theScore adds MLB coverage just in time for baseball season

By Adam Zeis on 16 Mar 2013 10:59 am EDT

With opening day just a few weeks away, theScore has added full MLB coverage to their popular BlackBerry 10 app. If you're a sports fan, theScore is the go-to app for BlackBerry 10 devices giving you up to the minute news and scores for all of your favorite teams. From NFL to UEFA - theScore has it all. March Madness? You're covered there as well with everything you need to follow the men's tournament all month long.

Features include:

  • Up-to-the-second box scores, player stats, league leaders, betting odds, game previews, recaps, top stories, schedules and league standings.
  • Live coverage of Baseball (MLB, Football (NFL), Basketball (NBA, NCAA Mens), Hockey (NHL), and Soccer (English Premier League, UEFA Champions League), with live coverage of theScore’s full slate of additional professional and collegiate leagues coming soon.
  • Enhanced “My Score” functionality to enable users to customize the app to their needs – follow any team, or player throughout the season to view their performances as they happen, and use Player Grouping to follow your fantasy teams’ players in real-time.
  • New “Player Card Profiles”, allowing users to do in-depth research with player photos, recent performances, season stats, bios and fantasy news via RotoWire.

You can download theScore now from BlackBerry World free from the link below.

More information/Download theScore for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

theScore adds MLB coverage just in time for baseball season


The BB10 version pales in comparison to the Playbook version. You can't add/remove sports and too few sports are supported. Where is MLS, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc. A poor effort so far.

Posted via CB10

MLB app is coming soon. For real baseball fans, there is no substitute.

Score is getting better though. Like it better than the ESPN app.

Posted via CB10

They're adding all the footy leagues soon (sooner than later I hope). There will no longer be an app separate for soccer. Gonna be all in one app.

It still stinks. They must have changed developers. And why is sportsnet version a carbon copy?

Posted via CB10

I have deleted this app twice before . I will try it again but this will be the last time . How can such a good app go so bad?

The major thing I need from score mobile is the team alerts and having their schedule in my calendar. Tho I wouldn't know how the alerts would work considering the last update removed the notification section in the hub.

Posted via CB10

I have contacted the developer regarding lack of leagues and notifications and they informed me that they are currently working on issues with the Android app and will release an update with all the leagues and notifications once they are done with the Android app and have free resources.

Posted via CB10

Mlb at bat I heard was going to be ready for the season opener but I have the Andriod side load in the meantime from goodereader. The score is definitely my favourite quick scoreboard checking app. Good to see they finally included the MLB portion.

CB10- z10

It's not as good as the BBOS version but it has all the leagues I want. I think they went for a the popular leagues that are in season

. I wish it had push notifications cuz I never know my teams are playing and then I gotta keep opening the app to check.

But it's still the best. Way better than sport center which is apparently like the Facebook app which is a lot of links that send you to the site for functionality that should be built into the app

Posted via CB10

Glad they finally added MLB, even though I'll be getting At Bat when it's released. I used ScoreMobile in the past, and while they've updated it, it still doesn't have much like what other people have said... Push notifications and the like, which is important. And the team schedule to phone calendar sync idea would be fantastic as well. It's also laggy as all hell

Posted via CB10

Is this a Cascades app?

ScoreMobile for BBOS is one of my most used apps and my second favorite sports app on any ecosystem (#1 is the new ScoreMobile app on the iPhone). The PlayBook app was awkward, glitch, and slow, but it was still good enough. I had no idea this app had so many complaints about it for the Z10. Pretty disappointed about this. I figured they would have mimicked the new iPhone app when making this version of it.

BTW, the iPhone version was HORRIBLE until sometime last year when it was remade and is now amazing and full featured. This gives us some hope that maybe they rushed this out to get something out there and they will release a much better iPhone-esque version eventually....