don't know anything about pricing yet, right? At any rate, I have been practicing with a full touchscreen phone so I will be ready. I really want the large screen even though I do have my PB. I am very very ready for BB10!

He should have mentioned the two month delay in the inital release. Do I blv it will happen - well PB 2.0 was released finally on time.

I wish they told us what happened to BBM for PB. But I guess if BB10 is coming in Jan (based on N4BB), it should be in the pipeline. Missing back to school and holiday season really sux though and not sure how they can cover for that.

Not going to slam Mike and Jim. After all, they put the acquisitions in place for Thor to deliver something.

it seems to me that at this point, you might as well wait for ip5 to come out, see if it's actually different, what the screen size is, and know exactly what you are targeting for the next 24 months. if you release it before ip5, the press is going to be largely negative no matter what the end product is. Afterwards, there is at least the opportunity to benchmark, and win back incremental business. The platform should be US, Can, and Aussie gov approved almost out of the gate because of the playbook OS.

If what Heins said is true, then I have to agree with some posters up there saying that he should have said outright a delay of 2 months and not Q1 2013. It's either bad communication (which I highly doubt, they're too intelligent to make such an absurd blunder) or they set it up to give themselves more leg room - now that they are more certain, begin to converge on a more specific time.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I don't believe it is only delayed two months, and I don't believe we will see BB10 until at least March 2013. Don't believe Thor either. Perhaps if they would have said a 2 month delay on the conference call into 2012 if that is indeed what is happening, however I think they are now simply trying to do as much damage control as possible.

Whether BBOS 10 is released January 1st or March 31st or in between. It won't matter, as per CrackBerry Kevin's poll, only 41% of current BB users to this site are waiting for it.

Joe public no longer cares, they have moved on.......RIM execs have a long road ahead to rebuild credibility.

Well, last time we had to wait "60 days" was for the PlayBook's PIM pack and that took about a year of waiting... I got high hopes but not much expectations atm.

RIM should not have gotten into a pissing contest with the big boys. They should have swallowed their pride and concentrated on what made them big. I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination so i don't know how feasible this is but if Android could have been licensed by RIM and home baked into an enterprise grade mobile OS proprietary to their blackberries they would have scored a major victory years ago. Instead they chose to insist on competing on the same level of Android and iOS with their own OS, which has NOT SHOWN ANY ACTUAL SIGNIFICANT BOOST ON HOW IT WILL CHANGE THE MOBILE COMPUTING WORLD.

The PB is living/actual proof that they are incapable of releasing anything to the market that will change how communication works. Sure their unified message inbox looks great, but even now, months after 2.0 was released, they still haven't gotten around to adding a simple portrait mode for email. They can't even port their own app, BBM, into their own device.

I made the decision to go Blackberry amidst a sea of iPhones and Droids everywhere but 2 years later I have both an iPhone and a Droid, and just a PB (because selling it could no longer be justified at the prices people were offering for it). I took a chance on them as a consumer and debated many wins for them amongst my own circle of friends, so it hurts me to have to admit that in a sense they were right and that RIM may in fact be a sinking ship.

Even at extremely lowered expectations I find it hard to see anything but a bleak future unless they do something drastic by year's end.

Media always think negative. It's what people feed off of.
I just got a bold 9900 for a new employee..... And they love it.
Product is awesome.
RIM needs something that is cool, and what people will talk about and is amazing. If they need another 6 months, then be it. If they release a piece of junk like Nokia, then nobody will be buying it.

Am I mistaken, or did RIM not say Q3 (of 2012?) is when the thing would be out? When is that? September 30? So people cut them some slack and said October. If it's going to be Q1 2013, that's a minimnum 3 month miss, most likely 5-6 month.

The only possible explanation is that they meant fiscal Q3 the first time around. Does RIM's fiscal Q3 mean December 2012? If so, I still fault them for miscommunicating. Nobody announces launch dates by corporate fiscal quarter dates.

