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Things are about to get crazy... announcing CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2013 12:24 pm EST

To say we're excited about the launch of BlackBerry 10 would be a massive understatement. We've been waiting literally years for this and it's a hugely important platform and product launch for BlackBerry. There are no second chances here. BlackBerry is ALL IN on BlackBerry 10. And so is CrackBerry.

At CrackBerry we're going to tackle this launch like never before. Heck, we're going to be doing things in the weeks ahead that no other site / publication / community has ever done before. Things are about to get CRAZY around here.

I'm flying home from CES in Las Vegas today, packing up my things, and next week am making the 24 hour roadtrip from Winnipeg to Toronto. We've rented a wicked downtown location for a month that we're turning into CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters and we're going to be bringing the CrackBery crew together as much as possible. Bla1ze is flying in from Halifax. Adam is making the trip from Jersey. Simon is coming in from Ottawa. Chris Umi and Zach live nearby and will be dropping in regularly. James Falconer, our Community Manager, and Jay Hum (my future bro-in-law) are going to join in on the roadtrip too. 

WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. We're getting close on launching our big site redesign. Pushing live on this is a daunting undertaking, so we need to have as many people in the same room as possible helping out. We also have our new CrackBerry app for BlackBerry 10 coming. And of course, BlackBerry 10 itself is almost here and there's going to be a TON of content for us to write and produce. This isn't just a new BlackBerry hitting the market. This is an entirely NEW BlackBerry. And we're going to be working around the clock to deliver the content that BlackBerry 10 owners need.

Picking Toronto just made sense. We're a quick ride to Waterloo -- BlackBerry's hometown -- a quick flight to NYC, and Toronto is always a major BlackBerry hub. Our new temporary headquarters will be running around the clock, and with all of us together we'll be doing things we just normally could never do when were spread out. 

Stay tuned and be sure to visit CrackBerry often. This is going to be one wild ride.



Does Kevin not look a bit like a male Ashley with those glasses and long hair? haha kidding of course kevin...

Awesome see you here in T.O.


great call, i was thinking exactly the same thing as i was reading the article.

LOL !!


i was thinking he looked more like a glamorous pirate thanks to that black play button over his right eye plus it looks like he's saying "arrrrrrrrr!"


Very funny... It does look like he is a pirate.


Jeez ... All of you focus - it's about BB10 not Kevin's pirate (or not) look !! LoL


LMAO!! I was going to post the same thing, but wanted to see if anybody else mentioned it first!


That was my though too (shudder)


He looks exactly like that one guy Jon in the King of the Nerds.


I was thinking more of a Miami Vice, Don Johnson, 80's era look. But, he won't be able to cut it off now that he is used to his "new " look.


at the end when he said it's like crackberry being crackberry, like crackberry being on steroids... he really meant on crack right? not steroids, but crack? hahahaha

Ashley Esqueda

My glasses are WAY cooler. But Kevin has pretty nice hair.


Damn, if only I lived a little closer.


Outstanding! Can't wait for all the fun!


Where abouts are you guys located in Toronto? Right in the downtown core or outside of it?


He said downtown Toronto! There is no "outside of downtown Toronto" lol.

You're either Downtown or you're not baby!!

Toronto - hometown still here.

Kevin hope to see you there! Yes I've ranted about your site (FRAKING FINALLY AN OVERHAUL AND HOPEFULLY MOBILE BROWSER EFFICIENT!) and your articles. I'm hoping we can have a quick talk and hopefully future articles will be a bit more indepth (even with the "update" tag and extra to originally posts).

CrackBerry nation is growing up ... yes we love the hype, yes we love your mad enthusiasm ... but we want MORE! Use your connections, prime them to allow you to divulge more information that common humble blogs such as mine ... do more indepth interviews (ask the hard questions).

I'd like to see CrackBerry come across not just for the consumer fans ... but also for the corporate fans/users as well and not just limited to the forums.

Now this is an excitement that CrackBerry users deserve: BB10 Launch, a townhouse HUT for BB10 info, swag, launch after party, etc.

