theScore for BlackBerry 10 updated with Z10 landscape support, WTA, ATP and more

By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2013 10:41 am EDT

Sports fans will be happy to see that theScore has again been updated and brings along some more new features. In addition to landscape support on the BlackBerry Z10, theScore also adds the ATP & WTA as well as box scores across various leagues. This keeps theScore on the list of top sports apps for BlackBerry 10 as they recently added push alerts for teams, games and players as well. 

Updates in this version:

  • New leagues for tennis fans: ATP and WTA!
  • Horizontal stats for Z10 users: Rotate your phone for additional info when viewing
  • Boxscore stats for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, EPL, Champions Soccer, CFL, & NCAAB

theScore is a free download and is available for the Z10 and Q10 in BlackBerry World.

More information/Download theScore

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Reader comments

theScore for BlackBerry 10 updated with Z10 landscape support, WTA, ATP and more


I love this app, but after enabling push notifications I have a constant "spark" symbol that will not go away. Even after checking the hub and in app, I can't get rid of it.

I have the same issue, even deleting the app, and rebooting and re installing it didn't make it go away

I have the same issue. I've been back and forth with the devs however and they are working on a fix. They are still seeking out the root cause. So it's not going unnoticed. 

Oh ok, I just noticed it last week when I was gone on business, and had my sports teams pushed to my phone, and then I deleted the push options this weekend, so I hadn't got to the point getting to the devs.

Thanks Adam

Good thing I haven't used the app then. That would be a very annoying bug.

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Glad to know that devs know about the spark issue though. They have been good with updates in the past, so I am sure it will be fixed soon.

I figured out how to get rid of it, go to BB world, go to "my world, and then go to My Apps and Games, Find the score, press and hold the score icon, delete it, and then 3 options will pop up on the screen, Unistall, Delete and cancel, click on Delete (will permanently delete everything on your phone with the score) reboot, and reinstall, and now the spark icon is gone!!

Are the rest of you on 10.1? I am on 10.0 (Z10) and the spark does not linger for me after I have opened the Score app. It does if I only check it in the hub though.

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My go-to sports app on my Z10. The constant spark is the only blemish on this otherwise flawless app.

Posted One-Handed via BlackBerry Z10

It's crazy how the BB OS 7.1 ScoreMobile was way better than the current TheScore on BB10. I had MLS, and all the leagues i wanted without any problem. Now i'm hopping TheScore gets half as good as ScoreMobile. I even ported over the Android one because i feel that one has way more than the BB10 version. Sad really.

Very sad u would think this app would have a lot more in it then the os 7.1 but its a lot worse, still waiting for them to bring in mma and a bunch of others

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This is my issue with this app too, it's native but somewhat clunky.

A Cascades app would be so much better.

When will they fix the MLB scoring glitch. When a team scores more than one time in an inning, the summary screen only shows how the first run scored. Every other Score app shows each run scored in an inning. Thankfully they at least now show batting averages in landscape, but for the love of god, fix the damn scoring issues! I have contacted them and received no response and nothing has been fixed.

As a 4 year Score Mobile user, my patience in running thin. Pretty soon I will bite the bullet on the MLB app and never look back. Ignoring customers is how you lose customers!

I added one team schedule to my calendar by accident and now get get rid of it from my calendar. Pretty annoying

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Won't install until they include mls footy. How can a sporting app not have an entire league?

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This is my sports app and it will continue to be but they need to speed up the app. I find that it lags and too long to start up. It worked great on my 9900.

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This was one of my favorite apps on my 9850. Unfortunately the BB10 version is not yet on par with the BBOS7 version. It badly needs a Cascades re-write as it is now the slowest, laggiest app on my Q10. Hopefully, a native BB10 app is under development.

Did the update and the app will not change to Landscape on my Z10 when navigating through stats, standings, etc.

I already asked them about NCAA football through their twitter about two months ago. They replied that it will for sure support NCAA football BEFORE the start of the season.

I have the Z10 running OS 10.0. I like the update but there's a serious lag to orientation switch. Other than that, so far so good with it.

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This app is horrendously slow.

Also, there are times where the swipe up gestures are unresponsive, which makes it impossible to minimize the app.

Still not a great app because it's somewhat laggy with a bit of load times, but the horizontal box scores is a very welcome improvement.


Hi all - James from theScore here.

Thanks so much for all your feedback. It's much appreciated and we do directly pass all comments onto our development team working on the app.

In terms of the "spark" bug, as Adam says it is something we are aware of and are investigating. We hope to be able to provide a work around in the next update. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

@JBezeau: Unfortunately, you can't delete your team's schedule en-masse from the calendar. Games have to be removed one at a time. There are more details and tutorials on calendar functionality at mobile.thescore(dot)com under "contact".

@gregorylkelly: We're sorry to hear that no-one responded to you. That's not typically our style as our support team looks to answer everyone who contacts us, so our sincere apologies for this. The MLB scoring issue is not one we've encountered before, but we'll look into it. If you want to reach us in future, as well as email ( you can also find us on Twitter @theScoreApp.

Thanks again for all the feedback. We really appreciate it.

theScore, Inc.

Props to you guys for actually taking comments on the crackberry page into consideration. It says a lot about your team. Thanks.

The horizontal option is not working on my Z10 after the upgrade. Any suggestions on how to get this fixed?

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Ya I can't get the horizontal view to work either. Thought it was just

Oh and for those of you talking about how the bbos7 score app was way better, I agree. It has more sports to follow like MMA. That's the one I need the most. Lo e my MMA. Anyways I emailed the score way back when the bb10 app launched and it only had 6 different sports to choose from. They replied and said they would be adding more sports in future updates and they have been but I would like the updates a little more frequent. Just want my MMA.

So if anyone can explain to us how the horizontal view works cause I can't get it to work.

Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe

They should make the app like the BlackBerry 10 hub. All your favorite teams and or leagues in the score hub. Pretty much like this CB app

We talked about it in previous comments but to sum up, it will be available before the start of this next season.

Landscape works. You have to be in sections of stats that have it available. There is an icon in the top right corner that says if it supports orientation switching. Go into any MLB game, stats, then you will see in in the top right.

I deleted the score because it would freeze / lock up my z10 and not let me swipe up to get back to the active tiles. The gesture would eventually kick in though after a super lengthy delay you think your phone is frozen. I wonder if this latest update fixes the performance issues.

Should have the probable pitchers for MLB ... I haven't got the latest update... I will wait for the next update once this notification bug is fixed ... Good app still though!!!