I think they actually said: "latter part of 2012"... so that could be anything up to and including December 31st 2012.


My phone plan actually ends this december and I was hoping I could jump right into a new BB10. now from the looks of it, I am going to get a iphone5 and then switch back over to BB once its (finally) out

BB10 is such a complex new platform - so I as a software architect know what can happen til launch ;-)

seen the API of beta SDK at BB10Jam in orlando I noticed the huge progress they've done since last year BBDevCon and since January (closed Cascades Beta).
but on the other side I also have seen the hard way to launch the platform as a quality product.
so I expected a delay - and I don't want to speculate about 2 months or 4 or 6 - all are working hard.

what must happen now: next beta's should come out all 4-6 weeks
PlayBook Simulator and BB10 Keyboard-Smartphone must come out early

at launch: both Smartphones plus Playbookl must come out together to compete with iOS 6 and Android 4.x devices


I was really disappointed when they announced a delay but then again if they're gonna release both models i wont have a problem waiting since i love the keyboard on my 9900 i would love the option to test both phones out. Im not so sure if i can just give up the physical qwerty that easy. Yes iphone,droids and windows phones will have to duke it out for the fall and holidays and i wish them all the best. On the other hand im looking forward to the new year, a new blackberry and a new experience.

Generally speaking, it makes no difference. It is delay. However, those people who want to switch to another device had already done it, so it makes no difference. People who keeps blackberry device now, they will keep waiting.

At this stage I don't care if it is 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years. I just want PB OS 2.1 out and the SMS bridge for my 9860 :D

Mr.thorsten said only 2 months delayed of BB10..we are waiting for BB10..I'm using rightnow bold 9900,,I can't imagine that they have a company,delayed their let us wait and see after two months....BB10,,BB10,,BB10,,

Does two months matter, YES!!! You see January is past the holiday buying period. What are you going to do put a slip of paper in a box that says IOU a BB10 device when they are finally released? By January iPhone 5, a slew of new Android, and Windows Phone 8 will be out for the holiday season. So the "business plan" of RIM's new "leadership" is to cut staff and delay the product that will either save or sink the company by "just" two months that misses the holiday and with a flood of new devices already on the market. Brilliant... NOT!!!

Do I believe Thorsten, I am not sure, but it really does not matter? It is ANOTHER delay for what I think is not a valid reason, so that all the software works with the (non-existent as in ideas but nothing else released or committed to) other parts of the new "ecosystem". If they don't watch, there will not be anything for the phone to integrate with. Besides, do we really think that a phone integrating with my car will cause so many people to buy a BlackBerry? Get BB10 devices out NOW, then work on the rest. The old idea of tying a carrot on a stick and putting it in view of the horse to get it to move come to mind here, with one change the stick is facing the horses tail and the cart is harnessed in front of the horse.

Yes, it does make a difference. When they announced pushing it our a quarter the general public assumed it to be a 5 to 6 month push. As well, most interested groups assumed that Q1 was just a place marker or the next quarter out. So that did not give a lot fo confidense and could indicate a major issue still needs to be solved. If it is only two months then that gives me more confidense that the OS is faily advanced and the are refining it. However, need to hit the new date. Would be great if they could come in at January at the start of Q1.

I think they need to implement an off-contract free (or dirt cheap) upgrade from any OS7 phone to a new BB10 phone when they are released. That will keep people from switching over to Android or iPhones while they wait for BB10 to be released. It may not bring new people into the Blackberry fold, but it may keep some of the faithful who are losing faith.

Also, it seems to me that if the release was supposed to be October, it probably was going to be the last day of October (or pretty close to it). Therefore, the beginning of January would be approximately 2 months later. I do think that holding back so they can release both full touch and QWERTY at the same time is a good idea. Personally, I think they should release BB10 for the Playbook at the same time as well and push the bridge big-time.

I read this differently, Chris. I think you could replace "a delay of two months" with "any delay at all" and it would still reflect what he meant... not specifying the actual amount of delay. Just my 2¢

(Hope I'm wrong!)

