CrackBerry HQ is moving to New York City!

We ushered in the launch of BlackBerry 10 in Canada by setting up temporary headquarters in Toronto. For the release of the BlackBerry Z10 in the USA, we're taking the CrackBerry Show on the road to New York City! 

Statue of CrackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Mar 2013 06:18 pm EDT

SURPRISE!! Things are about to get even CRAZIER around here. BlackBerry 10 is Built to Keep You Moving and in the honor of the Z10's upcoming release in the USA we are going to do just that and move our CrackBerry headquarters to NEW YORK CITY!

While Waterloo, Canada, is the birthplace of BlackBerry, NYC truly is the birthplace of CrackBerry. It was over a decade ago that BlackBerry-addicted Wall Street types first began referring to their beloved phones by the CrackBerry name. Thus, it is only fitting that we go back to where it all began for the second coming of BlackBerry in the USA.

We're still working on some of the final details, but by this time next week we'll be coming at you from the city that never sleeps

We're still working on some of the final details, but by this time next week we'll be coming at you from the city that never sleeps (which will be a good fit for the CrackBerry team - with all the BB10 excitement the past couple of months we gave up on the notion of sleep). 

Once we're setup, the plan is to keep pushing hard in NYC right up until the second week of May, at which point we'll fly down to Orlando for BlackBerry Live 2013. After that? We don't know just yet... though I will say something feels oh so right about about HQ permanently being in NYC.

While we're in NYC you can expect CrackBerry's coverage of all things BlackBerry to get taken to a whole new level, yet again. Bla1ze will be in town for the the AT&T roll out. Adam will making the visit from his place in New Jersey several times a week. Alicia is already there too, and we're bringing out David from our Miami-based design team who is going to help us further spice up our content.

Wherever you are in the world, you'll be wanting to be visiting the site often, as in true New York fashion CrackBerry is going to more hustling, more bustling and bigger and better than ever.

For those living in the New York area, get ready to hang with us. We're going to start taking the CrackBerry fun offline

For those living in the New York area, get ready to hang with us. We're going to start taking the CrackBerry fun offline, with more events and meet-ups and in real life CB community action than we've ever done before. 

To the media based in New York, don't be shy. Hit us up. CrackBerry Kevin is at your service. If you want a BlackBerry expert and representative of the BlackBerry enthusiast base to speak with and/or interview during the build up and roll out of the "Zee 10" in the USA, send your requests to We'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Ok, let's call this a wrap for now. I have to pack. Things are about to get CRAZY around here!


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CrackBerry HQ is moving to New York City!



This just made my long day a lot better. Makes me even luckier to live in NYC! I'm stoked about this move for you guys (and for us NYC-ers)

Ha. Unintentional link bait more like it. Never expected that forum thread to take off like crazy like that. That was my regular weekly from the editor's desk -- all of which was dedicated to the CB site -- saying I'd drop a big surprise on Monday. Don't think I overstepped that at all. You can be a little disappointed, but not **that** disappointed :p BUT HEY.. We did get an AT&T date today. Pretty solid Monday after all!

I think this is awesome! Hopefully we'll see more of these CrackBerry gatherings all over the world :)

I'm glad to see that you took my idea to heart!

I think both announcements are pretty big stuff. A lot of us here in the US are happy with a concrete release date for AT&T and your CB HQ move is definitely big news. T. I live a couple of hours north of NYC near the Kingston/Woodstock area so maybe I'll get to come down and meet y'all sometime!

Well I think this a cool move. Though I also think that HQ in Toronto would be a nice choice, CB in NYC is good city, many other blogs have offices there :D keep making quality content and CB and mobile nations will grow a lot. [but duh, you know that]

Kevin I'm happy you're moving to NYC, I'm from NYC too. When you get settled in your new home, let me know if you're hiring for CrackBerry. ^_^

It's as exciting as Kevin letting his hair grow long. Yawn.... Wake me up when something really important happens......

"Bla1ze will be in town for the the AT&T roll out."

I love it when plans get made for me, lol! :D

And you could because its NY. Welcome. Everyoen should work and live in NYC even if its only for a while. A truly great city.

You guys should just take a whole bunch of spark stickers and throw them around whenever you go out.

Guaranteed to raise awareness!

Posted via CB10

Lol, Bla1ze think of the bright side NYC is a BLAST!! Always LOTS to do, all night long.

