ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away

By Adam Zeis on 13 Apr 2010 09:32 am EDT


There are endless apps that show the weather on your BlackBerry, but how about the room temperature? With ThermoBMeter, your device will measure the current room temperature and display it as an icon on your device. A simple concept (and not something every BlackBerry user will need) this app has some great features. You can view the temperature as an icon and/or app title as well as view in Kelvin, Fahrenheit or Celsius. The app currently sells for $0.99 in the CrackBerry App Store, but we have 75 copies to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PDT.

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ThermoBMeter - Room Temperature on Your BlackBerry - 75 Copies to Give Away



Wow how dumb is everyone that posted for this contest. Unless this app also comes with a free digital thermometer there is no way this app can actually read the temperture in a room. Have fun with your worthless app.

PS I hope this is not some late april fools prank

For every person who buys this app for $0.99 I will send you a free version of my latest app... "BerryFart Detector". This app detects the location of any fart within 30 feet of your BlackBerry (limited by the range of your Bluetooth enabled handset) and uses an onscreen compass to direct you to the guilty party.

This falls in the category of Crap Apps! About the only thing it measures is your phone temp Maybe. And that your bank account just threw away $.99. But the Fart App! Now that's worth every penny!

I would like to have a copy too, temperatures here change every few hours and we have constant weather change. This could help me decide weather I should drive to work or take my bike :)

i would absolutely love this! it would help me out so much...i cant express how much i would like to see the temperature on my main bb screen instead of going through apps! please please please PICK ME!

This would be pretty neat to have. Always arguing with my work about what the "actual" temperature is. This would be good to have. NIce way to get my first "win" of Crackberry contests!!!!

We always argue over how hot our office is at work but no one has ever taken the initiative and bought a thermometer.

My only question is,how does this work?

Just because my name is "la Candela" doesn't meen that I always know the temp around me. Would b nice to actually know how hot is around me LOL

Since when did RIM start putting hardware into their devices to be able to record the ambient temperature outside of the device itself?

I just don't see how this works......

Still, I wouldn't mind a copy....I am curious....

I have absolutely no need for this app and don't want it, but I wonder just how it works. I know there is a sensor on most BB's to keep track of internal temps in the device, but how would it differentiate between internal and external temps?

I can stop the complaining when the coworkers are complaining of the Temp in the office... well maybe not but still something I would like to try. Thanks Crackberry

That's actually a useful app. If I don't win it, I will probably buy it anyways. But free is always better!!

We're constantly having temperature problems in our office and server room. This would be very helpful to be able to pull out my storm2 and show them the current temperature when we're having these discussions.

I could finally prove to my co-workers that it really is ridiculously cold in our office! No better way than actual PROOF that it's below zero in here most days! Even in the winter!

this is something extra ordinary that without a thermometer in BB it shows room temp. if i am not wrong. hope i win this to try out. plz pick me thanks

That is an awesome app, my office is I swear 15 degrees colder than the rest of the building now I could prove it. I would be one grateful man. Thank you

I work in HVAC and having an app like this would be very helpful. Always have my BB on me, don't always have my tools with me.

At least for me, I need to keep track of what the temp is in my office, and my server room. Wouldn't mind a second method of checking =)

one of these for me please !!!

my office is boiling hot during summer (32° C last summer), will show this to my boss if needed ;)

I need this program because I sell chocolate and it is stored at my house. I must watch the temp. in the room so that the chocolate does not get too hot. With this program, I can watch the temp much easier.

At least on a Blackberry that is. But I'm very much into grabbing myself a copy of this, if it works.

Please and thanks.

This app would be great for me so I can tell how hot it is in my office. Our station is ass backwards where the office is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The City of San Francisco hasn't been able to set things straight for the past 3 yr and that was when the City did have $$$$$. Go Figure.

Oh I think I figured out how they do it........First they give away a few copies of the app free, then they tell you you need to purchase the USB external thermometer for $9.99.


Seriously, how do they do it????

I hope I actually can win this app and for the price - it's practically a give away - ill definitely purchase app if I do not win

I soooo need this app. The temperature in my office fluctuates from day to day, and my co-workers are always complaining. I would love to be able to just grab my 'berry and let the maintenance crew know how high/low the temp is so they can make adjustments.