PS: IF one looser shows up saying "RIM RIP" or "RIM is DOA" we dunk that fool in dog pee and chain him to a light post naked! Front facing out! with a tag "you've been cracked by a berry!" (ok a bit childish but kidding).

Adam Zeis

Wait, I'm flying where??

Kevin Michaluk

Sorry. Couldn't tell you. Just didn't want it to leak out before I announced it. Lol :)


This cracked me up. lol.


LOL!! You just made everyone in the cafeteria think I'm crazy since I'm sitting here alone reading this and just literally laughed out loud.


Epic boss! I want to be THIS surprised on January 30th.


Get ready to deal with Newark Liberty buddy!!!!! Hey, Its Better thn LaGuardia!


Newark airport is a joke. They did a "random" search of all my bags and carry ons when coming back from dominican. They actually SLIT the lining of my carry on as they thought i had coke or something??? Never the less it took 45 minutes and I ended up missing my flight. Had to stay at the howard johnson hotel. They gave me food vouchers but never the less it was a disasterous experience


Rough. Flying out of philly is easier for me because of my location and so is AC


Take. Me. With. You. New jersey buddies!


Not only that, I think Kevin mentioned he volunteered you to eat a clove of raw garlic a day during the launch period. LOL.



It can't be any worse than that onion he ate!


I like garlic... Yummy...


man damn you guys get to have all the fun lol i wish i was apart of the launch event


O boi! Very exciting! I can't wait for the NEW Blackberry 10 and everything that comes with it....Crackberry rules!


OH BOY! Can I come crash at the house and have my band play a show!? House Party!? YES PLEASE!


Can't wait for non-stop updates!


Will you have a nice glass wall that gawkers like myself (who live in T.O) can come and watch you big-brother style?

Oh, and Kevin, have you scheduled the live-stream haircut yet?


That sounds great Kevin! You'll have me locked to crackberry throughout that entire time.


oooooYeah ! you DID blow me away !
C'mon guys, make this unbelievable, I know you cando !!!


Love it! will be very exciting. Can I come visit the condo? Hahaha sounds like a party. I should have my BB10 on launch day :D Very excited!


You should do a CrackBerry nation tweet up or event somewhere in downtown TO!

Kevin Michaluk

YES. Definitely will happen.


Im about 30mins away and would definitely attend any crackberry event in T.O. Also, is there anyway members of the public can attend the actual launch event? Just curious.

Oh I almost forgot... 1st post ever!!!

Zach Gilbert

sadly not everyone can attend :(. invite only. But keep is locked to CrackBerry and you won't miss a beat!


So excited to see this all happening too! I'm up in Vaughan (north Toronto) so I'm glad to see everyone converging on my home city for the Blackberry Launch! Awesome! Can't wait! I'm permanently tuned to Crackberry!

Kevin... I never got around to adding your voice to my talking clock app but eventually hope you'll let me add it someday on the BB10 version! Woohoo! Go RIM Go!


Would be cool to meet the team. You guys going to be putting aside any time to meet some of the Crackberry Members?

Zach Gilbert

I think Kevin may have something in store, keep your eyes open.

Zach Gilbert

I'm pretty excited about this. CrackBerry Nation, in the words of Thorsten Heins, let's rock and roll this!





Yeah, some kind of reader contest to visit the HQ is a MUST!!


The Team is going to be spent after that month long event. They better pick their vacations spot now; won't have the strength to even lift a brochure after the launch. I'll compare this video and Kevin's energy to the one he posts after the all is over.

Zach Gilbert

Vacation? What is that lol. We don't sleep or take vacation.


RIM should have you guys on marketing payroll. I know, I know, journalistic integrity, unbiased content, yadda-yadda...

Even so, go on you guys for drumming up excitement like no other :)


When the CEO calls you first when he gets the job and comes and hangs out at your party in vegas. You know they see the value in it all. Even if its just throwing these guys phones or helping out there accessory sales I'm shur they show the appreciation.


