There will be many BlackBerry "Classic" models like the Q20

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2014 10:10 pm EST

Following BlackBerry's Mobile World Congress Press Conference, I had the chance to sit down with the company's VP of Global Product Management, Francois Mahieu. Francois has a broad range of responsibilities at BlackBerry related to bringing new devices to market and we had a delightful conversation of which I'll be following up with more details. While I work on that longer interview piece, I first wanted to follow up with more information on the BlackBerry Q20 that was announced.

The key Q20 clarification that Francois iterated to me during our conversation is that the Q20 is not a one off, but that "Classic" can be considered as a category of devices within BlackBerry's hardware portfolio. Over the years BlackBerry has had different ways of looking at their product families, and the current philosophy according to Francois now splits BlackBerry phones into one of four main categories:

Affordable - Think phones like the newly-announced BlackBerry Z3. The goal here is to get the BlackBerry experience into the hands of as many people at as low a price point as possible.

Classic - With a physical keyboard and the "tool belt" making its return, this is where the new Q20 fits in. This is the iconic BlackBerry experience that so many longtime BlackBerry users still love. It may not be a huge growth opportunity, but this is giving those loyal BlackBerry users what they want. Note, don't take the re-introduction of the toolbelt on the Q20 to mean they won't make another Q10-like device without it. 

High-End - During BlackBerry's press conference John Chen noted that BlackBerry is also working on some new, high-end smartphones that will be sought after not only by the BlackBerry core, but likely by the larger smartphone consumer base as well. While it was still too early for Francois to get into any details with us, judging by the grin on his face and sparkle in his eye as he talked about this, I can't help but believe BlackBerry has some really cool stuff coming our way. Great news for all us hardcore enthusiasts!

Prestige - Think expensive, like the Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9982. These are low volume, high-cost devices that help keep BlackBerry an aspirational brand.

With BlackBerry now working closely with Foxconn, BlackBerry's time to market on getting new devices into our hands should be greatly improved compared to BlackBerry of the past. The Z3 for example, will have a turnaround time under five months, which is pretty amazing considering the Foxconn relationship is new with both companies getting to learn how to work with each other during the process.

On the subject of high-end phones, I voiced my gripe that in the past it has often felt like BlackBerry's high-end phones always feel a little "too late" compared to some of other flagship devices hitting the market from other manufacturers on the hardware and specs front. Francois seemed pretty confident that we will be pleased with what we see as BlackBerry continues to forge ahead and that new high-end devices will be competitive. 

All good things!

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There will be many BlackBerry "Classic" models like the Q20



I wrote this at 4am Barcelona local time... forgive me for any typos! Gotta grab a couple hours sleep now before I head to the airport. :)

BlackBerry in the past always spec'd their phones with just enough horsepower to get the device to function. That's why when a new version of BBOS came out only the very recent phones could update and even they would sometimes struggle.

Posted via CB10

Enough is enough with saying that the OS doesn't require hyped up specs. Does not matter. People will compare specs side by side and if the phone is not up to par, it will lose regardless of how awesome the OS is.

Here is where they desperately need specs to shine :

Processor... and only because they have to be competitive. My Z10 could use a tiny bump in this regard, but I assume that by the Z30, there is no lag at all... again, it doesn't mean. Juice up to an octacore if just for the sake that you can brag about that.

Storage... 16GB sucks... (I have a 64GB memory card that is almost full too mostly with photos and music). When you have a couple of games along the lines of Need for Speed at 1.something GB, 16 is inadequate.

Camera. I was never a big critic of this, but when you have to take video so you can get high quality stills and use them as photos, then you know you have a crappy camera (not that I'll ever admit it to anyone outside of here, lol).

That is it in my opinion. The OS does the rest... which sells itself once people try it.

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The cpu could definitely use a bump. Although, the os is snappy the processor shows its limits when moving large files. Dual core quad core, I don't care let's get something up in the range of 2-3ghz, please?

And yeah, I wish we lived in a world where SD cards could be our mobile phone's SSDs that could be upgraded like full computers can. And why stop there, why can't we upgrade our ram while we're at it?

Ghz isn't the best way to make a faster CPU. Architecture is. Compare any Intel i7 to an i3 at the same Ghz and you'll see the i7 run up to 4 or more times faster.

If Ghz was all that mattered then this would be completely impossible.

More Ghz means more power consumption and more heat which results in shorter battery life.

I thought consumers had finally learned this...

Posted via CB10

I agree with your points, but there need to be a certain balance. Take the BBOS devices of the past, they had battery life of 2-3 days but the performance was a bit sluggish with the countless battery pulls, and spinning clocks.

I'm sure it wouldn't bother many if the battery life was reduced to 1.5 to 2days at the sake of a much faster CPU, better architecture and more RAM.

