CrackBerry HQ is moving to New York City!

We ushered in the launch of BlackBerry 10 in Canada by setting up temporary headquarters in Toronto. For the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the USA, we're taking the CrackBerry Show on the road to New York City! 

Statue of CrackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2013 06:18 pm EDT

SURPRISE!! Things are about to get even CRAZIER around here. BlackBerry 10 is Built to Keep You Moving and in the honor of the Z10's upcoming release in the USA we are going to do just that and move our CrackBerry headquarters to NEW YORK CITY!

While Waterloo, Canada, is the birthplace of BlackBerry, NYC truly is the birthplace of CrackBerry. It was over a decade ago that BlackBerry-addicted Wall Street types first began referring to their beloved phones by the CrackBerry name. Thus, it is only fitting that we go back to where it all began for the second coming of BlackBerry in the USA.

We're still working on some of the final details, but by this time next week we'll be coming at you from the city that never sleeps

We're still working on some of the final details, but by this time next week we'll be coming at you from the city that never sleeps (which will be a good fit for the CrackBerry team - with all the BB10 excitement the past couple of months we gave up on the notion of sleep). 

Once we're setup, the plan is to keep pushing hard in NYC right up until the second week of May, at which point we'll fly down to Orlando for BlackBerry Live 2013. After that? We don't know just yet... though I will say something feels oh so right about about HQ permanently being in NYC.

While we're in NYC you can expect CrackBerry's coverage of all things BlackBerry to get taken to a whole new level, yet again. Bla1ze will be in town for the the AT&T roll out. Adam will making the visit from his place in New Jersey several times a week. Alicia is already there too, and we're bringing out David from our Miami-based design team who is going to help us further spice up our content.

Wherever you are in the world, you'll be wanting to be visiting the site often, as in true New York fashion CrackBerry is going to more hustling, more bustling and bigger and better than ever.

For those living in the New York area, get ready to hang with us. We're going to start taking the CrackBerry fun offline

For those living in the New York area, get ready to hang with us. We're going to start taking the CrackBerry fun offline, with more events and meet-ups and in real life CB community action than we've ever done before. 

To the media based in New York, don't be shy. Hit us up. CrackBerry Kevin is at your service. If you want a BlackBerry expert and representative of the BlackBerry enthusiast base to speak with and/or interview during the build up and roll out of the "Zee 10" in the USA, send your requests to We'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Ok, let's call this a wrap for now. I have to pack. Things are about to get CRAZY around here!


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Reader comments

CrackBerry HQ is moving to New York City!


So does this mean that you will become a Rangers fans? Gasp!

Now you wont need that QNX powered Rover. :(

Awesome news and welcome to the states. Whatever you do don't move into the building that has the LOVE statue out front. If you do the next time I am there I just might have to crash the party. Ah I mean Work Place. So will you be leaving your wireless provider for AT&T or keeping your current provider?


Crazy that after ALMOST 2 months after launch theres still so much going on with this device!!! I hope to see a ton more in the future. Thanks for everything you guys do.. I for one, really appreciate this site!

Great news guys. Welcome to the neighborhood.

On behalf of the NYers, we're ready for those meet-ups and waiting to hang. NY was already an awesome place to be and now with Crackberry setting up a tent, it's about to get a whole lot better.

p.s. - We have Tim Hortons too :)

Im Moving Bakc To NY and Im so happy to hear the news, would love to work for you guys even if its running to get kevin some coffee just breathing the same crackberry oxygen would be so fun and build my skills of a tech savy dude

Coolio! I'm an hour and a half from NYC and hope to get down there to visit you guys! Change is good. Rev up the US Kevin and gang. I'm a lover, not a hater, but you gotta get the US lovin' BB's again. See ya when.

People going nuts. Wish crackberry stayed in Toronto. It would be easier to meet and greet. Maybe some day I'll be able to visit new york.

Welcome to my town! The place where the term "Crackberry" got started and the final resting place for the only real spacecraft called "Enterprise".

Looking forward to hanging out with the crackberry elite at some of the coolest clubs, bars, and restaurants it the world!

Your loyal subject,


Screw the haters - I'll be right over the bridge in Jersey and WILL be attending anything you're throwing! Get a meet and greet going at some bar and I'll call that a marketing success first ;)

Cheers Kev and crew and please have your dickhead attitude in full force, but have a smile on your face at the same time...its just required in the tri-state.

Just out of curiosity, why are we supposed to care about this? I'm not hating, but why is it big news that a small group of guys are going to New York to essentially do nothing but blog about Blackberry? I don't know why this important at all. Just asking.