To the poster that insulted my Ashley ............... please, she is beautiful!!!

Back to work, .... great news Kevin, I need you to work hard so that I can get richer on this BB 10 launch, do everything you can to get the message out there! Go RIM!!!


Why on earth are you making that drive in the middle of winter?? Nuts!! Could almost be entered in and of itself in the 'What would you do for BB10' competition LOL!!


Thats an easy one, hundreds of kilos of computer and podcast gear. You try getting on a plane with all that and watching it be stolen or broken to say nothing of the baggage fees.


blizzards, HOURS of nothing but trees and rock....yup worthy of a Canadian saga.


Its practically spring here in Toronto, not sure how it would be like for his drive, but as soon as he gets here he'll hit 10+ degrees,(Celsius of course) blue skies, and a gentle breeze. AKA My favorite weather also Spring (or spring weather) is the best time to start growing your BlackBerry Bushes.


RIM Dev events have been great. Now, it's time to line-up events for in-store staff in big cities (not just execs/managers, store staff). Show store-staff a preview of BlackBerry 10, let them play with it, show them some love and they will amplify it to ALL their customers!

Do it, RIM, do it! Events for in-store staff!


So we are all invited right? Volunteers? So Serious...


I really want to see a video of Thorsten cutting Kevin's hair!!! I think he owes you big time.

Rockin' the 9900


Will Kevin cut his hair after launch, lol. Yes, Toronto will be where it is at...Now where the heck is the launch venue and who do I bribe to to get in?


Seriously! I'd pay money for an invite!


+1. Kevin I am in Waterloo. Can there be an event for the haircut?? I would even give a donation.


Perfect opportunity for marketing would be at the Super Bowl on February 3rd. Captive audience of approx. 200 million.


the timing would be perfect. im sure that they are going to target halftime on the superbowl.

Lets rock n roll this !!


I know who will get the Overnight shift. (Bla1ze) And Adam if you think its cold in Jersy wait till you get to TO.


Brilliant idea! Good luck guys! The hard work WILL pay off. BB10 is the future!


Are you going to host your own launch party for those who of us who don't get to go to the official one?


Good stuff. Would like to see some Z10/X10 giveaways - ideally with the box signed by Mr. Heins and the Crackberry gang. Kevin can you make this happen?


I'm excited. I'm from Toronto and I want to come out to see the group


Ditto! I know you guys are swamped, but some time for some locals to stop by would be pretty cool. :)


Kevin, can you guys get us hooked up for a bb10 launch party too? I want to come out and support the bb brand! PS. I know I am one of the ten winners for the bb10 phone so just send me one now :).

Seriously though, tell Thor he needs to rent the Rogers center so we can have a massive crackberry bb10 launch!


Words I never want to speak as I live in BC.... "I'm driving to Toronto"

I believe!


Words I never want to speak as I live in Arizona...... "I am going to Toronto in January." Although I might consider an all expense paid trip from CB!


Go! " CRACKBERRY 10 "!!!!!!!


Hey its raining in Toronto right now. 10 degrees and 14 tomorrow. What little snow we had is melting and will be gone. So the roads down here are fine.
Now if I could only pull out my MXZ-X 600 E-TEC!!!


10 degrees and 14 tomorrow in Canada, and were complaining 36 degree here in San Jose, California.. haha..


I believe he's talking Celsius and you're talking Fahrenheit (I'm assuming), BIG difference.


Yup, BIG difference. 14 Celsius is about 57 Fahrenheit.


The weather in Toronto isn't any different than NYC/NJ. We barely ever get snow here anymore. Last year winter was like an extended spring. We've had one snowfall so far and that was back on December 26th. Nothing since then and it's all melted away now.


I hope that on launch day (should devices be available from carriers) there would be a rep from a mobile phone vendor like Wireless Wave or even a BBMobile or FS CellShop kiosk so you can buy and register the device RIGHT THERE, ON THE SPOT, at CB Headquarters.

Or, perhaps there will be an in-store event by CB at, say, Future Shop Yonge & Dundas? Rogers head office at Mount Pleasant and Bloor?