Posted via CB10

The new BB10 devices don't require battery pulls, at least not like BB OS devices did. They just keep on running.

I'm a fan of more horsepower in the high-end phones. But, people need to keep in mind that BB can't make and sell a device profitably at a low price point (which I've heard people demand) with the best available hardware.

Moving large files is unlikely to be CPU constrained. SD card and flash write speeds are the limiting factors there.

You realize that all this "hyped" specs cost battery life, right?

I don't think we share the same opinion. Put the hardware in the device so it runs smoothly, not more to kill the battery for nothing

Powered by BB

It won't sell outside of the BlackBerry community if it is not up to date on the specs. There are phones out there that, from what I hear, have long battery life and a fast processor.

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My Z10 isn't smooth at all, it lags a swiping menus, lags when I open the browser settings, animation lags occasionally when I swipe an
app to an active frame, takes too long to load apps, bbm is snappier on my LG than my Z10, please! We needs specs and better OS optimization. How come my Nexus 7 2013 even though has the same specs is much much faster than my Z10? Damn this STL100-1

Posted via
my LG G Flex

My Z10 is snappy. Your mileage may vary, of course. Is your Z10 on OS 10.2.1?

You might want to consider the Z30.

It will be interesting to see the specs of the "classic" line as it seems to be aimed at a Professional clientele. It cannot be a low-spec grouping. I hope that it is the design, rather than the specs, that are 'classic'.

In the United States, "enterprise" has long meant low-spec. I got my first BlackBerry when I started working for Big Law. But, I got my second about two weeks later when I realized I could buy a BlackBerry from AT&T that wasn't monochrome and as awkward as a brick.

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All touch screen high end smartphones and I'm in with BlackBerry for the long haul love the OS Being a small business owner I don't want to switch...but if the high end new phones are "classic" I'll be retreating back to windows phone I'm not some dinosaur that can't keep up with technology and looking at the recent poll I'm not alone.

It reminds me of the local sportsman's club they refuses to change there horrible live music bands playing classic polka music to appease there small user base.

A couple friends and I volunteer there to cook ribs for one of the monthly dinner nights and always invited a bunch of friends to help sell tickets and have fun with us. We by far spend the most money on food and alcohol and asked to maybe change the music up to some slightly newer stuff nothing crazy just some classic rock.
We were told bluntly no its not what the smaller group of regulars want. Needless to say the larger group of new YOUNGER customers said forget it and don't return anymore. The "core" group of regulars are dwindling and the place is now going out of business.

Moral of the story keeping your current customers happy is important but ignoring the future base all together will eventually kill you they won't be here forever.

Posted via the Bat Cave

You should re-read what the post said. "Classic" is one of the 4hardware categories. Meaning that it is specifically for those that want the tool belt. That leaves 3 other options for new customers to choose from. Just saying.

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Mmm nope. Maybe you need to re read it? No where in there does it say the next flagship will be without keyboard just that they're working on a new high end device.

I sure hope it's a beast of all touch screen computing power but only time will tell I suppose. I'm still enjoying my Z for the time being anyways!

Posted via the Bat Cave

The line "that will be sought after not only by the BlackBerry core, but likely by the larger smartphone consumer base as well" seems to suggest it's highly likely a touch screen product, in order to have any draw from the larger smartphone market.

I agree. I didn't read anything about an all-touch phone, either. But, I'm hoping we see one. As it stands, Chen absolutely needs to ship a new high-end phone in the US by May or August or fail to retain enthusiast users. Remember that the Z30 was a quiet Verizon exclusive. While they are both good phones, Chen is really not competing in the US with just the Q10 and Z10. And with the new S5 and the rumored iPhone 6 at 5.1 inches with much higher resolution displays, better cameras, and more mature OSs that with a little app loading and tweaking can do everything BB10 can do and more, BlackBerry will not be selling a device that looks like or competes with any of the newer, premium smartphones. Let's hope he responds as the waiting game with a long period of non-competitiveness was something I was hoping BB10 would spell the end of...

Posted via CB10

You got that right. I want an upgraded version of the high end Z range

Posted via CB10

Soooo right, specially when more and more people ask for full touch screens. I remember when I used to work for a company offering a mid range chemical product for the disinfection of medical devices in a market that was steadily switching to high end disinfecting machines.
Keep offering a high end BB10 full touch and I will be in for good.

Kevin, did he say whether the "Classic" line would also be "high-end" in terms of tech specs? Or will it be a compromise?

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

I'm wondering this as well.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

I was immediately worried about this too when I saw the categories. "Classic really needs to be as high-end as the "High-end". Needs top-of-the-line camera and wireless charging, among others.

