theScore for BlackBerry 10 adds push alerts and social sharing options

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2013 09:23 am EDT

One of my big gripes with theScore for BlackBerry 10 was the lack of push alerts for my teams. On previous devices, I loved getting game alerts for news, scores and players. On BlackBerry 10 that wasn't an option however which totally sucked.

Thankfully theScore has been updated today to include push alerts and additional social options. 

While I haven't tested the alerts just yet (I'm waiting on the Mets loss tonight to see if they work) I'm hopefully that they'll keep me in the loop. The options are still there to customize alerts as well using the overflow menu from each team page. You can choose between things like scoring plays, game start, game end, turnovers and more depending on the sport.

Also added is the ability to share game scores via Twitter, Facebook and BBM so you can talk trash with your friends. 

theScore is still my favorite sports app for BlackBerry 10 and is totally free for both the Z10 and Q10.

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theScore for BlackBerry 10 adds push alerts and social sharing options


Everyone who has troubles with the score you can try to reinstall, still persist? Do a hard reset afterwards if still not working, please contact costumer support. That is the best way to get help and helping the developers to make the app even better, but remember to write adequate.

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Guys the app works, it's just that if you don't give it full permissions it refuses to start up. I find it ridiculous that a sports app needs full permissions to function, so I uninstalled it

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I just gave it access to the Device Identifying Info and it reason for the other permissions to be granted.

Ya I figured as much. I did some mix and match with the permissions to see what would work and corrected myself in another post

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I hate how SOOO many people give bad reviews to apps on the blackberry appworld because of permissions. Its funny because sd access MEANS the app has access to things like pictures documents and personal files but blackberrry says the second one and android says the first which is why people don't care about android permissions. Some of these apps are literally converted apk's that are popular on the android market ask for the same permissions but blackberry people give it low ratings and uninstall.... PIN is NOTHING to be worried about if an app developer has... these type of things push developers away from blackberry because blackberry just has whiny customers

For the record I gave it 3 or 4 stars. And while it's true that certain apps do need certain permissions, this app is most definitely not one of them. Why would it need my pin or serial number?

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I'm not to familiar with this app but first thing that pops to mind is maybe the PIN, which is just an identifier to you, helps them keep track of the games you keep record of on their servers? I mean if they write this data onto your memory card then it would require access to media, pictures, and personal documents then people would really be b!tching.

Totally agree that this App was in desperate need for a GOOD update... totally disagree in the Mets losing tonight!! Lol #NYMetsBelieve

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Now all we need to get back to the greatness it was on legacy devices is NCAA football. But they have said it will be updated with that support before this fall when the season starts.

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Actually forget what I said about full permissions. You need to give it access to is "Device Identifying Information" only. Do that and it will work

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Was going to correct you, but you've got it right now. Seems to me every app review should include info on permissions required. I think there are enough concerns/misundetrstandings to warrant this info.

When are they fixing the scoring summary for MLB games? If a team scores multiple runs in one inning, the Score only shows the first run and ignores the others. This needs to be fixed asap.

I would like to see active frames show the standings and score of 'followed teams' in a future update.

The active frame is wasted on this app. The the viewed screen just gets smaller.

CB10 App, Z10

Agreed! Would love to see "Upcoming Games" for my teams or any in progress scores. That would make it awesomer. 

I'd like for the ability to add the schedule to your calendar to be reinstated. That's the best feature of all.

Actually you can manage alerts like the old legacy version. Go to....myscore, then tap on the team your following which takes you to the main team page, then tap the three bar in the lower right hand corner and tap alerts. Same options as the old one I believe i.e. game start, game end, every score play, etc. It's just hard to find :)

What do you mean customizing alerts? You can have it alert you game start, end, score at the end quarter or every score (depending on sport), close game, etc (all depending on sport). You have to hit the menu button in the lower right hand corner after selecting your team and you'll see alerts there. The problem is, selecting your team doesn't seem to work properly. You may have to tap it multiple times or press and hold, or a combination of the two. I couldn't get one of my football teams to come up for a minute. Definitely bugs there but other than that, I got to my alerts okay. Think I will follow one of the NBA teams for the finals just to see if it works and then delete them after testing is done.