I would like nothing more than to purchase and activate my new Virgin Mobile Z10 at a CB event and get on it right there, with many of my CB compatriots at my side, with whom we all giggle like the 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert that we will become. Ok, that's a bit weird... but dozens of BB fans at "ground zero" for the BB10 launch? It WILL get weird.


Yonge and Dundas would probably be the best spot to get the most attention. Wherever the CB team decides to set themselves up on launch day is where you will find me. I'll be the one at the front of the line from the moment they make it official. (I hope they don't announce where they will be too early because sleeping outside in February in Toronto will be COLD!)


Holy shit! This gets me too pumped!!!! I might even bump into kevin... Who knows?!?! I bike allot downtown. :D


* BlackBerry by choice *
If you guys are really going to be podcasting daily and throwing tons of content up on CrackBerry like that then the little bit of sleep I'm used to getting is well gone. And although better spent devouring that content I might be too shot to remember it lol. :)

Cheers to the mighty RIMpire!


I am SOOOOO in for a visit, huge BB fan. Not very vocal on forums but HUGE BB fan.
I would love to come visit the location. Buy you guys a round of beers!


New BB10, new CB cite, new CB BB10 app.... Excited!!



I wanna know how Kevin hit those high notes at the end :) Did he elude to something to do with "Crack"?



Guys.. I'm eager for BB10 too, even stopped by an AT&T store to ask yesterday.

.. but guys.. its a smartphone, its not the Curiosity Mars Rover..
in twenty-three months we'll be throwing it away for the next uber-widget!


That is so true... And just imagine how awesome this new uber-widget will be - lol


... And so it begins ... Rocket ride , hang on tight ...

In other news ... Shorts are making a scramble to cover their butts,lol.


KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live literally 20 minutes away from Toronto, can I come visit the HQ?


Ah, long time crackberry reader and comment/forum lurker here... this post finally made me register :)
I live right downtown, *blackberry by choice* and FIRED UP for BB10!
I hope there are tons of get togethers around TO, formal or not, in the coming weeks that we can all find out about through Would be great to share this landmark moment with other fans.
Thanks to the Crackberry team for being so dedicated. If you spot a guy with a P'9981 that answers to Frobozz, he has a drink with your name on it!


I cannot wait for my new BB10 phone!!!!

This is exciting times!!


Wow, It sounds really really good, I can't wait for it. I'll be verry happy those days. You will ''shoot'' us with new interesting news :P:P


The Crackcave instead of the Batcave.


Complete with NFC tags all around the place


Very exciting! Every day that goes by I'm hooked more and more on all the updates. Keep that positive energy up! :-D


I guess this confirms that Bla1ze and Adam don't have real jobs.

Adam Zeis

This is our real job. Does it not count?? 


Of course it counts Adam! Most of us have known for a long time that most of you guys are full-timers - and doing a great job BTW!

Michelle Haag

I can assure you that running CrackBerry/Mobile Nations is very much a real job, and it is a full time one at that. 


@Camfella It confirms Team Crackberry *are* doing their jobs - and fine ones too! Without them we wouldn't be here in the first place. :-)


Please call your mom and tell her she needs to leave my home. I don't want to call the cops again.



I do my research! check my blog and I'll assure you a LOT of people find my research compelling!

Regarding CrackBerry ... Kevin has been featured on Bloomberg in an interview just a few months ago, and this site has been mentioned in quite a few panel videos recorded and sourced by Bloomberg staff themselves!!

Take a search.


[quote]Kevin Michaluk, who founded fan site after “crackberry” became Webster’s 2006 word of the year, says traffic has stayed level as international users replace those in the U.S. RIM outshipped Apple by a margin of more than 3-to-1 in the Middle East and Africa last year and BlackBerry outsold iPhone in Latin America 5-to-1, according to research firm IDC.
Michaluk said he likes that a BlackBerry allows him to be more efficient, by emphasizing fast messaging, as opposed to helping him waste time with games.
“People’s priorities are so messed up because if they actually knew the BlackBerry experience and how much faster it is, they wouldn’t use the other phones,” he said.[/quote]


I'm unable to find the BloombergTV featuring Kevin's interview but what I've provided thus far should provide enough bubblegum for your chops. So, I implore you to do your own research before you post.

especially for you:


Wow you guys are going balls out with bb10!!