No, that line of devices really doesn't need top of the line specs, it needs to have high enough specs that performance is there, but going beyond that to the high-end simply isn't going to help sales while at the same time would hurt margins.

The classic line needs to convert existing bbos users to bb10 so it needs the usability, battery life etc. to be right beyond anything else.

I would imagine the Classic line will essentially be Bolds. The Bold was always "high end" in terms of chassis and specs, for a BlackBerry.

MAYBE they will do a a Curve too, due to the fundamentally different keyboard design, which feels totally different to use.

I could see them doing a Pearl in the low end category, positioning it in the "pay as you go" sector as a standard "phone". Even with BBOS7 it would be light years more useful than a normal phone, yet it would be pretty much the same size and form factor. Z3 hardware specs in a Pearl form factor could run BBOS10, but might cost too much to build them.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

Although I appreciate your dedication to CB, Mobile Nation etc it's a pity not to spend a few days more in Barcelona...

Back to the article: I hope the 'Classic' is also a different name for 'top-end' ;)

Kevin, please let the guys in charge of BB design know that there are many of us, especially on other platforms, that have been waiting to come back to BlackBerry. We wanted a physical keyboard device but the Q10 screen is too small. They need a QWERTY device that has a larger & TALLER screen. Whether it has the "tool belt" or not is irrelevant but the larger/taller screen is vital. Oh, and not with a 1:1 ratio, PLEASE!!!

The diehard CBK presses on with little to no sleep. He's the man.

Really excited to see what BlackBerry has coming next.

Posted from my Tab 3 via Android CrackBerry App!

Hey Kevin, my dream phone would be a Z30 like phone with the function keys of the Storm & Sure press. Do you know if they plan on adding function keys to any touch screens also? No matter people's opinion Storm was probably the hottest phone created thus far by BB despite the mixed reviews. Don't believe me check which forums have the most post in the history of Crackberry. I know Storm cause I had one & it was the best BlackBerry I ever had even compared to my Z30. I'm begging BlackBerry to bring back the Storm with BB10. Let me know if you hear anything bout that, if not put a bug in John's ear, junno.

Good job Kevin. Btw you are forgiven for any typos (if any), as long as you didn't use TYPO to crank out this thread. :)

I don't think there will be much prestige in a keyboard phone in 2014, they tried going high end and expensive with the Q10 and it didn't work out so well. Focus on high end looking at a reasonable price.. people are not willing to pay more for what is perceived as a lower end brand. Build and reward loyalty then they can talk about high end devices.

A sparkle in his eye? My word I do believe he was trying to make a pass at you.

I'll be waiting on that "High-End" device....whenever the fudge it's released.

Was the spark of "gadget lust".. nothing else. I get that sparkle in my eye all the time when looking and thinking about tech. :)

We need more sparkles over here: octacore flavored please.

Gadgetfreak myself so can truly relate. Here's hoping for some kind of BB 10 phablet in the near nearrr future :)

Posted via CB10

My thoughts exactly! I really want a BB10 phablet type phone and the sooner the better! I've been a HUGE BB fan for what seems to be forever but I'm sick of making excuses and want a BB I can truly love to have! It was almost there with my Z10 and the Z30 looks nice and all but still somehow seems inadequate. I came to acquire a Galaxy Note 3 for a few days a month ago that phone was super sweet but I went back to my Z10 but if BB doesn't come up within a very short period of time something comparable the when Note 4 comes out later in the year it's going to be really hard not to jump the good ship BB for the other brand!!

Go get the Note 4 and someday when the grass is greener you'll be back...that I guarantee!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

I'm running with a Note 3 until they release a Z30 update I'm in love with. The bottom bezel just really ruined it for me but that's just my opinion.

I wonder how they'll differentiate the Q10 update from this Q20 internally..the tool belt is great and all but that Q30 render from a few days ago looked quite appealing.

Posted from my TARDIS!

I use the Z30 and it's just right for me. I don't get why people need bigger and bigger screens for their phones., what can't be seen on a 5' display? Personally I think those Samsung phones are hideous...

I guess it's just human nature to always want more...

My Z30... #LoveHateLoveRelationship

Just wait for "Windemere" which is being tested and used by some as we speak. Although it will still have a keyboard its touch screen is HUGE!

Poetry in Motion

I like this for the future but I do worry that BlackBerry doesn't stretch itself too thin while they are trying to recover and essentially rebuild.

Posted via CB10

They are probably reaching the point where they can minimise the amount of extra work between devices, not to mention having foxconn doing most of the hardware side of things so they should be fine.

That's what LG did after making the brilliant original Viewty, pimped it's name to death and after having many phones out all but vanished.

Posted via CB10

Any word on the big US carrier who STILL isn't carrying their current flagship phone?

