Things To Do While Racing Your Ferrari - Text On Your BlackBerry Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2009 09:57 am EDT

Well I guess this one is more Ferrari-humor than BlackBerry humor, but the video above still gave me an extra chuckle at the 54 second mark when the BlackBerry Bold makes its appearance (warning: might want to turn your speaker volume down a bit). Here's the background of what you're watching...

Over the years, F1-style gearboxes has evolved and -- in most cases -- proven to be faster and more efficient than a manual, with far less physical labor. Ferrari's recent lineup is chock full of auto 'boxes, and one F430 Challenge owner who frequents the track finally got fed-up with the teasing from his manual shifting brethren and decided to poke back at those who call his Maranello masterpiece the Ferraromatic.  Hit play on the video above to watch all the things you can do in a self-shifting Fezza, including knitting, texting and wine tasting (simulated). Sure, it's all a clever ruse (a few inconsistencies with steering angle spoil the illusion), but it's damn funny all the same.

Though subtle, there's one really important smartphone take away from this video. Though capactive touchscreens are all the rage these days, there's always going to be a market for non-touch screen devices. I mean, there's just no way the guy in the video could use a Storm or iPhone with racing gloves on! And PS: Texting While Driving is Bad, so just don't do it. Thx to Rico for sending this in!

[ Axis of Oversteer via Autoblog ]

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Things To Do While Racing Your Ferrari - Text On Your BlackBerry Bold!


It would have even been cooler if the Ferrari driver had sent an MMS to his race boddies of him passing them on the track. His msg to them in the MMS would be for them to check the time stamp,...they would have pondered how he did that once returning to the pits and checking their phones.

Technology,...gotta love it these days. Thanks for the chuckle....


yeah saw the video, the home screen didnt' seem to change, just going through the motions. Incredibly unsafe still but fake.

The biggest giveaway that it was fake was that the drivers hands never pass in front of the larger video... That and the steering response is way off. But amusing none-the-less.

This is definitely fake. At 2:26 when he turns the radio on and hits the high-speed chicanes, there's no steering input... not gona happen. The angle on the wheel is also a bit off on some of the turns. I've raced Solo 1 and 2 and this is fako-mako. It was fun to watch though. :)

I love VIR, especially the resounding thump coming down the hill onto the front straight at 100-110mph. Honestly though it is SO long on both of those straights, your mind does tend to wander a bit.

Can't say I have ever texted anyone on the track, but I did turn on the camera when I remembered hadn't done it before heading out.

Lol, that's a cool video even though it's not real. But he needs to work on his knitting, I'm pretty sure he dropped a stitch there!

Very funny. I will say when you are racing at that track you dont have time to play with a phone. I have raced on that track. Virginia International Raceway.