Why won't it shock me if we find out this guy in the video owns massive amount of assault rifles and automatic machine guns?

timmy t

He is Canadian. Never happen. Well, rarely happens.


More likely to have a fridge full of Molson's than a locker full of guns.


Is Kevin a Canadian (citizen) or just born in Canada and defected to American citizenship? I've always wondered. Didn't he say he's packing at home and flying from LA or did I get that mixed up??


I think its time to do a new BBM challenge ... BB10 Launch Party Style!!

* How many users can be added (globally)
* post up big events (interviews/swag/contests etc) in BBM Group Calendar,
* How many users can BB10's BBM can hold and actively work?!
** See if this can considerably beat the old record!!

This would really highlight RIM and CrackBerry in a surpreme light along with stability!! I'd LOVE to see The Hub go nuts with BBMs!!

No HUP for me ... purchasing full retail on day 1 that Telus has this!


I think the winner of a CrackBerry Nation contest or drawing should be flown to Toronto for the launch and get to be the one who cuts the first locks of Kevin's hair! Better yet, just pick me cause it was my idea ;)


Liked the idea until the "get to be the one who cuts the first locks of Kevin's hair!" Sounds a bit creepy.


Better start clicking on those Ad links and buying from the CrackBerry Store, kids! Those downtown condo's are not cheap!! =)


The Waiting is just about over!!! I'm ready for all of the awesomeness WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Make it a Big Brother type live reality show in the Crackberry house, lol. I don't think I want to see what Blaize gets up to on the webcam at 4am though :)


I assure you, you don't lol.


just getting his music choice tweets is weird enough.


Let's get crazy!
Let's get nuts!
Look for the purple banana
'till they put us in the truck!
Oh No! Let's Go!


Hey Kevin. I'm in downtown Toronto so if you guys need any extra help, give me a holler! Probably going to be skipping class to watch the launch event if its going to be broadcasted online.

Still got my dev alpha and I'm waiting until the last minute to send it in for my Limited edition BB10. Haha.


Its going to be LEGEN .. wait for it ... BERRY


Kevin, will public be able to go to the headquarters and see it all in action and meet you guys at all? I would love to stop by, see all the action, and actually play around with a Dev Alpha and not use the boring BB10 Simulator!

timmy t

I think a brush cut or shaved head is in order to contrast the current hairstyle.


Yes military haircut to celebrate the launch of BB10 for Kevin!


Video of Ashley cutting Kevin's hair!


Booked Jan 30th off work for launch, I'm all in.

Kevin Pick a bar and make it the house of Blackberry. Make it the point of contact for all things BB. You can hang out there after hours and think of all the free drinks you could get from all the hardcore BB users ;)

Kevin Michaluk

Great idea. We'll totally have to figure out our regular "watering hole" for the month in Toronto. 

Any suggestions? 


Depends on what area your office is, just give us a cross street so we can figure it out from there.


How 'bout the Keg Mansion at Jarvis & Wellesley? Classy joint.

For something closer to a subway stop and a little more "down to earth", there are lots of pubs to choose from.

The Dickens
Irish Embassy
The Madison

The Irish Embassy is near the financial distrit
The Madison is in the "Annex" near University of Toronto
The Dickens is near Yonge / Bloor (south of Yorkville, you know, where all those movie stars hang out when they're in town for TIFF)

I'm reluctant to recommend a chain restaurant, but there's a "Milestones" at Yonge / Dundas (above the flagship T.O. Future Shop store) if that appeals to you.


We need an actual event page for such a thing too. People constantly make threads for launch parties, meet up, etcs. but it never happens. It just always fizzles out. This needs to be orchestrated by crackberry


Oh, and there should be a printer that can print a "Hi my CB login is" stickers with your forum avatar!