Was expecting different news but this IS good for Blackberry having the CB Team promoting/pushing Blackberry NYC USA! A BUZZ is always good, in more ways then one,lol. ;)

That's vf, we wait this long n refresh 30 second and find out cr moving nyc n mind blowing?

Posted via CB10

While Winnipeg is not a good place for a tech website to be headquartered, I feel Toronto would be a better fit long term. I hope this is only a temporary arrangement.

Posted via CB10

The only thing 'Mind Blowing" about this announcement is the level of disappointment it will generate among the thousands of Crackberry members who waited up for some sort of actual news.

What a let down.

It's a temp thing, besides you have to close to the media when Blackberry rolls out in USA, NYC is media city.

Hahaha... The assumption is the Mother of all f***ups... So this is what mass hysteria looks like, huh? Gotta remember that...

Hey it was their fault for wasting their time. The news would of been there if they didnt refresh every 30 seconds. Serves them right actually.

It was mind blowing getting you guys put up a thread with all of these posts this fast :) keep moving and stop whining...

Posted via CB10

Yay I will finally get to meet the man himself!
Can't wait to take a picture with ya and use it as my avatar.

The CB team will bring positive vibes and positive information about blackberry to NYC and to the hating media.

Represent CBK

Posted via CB10 with my Zed 10

I'm totally digging this. An app announcement would have been boring, a device announcement would have been ridiculous (and possibly illegal), but this is wicked as far as CrackBerry is concerned! Good luck in NYC and hope you bring lots of CB action IRL!

If Kevin isn't American or doesn't already have a work permit/green card... By the time he does get one BBRY might be on top of the market... Or in the history books. USCIS FTW... NOT.

I kinda expected something like this. Mind was definitely not blown. But somehow I knew they were going to be hosting a party. I just didn't know this was going to be in NYC and also be private.
Oh what the heck, I'll grab my pitch fork and my torch and join the witch hunt. What a let down! Boooooo! Booooooo!

Hmm, so where's the world-wide contest to win a sleep-over @ CB headquarters NYC ?
Now that would be totally epic to win, maybe a joint venture with BB as a promotion for BB & true CB fans!
Just speaking my fantasies out loud :)

I'm genuinely excited!!!! I live 20 minutes next door in NJ... see you guys soon...
Haters gonna hate
NYC is the perfect place for CrackBerry...
Btw are u guys hiring? I really need a better more reliable job

Bldshd 189

Geez, looking at the seems/patches on Kevin's... err... the statue's arm, it looks like he/she is wearing a creepy skin-suit.

I think it's a pretty deep announcement. When the CrackBerry HQ in Toronto, it was alot of fun especially with Big Brother style chats. I think this is well worth the time invested and gives the American CrackBerry addicts excitement for their release. I'm hoping for some equally as mindblowing announcement from BlackBerry in the next few weeks.

ROTFLMAO!! Everyone wanted something from your mind blowing surprise . Instead to see you pack your bag and headed to New York . LOL!!

I'll be waiting for you in Orlando at BlackBerry Live. Hopefully will get another chance to meet up with you. Last year at Universal was fun. And since I'm driving up from Miami, I'll have my Expedition in case we want to take the CB team on an offsite adventure. ;-)

Hey Kevin with you being in NYC for the launch, will you be representing on good morning America?

Posted via CB10

Ok, for all people disappointed because they built up my little teaser from Sunday's From the Editor's Desk teaser (which was all about the CrackBerry site BTW) into something even bigger...

We. Have. One. More. Surprise. Coming shortly :)

But seriously... to any disappointed by the news folks.. you guys built up the suspense huge. Anything less than Free Q10s for everybody would have been a let down. CB in NYC is going to be freak'n awesome. Just watch.

Uh oh, on more surprise means one new thread.. And one new thread means one hundred new pages. And one hundred new pages means 2,000 new comments. And 2,000 new comments means 100,000 new views. And lets be real here, 100,000 people building up hype over the word "surprise" & "mind blown" is bound to become pretty nuts, no way that it could possibly live up to expectations. It does although show how incredibly large CrackBerry is and the power of exponential growth :P

I think that this is great news.. I live in New York (Buffalo though, sadly). I wish I could attend the CB offline, that sounds like a lot of fun. This site redesign paired with a move to the big apple.. This site is towering over all of the other mobile nation sites.. Very happy about this :)

hahaha oh man, I now see the word "shortly" being taken out of context and being blown up just as when he said the the words "mind blown". I'm banking on shortly meaning the next week or so (and as we know, there is bound to be a lot of big news dropping with apps, and US carrier release dates, so it is somewhat of a general statement by Kevin).

