ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2010 09:32 am EDT


There are endless apps that show the weather on your BlackBerry, but how about the room temperature? With ThermoBMeter, your device will measure the current room temperature and display it as an icon on your device. A simple concept (and not something every BlackBerry user will need) this app has some great features. You can view the temperature as an icon and/or app title as well as view in Kelvin, Fahrenheit or Celsius. The app currently sells for $0.99 in the CrackBerry App Store, but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away



since I changed my car, I miss the thermometer feature it has...this app would be perfect for checking the room temperature since we are experiencing el nino right now!

I think that app is handy specially when setting the mood for a special someone all the adults know what I am talking about...

I gave in to curiosity today and popped the $0.99 for this app to see how accurate it could possibly be.

The answer: not very.

It basically reports whatever the battery temperature is (as confirmed by MeterBerry). During a one-hour period this afternoon, sitting in the same chair in my family room, this product reported the temperature rising from 75 degrees to 93 degrees. The room temperature had not changed at all -- it was just that I had been using my phone for a few things and the battery had heated up.

So, bottom line, if you need a battery temperature reader, this will work. (But, MeterBerry is a much more capable product that will do this as well.)

Well, never hurts to be late, because sometimes you might just be on time.
It's cold in my house right now, and I'd like to know why my toes are not responding.....

How awesome ... I was thinking just the other day that a room temp app would be a handy thing to have. I would love to have a copy! Pretty please!

This would be great when the kids want to crank up the heat or the AC. From the comfort of my present location, I can tell them yes or no.

Sign me up... in San Fran with where nobody has A/C, it'll come in handy!

BTW - Hope it works equally well with a silicon case on my BB.

Way back in the pioneer days of the BB 957/857 I was able to read the current room temp by using a few keys. I loved it because it was friggin freezing at work. 16 C and I was able to track this and prove it using my BB.
As I changed BB's over the years I have tried to find the keys that revealed this but to no avail. I would love it, pretty please

Always looking for new apps to try! Love the freebies the best but if they are cool enough and look like they may be useful, it's worth spending the money!!

I travel a lot in my car going to several sites per day. I would appreciate seeing how the inside of my car and the offices I go into affect my health. Thanks.

This is hard to believe that it's even possible. Not sure what I'd do with it, but perhaps it would come in handy.

Damn! I was just thinking about how this kind of app would be interesting on any mobile phone. Probably not like how I thought it would be but hey if I can get it for free I'm not complaining :D

This app sounds awesome. Didn't know the BB was equipped to measure temperature I can see a couple of immediate uses for this. Now if it can measure humidity as well.

I've placed comments for a ton of apps, only to leave a broken man after finding out I didn't win anything...
Please- my luck must change!!!

my bedroom is like an oven in here and I would love to know how hot it exactly is to know if I need to butter myself at all and spin around in bed to get a nice golden brown appearance instead of my pasty white.

This might be very simple but innovative idea fromt the developers, quite useful to measure any temperature whether its the room or the outdoors.

This sounds like an interesting application. Some of you posted you did not know a BB had a thermometer. We'll the blackberry, at least the one's I have had, have some type of built in thermometer since it does register internal temps of the battery. Must be an algorithm. Nice work, and would not mind a copy.

... would like to try this great App!
in this way i could prove to my GF that it
isn't that could as she feels.

Like others, I don't quite understand how app works, but I'd love to have it regardless. I love knowing the temperature. I used to carry a small thermometer around in my pocket just for that reason, lol. If I don't win it free here, at least it's cheap enough to buy.

will it also say
the temperature is arising
the fever white hot

but it certainly looks a good app regardless

This should be another cool apps to be inside my Curve. It would tell me the temperature wherever I may go.

I am always telling my colleagues it's not hot or not cold in the office. Now I can show them on the Blackberry!

I wonder if it will go past -40 F for where I work in Colorado. I don't think I want to damage my battery in the cold and try it.

While having a smartphone device, thats a very smart app to have on one's device! I'll be glad to have it installed. It's a very useful app to aquire! Thanks in advance!

This app would do a lot of good for me. I would like to know if its me, or there really is a draft in the room. It would also let me monitor whether my office thermostat is doing its job.

I work in a refrigerated room for the majority of my shift. Would be nice to know the temp and see when its going into defrost ahead of time without having to walk outside and look at the indicator.

I'm the maintenance super of a 110 unit senior living complex. I'm always in need of a quick check of the temp. As I deal with HVAC on a consistent basis.