The Keg Mansion doesn't take reservations


The Keg Mansion in Toronto doesn't take reservations on Friday or Saturdays... but the 30th is a Wednesday... but also, I think you could book a "party room" there which is different than a table reservation, which would be fine with them I'm sure, especially for something that is as high profile as the official BB10 post-launch party!


but on second thought... why not book Casa Loma? The first X-Men movie used Casa Loma as a location for the X-Mansion (built in GEEK cred... Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart have been in that building!) I believe it can be licensed, so the event could be an outright BASH in a CASTLE.

What could be more perfect?


Madison is NOT in downtown Toronto ... (the Annex is near Dupont Station area bordering Dupont Street north of Bloor); personally I consider anything South of Bloor "downtown".

Irish Embassy is a GREAT spot but maybe a bit too "posh" for this kind of event - unless we see a few bankers there traders/investors/admins normally stop by there. But its a bit small.

There is another bar right at Front and Yonge (cannot recall the name just across from the old O'Keefe centre now the Sony centre). Great drink.

But the BEST is the Beir Market ... big bar, PROPER worldwide drink selection (yet STILL doesn't serve Innis & Gunn grrr) and can hold a LOT of guests - 500+ if you cannot the neighboring bars.

Another spot is just at the foot of University at Front (right at the split to head west at the corner - cannot recall that bar but its a proper watering hole, not some posh joint and everyone of all walks can feel comfortable there.


The Madison is just north of bloor, steps from the spadina subway stop, so let's not split hairs.... Its proximity to U of T is the significant factor... Another is the expected turnout... And whether having a "stage" for speakers is required... The Madison is too broken up for that kind of thing.

I wager the RIM event will be at a downtown location... The convention centre? A hotel? (god please not the tRump) or even the Carlu? ACC? Any guesses there?


This is so going to make HUGE media buzz around Toronto and beyond, tv,radio,internet,many clebs in Toronto at any given time, all leading up to Jan 30 2013.



are we allowed to drop by? ; >


That is awesome news. I am driving into TO on the 30th for another meeting but I would love to see if I can make it to an unofficial party after the official launch party.


There are no words for my excitement level...


This just in: Crackberry has rented the conference room at the condo for a launch party for people that were not invited to the event!!!!!!


Link bait much?

Honestly a new low for Crackberry. Didn't think I see this kind of crap.


what the hell are you talking about???


He's kind of right. Does it really matter that much where they are writing from to readers? I personally don't care


If you and cas don't understand the hype, perhaps your understanding of CB Nation is non existent.


I am assuming there will plenty of alcoholic beverages flowing at the Crackberry HQ..? Maybe some Blackberry wine? ;)


im 9 months clean so I wont be in on that


Good for you!!!
- no peer presure to this guy gents!
Soda, water, and well non-alcohol beer for you.


LOL - awesome


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

La Emperor

The Second Coming of RIMM is earmarked by the launch of BB10!

In the smartphone/mobile computing world, Jan.30th should be then celebrated annually!



I work downtown, so i'm scheduling a lunch date/dinner with the Crackberry crew! Might has well have a crackberry get together at the condo!

Mr Gill

I will definitely come by, I live 40 minutes from TO!


I really absolutely don't think there is anybody out there that is more passionate than Kevin and the Crackberry team when it comes to this industry. I have great respect for everybody. BB10 Let's go!

Zach Gilbert

Love to hear that :). thanks!


Wow... They're gonna run out of things to say after a couple days.... Then what LoL... 'Most' everything bb10 has already leaked out... What more (other then a few minor surprises) is there to even blog about? I love the hype... But really? Its a smartphone... One that... Sure a lot of us die-hards are excited for.... But we are a small minority... Just sayin...

Kevin Michaluk

Ooo.. just wait and see. I've been waiting for this launch for years. Literally thousands of articles to write.


