Third party Twitch app coming to BlackBerry 10

Third party Twitch app coming to BlackBerry 10
By DJ Reyes on 20 Aug 2014 09:29 pm EDT

As BlackBerry users we know that big name apps don't always make their way to the platform. What we do have though are developers who are willing to put in the hours to support our beloved platform and bring third party versions for us to enjoy. Apps like iGrann, Whine and more. We know there's a Spotify app in the works courtesy of Nemory Studios and now it has come to light that a third party Twitch app is in the works for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

If you're not familiar with Twitch, it is a service for the gaming community that allows them to broadcast their gameplay to the world. You can interact with other users, as well as watch others too. Twitch gets more than 55 million visitors per month.

The app doesn't have a name yet and there is no beta available either but you can get updates on the progress of the app over on the developers BBM Channel C00499C59 - Hill Studios. He's currently looking for name suggestions, if you have ideas on a name, head on over to the BBM Channel and let the developer know. Here's a couple of screenshots to start you off.

Native Twitch app screenshot

Native Twitch app Browse Screen

Learn more / Subscribe to Hill Studios on BBM Channels

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Third party Twitch app coming to BlackBerry 10


This has me pretty excited. Looking forward to seeing your work develop. Thanks for taking on this app

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Hold down on the link a choose the "open in..." option. BBM should be available.

Hill Studios: C00499C59

It's likely that BlackBerry's stance on many of these issues have "evolved". Your app seems like it was pretty much ready to go. :/

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Damn, sucks that you never fixed the misconception you had with BlackBerry and next time, try to promote it on forums.

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Well I just went and resubmitted it in appworld once again. and added more comments. Irony is that this demo I used to present app to Twitch team and they were totally OK getting it released. All that legal bureaucracy in AppWorld really deal breaking sometimes.

The app was also improved since. I still have to add chat there but it needs a user feedback and attention before I invest time in it. Perhaps topic starter team has more time and energy so either one of the apps will get to BB community really soon. Let's share our love to BlackBerry!

No it was completely about the text and list of papers I fill in appworld forms. They are very formal there. Sometimes I feel that those people are more formal than automatic bots :)
I asked Twitch to provide all required docs but they did not have those ready as never had such issue before. They are also quite busy now. We'll get there eventually.

Never heard of twitch.
Never used a twitch.
But I'm twitching now knowing you've been supporting those gamers with a native app.
Thank you for your support.

Usually if you explain you've been granted a Goahead by the IP company and just have an email from them saying go ahead - your fine. I just send them the email when they ask (bbry)

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Btw, for those desperate to try, the original TwitchTV for Android works pretty well on BB10. And it was improved a lot in recent releases. I hope though that native app will drain less power than Android run-time. Well not only hope but had it confirmed ;)

Thanks you third part developers for all your hard work on these popular apps. This Twitch app is definitely gonna be HOT!! :-)

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Counter Strike was never a good game, I'm not sure why people continue or even started playing that over a decade old shooter.

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Can't wait for it! But I believe Spotify is no longer in development as there's no available api for BlackBerry.

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I wonder if the Twitch app is named "Switch" lol haha (I had to... it rhymes) =))

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Zwitch for all the Zeddy users... !

No clue what to name it for the Q...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

No thanks! I wish I could delete the native game community thing from my Q10!

No More Music!!!!! No More Videos!!!

Good to hear. The Android app works relatively well on my Q10, but it keeps having login issues that drive me nuts.

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This is good! Make gamers love BlackBerry! Dota2 and Ultra Street Fighter Fans Here! Make it release fast!

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For a prosumer device bb10 has turned out to be, surprisingly nimble in the gaming "section".
Even I admit i've downloaded far more games than I care to admit, and my Z30 goes at them without a hitch (sometimes opening 2 to 3 games at a time) even if they are android ports. Very cool

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