Please don't make me loose my mind again. In the back of my mind I was secretly hoping T-Mobile would anounce everyone can buy a Z10 this week. Ugh... Well I set myself up.

Just for that remark I will call the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and have to added to the terrorist watch list. Once on "the list" you'll be surprised! Just kidding...or am I? < evil laughter as I stroke my Kevzilla >

Well, in that case, I hope BBRY doesn't follow you guys there. On a second thought, if that's what's going to take them to take back the top spot, so be it... Hopefully you won't forget to have fun there..:)

Posted via CB10

The surprise is that kevin is gonna become a devils fan and disown the jets!! I can see it now!! And you guys need to lighten the flip up, sometimes it's not all about the community.

Congrats, cb guys. Have a blast but too bad it's not chicago, nyc has too much hype.

I don't think anyone really cares at all where the blogs are written from.. fine and good if the CB team wants to blog from NYC for a while, but not mind blowing in ANY sense of the word..

Welcome to NY, TeamCrackBerry. As an avid longtime CrackBerry (BlackBerry) user, I'm glad to see you guys set up shop in my city. Keep me posted on any launch parties you guys may hold in celebration to this epic move. Congrats on a great start to 2013

Is this a permanent thing?? Like Mr and Mrs Crackberry move to the Big Apple...or for the next month or so? Wouldn't it make sense to make the permanent home Toronto? Come on Kev.. you know you loved Toronto

I can understand being in NY City for the US launch, but permanently?!.....Really?!?!
How about a major city in a country that hasn't all but abandoned Blackberry use.
How about showing the love to Toronto or even London, England.

I don't think this news of interest to anyone...not even close to mind blowing!!!! I wasted so much time for nothing.

Posted via CB10

Oh , look, the Americans get there own personal launch event for BlackBerry 10. The worldwide launch coverage not enough for them. The land of the Spoilt strikes again.

As to the hype, I was expecting something more important than this.

Hey! We are so spoiled we are STILL waiting for the damn phone that everyone else has been enjoying for over a month. From a spoiled rotten *itch for the good ol' US of A!
It's ok- not hating on you though.....just really jealous!

Nice! I wanna hang with you CB guys! First round of beers is on me!

Just let me know when and where :-D

Kevin found an excuse to take a two month NY City vacation. My mind is blown. (And LA is a hell of a lot better this time of year)

Seriously? Have you ever been here? We have a subway! It's small and very incomplete, and I rode it once just to ride it, but we HAVE A SUBWAY and much better whether.

Dude! I used to live in West Hollywood. LA's my second home away from home. Was just there for a weekend in Feb. I know all about that little train you guys call a subway...

Plus I was only joking with you bro... Cheers!

I thought Kevin will give someone a car hence no official Instagram as of now on BB10 only sideload version. That would be a surprise I think, not this one.:-(

I would have been mind-blown if CrackBerry or BlackBerry ever did something in L.A.

Good to see all that excitement in the forums though... and that Photoshop is pretty hilarious haha

That's what IIII'm sayiiinnn! Our weather is way nicer than New York's, the sun's usually out, the Lakers and Clippers are playing so Thorsten Heins or Kevin or Alicia Keys or whoever can sit court-side and show off their Z10 for the photographers. But um..hope they have fun in that cold weather in New York, racking up taxi cab charges when they could have spent that money on a rented (CrackBerry Orange?) car in L.A.!

This is great news indeed, nothing more then I expected. People always run with things and blow them up to huge proportions.

This is a great move and will add lots to the launch.

Question ; could you explain the "Cold, cold, warm......." comment?

Posted via CB10

This is really good news, NYC and the metropolitan area could use your help to ensure BlackBerry love for BB10, the Z10, and Q10. Keeping it moving with CrackBerry! Yes!!!

Kevin and team, welcome! Take a hell of a bite out of the "BIG APPLE" "Smile"

Awesome, Kevin! Love the statue of liberty with your face too!