Posted via CB10

I really hope they seriously focus on design (and don't produce that ugly... thing pictured above). They've got to produce devices that people want to own, not just "functional" tools.

Exactly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. By giving people choice, you will reach more of them.

By the end of this year, I might end up owning a Z30, a Q20 and a BB 10 octacore phablet...

Posted via CB10

agreed, curious about the high-end for end of 2014- that'll be around my upgrade... plus now everyone can calm down thinking that "classic" designs were going to be the only choice going forward lol...

and i like the product families they laid out there... and just produce one new one of each a year, like someone else said- don't want to spread too thin...

Definitely don't get ahead of yourselves BlackBerry! Keep your wits about you and take to the streets efficiently but intently!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Q20 at end of year, maybe. Don't hold your breath especially if you live in Canada or United States.

Poetry in Motion

With all the good news today, it seems a good year for BlackBerry team... Thanks Kevin and the staff of Crackberry for the coverage of the Congress!!!

More like one flagship from each section.

High-end QWERTY with trackpad (Classic)
High-end All-touch (Z30 style)

No idea where Q10/Q5 style OR longer screen without trackpad (like iPhone with Typo) are going.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Ouch, did I mention S.L.I.D.E.R. ?
(Torch style)

Another category to speculate about.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I would not expect the classic line to be high-end, it needs to be a cost-effective line of hardware so that businesses will upgrade their existing bbos devices to it and the odds are that it will not be much higher spec or cost than the affordable ones.

This is exactly what people have to read Kevin. It's crazy how many people still think BlackBerry is dropping out of the hardware business even after reading or hearing a few selected lines from Mr. Chen in the last few days. It's no wonder false claims and stories of BlackBerry's demise get thrown around. Anyway, this is a well thought out goal and plan for the devices moving forward. Makes complete sense. (To me anyway, lol) Nice work to everyone at Crackberry. I'm still amazed at how fast you guys had the links up while Mr. Chen was speaking yesterday.

Posted via CB10

Note that he talked about keyboard phones without the belt, and high end phones, too. Let the belt users have what they want. BlackBerry needed to get them on the BB10 train.

Posted via CB10

You aren't it's target market. I am and I'd buy it. We have to start getting over our vain belief that any one of us represent the entirety of the cellphone market.

This is not your father's BlackBerry.
Thor talked about "laser focus "...
I think we are finally there.
I think these new guys are going to melt steel...

# BlackBerry = Brave new world

Posted via CB10

OK Play so gimme yours and I will look for one in the meantime.... :)

Seriously, we might need one more category just below the Porsche phone category. It would truly be the high end, specced extreme class, but priced much lower than those Porsche designed phones. Names like the T100 and A10 come to mind. Hmmm.

Posted via CB10

Will we see a full touchscreen device with a large gorgeous full HD display and a tool belt?? I hope so :D

Posted using my red Zed 10 and Z30

Ouch. Yet another category.

It's getting crowded. How about a Torch-style slider with keys/trackpad, and you never extend the keyboard. Great, if it's thin enough.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Awesome news! Glad to hear they have big ambitious plans! - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Sounds like BlackBerry has a very solid plan now when it comes to devices.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

+10 if Supercell would support BB 10 and I would be able to play Clash of Clans on my PB.

Posted via CB10

Prediction - Classic will be a complete flop that the Classic will become a classic on arrival.

Posted via CB10

When the world is going touch screen blackberry decides to put a trackpad such a sad move. I personally like the Q10 n qwerty serves the purpose for many people & it's totally understandable but a trackpad is totally avoidable. If I don't see a massive upgrade from my Z10 in terms of a touch screen phone I don't know how long you could hold the boat with BlackBerry & I'm sure many will agree. We need a Z50 codenamed "Ontario" let's do it #teamblackberry

Posted via CB10

Did you not read the article properly?? 4 don't fall in the classic, affordable or prestige you are in the Hugh end category which hints there will be a successor to the z30...the Ontario benchmark leaked before and also the rumor of a octa-core phone has been spreading like wild fire and now qualcomm announcing the 615 octa core 64 bit chip set this rumor is starting to make it seem like it's going to be a reality....sit back and see what BlackBerry is working on for 2014...the classic q20 is made for people who like keyboard and track pad and wants will be made by Foxconn so it be affordable mid tier.....:).

Posted via CB10

Yes I did but nothing of that sort was announced by John Chen so till then it's wishful thinking. But I guess it's good to be wishful :p

Hope they get some device that will Rock all touch users :D

Posted via CB10

Wish they at-least come with some innovative trackpad. Don't just put the same old trackpad from BBOS, wheres the innovation BBRY?

The device centered track pad IS the innovation.

