Think you have an idea for the best BBM emoticon ever? Here's your chance to make it happen!

By Adam Zeis on 15 Nov 2013 04:32 pm EST

We've all been there - sending a BBM to a friend and wondering why there isn't an emoticon that we want. While BBM has a handful of great ones for getting your point across and even more on the way in OS 10.2.1, there are still some emotions we'd just love to have an emoticon for. 

BlackBerry is lending an ear and if you have an idea for an awesome emoticon it just might find its way to BBM. Starting today, you can head to the BBM Facebook page to submit your idea for an emoticon. The rules are wide open so you can submit nearly anything that you think could be an awesome BBM emoticon, be it an angry CrackBerry Kevin, a fancy princess or just a better smiley. The deadline for entries is next Wednesday. 

Head to the page here for all the details. Good luck!

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Think you have an idea for the best BBM emoticon ever? Here's your chance to make it happen!


Middle finger
Not listening
Oh no

Bring these emoticons back from BB OS 6 as well as when selecting an emoticon you get a description

I sure hope not!

I personally find smilies pretty useless. I'll use the occasional :) :( or ;) in a text message, but that's it. Plus there's no guarantee that the receiving phone will interpret it as a smiley.

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BBM for iOS and Android apparently are missing a couple of the emoticons that BB10 users have (apparently).

It's the other way around. BBM android and iPhone can send emoticons from different messaging apps. Example: can send whatsapp emoticons through bbm. By my bb10 doesn't recognize them all.

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I've been wanting this emoticon for the longest time!! Too bad they'll never make it :(

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The middle finger is already on version of BBM. A double middle finger too


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Jaw drop that used to be there, BlackBerry logo and a Kevzilla emoticon just for laughs.

CB10 - Z10 -

Now we've truly come full circle. Not only has a vast amount of BlackBerry users requested that BlackBerry have Android abilities this week, but now we have one of the first outright requests for it to have iPhone characteristics. Soon, we'll have the mighty ZQBerryiDroid100 in our hands if you all get your way!...And even then, many of you will still not be happy. Hilarious.

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I like both the boobs and middle figure ideas.

Also, an emoji mooning would also be good.

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How about animated emojis with WTF being in there. Lately that would have come in handy.

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Complete overhaul of current emoticons and make them animated, then simply try to make an emoticon for every verb in the dictionary. Done.

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Whaaaaaaaat! That's awesome!! :D

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BlackBerry logo

Cute animals

Different kiss smileys

Smartass smiley

Smiley with a American football helmet

F1 logo/ car

Car, train, taxi

Food: pizza piece, burger, etc.

Smiley with a chef's hat



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I agree! It's great that the BBM team is actually trying to listen to feedback and use it to improve BBM.

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I think I do. Some more form of transportation icons. Definitely going to be seeing more of that! I just know it.

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The BBM music icon. Shucks, just bring back the dam service and integrate it with BBM cross platform. Relaunch the blackberry radio service with a Pandora / Slacker / Songza type of business model. Use some of that billion dollars.

They should have TAT designed their own set of emojis and incorporate them to BBM. iOS and Android users can see them in BBM and BlackBerry users can use them throughout BB10.

Maybe they could add a double tap feature or hard press or something, so after you select the emoticon, then double tap/hard press on it, it would change its size? Of course, would need a way to reset back to original or downsize if it got too big ;-)

Bicycle. Give me the bicycle emocon. Been asking for years, there is already a car, plane, and walking, why ignore the bicycle. Did I say bicycle enough times. Bicycle.

Need some pow.

I think the best emoticon would be of one getting slapped when you do something stupid and you can send to that person

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Better yet have it like a "ping" but make a slap sound and it says something like...u have been "slapped"!
That would be awesome!

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That's great if you use Facebook. I don't. But would like to have one emicon slapping the other one on the back of the head.

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Need the Staples "Easy" button emoticon for the simple problems solves.

Also need an old fashioned "bomb" emoticon with the burning fuse for the difficult problems that need a fast answer

These can both apply to many things.

I'd go for ability to disable them altogether.
Really, they often turn links and one-time authentication tokens to a mess.
Some people still use BBM for work, you know...

