These BlackBerry devices take advantage of Verizon XLTE

BlackBerry Q10 with Verizon XLTE
By Simon Sage on 19 May 2014 11:29 am EDT

So, you're wondering if your Verizon device works with that shiny new XLTE network that just went live in your area? Well, here's a list of BlackBerry devices that can currently take advantage of the added speed from AWS spectrum. Of course as new phones and tablets come out, we can expect that they'll support Verizon's XLTE network.

You can get the full list of XLTE-enabled Verizon phones over here in their online store. Were you in one of the XLTE launch areas? Also a Verizon customer? Let us know if you're seeing an appreciable difference in data speeds. Are you stuck with a device that doesn't support XLTE? The rest of y'all, would you be willing to switch to Verizon to get in on XLTE?

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These BlackBerry devices take advantage of Verizon XLTE


Probably like the FM radio, miracast, etc. The hardware (chipset) doesn't support it. Just like why your HD doesn't support 4K HD or 3D.

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It's a question of which mix of bands each device model has. The Z10 STL100-3 has AWS LTE and would connect to Verizon's new LTE network, but it doesn't have the right 700MHz bands to use the old LTE network, also no CDMA support. The STL100-4 has the old LTE bands and CDMA for Verizon, but no AWS LTE. So it's not a fundamental limitation of the Z10 as a whole, it's just that the Z10 band mix is different.

The Z10 band mix is suboptimal for Verizon, but it is right for other carriers. Producing a new phone model for every single carrier with exactly the right bands would be far too expensive, so this is one of the compromises that has to be made. The Q10 mix of bands isn't as good here in Canada, where I want both AWS and 2600MHz LTE in the same phone. But then on Verizon it supports both.

You seem to know what you are talking about :)

So for Canada, if the Q10 is not the best mix, which one is? I have a Q10

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There is no BlackBerry (or I think any other phone) that has all three bands in use by Rogers. Rogers has both the SQN100-1 which supports their AWS and 700MHz LTE, and the SQN100-3 which supports their 2600MHz LTE. Right now the 700MHz LTE is only available in one tiny area of Toronto, but it will be in more areas in the future.

The Z30 STA100-5 is probably the best one for Rogers compatibility. It doesn't support the 700MHz LTE, but it supports the other two. That means the best coverage (AWS LTE) and the best speeds (2600MHz LTE). Though in a year or two the 700MHz LTE will probably have the best coverage.

Bell has the same bands as Rogers, while Telus has AWS and future 700MHz but no 2600MHz.

The STL100-3 may have LTE band 4 in it, but Verizon will not allow you to bring that model on to its network (they're under no compulsion to, unlike with band 13 devices.) And there aren't any roaming agreements either that would allow an AT&T user to jump on Verizon's band 4 network if AT&T coverage is lacking.

Of course. It wouldn't work for voice or SMS anyways as the STL100-3 doesn't have CDMA support. The point was that support for Verizon AWS LTE is not a fundamental limitation of the Z10 hardware as other versions support it. It's just a feature that was omitted from the Verizon edition of the Z10.

Wow! I think I am noticing faster Internet speeds! Awesome stuff!

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Well, if your operator just give you the full actual LTE, you have 150 Mbps; it's enough for anything you could need. Now, that's only marketing.

I am waiting for Android keyboard apps be able to use easily across all BB apps. They are going to improve android app integration on 10.3. I hope they have this feature also.

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There isn't a keyboard on android that works as well as the one you have anyway. I hope they focus on getting more of the apps to run smoother first.

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you appear to be lost. may I direct you to the search feature in the forums?

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I can't believe I actually live in the right place, sporting the right phone and on the right carrier. What can I say but , "Right on Verizon! "

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

It should get faster either way. Moving all those devices to the new spectrum will free up space for those of us stuck on the 700 spectrum.


I wonder what that means... I remember reading about XLTE on Business insider and it said no new radio was required if you already have LTE through Verizon... maybe I read it wrong..


According to Verizon's own list the Z10 is compatible, my phone seems a bit faster, but it may be a placebo. I am in New Haven County where it should have been activated.


I am in Boston and picking up 4GLTE running a Z30. Should I see 4XLTE?