Why? Left or right handed, it sits exactly where your thumb rests naturally when you pick up the device and use it. Putting the track pad somewhere else, especially on the bottom, would significantly reduce its comfort and ergonomics. Furthermore, positioning the track pad in the center of the device provides the most balanced and sturdy response when it's button is pressed.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

Don't even bother yourself responding to "arvind1983" because he always never fails to have some negative criticism, and it seems like he does it just for the sake of it.

Kevin, are you also suggesting that the price scale will be in the same order as your rundown? ie; do you believe that the Q20 will cost less than the current Q10? (I'm assuming that the Q10 is not classed as "Classic").
This announcement has given me a lot to think about; I've been longing for the next Q device, particularly due to screen size and while I see the benefit of the toolbelt (actually, just the trackpad to highlight and edit text) I really don't want to go back to that. So, I'm stuck! Small screen and no trackpad, or big screen and buttons I probably won't use?
I am very pleased however with the line in this article that we should expect another Q device without a toolbelt..... as usual it's the timeframe that concerns me! (as you said; BlackBerry High-End devices, while beautiful, wonderful and fantastic, are often 6 to 18 months behind when they finally hit the ground!)

Posted via CB10

If previous Blackberry devices have taught us anything its that you can't try to predict anything based upon the model number. They will start with a numbering scheme that seems to make sense and then abandon it for no apparent reason.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Wow is all I can say, I really did not expect this many more devices! Great news. Also glad to hear we will still see Q devices without the belt.

Posted via CB10

Great article Kevin looking forward to the high end devices and hopefully I can get my hands on a 5.2 to 5.5" beast and I'm very intrigued about the rumored Windermere

Posted via CB10

I'm liking the organization in BlackBerry's device line up that they're starting to develop. It seems that they are making their devices more appealing to a broad range of consumers and prosumers alike. This is definitely a sign of good things to come.

Posted via CB10

Seems to me they still need to focus on the apps rather then the hardware. While I believe the core messaging functionality of blackberry is superior, the lack of apps is still a major crutch.

The ability to install android apps through popular 3rd party sources is great, but right now I don't believe it will amount to any more then a nifty feature that works with some android apps. They need to entice companies to make native BlackBerry apps.

Case in point, I just bought a Sonos wifi music system that is controlled by (you guessed it) an iphone or Android app. The android app doesn't work on my Z10. Thankfully there are less functional, but working BB10 apps, Room Tunes and Tiggit... fine for me, but your average consumer will find this frustrating. There are countless examples of this...

I guess it's ok to try and increase penetration by diversifying your product line...but if none of these phones will have the apps, what's the point?

They need to focus on things they can actually control. They are doing what they can as far as apps go but they can't make developers develop for their platform or make them submit them to BB World. Better hardware support will help attract users and more users will attract developers.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Great news seeing that track pad back as well as the end buttons. A lot of older business power users will be happy.

Nothing will move me away from my z30 unless it's a slider blackberry.

Honestly this was what i was waiting to read, one more reason to keep my BlackBerry 10 Smartphone by the way thanks Kevin for that great Info.

"T-Mobile" BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone.

Give me a Bb10 slider like the Torch with full screen real estate AND a real keyboard, or give me a bb10 flip like the Style with two screens or better yet gimme both !

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

That Q20 is pretty sleek looking! Hope to see those in the hands of traditional bb users.

Although! I can't wait to upgrade my Q10 to its successor without the trackpad belt.

Ahh 2015? :)

I'm "allowed " to only buy a new device every two years or so. This works out just right. If BlackBerry keeps on firing on all cylinders, by mid/late 2015 I will be expecting to get myself a sweet new duodecacore slider BB. ;-)

Posted via CB10

Affordability is a loose term. What is affordable in North America and Europe might be expensive in the emerging markets.

I'm not a fan of having a lot of different devices out there at one go, this splits production considerably (yes I know Foxconn handles this now) but a surplus will always be surplus, and selling it is hard work (look at the z10 inventory)

So that's 8 phones confirmed + released, hopefully they retire the z10 and q5 by next year to keep the device number to. manageable and profitable level

Posted via CB10

No Blackberry does not have to worry about surplus anymore. Foxcon is taking on that liability so if they manufacture too many of a particular model Foxcon eats the loss instead of Blackberry.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Very excited for the classic line. I'll buy one at retail price if the specs are decent.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

This would make sense only when all the following conditions are met:

1. BlackBerry has enough working man power ;

2. BlackBerry has a flexible manufacture system ;

3. BlackBerry 10 has a large dev community, therefore fragmented devices don't deter devs

3. The Classic can break even on its own

THANK GOD is all I can say. Using my Q10 is fantastic but without my utility belt it is no way near as productive as it could be.