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Smiley that depicts boredom. A smiley for work-out...lyk when in a gym. a macho-man smiley etc...

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I would like to see a wide range of little animals. I and my friends really enjoy that aspect of WhatsApp, and I've been saying for a long time that I think BlackBerry need to offer way more emoticons. This is really good news. All they need to sort out now is a wallpaper option so that we aren't stuck with just grey. These additions, and cross-platform Bbm Video, Audio, and Screenshare will wipe out all the other IMs if BlackBerry are able to get it done quickly and and well.

In the meantime, some cute little elephants and lions and tigers and bears would be great lol

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Some sports & seasonal tabs, Christmas, Easter, halloween, +other ethnic holidays. If they were all preloaded in bbm but show up based on the phones set language(s).

Also if there was any way of making them bigger, they are hard t see sometimes on my 9900.

Walkie talkie option on BBM would be awesome. Entice more people to use BBM.
Definitely have an unlimited emoticons.

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I use emoticons often.....would be nice if they moved like on the pc. A drunk smiley would be good......a smiley for every mood. I would definitely use the middle finger smiley often

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I agree with the guy before me....bring walkie talkie back but they would have make sure it doesn't drain the battery life. and if they do I don't want to get charged to use it as an extra feature.

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-The beach (sand and umbrella)
-Where's Waldo
-Instead of a middle finger just have a bird flipped over on its back.
-Movie reel
-Rob Ford
-Ass spank
-lightening bolt with a pile of $hit underneath it


My recent experiences in CB forums called for:
:dumbass: a mule with a dunce hat
:GTFOH: a smiley with a blank expression that flashes a poster board sign with "gtofh" then looks away.

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BBM in old versions had the ability to play against other contacts like checkers/ battleship. :) bring that back lol.

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Use formula for emoticons, so you can type formula for whatever emoticon you want. Formula turns into the emoticon.

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I miss emoticons, like different kind of kisses.. which are on whatsapp. Only one kiss is not enough. And I miss an emoticon: like yummy, with a tongue out of the mouth.


An animated baby bee :)
An animated scrubbing bubble :)

Also, would be cool, reeeeaaaally cool, if one could attach 'sound effects' to emoticons to make them true emotional icons (or, already have those sounds as part of the emoticon)! Like a laugh to an LOL, a moooaaaah to a kiss, a yaaaaawwwwn to a yawn, a buzzzzzz to the animated bee, etc ;-)

Would be nice to have the ability to copy and past emoticons.add them to current set and just send them as just images if possible,.

Should make one that is easy and simple. Make one for the saying "Texting and Driving it Can Wait." or try to make character emoticon. Maybe put some cars in there. I use BBM daily and would love to see lots more emoticons

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Someone mentioned an animated WTF. I pictured that perfectly! A shoulder shrug, hands up and then a big middle finger comes forward.

dog, cat, bird. (animals)
City, village, beach. (lifestyle)
Popcorn, chocolate, cake. (food)
cars, trucks, cop cars, ambulances, trains. (transportation)

That's what they're missing. They could really just make the next emoji for BlackBerry. We need that.

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Don't have an emoticon idea st the moment, but has BlackBerry ever considered hitting Google head on but developing a search engine? Take the mobile fight right to Android's doorstep.

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I would covet a sheep emoticon !

The emoticon - creator must be able to capture a sheep's face of monotony, predictiveness and one who is lured against their will year after year.

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RECOOL. Has in my mind the best idea..not dumping on any individual emoticon suggested-they're all good ones (wtf and mid fingerz), but how about being able to add emoticons from wherever we find them and add them to your own personal collection.! And once saved, able to send them out on BBM.

In other words - open it up guys!

Other great idea: ability to animate + add sound.

Cheersa from the oil sands!

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

And would someone pls come up with some truck emoticons?

Duramax in particular
Cummins as well
...& power smoke too

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

1. Bang head to the wall
2. ROTFL (literally)
3. Hurrai with both hands up

PS: All animated icons, not jut static one.

I'd like more (in order of priority to me):
* Food & drink
* Transportation
* Animals (good for insults, like "You're a *pig*" or "an *a$$*") :yes:
* Sports

Little rage comics memes would be cool. In the future, if the emoticons could be animated, that would be huge!

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