Z30 on Verizon running 10.2. 1.2126

So what's the difference between the LTE and XLTE and would the XLTE be coming to Canada is there is a difference.

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Nothing. It's a marketing gimmick. You guys already have XLTE and have had it for a while. Robellus all have band 4 LTE (in addition to Robell also having band 8 and I believe band 17 LTE.)

Why? Too expensive for your budget? Best American carrier. So you'd be a fool not to

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Well that's pretty subjective. Your reasons for supporting Verizon are likely different from his reasons for leaving. Smarten up.

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I haven't noticed faster speeds yet. I'm on a Z30 in one of the listed cities. Glad to see Verizon has done this though. Maybe it won't be long before I notice a difference.

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So is the phone expected to display "4XLTE" where it currently displays "4GLTE" either in the home screen's top banner or under Settings | Mobile Network? Or is this not really a new network technology, so it will continue to display the "G"?

It's not new technology at all. Basically, Verizon just deployed their band 4 LTE network, and as a marketing/PR splash, are calling it XLTE. Yes, it will be faster than their band 13 network, but that's simply how it works--higher the frequency, faster the speeds (but poorer the penetration.) TMO and AT&T have had band 4 LTE networks for a while.

My guess is that your phone will continue to show LTE or 4GLTE or whatever Verizon displays an LTE connection as.

The difference is that T-Mobile has no lower-frequency spectrum, so their in-building/NLOS penetration is worse and they have to deploy more cell sites for the same coverage area.

Verizon has been getting dinged lately by test reports finding that their competitors have better peak speeds (if not coverage), and that struck a blow at their conventional strength.

So in congested urban areas in particular, AWS spectrum is a win, and it should free up capacity on the existing band 17 (700Mhz) network, so even people without AWS-compatible devices may see an improvement as the 700Mhz network gets unloaded a bit.

Right. Plus with band 13, you can only do 5x5 ,10x10 channel deployments, whereas with band 4 you can start at 5 and go all the way up to 20x20...which TMO calls wideband and has deployed in places like Dallas.

Ironically (if I read the information right,) Verizon owns more 1700 MHz licenses than TMO.

I was getting similar in Tampa, and today I am below a meg down/up!!! Pfft, VZ forgot to throttle!

They already have had that, for a while. Even the Z10 and 9930--two BBs that can't do "XLTE" have a SIM slot.

XLTE is 1700 MHz (band 4,) not 700 MHz (band 13.) The Verizon Z10 therefore cannot do "XLTE" because it does not have that band 4.

My bad and thanks for correcting.. but the z10 specs do state that it can do the 1700 Mhz band 4 as well. Is it jus the model made available to Verizon cannot?

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Correct. If you're looking only at the US Z10s, the Verizon Z10 doesn't have that band 4.

Verizon in Bellingham Washington. Doesn't carry BlackBerry even though they have on display.... then talk down to me for having a blackberry

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Speed will also increase for Z10 users because of the capacity space that will be freed up due to the other phones jumping to the XLTE service.

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I think more members need to do speed tests on their phones to confirm if DL & upload speeds have increased and by how much. I'm using Mts All stream in Manitoba with LTE and get ting 5 Mbps download and almost 5 Mbps upload. So what is the comparison with the new XLTE? Let us know people!

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Okay that's weird, just did a second test and this time it showed download was 23 Mbps and upload was 8 Mbps. Why the inaccuracies?

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Q10 here. I have not checked yet, but I'm with Verizon and nothing is better than BlackBerry. You guys rock and I'm happy that verizon has put this out there.

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John: I might want to upgrade one of my lines to the BlackBerry Z30, but I can't find it.

Kay: Hello, welcome to Verizon Wireless sales chat! My name is Kay, may I have your name, please?

John: John

Kay: Hi John!

Kay: We no longer offer that phone.

John: why?

John: I also have other clients that want to buy it

John: it is one of the highest rated phones on the market

Kay: It was discontinued a few months back.

Kay: I'm not sure why.

John: That's not true, it was available just 3 weeks ago because a client bought 5 of them from VZW

Kay: They may be available in the store, but they're not online

John: Stores stopped carrying them a long time ago, they were only available online

Kay: We also stopped carrying them.

Kay: I've been having quite a few customers asking about it.