Thinking of switching from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10? Here's what you need to know

Not sure about making the jump from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10? We're here to help!

BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10
By Adam Zeis on 14 Feb 2013 11:50 am EST

Okay, so before we dive in, yes - I know many of you are already planning to switch from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10. Yes, I also know that BlackBerry 10 is not yet available in many regions (including the US). That being said, this article is for those of you who still may be on the fence when it comes to ditching your BlackBerry 7 device -- when it becomes available to you -- for a new BlackBerry 10 phone.

BlackBerry 10 is truly awesome, but for some, giving up what you know and love on your BlackBerry 7 device may not be something you're willing to do just yet. If that sounds like you, keep reading and take a look at just what BlackBerry 10 has to offer over BlackBerry 7 and why you should make the switch.

Let me start out by simply saying that BlackBerry 10 is great. Seriously. For the last few months leading up to the BlackBerry 10 launch, Kevin, Bla1ze and I ALL carried multiple devices. Sometimes more than two even. We are mobile lovers at heart, so in order to get the full experience of communication, apps and media on mobile it required more than just one device. Since the BlackBerry Z10 landed in our hands however - none of us have been dual-wielding at all - and that says a lot. 

BlackBerry phones and BlackBerry 7 offered up much of what we needed in a mobile device in the past. BlackBerry is the world's best communication tool for things like email, SMS and BBM but it fell short for things like apps and media. BlackBerry 10 picks up the pieces and gives us an awesome mobile experience from so many different angles.

For BlackBerry 7 power users, BlackBerry 10 may leave you missing out on some features you love. We outlined a list of ten things we'd lose in BlackBerry 10, and for some users, they are pretty big losses. The trackpad, navigation keys (Back/Send/Menu/End), convenience keys and even charging contacts are no more on BlackBerry 10. However, after using the BlackBerry Z10 for a few weeks now, I have to say that once you adjust you really won't look back. What you may miss are more of the deep features like custom profiles and notifications or some 3rd party apps like BeBuzz or pattern lock utilities. Right now the BlackBerry 10 apps are limited as to what they can access so some apps don't do as much as you'd like at this point, but that is all coming soon. 

Obviously if you go the Z10 route you're giving up your physical keyboard as well, but the Z10 has an amazing virtual keyboard. Seriously. It is really as good as it gets. I've never been a huge fan of virtual keyboards but I have to say that the Z10 keyboard is uber awesome. No question. And if you're holding out for the Q10 then this obviously won't even be an issue.


Kevin gives us an in-depth look at the new BlackBerry Z10 hardware. 



Your personal data on BlackBerry 10 like email, calendar and contacts mostly remains the same as you have it on BlackBerry 7 currently. The good news is that you can now do things like add contacts and calendar via CardDAV, CalDAV and Exchange ActiveSync as well when setting up accounts. So in instances where you'd want multiple Google calendars for example, you can easily set that up on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry 10 still supports various email services including work accounts, Gmail, Yahoo! and any other POP/IMAP accounts too. 

Moving all of your data from your old BlackBerry 7 phone to BlackBerry 10 is a breeze as well thanks to BlackBerry Link on both Windows and Mac. 

One thing to note is that since BlackBerry 10 no longer requires BIS to operate, so you will lose your carrier email address (you(at) in a few months. Alternatively, you don't need a dedicated BB plan from your carrier anymore either, so any standard smartphone plan will work.


Apps and Games

As a BlackBerry user, you unfortunately know what it's like to be missing out on some apps. Things like Instagram, Skype and Netflix never made their way to BlackBerry 7 devices, but BlackBerry 10 brings over some of the same great titles and is expanding by the day. Titles like Skype, Whatsapp, Songza, Slacker, FacebookTwitter and foursquare are all available or will be available soon for BlackBerry 10 devices. 

There is amazing Dropbox, Box and Evernote integration as well. So while using these on BlackBerry 7 required a separate, slimmed-down app -- BlackBerry 10 brings them in hardcore and they flow seamlessly within the OS.

If you are an app hound and want even more, you can still sideload apps/games on BlackBerry 10 just as on the BlackBerry PlayBook. So if there are certain titles you want that aren't yet available, you can track down their Android counterpart and sideload them from either a Windows PC or Mac. This gives a much larger app range and truly helps to fill the gap.


BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 7 had a great notification banner - one that I totally loved. Tap the banner when you had a notification and it would list everything in one place. Tap an item to jump to the app and be done. On BlackBerry 10, the notifications take a huge leap and get awesomized. The new BlackBerry Hub takes over for the universal inbox on BlackBerry 7, catching all of your incoming notifications for apps, email, SMS, BBM, voicemail and phone calls. The Hub is always on and always available, so rather than tapping on the notification bar or leaving an app to go to your inbox, a simple gesture gets you there from anywhere on the device - and it's awesome. Gone are the individual email inboxes though, so if you were a big user of separate accounts, you'll have to learn to love the Hub.

Of course you still get notifications and the blinking LED that you know and love. In any app you simply pull up from the bottom of the screen and you can instantly see your notifications, then another gesture brings you right to the Hub no matter where you are.


