ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2010 09:32 am EDT


There are endless apps that show the weather on your BlackBerry, but how about the room temperature? With ThermoBMeter, your device will measure the current room temperature and display it as an icon on your device. A simple concept (and not something every BlackBerry user will need) this app has some great features. You can view the temperature as an icon and/or app title as well as view in Kelvin, Fahrenheit or Celsius. The app currently sells for $0.99 in the CrackBerry App Store, but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away



This App looks awesome, I'd love to know the temperature my office keeps it at, everyone is always too hot or too cold.

I work in an AT&T retail location....and this could really help me promote the item...please consider me...thanks

How COOL or HOT is that! And what an energy saver. Adjusting the AC or heat will save coins. Guess you can say it makes BB a "green" machine. Great idea!

This is awesome. I was just thinking about this recently. This would be perfect for me since I have to record DataCenter temps at each site I visit. I have to go to a new site each week.

What a great idea! I had no idea that the BlackBerry was even capable of this! Who knew that RIM was fronting for the Swiss Army Knife people!

Very neat app, would come in handy to determine room temp of my kids rooms. How exactly does this app work?

I really like the idea of this app. I wonder how the BB can measure ambient temperature. If I don't win a free copy I will splurge and pay the 99 ccents for it.

This would be great, everytime the wife complains that it's hot / cold in here I could look at my BB and say no it 70 Degrees.


People really need an app to tell them what the room temperature is???? I thought the iphone was bad with all their pathetic apps.

But how does it detect room temperature? I don't recall seeing a thermometer in my Bold 9000's specifications...

This app looks awesome, there have been many times I have been in server rooms onsite at clients and was curious as to what the temp would be if only I had the ability to tell, but I feel real stupid carrying in my weather thermometer with the red cardinal that hangs on my laundry line post, lol.

Now I'm curious too about just HOW this app would work. I just don't understand how it would measure the temp in the room but count me in for a chance at it, everyone at work calls my office the "meat locker" because it's always cold so IF this does actually work somehow I'd like to know exactly how cold it is in here.

This is another scam of an app by crackberry. There's no temperature reading device, but room temperature is generally known to be around 70 degrees. But the morons will pay for it anyways.

Now I can prove to my cold-blooded friends why I need to wear a jacket at their house in the summertime!

I have a outside temp. in my office, so I can see how nice the weather is OUTSIDE & I got a small little heater right next to me in my office because it's always 60deg.'s or lower & I can never really tell how cold it is. This would be great so when vendors or customers walk in I can show them how cold it is when they walk in from the nice weather..

Being the weather nut that i am, this will fit right in with my 2 apps i have for weather on my phone and then the 2 weather stations i have in my home. Would be a great app to compare acuracy of my other weather stations.

When I first saw this app, I thought for sure this was an April fools joke. But for .99 my curiosity got the best of me. Does not work at all for outside temps. cleaver advertising I must admit. Naturally it has a disclaimer when it is in the holster or near a cold or heat source, which makes perfect sense, just like a regular therm reader. My readings were usually 10 degrees off. I am guessing that it reads the internal temp. and does an offshoot guess of what would be the temp outside the device. They recently updated to allow you to offset the reading to a current reading, which of course will make it accurate for that current room temp. Another smart move to make customers believe that it actually reads outside device temps. RIM may want to take notice, an outside temp reader appears very desirable by the number of respondents to this thread.

Obviously for this to work there must be a temperature sensor in the BB. I didn't know that until now. Would love a copy.

This App could help me balanace out my water temp in my tank and also see how close my digital thermostat really is. Please PLEEEZZZ
-Don Freeman

I'd like one of these if for no other reason that to set up next to a proper thermometer and see if it actually works.

i think this app would come in handy when you are visiting a hotel or travelling and need to know the temp of the room for control and comfort purposes.


Yet another cracking application from crackberry...pretty useful...
Monitoring temperature on the go! When do I get my copy? :-)

pretty sure it just takes the temperature of the battery and labels it as "room temperature" gj

This is a perfect app. I live in the dorms at school and don't know what the temperature is in the room since we don't have thermostats. Now I can have a thermostat everywhere I go

great thinking, this app will surely be awesome for me, living in a coldddd country. Would love that free copy hahaha.

I'd def like to try this out... very interested in how it works. I'm assuming the processor keeps track of device temp but how would that translate to room temp?

pretty cool app. Be nice since I live in a dorm and can't control my own air/heat so I can complain when it gets too hot :)

What a simple but great idea! Nothing like room temperature to complement the external temperature apps!

So now i can finally complain at work when the temp is over 90 degrees cause the central air is not maintained correctly! and 30 degrees in the winter cause the heating is broken too.

I need this lol