"Send these the Crackberrians tempest-tost to me
I lift my white Z10 beside the golden door" :-)

Can't lie...thought it was going to be more than this somehow. Is that my fault? Maybe. Oh well life goes on :) but it does feel like a April fool joke that everyone fell for.

It's a new day, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

I think this is pretty awesome news. It'll be a big deal for Crackberry to be in New York for the American launch and it sounds like Kevin might even want to stay! Lol.

Posted via CB10

That's what I'm thinking too! Maybe not permanent but getting our presence out will have a great effect on media I believe.

wait til he finds out how much the rent is & don't forget the bedbug infestation that's overrunning the island...

"We. Have. One. More. Surprise. Coming shortly :)"

Please no one start a thread on this, my heart, thumb and battery can't take the constant refreshing this time around.

See you guys when you get here have a safe trip!

Oh boy today is getting better and better. First i find out that AT&T has set a release date so I can join the rest of the world and finally get a Z10 of my own.....and now Crackberry is coming to my town....someone pinch me, all this good news, I hope I am not dreaming.

Kevin. If I was headed to NYC for the same reason, I would need to be scraped off the ceiling! OVER the top excitement, no doubt!
PS: The thread was a blast! Don't let the few haters pee on your campfire!

From Z to U via CB10

So where is the original Crackberry hq right now? Winnipeg? So are you officially moving from Winnipeg to new york?

Posted via CB10

hahah I think we will just have to accept the fact that CrackBerry/Kevin don't come over this far. I remember he was in Santa Monica last year for something though. Speaking of Santa Monica, BlackBerry should have an event/showcase on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Last summer, Mac makeup had a HUGE stage/booth thing setup, I forget what it was for, but I had never seen a company take over the middle of that area. It was for a weekend, and there was no ignoring it. They had music playing, and I think it was for some new product, because the Mac makeup people were taking volunteers onto the platform to use it on them in a "makeover."

It would be especially awesome if BlackBerry did that this summer, or even in May since both the Z10 and Q10 would be out already, and because there's an Apple store right there :)

I used to live right above Brookstone on the Promenade. Having Blackberry there would just rock. And Crackberry needs to make an LA stop during the US launch.

Kevin, this will be awesome! Glad you cooked this up. Where are you going to stay? I haven't been for a couple of years. Should be a blast.

A couple of comments. First, I think it is very wise strategically to relocate to New York for the launch in the United States. You are closer to the mass media and CB's enthusiasm will be great fodder for the Fifth Estate. BlackBerry can use all the help it can get in the American market. Second, reaction to a possible permanent move to the United States is understandable disappointment for some folks, especially Canadians. There may be solid business and personal reasons for such a move but as long as BlackBerry is based in Canada, people will question the strategy of moving CB HQ to a foreign country.

Posted via CB10

The best part of this is that people thought there was going to be something FOR THEM.

Enjoy NYC. Big city, bright lights.

Man, all the US hating Canadians will REALLY be in uproar tonight.

Be careful when you go to Wall St. They hate BlackBerry.

In any event - seriously - good luck.

I'm in Atlanta, y'all should've had the HQ, cuz its also the land of Coke and other HIS. Either way, NYC is much easier and cheaper to get to than Winnipeg, so CB Offline, I'll be there!!

Posted using my Cando-American Z10 via CB10

Well I missed on my guess of the big news today. But this is fantastic and all I can say is if the Z10 is a success in the USA, then a lot of the credit has to go to ;)

Welcome to the USA CrackBerry!

Wow, did this whole thread end up on the Apple or Android site and we didn't notice?!?! So much fracking hate?! This is a positive thing...have the number 1 BlackBerry support site base their operations here in the US for the launch. For the most part, everyone just about knows when their carriers are dropping Z10 's so we knew that wasn't the news. What were you expecting?!?! For those who were apparently refreshing their screens every minute, did you not have something better to do today? Just saying.

Honestly, I'd say this is pretty big news. Not what I was expecting but I'll take it!

I have one question though: You ARE taking Mrs. CrackBerry with you, right? I have no idea how you'd get away with heading to NYC for a month plus and then Orlando without squeezing her into your suitcase!

Sweet! Wish I was close with the CrackBerry Dodge to roll around for the weekend. Thanks for coming to the states with it and making this roll out huge.

haha you guys crack me up. I think it was safe to assume that the big surprise was going to be CrackBerry related.