BlackBerry Phones

BlackBerry 7 devices were plenty. There were many to choose from and for some it made the decision of choosing a device difficult. Along with that came a crazy amount of OS versions (official, leaked and hybrid) so we were all constantly searching for the perfect combination.

BlackBerry 10 makes life easy. You get the all-touch BlackBerry Z10 or the physical keyboard BlackBerry Q10. As far as software goes, it's one version across the board. No more seeking out the perfect OS and constantly trying something new.

BlackBerry 10 still goes strong with your BlackBerry PlayBook as well. BlackBerry Bridge, although slimmed down, still connects you to your PlayBook over Bluetooth so you can use both a BlackBerry phone and tablet in perfect harmony.  


There are certainly some things you know and love about your BlackBerry 7 phone that you won't find on BlackBerry 10. Things are still in the early stages however, so down the road we expect more features to be built in to the OS filling up the existing holes, as well as more hardward options. As it stands now, BlackBerry 10 really is an amazing platform - and this is just the beginning. The devices are solid, the OS is great, and if you're a BlackBerry user you really can't go wrong in making the jump to BlackBerry 10. We'll be here all along the way to help get you started and for the full transition, and our forums are as busy as every with BlackBerry 10 chat. 

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Thinking of switching from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10? Here's what you need to know


Great article but one little problem. No Rogers location in Toronto has it in stock! I've called 10 stores this morning and all are out of stock.

They're working on getting more stock from Blackberry, Rogers is back logged for Z10 orders ATM. (Family member works for Rogers)

I have serious trouble waiting for the Z10 in the US... i still don't get it... why?????? WHYYYYY????????

Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

Our firm is waiting for a few more Z10.
We are on Telus, and we were told by the carrier store that some more are coming in mid next week.
The problem is ... they are currently behind 70 handsets, and they are afraid that they will only be receiving about 50 of them.

Apparently, the Z10 is such a HOT SELLER, that there are not enough to go around.

And this is the truth !!

I just received an email from rogers with my UPS for my black one so I'm getting it tomorrow. My wife ordered white at the same time, but she has to wait... They advised: "On Back Order" Muahahahaha

For those missing level 1 notifications, or the ability to be alerted from emails matching certain criteria in silent mode, the app I just published to BlackBerry World (Emergency Alert) has this basic functionality.

This app is great! I would love to see support for sent "To" addresses (such as being part of a larger distribution list), but otherwise it fits my needs perfectly! :)

One of the aspects that has me confused about the switch is notification bar icons. Where do the icons that live there move to? (BeWeather, Battery)

My apologies. I read an article stating it was coming. I mis-read it and thought it was available in BB World.

I've used whatsapp and personally I hate it. Constant missed messages or messages never going through. BBM for life :)

Same here. Tried to use it to replace BBM as managers in my org are not currently using BB's and it failed miserably. Several managers are waiting for BB10 to hit the US so that they can go back. Calender management, and true BBM replacement are their biggest issues with IOS and Android.

I switched from a 9860 to the Z10 and I can say that the Z10 is a tremendous upgrade! The things I do miss: vibrate options (depending on text, email, etc., I had a set amount of 'vibrates' depending on what I received). Also, different coloured LED options (depending on what I received I had a different colour for each message). I hope these options get added on in the future or that someone creates (is working on) an app.

I went into a rogers location on the 5th and BeBuzz was available in app world then so I'm wondering is it or isn't it compatible? I also use my 9900 as a hotspot for my playbook and I have 1 gb which makes me wonder if ill have enough since data doesn't compress on z10 (from what I've heard)...

You are correct, it does not do data compression. If you look for my forum thread it explains everything. No BIS = no compression. Just have to watch it or bump up your data plan.

+1 on os 7.1 Bridge is great, you can read your sms and email on your playbook.

i will not upgrade to BB10 because the lack of bridge support, have a playbook and use it for work email and private, work via Bridge, private via playbook email client.

If it's not supported in an upgrade in the first 2 months then i'm done with it, then i will take the jump to the iphone and the ipad mini. love BlackBerry with whole my heart, check crackberry a few times a day, always defend BB when some people talk shit about it but for now i'm feeling like a retard: with the old os you can do amazing things on the playbook, the new BB10 oh sorry no more sms, email, bbm. and then also the lack of apps, whatsapp need to be sideloaded, skype is an android port, sorry but i want some buggy android shit then i just buy one, i want decent Blackberry apps.

so in just a few month i hope i can stay a shepherd but i am afraid that i will become a f*cking Isheep.

i've heard this,,, no sense in hyping bridge when most of the functions are missing,,, that is worth mentioning, i think,,, maybe w/ the PB BB10 update that'll change,,, Bridge is THE reason i got a PlayBook,,, getting a *functional* BB10 is a tie for 1st...


Depends on if you say right now or at some point. Right now, I have some reasons why I would prefer waiting. Ask me in 7-12 months and a software update later and I might have a Z10 by then.

+1, I am in the USA and I was going to go from my 9900 to Z10 on impulse. With the time that I have to re-consider, I am starting to feel that waiting for several updates/more apps/ and possibly a second generation phone might be the best bet. Since I don't have an option of getting the device at this time I spend more time reading about it than usual. It has made me think too much about the cons. If I would have had it in my hands at this point I wouldn't have time to be reading so much about it and I just would have accepted it as it came.