Wow. Awesome... Can't wait then... LoL!! It just feels like SO much has been reported on already... But if there's more - then I honestly can't wait.


After it launches there will be reviews, bugs, fixes, following up on everything. There will be no shortage of things to talk about!


Such a limited imagination. Too bad. So sad.


Yeah, I'm quite hindered by the reality of the past 3 years. So sorry... I believe it when I see it (yes I believe all the leaked info we have), unfortunately the "surprises" at launch gig, yes - I am very doubtful that it'll be anything significant. IMO we have seen the 'most' of it already in the many leaks that have transpired over the last few months.


Kevin, that's what I want to hear from you, because I go on literally 50 times a day looking for new articles and most of the time I'm disappointed, but I understand the situation, the lack of news, but from now on the things are gonna change.:)


Damn!! Straight up and down!!
Well said ... well said!!

BB10 BBM Bump!


You have to be joking. Do you expect things in the tech industry to change 50 times/day?? How long do you think it takes to hear a story, do the research, and post about it? How many people do you think work for CB? I hate to be rude, but think before you comment.


So I had my wife go to Future Shop and the rep's had no idea about this and were no help. Then she went to Best Buy and the rep there said they do not sell out right and that I would have to take a early activation for my contact. I just looking to buy out right anyone know where I can just buy or pre order to buy out right.


with the canadian carriers you can buy outright for any of the pre orders


OMG MAAAN!!! I WANNA BE THERE!!! I'm in Toronto! GET AT ME!!! WOOOOOOO!!! BB10!!!! =D


Just a thought to pass along. Get some jersey style BlackBerry shirts made up with colors Black & White, the BB Logo on the front, and on the back put your names or just BlackBerry with Z10 or N10 typically where the numbers go.

Then since you guys will be in Toronto and NYC for the launches, shortly thereafter attend a Leafs/Raptors and/or Rangers/Knicks game at their respective arenas (hopefully) with BB10 devices in tow. Sorry Islander fans but they don't get the same exposure as the Rangers. Great (and free, ableit the price of the tickets) advertising.


Toronto should be the permanent Crackberry HQ lol.

Can't wait, this is going to be epic.


where is this house?! wish i knew before i booked my hotel room. im flying down on the 3rd for the Enterprise forum RIM is having. will you guys be there too?


That's so exciting!! Toronto rocks! Does that mean that some of us Crackberry members get to meet some of you talented people?! :) My husband got me into BlackBerry several years ago, and now I am a true-to-heart BlackBerry supporter! BlackBerry 10 all the way!! Don't believe me? Check out my Twitter! I posted some pretty cool make-up pics of my love for BBM @sharranw :)


Awesome pictures!!!! That's the spirit!


I live in Toronto, can I crash the party to meet all you guys for 5 minutes????


We going to have a CrackBerry nerd meetup? :O :O!!!!!! I'm in Toronto XD XD!!!!


the comments in this article seriously cracked me up hahaha. either way i'm excited for BB10!! can't wait!!


You've probably already have the Thompson Hotel rooftop booked out for the CB BB10 Launch party right? Open Bar?


What an AWESOME idea guys. Thousands of articles?

I hope I can focus and get my own work done...


Hey Kevin ...Did you make the Rim stock price jump up more than 13% today by your surprise announcement ! Seriously, I hope you can also swing something like getting the CN Tower in Toronto to light up "BB Z10" on the night of 30th Jan. .... that'll be so "sick" if you can get it done


I live in Toronto, so, I'm dropping by haha :D



LEts Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BB10 COming SOOn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lookin' forward to the new CB site almost as much as "10",,, can you please make it so the Mobile Nations download doesn't pop up??? kind of annoying closing it 3 or 4 times when i log in,,, thanks...



Wow. I cannot believe all the excitement and genuine love for this company. This is just absolutely amazing.


WooHoo, woot!! It's happening baby. And to think some morons were saying RIM/Blackberry was dead.

Just wait until BlackBerry 10 is on sale to the public!!

BlackBerry forever.


