Thesaurus Applications For BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2009 11:03 am EDT
Thesaurus Applications For BlackBerry!

Just the other day while engaged in some interesting conversation on BlackBerry Messenger with a close friend I found myself a little short on words. At which point I began thinking that having a built in device thesauraus would be a great idea for RIM to add into their OS.

Now while the thought of a built in Thesaurus may be a good one, there are many options already available as third party applications for BlackBerry devices, most of which come with free trials to allow you to decide which may be the best for you. Some store the files directly to your SD Card while others can utilize your device memory, personally I would go with one that utilizes your SD Card as we all know device memory is short on some BlackBerry devices. I'm still currently testing some out for my own personal use but if you find yourself short on words at times, you may wanna check out the selection as well.

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Michelle Haag

This would definitely come in handy. For as much time as I spend on BBM... I would use it a lot. So many times I've needed that *right* word, and just not been able to find it.


I would love a blue or black one for my 8330

Suited Deuces

would love one of these for my 8900....

Alhaji Madu Bukar

hello my people, am new comer