Couldn't agree with you more. As a matter of fact I purchased a S3 last week to play with prior to giving to my 14yr old daughter who has been patiently waiting for BB10. She is the only kid in her class with a 9810. The more I read the more I know she would not be satisfied with the lack of apps on the BB10. I must admit I like the S3 just because it comes with just about everything out of the box. I will be getting a Z10 on launch for myself. I will not be replacing 5 BB 7.1 devices on launch as previously planned. I will leave that up to every family member to decide what they want. It will be BB10 or S3 in my home. Sorry Apple you're not invited to my house and never will be. I am not trying to be negative here as I am a FIRM supporter of BB but I must be a realist. I guess I am just losing my will to argue anymore. I hope my stock in the company keeps climbing and they release some sort of BB10 update to my 4 playbooks that I paid almost $2,000 for. I really wish I could have went to ATT on launch day and walked out with 5 BB10's! Who know's maybe my family might surprise me and say they want to stay with BB?! Peace out

BlackBerry loses more market share because of their stupid decision to launch in the US. SHORE 1 or 2 people jumping ship don't hurt right? It's when you start adding them all up its going to hurt. My last 2 friends switched to Galaxy products after this latest delay (That you all keep trying to pin on the carriers) I and my wife are all that's left. But I am losing faith in BlackBerry. Especially since when it does release it will be going head to head with galaxy S4. Now if I didn't hate androids operating system so much

Frankly, I would imagine with the greater real estate on the Z10 that bridging is less of a need than before. Why bridge when you can do it all from the phone? I know when my contract is up and when the phones arrive in the USA, that I will be making the jump to BB10.

Not sure if I'm right minded or not, but I agree with you. BB 7 on a Bold 9900 does what I require and more. The only reason to upgrade is the novelty of–and the aggravation learning–the new OS and hardware. I admit given the elegance of the new Blackberry platform it's a compelling argument. But hardly irresistible.

But they will switch to another product with no Bridge capability at all just because Bridge Z10 doesn't yet provide everything they have on BB7 rather than wait?

BB10 is such a huge transition that it takes time and bridge will likely have to also be updated on the PB to fully work. They stated very clearly that they were pulling out the stops to work on the phones first, then the PB for BB10. When the PB's are updated to BB!0 I'm sure they most if not all of that functionality will returned. Quite frankly I think that it won't all be needed when both the phones and PB are at the same level.

To be honest, with the way things are going, I probably would sacrifice Bridge for a better device overall. That could even be an OS7.1 for Bridge or some other device without any Bridge.

If you carry the new BlackBerry brand, functionality should be there with no compromises. There are no firm dates on basically anything on their road map and that is the one allowance I can't give.

I just have lowered expectations of other platforms that allow concessions. That said, I will be hanging on to my BB instead of doing research.

Another reason to jump ship now. Rip it off quick like a bandaid before blackberry tanks from its failure to release a product line on time.

Many of us prefer the Bold 9900 or 9930 because of the trackpad and integration with BES5. My email server won't offer BES10 and I use the memo's synced with my MS Outlook quite extensively. At this point, ActiveSync does not offer that. I don't use a lot of apps, just a few - fast efficient communications is my primary use. I also have clients on the same mail server (MDaemon) that use the Bold 9930 with Push-To-Talk on Verizon. Government uses that in our area.

I don't know if Push-To-Talk will be available on the Z10 or Q10 when they become available on Verizon.

I will pay full price for a Z10 and probably a Q10 because I need to show them to people and hopefully keep them with BlackBerry or switch from another platform.

Myself, will probably use a Q10 long-term because I like keyboard shortcuts. I've always considered a Back Button and TrackPad a huge advantage on the BlackBerry, now that will be gone.

I have 6 BlackBerry phones on my plan along with owning 7 Playbooks and Bridge Functionality needs to be back to full features too. On top of that, I have another two Torch's on AT&T and Simple Mobile, so I really am all-in with BlackBerry.

Direct USB sync of PIM data is what brought us to BlackBerry when Microsoft kicked that function to the curb and us with it.

No direct USB sync is a deal breaker for this household. If BB10 "matures" enough to return that feature then WooHoo it's BB10 all the way. Without then we'll stick with the Java based OS and be happy down here on the earth and not in the clouds.

I love my BlackBerry 9930 Bold but I can't wait to get my hands on the new Z10. I have to wait till April 25th when I'm up for my contract renewal. I'll just add my Bold to my blackberry collection...

Don't soft pedal the fact you cannot sync your Outlook contacts, calendar, notes and tasks directly with your computer via USB/Bluetooth to the native calendar and contacts files on the Z10. I know, I know, you can from the cloud. However, for those of us that need/require the security of client info, it could be a deal breaker unless a fix is imminent. Am hoping it is available before US launch but I have my doubts. This subject has been blowing up the forums.

Thanks for the article Adam. I have been wanting to see a comparison between OS 7 & BB10 since the release of the Z10. Much appreciated.