Kevin is so excited that he forgot the cut-throat gesture at the end of the video, lol


What a great idea coming to Toronto.
Book Yonge / Dundas square, and do some sort of showing. Everyone gathers there for the exciting stuff. It's great that you are coming this way. All the snow melted today, and the weather is pretty good.

Great to have you here.


Crackberry coming to Downtwon TO! Awesome.
The plus side: I already leave there and am 5mins from Dundas Sq.


Well, for when you guys get here... Welcome to Toronto! Wish I could attend everything but sadly I have a severe lack of invitation... that's ok though, I'll just keep it all locked here instead.

loc5 many excited people. You guys should rent a community hall and have a party while watching the launch webcast.


LOL...are you kidding me? I'm sure that Kevin will be there. Second row.


speaking of all in, no way you can cut that hair. pride of the c-nation? certainly. looks killer? check. ultimate social crack-status? indeed. yes sir, the hair stays.


Yeah Kevin. Let the hair grow. Just trim it a bit. How many months has it been since your last hair cut?


Kevin.....can you do me a favour and ask RIM to clarify a couple of things that may be a concern for me with respect to the BB10 launch:

1. I read on some posts that there a camera demo, with time shift feature using a dev alpha device, to a reporter who reported that the camera was laughable in that there the camera action was pathetic (I.e. buggy). Hope this camera was an earlier device and that the problem is now fixed. You sure hope RIM is smart enough to fix any bugs before the launch.

2. There was a post that the BB10 would retail (before any discounting) for $800 which, based on other comments, would scare a lot of potential convertees away! RIM needs to aggressively price the z10/x10 say $25 to $40 below the starting price of the base iPhone 5 to get lots of people converting to BB10. Once there is traction and word gets out that the BB10 is great than RIM can charge the Aristo (4.65" screen) the same pricing as the IPhone.

I hope that RIM has learned from their missteps from the past and need to get as many devices into the smartphone users' hands and have great user experience and the two concerns needs to be addressed!


I would Price the Z10 the same as a 32GB IPhone 5, not that the IPhone 5 is as good as the Z10, just that RIM needs to make money and the IPhone 5 is severely over priced..


If you can't afford $800, RIM will have lower budget phones coming soon with BB10 os on it that you can get.
This phone will be the phone for people that want the best possible mobile experience with the best possible look.

And for your question about the reporter. Do you actually believe him?
Robert Scoble said that he likes the new BB10 a lot. If you don't know who this guy is, he's popular for hating everything about rim.


What I am saying is that RIM should not charge a super premium price for the entry level (16 gig) model that is significantly higher than the IPhone 5 otherwise they are pricing themselves out of the market. There may be 20% to 30% of potential new BB users that would stay away because its overpriced. I have read many many comments complaining that if the entry level is $800 that they would rather buy another phone for a lot less than $800 for the BB10. Just think about it........if iPhone sells for$180with a 3 year contract and $580 ($400 carrier discount) and you sell similar spec Z10 for pre-carrier discount price of $800.....that is $220 more than the iPhone. You will lose a lot of potential new converts? Does this make sense?


Where is this campaign headquaters? I own a restaurant downtown T.O, free lunch for the Crackberry crew for working so hard to bring us all we need to know about BB10!

Or maybe this is a good idea for the "what would you do for BB10" contest..... Is it too late to enter?


Free lunch for the CrackBerry crew?
Man, you guys are the best.

Kevin will have a bowl of spiders and horse ears, with a glass of warm goat blood.


PLEASE: Moratorium on use of word "literally" by all reporters/blotters, etc until y'all really know how to use it .. Reading it so often makes me pull my hair out- figuratively at first, but now literally, with the tufts to prove it..... Get it?!?


Just reading this post makes me feel very excited for BB10! Go team blackberry

Toronto Girl

As you can tell by my name, I'm in TO. Thrilled to have you guys! Been trying to figure out how to get into the launch party. I rarely post but I read almost daily. I'm a crackberry all the way. Counting down the days. Would be amazing to meet you all at a crackberry BB10 party.