Third party Instagram app iGrann updated with a long list of bug fixes and new features

Third party Instagram app iGrann updated with a long list of bug fixes and new features
By DJ Reyes on 23 Mar 2014 07:21 am EDT

For any of you Instagram users out there who are using iGrann, you may have seen that it has received an update - it's first one since entering BlackBerry World. While the developer has been quiet in the forums it didn't mean he wasn't busy with the upkeep of iGrann. This update has a nice long changelog with fixes as well as the addition of some new features.

iGrann v1.0.1.6 changelog

  • Update photo issues (Fixed)
  • Send request multiple toast (Fixed)
  • Follow disappear when accept request (Fixed)
  • Search by name - check space on search (Fixed)
  • No error when changing username on profile edit (Fixed)
  • Custom search 4SQ on photo map (Implemented)
  • No permission error (Implemented)
  • No Facebook post or photo map if it is already on from previous upload remember (Fixed)
  • Emoji issue Q10 cut off (Fixed)
  • Check Facebook share blank login (Fixed)
  • With ReGranning if the picture has no caption on it the ReGrann won't include the user ID (Fixed)
  • Issue with timestamps (Fixed)
  • Scroll refresh again explore (Fixed)
  • Add confirmation when picture is going to be deleted (Implemented)

Glad to see the developer is working hard to fix those issues. I must admit this is the app I use for my Instagram fix, even though iGrann doesn't yet do video uploads, it's native and I don't see the need to use the Android port. This seems to be how most of our CrackBerry readers feel too, judging by our poll.

If you haven't seen the update yet, jump into BlackBerry World and have a look, or you can use the link below. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free.

Learn more / Download iGrann from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Third party Instagram app iGrann updated with a long list of bug fixes and new features


LOL gotta love all the "BlackBerry is a TOOL, not a TOY" and "We don't PLAY on our phones, we do WORK". Yet this 3rd party Instagram client has how many downloads? Hmmmmm

CrackBerry addicts, so silly.

Woo finally an update. Hoping for the next one that will bring features seeing as to how this one is mostly for bug fixes :)

Posted via CB10

Hahaha I was nearly hurt by that comment! No worries dude. Some of us here are actually appreciative of Gasp's work and patient enough to wait for other updates.

Posted via CB10

I like this app and use it daily, but i'm note very happy with this update.
Of course it's a free app, and the developper don't earn his life with it, but we are expecting so many things...

No hub integration, no push notifications, no instagram video, no direct message, no native IG filters... We are waiting for it for a long time, and the dev' never answer us. I'm not sure he still really work on this app.

Yes I know, I should be happy with what we already have, but we are expected so much things with this app.

Why should I give a Dev money for a native 3rd party Instagram app, that can't do many of the features that are in a FREE android version of the actual Instagram app?

Until the Dev can get his app to do everything the same and add native BB10 functionality, I'll just stick with the original Instagram app. Which by the way, with 10.2.1 works freakin awesome!

Posted via CB10

Well then hope I don't see you whining about not having native apps... for one apks just will never match a native experience. Secondly apks could stop working at any time based on its android counterpart...

But heh you didn't think deeply without making a whack comments. It's a 3rd party developer who only made it because instagram itself doesn't think you lots are worth the effort. # perspective

Posted via CB10

I somewhat agree. I was hoping for more from the update. None of the 5 features in the original app description that would be implemented soon are part of this update: Instagram Direct, Upload Videos, Apply IG Filters, Hub Integration, Headless Support.

I donated $25 to Gas on the 01-27-14 release date and still love the app. I'll just wait until the mentioned features come instead of using the Android version for video, ig direct because even without iGrann is still better.

Posted with my  Q10.

I use both.

Instagram (of course) has all the features, but I think Igrann looks more modern and you just can't beat it's super smooth native performance.

Posted via CB10

It's free, smooth, and I didn't actually notice any of the bugs which the update fixes during my usage (prior to the update)

Used the android sideload, but the layout on this just looks cooler.

Smoked by my BBQ10

Please update Crackberry app..pleass
It is sooooo laggggggyyyyyy on my z10 and the design of the app is over dated

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Great App and a very responsive friendly responsable AppDev.

There's no need to use a PortApp when you have a native one!

I'm MongezaurioBerry

I think blackberry 10 apps have an coding issues which make them lagy...especially apps from blackberry itself like Facebook...etc...blackberry 10 need a hug update I think..maybe 10.3

Posted via CB10

I had that issue with the Z10 but with the Z30 No lagging issue, so I would say it's a hardware issue if anything.

Posted via CB10

Glad they made those fixes. By far the best third party Instagram available for BlackBerry 10.

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Just updated mine
Quick question, the profile button. Clicking it would open my info? I ask cause when pressing it I get nothing, just a blank screen....

Whether an app is free or paid if you want to put it out do it whole heartedly. to put an app out and not respond to your clients with concerns is really not very professional at all. Some will say because it's free don't complain, but as a dev he will put out paid apps and will he get support (people to buy). That is the question.
Either do it right or don't do it at all.

Instagram has a WHOLE Team working on it. He's 1 dev and seeing how it's a free app, its safe to assume he has a job to bring in an income.

How about go bug instagram for a native app?

Posted via CB10

All that is missing is to upload vids and hub support.

Qyped on the most Qefficient device in the Quniverse..

Uploading a picture no longer works for me. Permissions are set correctly.

Posted via CB10

Same here and when I changed a few setting the app asked for my cell #. I entered it and began receiving a bunch of pics downloaded to my phone. I kept deleting them but more kept appearing.

 BlackBerry Q10  KEEP THE FAITH

I believe in supporting devs who support blackberry. Would love to have video uploading now but I know it will be available soon enough.

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This iGrann seems excellent to me. It's an app I would gladly have paid for.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

For those who are whining about iGrann and the dev, GET A LIFE! The fact that the dev has gone through the pain to bring his app to satisfy any of our complaints and feedback is such an awesome one even though he now is hiding in silence but I do believe he never stops checking back CB forum during his time. He is still studying remember, and the fact that he still could manage to fix everything and implement new features are stunning.

I never lose hopes in getting an official Instagram app of course but the Igrann is something. Something that is what BB10 is potential for!

Hats off to this developer for the amount of time and dedication he's putting into this app. I'm one of the few that still prefers to sideload the real Instagram. The look and functionality is superior. But I'm still glad someone stepped up to the plate and made something for those who prefer a native BB10 app.

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Apparently I've Violated the Terms of Service by up loading 3 photographs.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

I had to refresh the updates page in BlackBerry World.

The new update is a tremendous improvement.

Thank you to the dev and please keep the updates coming :)

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I use the android version instagram because Igrann I have to log in every time I used the app

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