How is precision pointing and tapping without the trackpad? Same for text selection or caret placement...does it work reasonably well on a touchscreen without a trackpad?

Z10 makes it's landing in France, two days before it will in my hands I think I will switch from my Torch 9860 with no regrets, it's a good device but when you look the Z10 with the power of QNX you can't compare. The 9860 suffer too much memory lacks, and the reboot time is a pain.

I am just crossing my fingers and hoping like crazy that USB sync to Outlook comes by the time the Z10 is available in U.S.

BIG QUESTION YOU GUYS CAN HELP ME WITH: is the Z10 screen sensitive to cold? I have a 9850 and if my fingers or the screen are even slightly cold it is impossible to type. I am not talking about leaving my device in the car and letting it chill. I am talking walking a few feet out the office door and getting into a cold car, or driving in a car with a good heater blaring, stuck in a blizzard and have to use voice commands because the screen won't work. This is HUGE for me. I would prefer to get the Z10, but may have to go to the Q10 if there is the same problem.

* BlackBerry by choice *
After using a upgrade to get my BlackBerry Style, I then had to buy my 9930 outright. Then it broke and my contract was up. BB10 wasn't out yet. So I went the Android route. Now I'm going to have to do it again to get my hands on BB10, the Z10 for sure. My wife might kill me, but damn it I have to do it.
There is no way I can wait another 1.5 yrs to get my hands on this awsome device.

I have no issue with my curent 9810 BB7. I really do love the Z10, but am wondering if I should just wait for the A10. I have no idea when they are set for release and have heard BB will have 6 handsets this year. Tough call, but like I said my 9810 is running on all cyliders right now.......

I switched from a Bold 9700 to a Z10 and I love it. I do miss my Physical Keyboard as the Touchscreen Keyboard isn't quite as good. The other thing that I really miss is BIS. The Data Compression specifically.

I have tried 3 times to write something on here. Half way through I press Shift + Delete!!! Please tell me this feature is gone in BB10. Fukk It I give up!

So as I retyped my post for the fourth time I made the following discovery.

In the browser pressing shift + delete acts as a "Cut" function. By pressing shift + Trackpad. It pastes all the txt you just deleted/cut!!


I will also miss this feature I never knew was there.

So there is a better solution to my problem. :)

I'll wait till end of summer and let all the "beta" testers work through all the bugs and enhancements.

As a BB7.1 owner of the 9810, I really appreciate the article. Helps me to have more realistic expectations from the Z10 as it stands today.

Picked up a Z10 Tuesday. I returned it to Bell on Wednesday.
1. Can't use BIS. This is not an advantage. BIS insured that my email worked flawlessly when roaming and out of country.
2. Can't sync with MS Outlook on Desktop. Blackberry Link is only for file transfer.

With these changes, I don't see how the Z10 is any different/better than the iPh*@! or Galaxy.

What was Blackberry thinking? My old Bold is going to continue working just fine for me.

Blackberry is Push E-Mail, When you think of Push E-mail, you think of Blackberry. What were they thinking, blackberry without BIS is simply not blackberry as we know it. I know BIS is not required on the BB10, but can we have an option please. Make some revenue on the side.

I will miss BIS

Another issue is the missing trackpad that made it so easy to cut and paste, no worries about accidentally hitting a link that takes me to another website while I’m browsing.

Blackberry, you have to take the Z10's touch sensitive frame and allow my finger, moving up or down or left or right, act as a scroller.

I will miss my trackpad.

There are some things Blackberrys are known for, DON'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME

I love the Z10, its a superphone.

Ok I will give it one more shot! I am typing this in memo pad and will Copy and Paste in the browser.

After having read this article I am still not convinced to make the switch. Eventually I probably will,when my 9900 breaks, or when all the following apps/functionality are available on BB10.

1. Bank of America
2. A solid inexpensive budgeting app (iOS has a bunch, and I am not impressed w the PlayBooks options)
3. BeBuzz/Or similar Functionality
4. Six Tools/Or similar functionality
5. Type and Go looks awesome, but it needs to completely replace QuickLaunch. For example from the homescreen I type: 'Space' + 'TW' = Toggle WiFi. From anywhere or any app: 'Right Convenience Key' + 'J' = Txt my GF Jessica.
6. Deep Profiles Customization
7. Real Bedside Mode
8. Deep File system management, the ability to hide files
9. BlackBerry Wallet
10.Separate Email Icons, just make it happen. Also please build a separate inbox for my txt messages.

Things I will miss from BB7:

1. I hope the majority of keyboard shortcuts are present in BB10. I will miss pressing Alt+Back Button as an alt+tab functionality for switching apps. To be honest swiping up is only a tad bit easier than pressing a home button. They should have stayed with the playbook gestures for between switching apps. I will miss Shift + Trackpad to Copy. Alt + Trackpad to paste, Shift + Scroll Trackpad to select.
2. I will miss BIS for sure! My, and data compression, I will miss these a lot!!! I am not looking forward to using the same email solution on other platforms. BIS is the best! It works Flawlessly for me. Always!
3. I'm kinda not looking forward to the hub. I will miss the BB7 style notifications. Hopefully the HUB apk will allow for some awesome app integration. Like seeing scores, stocks, weather, right from the hub with rich graphics, and team logos similar to iOS.
4. All of the deep customization with in the OS.
5. Changing Fonts
6. Themes
7. Being able to see my wall paper with out a whole bunch of icons, or active frames covering it.
8. Being able to get my work email on my BlackBerry with out my IT department knowing about it
9. This: 
10. Are you able to permanently Pin an Active Frame? This will be necessary for me. Especially for electronic sticky notes. Or having the weather constantly display. BB7 had the static wall paper function where you could display "Home Screen Notes" or "BeWeather" I will miss that for sure.

