These BlackBerry fans got an exclusive sneak peek at BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2012 10:52 am EST

Recently RIM invited 20 of their biggest BlackBerry Elite fans to HQ in Waterloo for some exclusive hands-on time with BlackBerry 10. While many developers have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha to play with, they still haven't seen many of the awesome features in BlackBerry 10. For these lucky fans, they had a chance to head to the heart of RIM and finally see the BlackBerry 10 OS in action for themselves. Check out the video above to see what they had to say!

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These BlackBerry fans got an exclusive sneak peek at BlackBerry 10


It would've been nice if RIM chose past BB users too and see what they had to say about the new platform. As a past user I would like to see if BB can sway me.

Awesome, we are 40 days from the big release of BB10 and only us Crackberry/ BlackBerry users know about BB10. Why isn't RIM advertising NOW? None of my iphone or Android friends know there is a new BlackBerry phone or platform coming out in a little more than a month. If no one other than us current BlackBerry users know about the BB10 NOW, it will be a big flop just like the PlayBook (which I love mine). How many months out does Apple advertise before a release?? Yes, we know, and are well aware, and can't wait for BB10 but who else knows about it??!

If you don't advertise NOW to the mass market on TV, and print, BB10 will have very low sales, and again RIM will be in serious trouble. Please advertise BB10 BEFORE the release! Don't limit your sales to current users....Get others informed, excited and talking about the NEW BB10.

Did you guys not hear about the ads in the New York Times? I'm sure the new CMO who is getting paid god knows how much money would know what he's doing.

One ad in NY Times. Where else? Anything on TV? Nope. Commercial after commercial before the iphone came out was for the iphone AND Samsung making fun of the iphone (great commercial btw). What is RIM doing? And to say to not market now to the masses because it's to early???? Are you kidding? Anyone in marketing knows you must flood the market with a new product BEFORE the release to get people who don't know about your new product talking and exciting and INTERESTED. How many tech shows have I seen the past two weeks talking about new cell phones or tablets and not one mention about a BlackBerry. RIM is a major company and we shouldn't be tweeting or sharing to our friends on Facebook as someone said here. This is not a grass roots company. Sure, we can share with a couple friends here and there but if there is no MAJOR MARKETING a month in advance of a new product it will have a few sales like the PlayBook and RIM will never recover. I am only concerned because I am a huge fan of BlackBerry and don't want to see another major flop.

They are hitting all the right buttons, building momentum. Marketing to various layers, will all come together for Jan 30. It will be legend......wait for it........berry. I stole that line, really like it.

As soon as I finished watching I immediately PMd mscooley and asked if that was her, thinking I recognized her from CB (knew mscooley's name was Kim and that she was from Mississippi)! Then I came to comments and lo and behold, IT WAS!!!

So cool!

Thanks, KIM for making me feel like I was there, that you were representing ME and the rest of CrackBerry!

:) Thank you for hanging in there with the rest of us. My encouragement to everyone here...RIM heard us loud and clear and continues to listen. Know they appreciate the fight in all of us. They know/see the direct blows we take daily defending the BlackBerry brand and they acknowledge the disappointments and let downs RIM has delivered in the past. From Thorsten Heins on down, they value and appreciate us.

No one but us BlackBerry fans knows about BlackBerry 10? How have you come to THAT conclusion???

Have you not noticed RIM out doing a giant PR push to showcase it all over the place? Have you not seen all the developer jams? Did you see the new york times ads?

Apple doesn't release TV ads or Internet ones, until they've announced the iPhone (5), as I'm sure rim will do.

Sooooo, what are YOU doing to help promote it? Personally I am re-tweeting Crackberry tweets, liking these things on Facebook as well as re-posting articles on Facebook. It's not like it's hard work. Be a part of the solution instead of bitching all the time.

From what I see, there is a plan in place and it is unfolding quite nicely. I am expecting there to be a ramp-up in advance of the release. If they do it too soon, fatigue will set in and people will tune it out.

Since I live in Louisville, I would love to talk to Josh firsthand to hear what he has to say. What a cool opportunity!!

Yes. There's nothing that I saw that could be compared to 1) other platforms and 2) past BlackBerry experiences - hardware and software.

I've been on CB since the start... JSanders or @jsanders10
It was a great experience in Waterloo that day, BB10 will be all that you been shown in the Blogs here and elsewhere and MUCH much more.