Yes I know how to use the circle to tap tap away. But when you are typing a lot, producing volumes of work. Using spreadsheets and truly multitasking the trackpad is essential. Why? Because you can select things on the screen without looking at your own damn thumb.

As long as it integrates full with all apps as it say it will that will be legendary. Full use of the screen in all things. When my phone rings now I lose half of the image display to the call connect. Now all I will have is the "call back" icons.

So in short Batman doesn't need a utility belt to kick your ar*e but he never leaves home without iy.

Posted via CB10

A good CEO listens to customers; a great one leads them.

In this case, I hope the listening is the beginning of the leading.

Have doubt, but sincerely hope the plan succeed.

This makes me feel so much better. From earlier it felt like BlackBerry was taking a step back either the Q20 and only had intentions for Foxconn to make the other devices. Having these four categories really makes a ton of sense.

Z30 unleashed

If Q20 is really on the horizon Q10 should be discontinued. I personally like the breakdown into 4 categories, but BlackBerry needs to avoid another runaway with too many models. The reason I went with a Z10 over Q10 was the latter's tiny square screen. In time I've come to really like Z10's touch keyboard, truly the best I've ever used, but Q20 might just bring me back to the physical qwerty, I can definitely see a mass upgrade push from 9900/9030 users. Also, having physical send/end keys alone is a big deal for some I know that there have been more than one occasion where I've been frustrated with taking and/or ignoring a call using a touch screen. All in all, I'm happy with the option.

Posted via CB10

They aren't going to discontinue the q10 before the q20 comes out, there is simply no logical reason to do so, but they may decide to phase out q10 and q5 once the q20 shows up in order to streamline the range.

I can't wait to read the full report but with what us said here I think BlackBerry missed a great opportunity by not trying to get as many "Affordable" BB10 devices out at the get go. Now the Affordable range of BlackBerry devices almost need higher specs than its current high end device!

The sooner more people can taste BB10 the better. With Nokia now jumping on the Android wagon BlackBerry is almost missing another bus!

Time is both infinite and finite. There are only so many U-turns one can make until the road runs out.

I think BlackBerry are onto a highway now, let's hope they can keep up to speed before they get kicked off the road.

Posted via CB10

If they keep going like that, they will get pulled over for speeding!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Last week I went to a store in Indonesia where they were selling BB10. Among the potential buyer, they mostly opt for a Q10 because the physical keypad. One that I heard was saying: if there is no physical keypad, would prefer a Droid Phone instead.

Posted via CB10

I'm very excited about this article! Please please don't let us loyal BlackBerry customers down!

Long live BlackBerry!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Mm so the Q20 won't be their new flagship phone by the sounds of this then? Guess we are stuck with z10's q10's and z30's as our "high end " phones for the year

Posted via CB10 for Z10

The biggest problem I find with keyboard devices that they are expensive to manufacture and difficult to sell. For each language you need different keyboard and thus you are depended on outside source to manufacture and sell it. While devices like Z10 are easier to define and thus easy to sell.
So if BB wants to succeed with keyboard devices they must find away to manufacture easy, and change the keyboard very simple. For example buy device in UK, and sell separately keyboard for Hebrew, Arabic, etc.

I'm anxious to try the Q20, but I think I'll ultimately go with the QXX without the track pad in the future. I’ve liked my Z10, but I'm missing my physical keyboard. Also, I'd like to see a slider.

Posted via CB10

A very simple answer, hardware yes is important, but BlackBerry has no applications give us the applications you find on android and ios the same amount and functionality, and watch how BlackBerry will climb back up the ladder. The problem is lack of applications, fix it. All the rest is secondary. I might switch phones due to lack of apps. So will another couple of million users. It's simple.

Posted via CB10

Either your living on the moon or your in denial check the total number of apps you have on BlackBerry store and the other andriod and ios stores.

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Apps come on !! my buddy owns a 9900 and iPhone still. IPhone for the apps he uses egg. Uber.
Well within seconds on the 1Market store I got Uber on my Z30 and Q10 voilà.

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Great so your saying uber covers all the thousands of apps that are not present on BlackBerry app store. Smartphone competition is based on apps primarily, if your OS doesn't have the cutting edge and variety of developers and apps, no matter how powerful your hardware is, people won't buy the phone. It's like having a PC without Internet. Aka hardware with lack of applications to go with it.

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well denial could be likely but.. i don't know what planet you have been on but i guess you have never heard of mobile market, Amazon app store and snap, all of which i have installed on my z10 and enjoy what ever app i wish... so yes not sure what you are talking about..

When the Z10 was released what was the problem? One of the main criterias that gave it the worst sales, You had no skype no instagram, delay of whatsapp up , a release of a buggy facebook, so some started to andriod port , skype released a beta version kept crashing, no viber , and the list goes on. Lack of apps.