As I type this on my awesome 9900 keyboard I just don't see myself typing on Glass. The more and more I look at the Q10 the more and more I like it. But I also don't see developers re formatting their apps to fit the Q10 screen. I don't see myself playing modern combat on a qwerty device. As long as all the apps available on BB10 make their way to the PlayBook, including the BlackBerry apps: Remember, Story Maker, Photo Editor, etc. I am definitely sticking with my 9900. I don't need BB10 on the PB. Blackberry, Please do not go and mess app all the gestures I love on my playbook. Just bring the apps over. That is all I want. Oh and fix the browser, its really not that good of a browser. Closes all the time constant checker boarding. It takes about a minute for CrackBerry to load on my playbook. Even on WiFi.

This is all I have to say. BlackBerry I love you and I trust that eventually you will bring all of the things I need on to BB10. When you do, I will stay a loyal  Fanatic! :)

'Shift' + 'Scroll to the top w/ Trackpad' to select all, 'Shift' + 'Press Trackpad' to copy text in memo pad, 'Alt' + 'Back Key' to switch to Browser, 'Alt' + 'Press Track Pad' to Paste.

I understand from Kevin that the bedside mode issues are being addressed. I also think that the over-simplified notifications will probably be addressed.

What's holding me back from getting the Z10 is the fact that email messages can only be sync'd back to a maximum of 30 days. After that, they drop right off your device. I find this unacceptable for the (formerly) best communication device. I don't want a side-loaded stand-alone email app or to use a webmail page through the browser. From the number of comments in the forums, I'm not the only one who's pi##ed off about this.

If this isn't remedied in the first maintenance release I'll likely go Android.


I just read an article which can be found at :

The article was written by Zach Epstein in which he tells us that Kris Thompson made some negative comments about the BB10 devices. I read one thing that you may find interesting before switching to a BB10 device. Thompson said, “Many BB10 users will not pay a monthly fee – we have assumed consumer BB10 subs pay nothing and enterprise (BES10) subs pay $3/month (less than half of historical, which is a guess… data plans need to be re-negotiated because the BB10 devices require more data since, for instance, the browser no longer compresses data, which was a major drag on browser performance),” the analyst wrote." The fee part aside, I found it interesting that it said that the new browser no longer compresses data. Now isn't this weird, wouldn't we want the new device to compress data too? If not then why not, help me understand, if you can.

Adios Amigos :)

The BB10 browser is more modern, and will probably crash less than the BB7 browser. But it doesn't reflow text when you zoom, so it's MUCH harder to read sites.

The browser does have a "reader mode" which makes sites more readable, but it doesn't work everywhere. For instance on a Slashdot story page, reader mode doesn't seem to show the comments. about a similar article for making the move from OS know...for those of us still roccking a Storm 2! :)

People rave about the Z10 virtual keyboard, but typing words is only one part of mobile communication. You also need to be able to edit text rapidly on the go. My blackberry 9810 was one of the first phones I had used that made it possible for me to craft well-edited email messages without waiting to get back to my computer. That's a huge advantage for a mobile communication device, and it helps me keep my inbox down to zero unread messages at all time.

Unfortunately, selecting and editing text in BB10 is truly awful.

I'm not just complaining about the lack of the trackpad. I am used to touch-based editing, because my 9810 has had a broken trackpad for the last 4 months. So I figured I should be able to adapt to BB10. However, I played with a Z10 in a store for about 30 minutes, and I could not reliably select and copy text inside of an SMS text message. It was just too hard to get the selection right. And after I finally did get the selection right, it was too hard to bring up the copy/paste controls without losing the selection.

For one thing, the virtual keyboard kept appearing and disappearing, making the text editing window jump around on the screen. For another thing, the selection controls are way too small and imprecise. I can't say it was impossible to get the selection right, but it was certainly not something I would want to do in a hurry, and certainly not something that could be done one-handed.

BB10 does have a magnifying glass or loupe for fine cursor control, but there is no magnifying glass for adjusting the text selection controls.

And I don't think there is a magnifying glass for selecting links in the browser either.

I realize the trackpad isn't coming back, but there are ways of making the touch-based experience as precise and easy as the trackpad-based experience was. It's not there yet, at least not on the Z10. Blackberry has focused exclusively on the virtual keyboard, which is only half of what you need for effective communication.

I hope they fix these issues in time for the Q10. Especially because (a) it has an even smaller screen, which means that finer control will be even more important, and (b) more people coming to the Q10 will be people coming from non-touch blackberries.