I was about to comment that I would exchange my one month salary for that experience but I just realize I'll just save that one month salary and buy BB10 =p

HA! Agreed! I love this post. So many people. Are complaining about RIM's so called lack of advertisement. First, everyone who I know that has an iphone or Samsung(let's face it, Android is Samsung and Samsung is Android) don't care about Blackberry. They, like a lot of others, have written Blackberry off as a dead product. Not to mention, they just aren't concerned with any other phone but their own. Especially if they love their phone! My mother and sibs live and breathe iphone and my wife and daughters switched from Blackberry to Samsung(and of course they are trying to get me there). I am currently sleeping on the couch and calling them traitors(HA!!!, kidding)! Seriously, I am the last in my household to still use Blackberry. I truly believe it to be the best phone on the market. Even if it doesn't have all the cute apps. I am truly pumped about BB10!!

Los Angeles, CA
Blackberry Bold 9900!!!

I think it is a bit too early to really start marketing to the masses. They have a short memory. They are buildiing a loyal fan base that can start spreading the word and when the mass ads hit there will be some brand recognition. Dont want to burn out the public too early, there is a fine line between your ads peaking intrest and people loseing intrest.


Just like the movies, provide a teaser to get people talking and then another teaser to keep the talk from dying and then flood the market with ads and carrier promo ads and finally, use of the greatest weapon in a businesses arsenal.........the almightly word of mouth.

People are talking now. A few more teasers and then the big release.

I think they're playing this just right.

This and all the other actions taken by RIM are a great step in the right direction. What I hope for them to do is this exact thing, but with celebrities. Invite the biggest BB fans who are celebrities to either HQ or somewhere in LA/NY and have them try it out prior to launch. The positive buzz they will send out via social media will be worth whatever the costs are. Hell, get Obama to send out his first tweet post inauguration via a BB10 device.

It was an awesome trip to Waterloo. I'm so happy RIM is doing this type of thing. Embracing fans, not ignoring them!

Feel proud to have been chosen as an Elite member, and even made it into the video :-)

We did sign a NDA, but I will say this. All of the videos about Flow does NOT do the real thing justice. Flow insanely makes sense. Regarding the typing experience - I was one of the adamant ones who said they would never go full touch. One minute with BlackBerry 10 made me forget I even have a physical keyboard. Seamless transition. Apps! One thing's for sure, we won't have to worry about BB10 not living up to the app offering area. Many brands/services/games, etc I would not have even thought would consider another platform will be available on BlackBerry 10. Lastly, you can really bank on the fact that RIM heard, considered & took to heart our feedback as users as well as constructive criticism from non users and made it a part of the playbook (strategy) (no pun intended). RIM's done an exceptional job at rediscovering their niche, better understanding BlackBerry people & the evolution of smartphone users as a whole.

Thank you for that. I had felt that it was going to be better than we saw online, but to have you confirm that is fantastic. I was committed to buying one already, but what you said cements it in and erases any twinges of reservation I had, especially regarding typing on the all-screen.

what stood out for me was the one guy said how much he was blown away seeing the new BB10 even though he already tried the alfa.
can't wait

lets be honest in that video everyone has an interest in BB succeeding . I hope they do but I prefer unbiased thoughts.

I am glad to hear about how amazing the BB10 will be, makes it hard to wait for. Lucky people! At least someone from where I am from got to test BB10 out. Go Texas.

I have been using bb phones for about 5 years now, and I really like this new operating platform. However I believe that BB10 is a year if not two years late, they should have had this ready once the bold 9780 and torch looked outdated compared to the other manufacturers.

The user experience with the hub and flow looks amazing, however that's just one part of the solution. The keyboard is expected to be good, bbm/social messaging is improved and the time shift camera is great as well... however I feel like they are missing that one feature that would set them apart from ios and android.

From what is available online I think the L-series is on-par with i5 and s3 (really hope im wrong) and I think they need to come out with a few features and revolutionize the smartphone market again. Like when the pearl/curve beat down motorola and sony.

When something is this good it's not too late. On par with i5 and s3? Are you kidding me, get on board buddy, this is a game changer, the others there will be left in the dust, choking.

