theScore updated with new leagues - Adds F1, NASCAR, NCAA Football, MLS, NLL and more

By Adam Zeis on 7 Aug 2013 08:36 am EDT

My favorite sports app theScore got another great update today, this time bringing a bunch of new leagues to the mix. The app has been rocking out with the MLB, NFL, NHL and a few others since launch, but today adds F1, LPGA, MLS, NCAA Football, NASCAR, NLL, LIGA Soccer and others. 

theScore is one of our top picks for sports apps as it provides all the news, scores, standings and schedules for your favorite teams across various leagues around the world. You can customize with specific alerts for games or teams and receive push notifications. 

Features include:

  • Receive free, personalized Push Alerts including: goals, ends of quarters and key moments in any game to keep you on top of the action; anytime-anywhere. 
  • Get breaking news push alerts for NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL to be on top of the biggest news in sports. You can configure these on/off in the News area within each of those leagues. 
  • We're introducing the NEW "My Score" area to customize the app to your needs. Follow any team, or player throughout the season to view their performances as they happen. With Player Grouping you can follow all of your fantasy teams in one app; live up to the second. 
  • Check out the NEW "Player Card Profiles" where you can do in-depth research with player photos, recent performances, season stats, bio and recent fantasy news via RotoWire. 
  • Want more stats? Z10 users: Take advantage of the new "Horizontal Stats Viewer" to view advanced stats! Flip your device horizontally on a player card or box score screen to view deeper stats. Great for the serious fantasy sports fan! 

theScore is a free download and is available for the Q10 and Z10.

More information/Download theScore

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Reader comments

theScore updated with new leagues - Adds F1, NASCAR, NCAA Football, MLS, NLL and more


Still haven't fixed the BB Spark from staying on constantly. I emailed the dev a few days ago about this & they said it was being fixed in a future update. Guess they weren't talking about this one. If the ESPN Sportscenter app wasn't so awful I'd delete The Score & just use Sportscenter for my alerts.

Really? Still shows up on my Z10. Wonder if this is model specific? Anyone know?

Posted via CB10

Still shows up for me too. As well as with sportsnet app which is basically the same app with different network branding.

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I still have it after the most resent update. I emailed them as well and got the same response.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

When I updated to and reloaded my apps, the spark issue went away. Try deleting the app and reinstalling it and see if that works.

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From a user-friendly POV, Score seems to be the best. On the Bold, you could get all the major UK football divisions, a well as numerous European ones. Rather than adding the more obscure sports, I would've thought that adding the full leagues as stated would be the way to go. Still, I guess it'll come in time...

I wish they would bring back score mobile FC. I side loaded it, but native would be better.

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Still can't see how a run was scored on baseball if there is an RBI on more then 1 hit in the same inning, pretty annoying really. That's basic...

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Stupid me for downloading calcio serie a pro.Could've saved the money.The Score is by far the best app for sports news coverage on the BlackBerry Z10.

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I really like this app, but it could use a performance boost. Screens transitions take too long to generate.

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Got the update this morning. Just in time for LSU football.

I just wish there was a way tell it which calendar to put your team's schedule in. It just dumped them all on my work calendar since it is the default, but it would be nice if it would ask which one if there was more than one.

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I'm running 10.2 and my spark constantly stays in, when I first updated it didn't but then it did after a while. I think it has to do with when you are going to check the notification you have to let it open the app and load fully and let it clear out

That said they need to make this a cascades app so it's faster cuz it feels like adobe air resulting in slower load times . And the follow a player mode like on ios. Where you can follow there goals and stats

This is my favorite sports app bar none while bleacher report is my favorite sports news app

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Hi everyone - James from theScore here. As always, thanks for all your feedback. We do pass these comments on to our development team.

Regarding the "spark bug" it's something we are totally aware of and are working directly with BlackBerry to resolve the issue. We know it's a pain in the butt, so thanks for your patience.

As always, if you have any direct feedback for us feel free to drop our team an email via thescoreapp(at) - we love hearing from you guys as you help us make the app better.

Thanks again,

I'm still waiting for them to fix so the "Matchup" screen doesn't always show the home team pitcher in the "Pitching" section..... I guess at least it's right half the time. Anybody else notice this too? (The batter is always correct in the "Batting" section, but always shows the home team pitcher pitching.)

STILL sucks why since February do we have a lame Ass iPhone version and all the way until NOW get an update that not only is overdo but STILL missing features the the Legacy Blackberries had all along PLUS the Android devices have so Lame It's not about what you use its about we deserve something we had already plus it's out there I messaged them and they actually replied that there really isn't a good reason just like whatsapp and voicenotes (until the recent article) but no excuse from Feb shud be like legacy & android just so ridiculous

I don't know why they just can't give us a reset for notification. That's the only reason the spark icon is there in the first place.

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Sports score app requires access to and ability to delete files and contacts, and won't without these permissions. the score can suck it.

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