I've almost been convinced to GET a BB 7 device and wait a bit longer for the BB10. I have not transitioned into the smartphone world yet. I am still using a feature phone and have been holding out for more than a year to upgrade waiting to see what BB came out with this year. The U.S. won't be getting devices for months yet and there will be more models to be announced in 2013. Given what is missing from BB10 compared to BB7 and the fact that I have still yet to use the full potential of my Playbook, the BB Bold OS7 is looking like the better option for the time being.

I am not into the social stuff. I am not into the apps. I am not into texting. I would just like some of the added features of a smartphone when I occasionally need them. It has never made sense for me to upgrade to a smartphone with the added cost of a data plan and I wanted my other half to enjoy their grandfathered unlimited plan as long as possible. They are now considering a phone upgrade, which would nix that, and then we would be on a shared plan. I've waited this long, I can wait a bit longer for BB10 to be more fully developed.

How do you Sideload the Android Apps, please someone explain how to do currently carrying my old phone and the new Z10 because some apps like whats app, and hookt are currently not supported in Z10 which is where i message 40% off my contacts

IMO, I think the standardization of BlackBerry 10 is a bad thing. I liked the fact that in previous BB, users were allowed to customize their phone with themes and etc. But the new BB10 is missing that customization feature...

Been reading a lot on the BIS stuff... read that some carriers in Canada, I think Bell, still requires its customers to use BIS. Now I am not giving up my unlimited data plan with 3g for a limited smartphone plan. the carrier data sucks big time in India.

What I really want to know, I know its been threaded to shreds in other threads, is if I get myself a Z10, assuming that my carrier still lets me keep my plan, what happens to BIS? Will my emails still sync over BIS? Will I get push?

Customization is bare minimum, editing, I read is not so easy, BIS is not there, the things we come to love about BB have been taken away. All of those features need to be back.

There's a lot of hesitation on my part to part with my beloved 9860, even though I hate typing on the touch with cold fingers....

Hi everyone, there were a couple of Z10's available earlier today (3pm) at the Rogers store at Jane and Wilson, can't remember the name of the mall. Call, maybe you'll get lucky ;)

This article convinced me to get a Z10 Phone. I'm going to go get one right now....ohh wait...Blackberry hates the United States.

I totaly dislike the need to go to new emails, BBMs, Facebook etc. messages only through the hub. Why it is not possible to jump directly f.e. into the mailbox by pressing the notification icon on the notification screen? Why does Blackberry push the users to use the hub????

hahaha "thinking of switching"?

I'm pretty sure most people with BlackBerry 7 devices are all dying to get a BlackBerry 10 device, they just can't because they don't want to break their contract and pay full retail, or there are those of us that can't because it's not in the United States YET.

This article was just salt in the wound of being one of the last first-world countries to get a first rate new platform. Thanks, Adam!

THE FIRST DROID really sucked. At least BB10 is light years ahead of being a first Droid. Really sucked compared to the droid 2 and similar phone that followed. Some still think they suck and I will not use.

Peek and Flow. Great. 10 to 15 minutes to get an email isn't. Bought the Z10 and it is a nice phone. It says "Blackberry" on it but it doesn't feel like it. Wasted my money when I had a 9900 that does what I need well. The email delivery, in my case, is terrible. It needs traditional BIS. Why produce such a good phone and then remove what made BlackBerry great. Lost it's soul. Between Z10 and Iphone, I'd choose the Iphone but my Bold beats them both.

Well said brother! Well Said!

I honestly feel like at this point it has become more of a Brand loyalty thing with CracBerry, and its Leaders. Sure the Z10 is a great device. But its not a BlackBerry and it really isn't better than the iPhone 5.that is consistantly what I am reading from the reviewers. All of them are giving credit to BlackBerry where credit is due for bulding a really good device. But it all comes down to, the Z10 just isn't compelling enough to switch from any existing Mature Platform. Even OS7.

With that said. I am for sure excited for BlackBerry and excited to see all the things they will accomplish with this new platform. Hopefully by the time I am ready to switch, the OS will be ready to deliver everything I WANT it too. Minus the BIS of course. Its pretty clear that the BIS just was not going to work with this new platform. Sad but very apparent.

That's what I've been saying. The build up to the Z10 was great. I couldn't wait. But, now that I see it and I see what the Q10 isn't offering, I'm dissappointed. BB was supposed to build on the BB platform. They built off the iPhone/Android model. I've got a 9860, had a 9800, and a 9000 before that. The only reason I'd "upgrade" now is because I don't have a choice. I'd truly have to become a BB fanboy without any real pride since BB looks and feels more like iPhone and Android than BB. Over the last week, I've been thinking, I'm gonna just get the 9900. When they stop supporting BB7, I'll probably see what's being offered then across all phones. If they want to keep folks like me, the power users, they need to get back to what made BB superior - functionality.