It was a great OS, great keyboard, nice screen, but it lacked all the juice it needed to go with the blender. While iphone was flying drones on there mobile we were struggling with developers and proper updates to have the functionality they already had. Don't get me wrong I'm not an iphone man. We BlackBerry were late, to have those apps ready upon release, to have those OS updates to support the newer added features, till this date we have a lack. Just Google BlackBerry lack of apps upon release then you'll know what planet I'm from.

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i'm looking forward to the Q20. a touch screen isn't as effective when working on the go. that's a major reason why i'm still using my 9900. and i'm obviously not the only one holding out.

BlackBerry please perfect the os before you release any other phones. Also where's the US carrier support going forward? Will marketing see the light of day or the dark of night? I strongly believe BlackBerry will make a huge comeback but ONLY if BlackBerry demonstrates the ultimate plan of success.

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The "classic" category makes me want to puke. It looks like desperation, it smells like desperation, and it feels like desperation. Even CB's own poll here resulted in a measly 32% of respondents expressing interest in the Q20, and out of those it is likely that only maybe 20% will actually buy the device. The rest won't. That's what, only 6.4% of overall people interested on BlackBerry?

Hail Mary play? Nah, more like Fail Mary play.

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Currently the poll is showing 35% that can't wait for it and 25% that will make up their minds later, so it's only 40% that really don't care for it. Personally I'd pay double the off-contract price to get one. Having gestures plus the trackpad gives the best of both worlds. The trackpad is an order of magnitude more efficient for multiple selections, copying text, and positioning the cursor. Placing and ending calls will be so much faster too.

I think you don't know how to read stats. Also, you may want to take your rose colored glasses off. Just saying.

The reality is that even from those respondents that have said that they can't wait a significant percentage will not buy regardless. The "wait and see" are all basically "no", and the rest are "no" anyway. If a 100% of respondents that said that they can't wait will buy, that's still only 32%-33% of all users, and many of those are current Q10 or other users which means that they are not "new" customers, and are rather giving up a device to get a new device. This means no likely increase to the overall use base, and limited adoption overall.

This product is doomed to fail. It will sell, but the numbers won't even be worth mentioning, and they certainly won't do anything for BlackBerry as a business.

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Like really? Honestly, how many ardent legacy users do you think have time to visit the CB forum? What makes you think the statistical sampling is fully representative? Common!! You think the polling was scientific? If what you are relying on is flawed, then your conclusions will be flawed also.
Read in between the lines of the interview; don't be tunnelled vision. Don't be so sure of yourself if you haven't done proper research and analysis to back up your projection that "This product is doomed to fail".

Why can't we up our camera game? When showing off my Z30 people always ask what sort of camera does it have. I say it's great but in reality it's fairly standard compared to all others, not better not worse.

Ps I will definitely be jumping to a Q30.

So far my BB10 road map.


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I thought BB's new strategy revolved around Enterprise and moving away more from being a hardware/device manufacturer. This artikel reads as if there will be loads of new phones coming and I don't see where this fits in with the new strategy.

Which doesn't mean I'm not excited about that Q20 :-)

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I like the classification
- Affordable - Z3 and Q5
- Classic - Q20
- High End - Z10, Q10, Z30
- Prestige - Porsche

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Why mention 'Typo' Kevin? LOL

Time for some Guerilla Marketing (I'm not sure if such a company exists)

Wall Street, Apple launches etc.

Let the Carriers know BlackBerry is alive and kicking.

Mr Chen is a poor loser, he likes to win.

BlackBerry....Get it done

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I don't agree that their high-end phones in the past looked 'too late'!!!!! Bold 9900 still looks premium and expensive 3 yrs later, compared to the trashy look of the Samsung, LG, Nexus, Jola phone, Mozilla phone etc. This ppl just made a premium piece of heritage with the Bold 9900. I'm hoping of seeing something similar with BlackBerry Classic. I'm so excited!!

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Great job, Kevin! Now, the “Classic” sounds like the physical keyboard phones, and the “High-End” sounds like all-touch. If this is accurate, I think both the Classic (keyboard) and High-End (all-touch) BBs need to be “high end” phones with premium build quality. Why sell a mid-range keyboard phone to the enterprise/corporate exec. and then sell the premium all-touch device to the retail consumer? They announce the first BB10 keyboard phone w/ the belt aimed at the corporate user, and it’s a mid-level phone?

Now, if this distinction I made above is not correct, then re: their physical keyboard phones, it seems they will be going with their past model with a mid-range “Curve” and a high-end “Bold” line. If, as Kevin reported, the Q20 is in the “Classic” category, will there then be a “Q30” premium “High End” phone as well? Leave the Q5 for Foxconn and price it aggressively. Ditch the mid-level “Curve” keyboard phone. Like the Q10, the Q20 (and all other physical keyboard/belt classic phones) should all be high-end, IMO.

