In These Tough Economic Times... RIM Still Hiring!!

RIM Hiring In These Economic Times
By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2008 04:59 am EST

Times are tough these days for all companies out there, with layoffs coming from just about all the major players in every sector of business. Yet RIM seems to be a shining light amongst the crowd. The Financial Post is reporting that RIM is seeking out 1,250 new employees to be spread across all their locations from Australia to the USA, with the majority of these new employees hired to be slated to work at R&D within RIM 's headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 

"For the past three or four years, RIM has done the same thing companies like Nokia [Corp.] are doing now with a fraction of the workforce," said a company insider who declined to be named. "Right now, for every engineer who is promoted, RIM is hiring two or three to replace them. Probably in a few more years RIM could do some restructuring but not now."

RIM is reported to currently employ approx. 10,000 people in many different areas and as a growing organization that has sold approx 5.8 million devices the 3rd quarter of the year, all while postioning themselves as the second largest smartphone manufacturer gaining 15.9% of the market share, it only makes sense that the newly hired individuals would be set to start positions in R&D.

Now, what are the chances a member of the CrackBerry Nation can get a job? Someone get me Jim on the line...Please? lol

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In These Tough Economic Times... RIM Still Hiring!!


Man, did ever wanna name it that, caught me on that one for sure!!

And I'm all for RIM hiring Craig and I, they could think of us as great investments lol :)

Anyone out there from RIM wanna help a few fella's out?

Like RIM is gonna hire anybody they know is on Crackberry, they'd never be able to kepp ANYTHING secret.

The NDA they make you sign kinda prevents that from happening, most cases anyways lol. Those who want to keep their jobs @ RIM follow them.

"in most cases"? lol, judging by the amount of information Kevin gets from "reliable sources" already, I have a feeling that only happens in a few cases. haha

This is ironic since my friend worked there last summer for his Engineering co-op and got me an interview for next semester! They hire alot of university students from the GTA to work there on a co-op work term and alot of people get hired fully from this! Ugh, I sound like a recruitment officer.

I wish I was ready to leave So Cal for Toronto. I'd take that Marketing gig in a heart beat. :)

Long live RIM.