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Everyone who has troubles with the score you can try to reinstall, still persist? Do a hard reset afterwards if still not working, please contact costumer support. That is the best way to get help and helping the developers to make the app even better, but remember to write adequate.

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It asks for 3 permissions 1. Calendar 2. Shared files 3. Device identifying information. If you don't give it at least device identifying information then at launch your will only have a black screen.

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They have to add mma, my bold had supoort for a lot more sports i don't get why they wouldn't add them

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I don't see why i should give this app my device serial number and my personal information . UNINSTALLED

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I'm not sure why this app need device serial number and pin. They should fix that or a lot of people won't be getting the app.

Other than that the app looks like it's the same as the iOS version or at least close to it.

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Where is MLS. Soccer scores for leagues that don't play for several months but no MLS. They have a lot if work to do to get back to where they were for the legacy devices.

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People, if you don't give it Device Identifying Information how is the server going to know whether you got the latest scores from it or not? People are a little too paranoid sometimes.

It works, which is great, I'll finally use the score more but every time I get a notification the app opens top which sucks

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They need to port the ScoreFC app now. The Soccerticker app is nice but it has like 6 leagues, and international games aren't covered!

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Hi guys, Kenny from theScore here. For all of you have that have been getting "Black Screen" issues it's due to permission issues. You need to grant the app full permissions. This is a requirement that we had to follow to incorporate Push Alerts to the app, which was by far the most requested feature by users for BlackBerry 10. I can assure you 100% your data is safe, and the only reason why we need this data is so we can send you the appropriate push alerts.

One additional item I wanted to clarify too is that in addition to game push alerts, you can also sign up for Breaking News alerts - for example: "Tim Tebow signs with the New England Patriots". These are available for NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. This is the first time these type of alerts are available for BlackBerry users! To set them up you enter the news section and click the alert bell in the top right hand corner for your favorite leagues.

Hope that helps clarify things for you.

If you still have issues with the app please email our support team, we're here to help.

Kenny, I've emailed your support team in the past about a date issue with this app. The issue has not been solved to my knowledge, and I never received a response from anyone. The issue is that in Australia, the schedule of events always shows the next day. So I have to go back a day to see what games are on for the current North America day.

So, while it's nice of you to offer support I'm not convinced you mean it.

And with this update, I have uninstalled, deleted it from my available apps in, re-downloaded, and reinstalled it. And after all that I still get a black screen and am not given the option to choose permissions. This used to be my favourite app, but I am quickly getting over it because of the date issue and now this new update.

Hey there, we're in the process of submitting an update that should help fix some of the issues you've been reporting. But, for now, to resolve the "Black Screen" issue you can manually fix this by very simply changing the permissions for the app.

To change the permissions, go into your device Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Application Permissions. Click on theScore and configure: Calendar, Shared Files and Device Identifying Information to ON.

As for the time change issue we are currently investigating this as it's something we haven't encountered before. Event times are typically based on your local time zone. We'd be grateful if anyone experiencing this could email thescoreapp(at)thescore(dot)com or submit an inquiry through app feedback to help us resolve the issue.

Thanks for the reply. I've now got the permission sorted and the app works perfectly. And to my surprise, even the date issue has now gone away. Today is now today in Austraila. Thank you :)

It's about time! However I really can't test this till the Oilers and Sens are back at it.

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Great to see the developer respond here. I have always liked the app on all phones. This update is great. I am still noticing a little lag though when going from screen to screen, switching leagues etc. But otherwise glad to have this app and great support!

Anyone else not able to update? I'm on Fido's network z10 model stl 100-3 running os I keep getting an error message "an error occurred processing your request "