Hi to everyone this is my first first post. I have no experience with blackberry phones but as my name suggests I was a first day Palm Pre owner. I now own a android phone which I hate. I am very interested in BB10 but was wondering how much of the os is gesture based. Will older apps run on BB10? Sorry about the noob questions. Any help is appreciated

I had a Touchpad (which now runs Android), and I think if you are a fan of webOS, you will like BB10. BB10 is very much gesture driven with one-handed use in mind. You should go to Youtube and search "Blackberry 10" and you'll see plenty of demo's of BB10 in action.

yup, you'll love BB10 if you like gestures. But dont take our word for it, just check out the demo's on youtube. I recommend anything presented by Vivek Bhardwaj, he's their vp of software development (or something). He always explains it very eloquently.

Also, check out the forums, there's TONS of posts/pics/vids/tweets/leaks about BB!0.

And finally....Welcome to CB!

Welcome to CrackBerry! The OS largely gesture based. I like this. Much better than pressing buttons. If you're going full touch, go full touch. Have you experienced the BlackBerry Playbook gestures? Very similar in nature but better and more refined. Apps developed for OS 7 and back will need to be packed for BlackBerry 10 since it's a totally new platform. That being said, if you know of any current apps that you'd like to see on BlackBerry 10, be sure to shoot a message to the app's dev.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the suggestions. The videos look very impressive, I think RIM is on to something, I was considering WP8 until I happened to see a article on TheVerge about BB10.

My wife and I looked pretty hard at the Playbook and liked it. It was very webos like, to the point that I could do most things just playing with it in the store. I bought a Touchpad because I thought HP would actually do something with webos and I could use the apps that I already purchased. Oh well:-( wish I would have bought the playbook instead. Sorry about rambling on, just a little history..

They look bored :(

I haven't heard anyone say keys words like "fun" "smooth os" "no lag"

My 9900 is trash I need bb to catch up. Sad my pb still can do.something as simple as video chat other folks with out a pb.

No tango or oovoo support smh.

Before I hear my phone isn't a toy rant please save it. I love how I can communicate with phone but I would love it to be fun as well.

Don't confused the expression of boredom with the expression of amazement. There's really no need to even try to compare BlackBerry 10 to previous OSs/devices because it simply can't be. Smooth UI with no lag is an automatic given. Trust that the app offering for BlackBerry 10 is legit. If there's a specific app you'd like to see, do like the rest of us and reach out to the devs for that app. Simple as that.

No blackberry is trash. Reach out to developers instead of complaining about "lack of applications", this way, they do get released and/or submitted into BlackBerry World.

I strongly suggest using blackberry protect to backup your blackberry, desktop manager to backup your BBM buddies and then... Wipe and reload the software, then restore the contacts with blackberry protect and... Restore the BBM buddies with desktop manager. Also, keep the device software up to date. If you have BBM 7, you won't need to make a backup via desktop manager for BBM only. But a full backup is recommended anyways.

THESE R THE ELITE FANS..... SIMPLY PUT... Get The F Outta Here, If I was invited with Kevin then we could talk elite... U can consider yourself elite when U pay an extra $100 for the White OEM 9900 kit when it 1st came out. Taking extream measures would count as elite, Any1 own the P9981?? Thats a Fan

Just joined and am loving what I'm reading, still using 6310 Curve after 5 years and counting, the phone is not only durable but in my opinion beats any other phone made by other cell phone manufacturer hands down, I have dropped my 6310 about a hundred times and except a scratch or two it works perfectly fine. I know a friend that dropped his toy i-junk once, and the screen is shattered, so its not always about how fast or how many apps you get but the value of a product received that counts along with everything ells. What's the point of buying a phone if it doesn't last.
I have a question though, can anyone tell me if RIM owns patents that are going to be used, or are used right now, in all kinds of medical devices, I'm about to invest $50.000 on RIM stocks and am waiting for the quarterly report tonight.

The Blade looks amazing. oh ya, hey APPLE, why don't you stick to building your silly toy computers and leave the cell phone industry to the Business professionals like RIM.


I was one in the group that day. Some of us weren't shown. This day will never erase from my memory. Just finally getting to play around with the dev device and software was freaking amazing. No lag, super smooth and the gestures make it very easy to navigate around. That hub is going to make me addicted to BB even more. Don't forget about that sexy blinking light ;).