I wish they would stop giving dates until they are sure. The build up comes only to be let down and this has happened to many time. My 9900 is just fine for now but I do want to see the new BB10 with a keyboard

They need to give the world a date, or a month. We assumed October, whereas they might have been talking about December.

Either way they're missing the three critical sales blitz times in the fall. School, Black Friday and Christmas rush.

*I* don't care when it comes out - I still think my Torch 9810 is the best thing going.
But the world does.

All I can say is, Thorsten better be right this time! Say Q1/2013 -- release on March 31st, but no more excuses. No more delays! Perhaps we die hard fans can tolerate this but the markets won't. RIM will need cash to manufacture and market the new devices. They won't be getting any loans as the risks are too high -- too many slippages and too many uncertainties.

WIth a "two month" delay, they've lost another 20% of their already dwindling market cap :( I even had to ditch my shares in light of the pending bad news. Perhaps I might buy in again as the prices have settled to a new bottom. We just can't be doing that as even die hard investors will bail out.

Whatever floats your boat crackberry. 2 months only delay arguement...really?? I expect more/better from you.

People please realize the fact the Rimpire did not want a half-a$$ed product on the market. That's a sure fail signal. If the news/media are to be read/believed (in that order) then they make the iPhone the *coolest* thing to own in the world (which is a load of bolloCk$) and anything launched in the BIG shopping season will NOT be highlighted or marketed. If you knew you had a great product, bad market image, and the stock rock bottom, I would want to stand out in the crowd. By delaying and thereby perfecting their OS even further, RIM is exactly doing that.

All these comments come as if your lives depend on it, grow up people! I know I can't live without my blackberry, but that's assuming my current blackberry does't work. Hell yeah it works just fine!

Please read the whole excerpt:
"Could we have rushed it out? Probably yes. But the point is, it's a new platform for the next 10 years. We want it to be stable. We want it to be reliable. We want it to be of high quality."

Remember, the golden words here are the 10 years. That does take time. I can bet my blackberry iOS took more than 5 years to develop (we know Apple took 3 years that WE know of) so integrating so many features that we love and expect from RIM does take time. Here's a list - BBM, Email, security, app world, calls, texts, browser, calender, camera, app integration, cascades, the list is pretty exhaustive.

They also require new hardware, remember OS6 lacked the hardware. I read here somewhere RIM (actually here: may use TI OMAP CPU's to power their handsets. I and most of you know that would GREAT hardware to power those BB10 handsets.

Those who wanna jump ship, go ahead I'm not even saying goodbye. Those who won't/don't, keep ye faith up!

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Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

It is not the product. It is the pitch. And BBY has never been able to pitch anything.
Apple knows this. Apple tells us their product is great because it is cool.
When will Blackberry realize that even with the greatest device no one is going to buy it unless they realize IT IS ONLY THE PITCH. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. Unless of course they want to become a nitch player that has less than five % of the market. The users with brains that prefer function over fourm. For those that need cool, or 6 gazillion apps and accessories Foxconn is gearing up for the next season of rotton fruit right now. But the fruity company knows IT IS ONLY THE PITCH!
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Calendar Q1 is calendar Q1 whichever way you spin it. Could be January, could be march. Either 6 months from today or 9 months from today. Months either way.

The questions were addressed, and answers were all delivered. Can RIM now also focus on giving us some new update for OS7. Version 7. 2 or .3 or .5 would be nice. So we can relax a little while waiting for BB10..

Just a thought guys, the newer the device is, the faster it will probably be but it will all come to how you use and maintain yours. There will always be an update everywhere (hopefully in all devices) however, your device represents you in every way - in terms of communication and apps. So whatever BB device you have and OS it has it's up to you how to make it look good and feel good at the same time. But please Blackberry/RIM don't remove your trademark of keyboard style it is what represents you, touchsceen is only good for looks and apps, but durability and comfort while usage Blackberry (QWERTY) Keyboard style is still the best!!!

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