There's still a chance for WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 21 Dec 2012 09:22 am EST

By now, the news of WhatsApp having no current plans to offer a BlackBerry 10 version has made its rounds in a pretty big way. When the news came about, I think James was pretty upset about it; hence his hasty post on the matter. You see, WhatsApps response is a pretty common scenario. Most companies when asked will give that sort of generic answer because chances are the person you're asking either doesn't know or doesn't want to say. With James now properly thrown under the bus, there is some good news to come out of all of this.

As highlighted in the image above from @AndresGomezSar, the BlackBerry Developer Relations team is looking into getting WhatsApp in place for BlackBerry 10 as noted above. Truth be told, they've been at this stuff with a lot of the big name app devs out there since BlackBerry 10 has been in the works. In fact, it's one of the key roles of the BlackBerry Evangelist teams at RIM headed up by Bob Taniguchi. Tak to devs, get the apps ready.

In the end, no matter what you think of WhatsApp it'd be nice to see them supporting the platform. There is a lot of users of WhatsApp out there and those users being on the BlackBerry 10 platform would be great. Interestingly, all this news of WhatsApp has once again brought up talks of BBM going cross-platform. While I don't subscribe to that idea myself, after last nights earnings call and Thorsten Heins saying some service revenues could be coming from BBM, it sure does make you wonder if BlackBerry would ever do such a thing. Add new services to BBM, make it superior to everything else and offer it cross-platform. Crazy enough to work.

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There's still a chance for WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10


Of course they will :) In a powerful platform where you can easily port the Android version of your app you will build a native version sooner or later..

I applaud James for bringing this issue to light. Whether or not the response was typical corporate jargon, it only proves the reach of the BlackBerry fan base and our desire to have big name developers support BlackBerry more vocally.

PS. It only helps that Bla1ze is in the know, so the breadth and diversity of the CrackBerry writing team is one of it's assets.

Am I the only one around here who didn't buy a BlackBerry just for BBM?

That being said, I agree with your last statement. BBM going Cross-Platform might be crazy enough to work, and with the added front facing camera, it might fill in the gap left by Skype for video chat with friends or relatives.

RIM already has BBM Messaging, BBM Voice (add voice conference), add BBM Video Chat (video chat conference too), plus BBM security and the ability to share screen. Launch this service all together on Android, Windows phone, iOS and BBM 10, priced at 9.99 per year and you have a winner!!!

I think BBM devices will be cool enough for people to switch to without BBM being the major attraction... If you think about people have been leaving BB for other devices not even thing about BBM and using an alternative instead (whatsapp).

I wish it were so, but I disagree with you. BBM is still a major hold for many people (me and EVERY bb user I know). Many of us are still holding on because of bbm and the countless friends we have who still use bbm. If bbm was licensed to other platforms, I (and almost ALL the bbm users I know) would have switched a long time ago. Let's face it blackberry-nation... The iPhone, if it had bbm, would be a pretty killer device (include Samsungs G3 in here as well). Just my 2cents worth ;)

I understand what you are saying and that is the case now... but give BB10 a year and the story will be different! I currently use an iPhone 5 and I can tell you I need something different...

If the Z10 is a good as every body expect is going to be a killer and there will no be a need anymore to switch to another platform even if BBM is available for those.

In the other hand, RIM can maximize service fee profit by going to other platforms.

So perhaps a "wait and see" approach would be best. We have to remember, that EVEN if the z10 is the best out there (truly), it still MAY not get the traction it needs to be the phone everyone is crazy about. What you're saying would only really work if bb10 gains enough traction in the USA market, otherwise I'm not so sure your theory would workout.

I also use a iPhone 5 and need something different. And not android or wp8, need something blackberry

Whatsapp if free for the holiday season only not for ever, they do that every year to gain new users coming to iOS because of the holidays.

I think it would be awesome for RIM to get into agreements with carriers to make BBM on iOS, Android and Windows Phone a carrier-controlled app that they will be able to charge ~$1.99-3.99 per month to add to your data plan and split the revenue with RIM. It would make carriers happy by lining their pockets, help replace RIM's service revenue, and make BlackBerry phones more valuable because they include BBM standard for free, plus I would be able to get back alot of those BBM contacts I've lost over the years.

OR they could allow 3rd party messaging apps to route their messages through BBM, so you could download WhatsApp and connect it to BBM, and then all of your WhatsApp messages appear within BBM. RIM could also make it a requirement that a small BB logo shows up within WhatsApp for users who have connected their WhatsApp account to their BBM account. It could be great, constant marketing for BB from a source that people inherently trust - their WhatsApp contacts.