Come on CB, this *IS* awesome news... CrackBerry is laying down the promise that, once again, it is going to be placing itself at the heart source of the media information that it has always delivered to the BlackBerry community in unbeatable CrackBerry fashion! CB has always been *THE* news source for BlackBerry, delivered straight and in detail.

Want your "mind blowing news"? CB will be delivering this over the coming weeks, direct from NYC as it happens... exactly what we've always come to expect from Kevin and the CrackBerry champs.

So if Thor is now a Canadian your gonna one up him a become a US citizen. LOL!!! I'd be proud to have you brother. Have to come see you in Orlando in a few months . Miami would be better though eh! That's my neck of the woods.

You're coming here to New York?!?! If this is the big news you were talking about Kevin, this has DEFINITELY got me excited!

From a native New Yorker and a longtime BlackBerry User since 2006 (my first berry was the 8700c from AT&T), I would to say congrats to the big move to the big apple. And Kevin, we met at the BB10 launch after the press conference (remember, I took a picture of your Z10), but we didn't get a chance to chat more. Looking forward to meet again in the city and discuss more of the fun Z10 goodness! ;)

Mind blowing for me. Not that I expected something else, more so that you are leaving Canada.

Not to bash my fellow Americans, but my pride as a Canadian to have both BlackBerry and Crackberry sticking to its HQ based on Canadian soil and still being Awesome. Kinda feel jaded, as it may have been the birth place of Crackberry but also a main contributor to BlackBerrys decline. Not sure how I feel about the move, but am slightly disappointed.

Oh well, whatever you think is best for your company is what matters in the end. Just would preferred to have you still here.

Posted via CB10

With all this traveling, Kevin & Co. needs a theme song. Willie Nelson's 'On the Road Again' should work. Just replace the word 'music' with 'BlackBerry' in the song.

I knew it would be big news, but this was nothing anyone had ever expected!!!

So... if someone HAD guessed this... would you have given them a free z10? :P

wait.. you meant permanently or just for the launch in the U.S....?

[edit] nevermind.... read the article carefully... just disappointed. :(

To be honest I was expecting something different, but it is indeed excellent news for the Crackberry Team. I think it is important and very strategic for Crackberry to be present in the US during the launch and the weeks afterwards, so kudos to Kevin and his team. I am looking forward to hearing your reports and podcasts.

I liked that you guys were up in Canada. Alright, you will be American now too :) Maybe you will have a visitor or storefront area we can go visit? See you soon :)

I see that they have redone the Statue of Liberty to look like KM? I hope they swap out that torch for a Z10. Now that is mind blowing.

Congrats! That's cool and all.
My real self-absorbed comment goes a bit like this: Awwwee, I want to work for Crackberry!!!
Chi-town Baby!!!

Kevin, did anyone guess this in the other post over the weekend? If so, I feel they deserve a free Z10 personally paid by you. :)

I think this is pretty cool. Kevin promised not to let the honeymoon phase for BB10 wear off before the US launch of the Z10, and this is him fulfilling that promise. That is one of the bigger reasons I was disappointed in the US "delay." It would not have been nearly as exciting if CrackBerry wasn't hyped for the phone hitting the US since it has been out for nearly two months (by the time it is released in the US). So, thank you Kevin for giving us some love -=)

Cool....Good for you and the team! Burn it brightly and we will be here to watch your back and help you march forward! Cheers Kev!

Hey Kevin,
I gotta say that I was truly shocked when I first read that you are "moving" to NYC!! Please say it's not permanent :( :(
It's one thing to be there for the launch of BlackBerry 10 in the U.S. But, Kevin, you are a Canadian and BlackBerry is Canadian! So please come back to the "great white North." We love Team CrackBerry and want you to be located in Canada.

Congrats and Welcome to New York! I hope to pop by a meet-up with my brandy new Zeeee 10 assuming I can snag one when AT&T lets them out of their cages. If not, I'll be representin with the 9860.

Breaking! The World Of Pootermobile headquarters has moved...a few millimeters as a result of the earthquake this morning! :O

I am getting so tired of this fanboyism... the "mind-blowing big news" is that four 30 somethings are going to hang out in a room and circle jerk over blackberry? Look, I love my berries and my new Z10 but come on... when that other thread got to page 2, he should have put a stop to this. It's all about generating page counts and I can count the useful things I've learned from CrackBerry on one hand in the past month (and even then typically it has been on a link from another site I follow anyway (N4BB usually)). I know I'll get flamed from the (virtual) 14 year old boys on this but I'm starting to find this really tiring.