BlackBerry 10 truly sounds amazing. But my 9850 is performing excellently. The Hub as I understand it, is not a big seller. I want more memory, speed and browser experience. I currently do things on my 9850 amazes family, friends and collegues. With regards to the article, which is well written, I am concerned that the apps I am using will not be available for BlackBerry 10 and may not be available. My 9850 is set up perfectly for my lifestyle of which I have to professions, which both require a lot of business use and my personal uses. I have the following apps and while many on the list are in BlackBerry 10 many other are not:

Addressbook clewaner - 3.0
AOL Instant Messenger 1.2
AP Mobile News - 3.5
Application Resource Monitor -
BeJoose - 1.700
Beweather - 2.7.12
Bible - 3.9.3
Blackberry App World -
Blackberry Bible Reader\Olive Tree - 4.10.003208
Blackberry Messenger -
BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing -
BlackBerry Mobile Package Tracker - 1.2.2
BlackBerry Podcast -
BlackBerry Protect -
BlackBerry Traffic -
BlackBerry Travel -
Blockade -
Bmagnified - 1.1.12
BugMe -
Call Connect - 1.7
Chase Mobile - 1.4
Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus - 7.3.53
Discover - 2.1.2
Documents To Go- 2.0004.018
Documents To Go Files - 2.0004.22
Emergency Information - 1.6
English Dictionary and Thesaurus -
Fast Scroll -
FitDeck Bodyweight - 2.0.53
Flashlight - 2.1.1
FreeTips - 1.3 (located in the Trial Download of my Crackberry Account)
GasBuddy -
HPePrint - 2.0
Google Maps - 4.5.3 Jawbone Battery
Kayak - 2.0.6
Later Dude Pro - 3.0.2
Mobipocket Reader B080 Beta -
Mobile Checkbook - 4.5.5
MSDict Viewer - 7.3.53
Mybmi - 1.0
Neo Reader - 4.5.0
Our Groceries - 2.0.2
Pattern Lock - 2.1.0 PictureTimestamp - 1.0.3
PDF To Go - 2.0004.018
Poynt - 1.8.6
Quick Pull - 5.4.8
ScreenShot - 1.4.5
Traffic - 1.1.2004
TuneIn - 2.3
Twitter -
Undelete - 1.0.6
Units - 1.5.
Vibrate On Call Connect - 1.7.1
Visual Voice Mail - 1.19.20
Vlingo - 4.11.4
VQ Carfinder - 3.3
Wikitude - 7.6
World Clock - 1.1.1
Xchange - 1.1

And this list does not include the 20 games I have download on this device. Lastly, having a Track Pad is awesome and in my opinion should have been left on the devise it adds more precision.

Adam, how would respond to BlackBerry 7 users who have this same concern about losing apps which they use and like?

Thanks for a great article and discuss.

Best regards.

Wake me when the Bridge functions are working. I thought for second when I read this I was on an iForum. The Zedi mind tricks don't work.

At this point, I am taking the wait and see point of view with upgrading to a Q10. I am at the point in my life that I am not going to give my money to any company and hope they improve their product with software updates. If it gets to the point that my old blackberry no longer works then I will either get a used old blackberry with a autofocus camera or go back to a feature phone.

BIS is gone which takes away two features that I like: compression (I have a small data plan per month) and the ability to delete messages off my phone without deleting them out of my mailbox. I will not upgrade my data plan because I am un-willing to pay new cost every month. Hopefully Blackberry will at least give BB10 the option to manage your data usage and add phone encryption support.

The lack of trackpad/trackball is something that I will have to accept as I don't think Blackberry is changing their mind on this because of what the ceo stated in a interview that the os was built for touch, hence one of the reasons that the Q10 is being release after the z10, as more time was needed to get OS to work with a physical keyboard.

I am surprise though that Blackberry has not come up with a new NOC concept for BB10 devices, since they can not used the current NOC system with BB10 devivces.

Getting my black Z10 in a few days, Can't wait to get my hands on it.

I've noticed a lot of posts from people who apparently like to focus on the Z10 shortcomings instead of it's strengths. BB10 is a brand new OS, so it is going to have some bugs and it is going to be missing a few things. I'm sure iOS and Android were less than perfect when first launched on the masses. I haven't had a chance to play with the new OS yet and I can tell it's a big jump from the old OS, just from what I've read on CB. So, my message to those of you who are never happy, is to wait for Blackberry to correct those "shortcomings" (which, I am sure they are working on as I type this ) and stop complaining. Nobody ever said that BB10 was going to be perfect, it's a work in progress.

After reading the post and mostly the BB bridge stuff....waiting may be my best option right now. Not liking what im reading about BB bridge....I'm all blackberry all the time. If most of this stuff if fixed by release date in the US then I'll buy...if not...i'll wait. Come on blackberry!

Someone dropped the ball, Super Bowel commercial, make the product available the next day in the USA!

I loaded BB10 to my Dev Alpha B and it was great! Until I slapped a sim card in and mained it. Less than 24 hours later I was back to my Torch 9810, the phone that ACTUALLY ALLOWS ME TO GET SHIT DONE! Hub? Terrible! Why do I have to select Facebook tab to see Facebook posts? Makes no sense... Same with Twitter, and Linkedin, and everything else really. You slap phone calls, SMS, and email into the Hub then everything else is in separate tabs. Useless! OS 7 unified message system is far superior. Gestures? Neat gimmick but trackpad is by far the most superior way to navigate around the phone. Hands down you can not beat the track pad for getting stuff done. Gestures are too gimmicky for any form of work to get done. Not sure if this is just a Dev issue or my Blueant Q2 headset, but when I connect headset to dev it fires up the music player and starts playing music... Pretty annoying. And my biggest gripe is contact group lists are removed and word back from BB is that will not be implemented in BB10... This feature allowed me to add up to 10 contacts to one list and SMS or email them. This allowed me to have multiple lists and send out only 4 messages that reached nearly 40 people, on BB10 I would have to send out nearly 40 separate messages... How is that more productive? How Can I let my customers know I am available quickly this way?