I know you may not of thought of all points on your own but I must say that was well laid out highlevel plan. I think in the very near future a venture should be looked at by RIM to implement into action exactly what you've described.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Hmmm... I'm still not so sure. Although I like the scenario presented better than simply having an app in the iOS and Android stores, I'm still hung up on the fact that IF other platforms had bbm, many will just simply go for the latest and greatest smartphone, whether it be a blackberry or not... I'm of the persuasion that RIM would ultimately lose out on this sort of a deal. I suppose if they want to become a software ONLY company, they could be profitable and make money at it I'm sure, but that, I believe, is all they would become (the maker of the best IM client in the world)

whatsapp has to come to the bb10 platform if they want to attract the android/ios/windows users, because the majority of people that i know mainly uses whatsapp to communicate.

I thought the original blog post on Crackberry was a little irresponsible. "Whatsapp confirms they will not be supporting BlackBerry 10" Whatsapp basically gave a canned answer, next thing we know Crackberry splashes it as a headline.

They want the hits, so there is going to be a tendency to go a little overboard, you just have to look at the way they have reacted to this one little rumour about the official name of the l-series being the z10 to see that.

i'd wait till launch day to start moaning about apps. I have my doubts about some big name apps like skype/netflix/hulu, but i think a lot of the smaller apps like whatsapp/urbanspoon will be available at launch.

With the recent positive turn in the media, it doesn't make sense to not develop for BB when its clear there's an established customer base.

Why do we even have WhatsApp when Gtalk and MS messenger just works much better?

It still cannot recognize contacts correctly.. sends request through SMS and my contact details are floating over the entire network?

I don't use it for the disgusting app it is.. but don't worry guys! BB10 will make Whatsapp into a beautiful native app. It will work better on a Z10 than on anything else. Guys it's a fact!

Infact - if you take away all the super special features of BBM.. then WhatsApp and BBM on BB10 will have the same performance..

WhatsApp is actually a threat to the carrier networks in killing their SMS revenues and the carriers are least bothered on this fact.. They don't care because they are okay with SMS revenues falling short from 45% to 42.4%..

I really think WhatsApp is holding back because they just like Skype and Netflix cannot handle the pressure of crApple.

Please read this.. WhatsApp has no choice but to make their app in open standards. They can drown it in APIs and fill it with bullshit coughinstagram.. but there's no running away from open standards. The deal about open standards is that once you go black you can't go back.

Open standards clearly state that any open standard service can be redistributed with minimum of all provided features and/or no compromise in the performance. So BB10 really doesn't care and neither should you.

Take Twitter app for example. Clean and clear implementation in their website and network and now the app or even the web version just works fine. Now RIM can take twitter and made it 500x times better than their own experience and the Native Twitter App on OS7 is the proof.

WhatsApp is either stupid or just stirring the pot by all this controversy. Infact considering the entire enterprise reach of RIM and now along with Balance, BBM can be associated with the corporate network and WhatsApp can run as a personal instance on Balance.

And they are just being slow to this challenge because Apple has not made any announcements.

You want Instagram? you can get it in 5 mins. Right on your OS7 device. register on one of the instagram sharing sites.. get any RSS and goto .. follow the instructions and you're good to go. Even check the CrackBerry how-to

The point is.. Apple doesn't want you to have it :D You don't believe me?

Case. Apple makes an announcement that they are building the best phone in the world and it needs to have everything. No one is prepared for it.. Could Google do anything about Maps? No even measurable penetration. So there is hostage here. What do you think is the next in line? Google's YouTube? pathetic on Apple. Google can't do YouTube right? Apple doesn't let them. Chrome? Nope it's Safari in Apple. Chrome runs on Safari in Apple.

I'm trying to say is WhatsApp and Instagram and Skype are very much at the mercy of Apple and they need Apple to make an announcement to be fully supportive of Open standards so that they can have the transition. But answer me this, why is iOS not the highest on HTML5 scores? It's not because Apple believes they have better codes than HTML5 and they just don't agree.

WhatsApp is being shortsighted. Who ever dislike BB10 are being shortsighted.

Don't miss pg 19

Although BBM is superior, I would love to see Whatsapp there from launch as there is just to many people I know who use it on other platforms.

Dear WhatsApp:

I was fine before I knew of your existence. I'll be fine if you vanish off the face of the planet. Somehow I'll find a way to go on...

Thorsten said bbm and blackberry 10 aren't going to be licensed out. QNX would be. BBM will in blackberry user's view, always be exclusive to BlackBerry.

Likely it'll have one ad, monetized that way, but NOT cross platform.

Me personally I use whatsapp cause of my friend that use ifraud (iphone) lol* if whatsapp want to be out of the the best system in the world that is about to pop out all I gotta say is that they had made the wrong choice* simple as that

Still somewhat worried that WhatsApp will not be supported on BB10 here's my situation:
My "close-friends-network" contains about 20 people or so, only 2 of them use a Blackberry device, so BBM is no option for me to use.
Most people arround me use Android devices, some use IOS... all day-time communication is WhatsApp here in the Netherlands! If I like it or not, if I don't use it I'm out of the loop!
Therefore I'm very curious what will happen with the support, I can't wait!