Not only is Doomberg's soda ban... banned, but now Crackberry is hitting the Big Apple, or guess Berry now. Talk about a double dose of good news Monday! Man with Crackberry in NYC I can only imagine the crazy adventures, hey how about Crackberry flash mobs at a Starbucks to celebrate, everyone shows up with a BB and PlayBook!

The photo should have been Kevzilla at the top of the empire State building. Lol


Posted via CB10

This is pretty much what I was expecting, with all the hype Kevin put behind it. The same type of surprise when they announce the Toronto HQ for the launch

Posted via CB10

Come on crackberry guys. This is shameless. Don't forget people come here to find out about about BlackBerry news first. When you post a teaser like this, people except it to be about Blackberry and not the location of where you will be posting your news. Most people are being kind to you. You don't tease this audience with shameless self promotion. It may have been inadvertent true but there were many ways to correct things before posting this embarrassing surprise. Not a good thing to do to the people who enjoy coming to this site.

Posted via CB10

What did I say in that stupid long assumption post in the forum? People were building it up pretty big and I did say the surprise better live up to the hype. To be fair, I did note that it wasn't Kevin's fault that that thread went ballistic and everyone's hopes went higher than I'm sure BBRY stocks will hit later this year.

For the record...mind most definitely not blown. Although I wasn't pie in the sky about what the surprise could possibly be, I was actually kinda disappointed. Just the move from Canada thing. I'm sure NY will be a boon for Crackberry, and there is some history there, but I was under the impression that Crackberry was just as Canadian as its progenitor (as such). I guess I was wrong.
C'est la vie

To all the Canadians out there, support the move if the Team thinks it's the best. Are you a fan of the site or just the physical location of the site.

As to the Empire City, looks like we got another big star on the way. Just don't HQ in S.I. :-p

Saddened. I liked that like Blackberry, CrackBerry reached out to the world from Canada, modest, simple, caring, home, Canada...

Good luck in the big smoke.

Great work Crackberry! I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your stay in NYC. Look forward to the posts!!!!!

Kevin I think this is great news! But to be honest MOST of us don't care where the CB news is coming from, we just want the best, fastest, and most reliable BlackBerry news and tips...and CrackBerry has always done that and I have faith you guys will continue to regardless where the headquarters is.

I'm looking forward to getting my first BB EVER when the Z10 gets rolled out by Verizon. Do ya'll have anything planned for April 3-7th? I'll be in NYC and it'd be awesome to get to meet the top CBs!

I'm disappointed with the move too. Kevin, I thought you would move CB HQ to Toronto. As what others said, BlackBerry is a Canadian company and you are a Canadian. Even though NYC never sleeps, well Toronto is a lot like NYC, except much smaller in population. Plus you'll only be 2 hrs away from Thorsten! So Kevin, are you gonna be a NY Rangers fan now? LOL. I would feel a bit better if you sent me some CB stickers and TeamBlackBerry stickers. :)

dont see the reason for it,could see moving there for a month to be around for the arrival of the new Z10 in the US. Anyways good luck with the move.

I hate to draw negativity when you guys are clearly excited, but this is not good news to me. I have always felt some pride in knowing that 2 of the Greatest things in the world of technology are Canadian... BlackBerry and CrackBerry.

Why not Toronto or Vancouver?

Anyway, Good Luck.

Disappointed CrackBerry Addict,

Posted via CB10

Why not Vancouver or Toronto? Maybe because it's NOT in the USA! This is about promoting the launch in the United States.

Wow, some of these comments are ridiculous. They were in Toronto for the Canadian launch, what better place than NYC for the US launch?

Posted via CB10

ya gotta be careful w/ all these "big announcements",,, crying,"wolf!", ring a bell??? pretty cool tho,,, if Adam needs a driver, i'm 2 blocks from him...

Very good idea to go in New York

Kevin's picture inside the liberty statue does look a little be.... embarrassing on my BB9900

hope it wasn't intended. ;-)

Time to switch to a Z10 in Switzerland

Interesting that you will be in NYC by the 18th. Specially since T-mobile releases phones to consumers one week after its business customers. Hmmm......