BlackBerry 10 was produced for the masses, not for people needing tools. If this is BlackBerry's vision count me out. Angry Birds and Netflix do not pay the bills. Tools that allow me to communicate with my customers which pay the bills, the Z10 as it is now will not allow me to communicate efficiently, at all.

Gonna use my upgrade and grab the 9900 and rock it till BB kills support for OS 7 and go elsewhere, unless BB can pull their shit together and make tools again and not toys.

That's much of what I was thinking as well. I've got the Torch 9860 for over a year because I wanted to give all-touch a chance. I hate all-touch. So, the Z10 is definitely not a contender. However, the Q10 looked good. I get my keyboard back. But, that trackpad really IS everything. It epitomized one-handed usage - utility, versatility, functionality. Now, all I can see is a future of me readjusting the phone in my hand to do or see anything and that goes for ANY phone I use in the future. Upgrading to BB10 just seems like a major DOWNgrade. It feels like, instead of building on the BB7 platform, they built BB10 on the iPhone platform. I'd rather save my money until BB gets it together, back to the core. So, I might just save my $150 to $200+ on BB10 and get that 9900 for a penny.

Right now, my motto for BB is.. I can't go with the flow!! Sorry to say it that way. But, I'll still have a BB because I'm a fanatic, no doubt about that. It will just be a really crappy day when I'm finally forced to switch.

Was pretty sad that BlackBerry Music didn't make its way onto Z10. But not that sad... I sync'd my Z10 using LINK to my iTunes account and have more music on my new device.... I just liked making friends with the BBM integration.

For me, it's about the functionality and utility. It's how I handle the device in my hand. I've had a Torch 9860 for over a year now. I can say, without hesitation, I hate all touch, even with the buttons. So, I am very happy to see the Q10. However, without the trackpad, we're being forced to use the touch screen.

That completely destroys the concept of one-handed usage which the experience I have with an all touch device. When I had my Bold devices, that one handed operation is what solidified me as a BB fanatic. I could do everything between that trackpad and keyboard. I never had to move my hand to re-position the phone to get anything done. With that Torch, I can't do anything one-handed. I can barely type on the on screen keyboard, after over a year of usage, I'm still making heavy mistakes whereas with the Bold, I didn't even have to look to see what I was typing. I knew it was solid. That kind of confidence is completely lost on all touch devices.

I feel as though BB has completely forsaken this ideal situation of one-handed usage. They've sold their soul to the iPhone devil, a little piece at a time. The Z10 in my opinion is just an "iPhoneBerry" - half the functionality, twice the flare. UGH. I want to throw up looking at that thing just because of the user interface. The OS may be great, but it's truly a downgrade for me.

I could care less about the apps and media. If you couldn't tell, I'm a BB user by choice. How could I care about apps and media?

"However, after using the BlackBerry Z10 for a few weeks now, I have to say that once you adjust you really won't look back."

Do we really have a choice? Will BB make any efforts to maintain the user interface of BB7 phones? Will there be phones that re-introduce these buttons in the future? No. No. No. We don't have a choice. BB7 and the devices will be discontinued at some point. We'd just have to adjust. Even if we, power users, decided to switch to Android, iPhone, WP8, we've lost that superior BB user interface. BB was supposed to make it better by building on the BB platform. What they've done is build on the iPhone/Android platform. We've been summarily downgraded and we can't look back. Honestly, I don't want to go with the "Flow"!!!

I have a feeling there re a few Itards on here masquerading as blackberry users, pretty easy to pick up on. I have the new Z10 previously owned a samsung, I can honestly Z10 is superior in every way.

I've been waiting for the BB10 for over a year, and I'm still waiting (in USA), but what I keep hearing, is those "apps" are coming ....well they've been coming to Blackberry devices for as long as I can remember.......PERSONALLY I'm tired of WAITING. However, I do think Its time to "UPGRADE" my mobile device, the question is with what

The recurring theme I see here is "It's Coming..."
I've heard that for over a year... As I type this out from my 9800 in California. Patience only goes so far.

I think by employing multiple platform is a must, so we don't have to complain. I use 9930 for work. It's definitely the best for my needs, that are email, bbm, whatsap, wechat, photo editing (capture nux, photo studio, ultimate photo editor). everyday I go around the factory make inspection, take picture, edit the photo then send it directly to my sub ordinate. Here in Indonesia almost all of my important colleagues using BBM. So, BBM have been chains me up. The keyboard is fantastic, the track pad is definitely needed. it really really helpful. When I am on the rest time then I use my Lumia for browsing and reading or watching video. It have a better experience due to it bigger screen and have more clarity. Actually I interest with Q10 but then I will not switch unless It have a track pad.