I believe the Q20 will be a high end phone, the difference is that it has the Classic Category. So if I am a traditional BlackBerry user the decision is already made for me, I just go straight to the Classic category and pick my Classic High End BB10 Qwerty with the Belt keys.....Done......No thinking or guessing required !!

If I am a Prosumer and want my high end Virtual or Qwerty BB10 phone , I just go to the High End Category and The decision is done !

If I want the Prestige be prepared to Pay $$$$$. Lol !

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I don't think there will be certain "Classic" category in the BlackBerry line-ups, John Chen simply referring the Q20 as "Classic" BlackBerry phone because he's bringing back the "belt" buttons to the Q20. If he want to make "Classic" category, then it'll be more suitable to give it a more stand-out naming like "C10" for example.

Since, we are on the topic of Classic how about a the Classic Dream Team devices.
Q20 high spec phone and a high spec but affordable PlayBook 2 with a 8 inch screen.
PlayBook 2 specs: 128G, 3G RAM, great processor, good camera and HD video, email. Browser, BBM Bridge, wireless HDMI .

Call these two Q20 + PlayBook 2 The BlackBerry Classic 2 Device !

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There's little money in tablets for many companies not called Apple, it seems far more likely that they would look to produce bridge apps for android and ios devices than they would release a new playbook.

Then BlackBerry is making a serious judgement error. If I wanted a Google Android tablet I would use a Google Android smartphone too. The same applies to Apple iOS.

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No need for an 8-inch tablet; just reduce the width of the bezel of the current BlackBerry PlayBook. This way all existing cases will still be usable.

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"High spec but affordable"
Fast, cheap, high quality, pick any two.
To get high spec and reasonable cost, you need the economies of scale that mean you are called Samsung.

So, with Z3 introduced to the world, we can see how they decide on the naming:

- the two digit numbers mean it's for high-end market (Z10, Q10, Q20)
- the single digit number means it's for low-end market (Q5, Z3)

I wonder what happened when they reached Q9 / Z9 and about to launch new low-end phones?

I think you are reading too much into this, it is more likely that the z3 is actually lower spec than a q5 in many areas like cpu and ram so merits a lower model number than that and similar the q20 is lower spec than a z30 so only gets called a q20.

Now you're the one who are reading too much into this. It's more like this: Z3 is physically almost like the Z30, but with lower specs.

Q20 looks awesome. Removing the track pad was a mistake from day one as it made editing docs and navigation easy.

I just hope that the screen is large enough as the Q10 is too small

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Well the virtual menu bar or virtual tool belt takes up too much space anyway so if I'm having my display used up with any buttons then it might as well be physical buttons with a trackpad!

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I think BlackBerry needs to focus mainly on the touch market. In Colorado many people don't even know that the company makes phones that don't have keyboards. That's where the growth is.

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infact blackberry should give bbos 10 update if it can to bold 9900 and other high end old devices ..this would surely accelerate the users still love bold 9900..but have gave up on it due to the old os

Like "Note, don't take the re-introduction of the toolbelt on the Q20 to mean they won't make another Q10-like device without it."
I don't know, I will like it or not when using it in future, but current, I'm very familiar with BB10 on Q10,
I absolutely like Q30 concept, I feel It will be superfluous when adding some physical buttons.

Once again BlackBerry is trying to be all things to all people. The lack of focus is going to kill them. Why so many models? Bargain, Classic, High-end, and Elite? Why all these smartphones yet no new tablet?

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Oh and very nice categorization, just the perfect division; low end, classic, high specs and prestige phones. It's like a hyundai + cadillac + Mercedes + rolls royce in one.

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Alright!! I was afraid they wouldn't come out with another flagship. That's awesome.

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If BlackBerry had a new high-end, full-touch phone right now (and no, I'll wait for something better than the Z30, thanks. It might be a good phone, but I've got a feeling something else is in the works which is better), I'd buy it straight away.

Come on BB, I have money burning a hole in my pocket that I WANT to give you...

Anybody else here thinks we are due for a new playbook? I keep hearing about the need for a phablet but im worried they may come up with a note 4 type of device. Those are simply way too big for a phone.

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1). I hope the classic line has specs comparable to the high end. classic should not equal cheap.

2). the expensive should be super fast. If you are going to call it a Porsche, give it an engine like a Porsche. Even if it's excessive. People who buy Porsches donkt always get to drive them at 120mph, but they still buy them, right.

Lastly, are they still trying to be too many things to too many people?

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I love the Q10 all I know is that if they can produce a Q series that is slightly longer in length so many people would enjoy it. I am happy with the size of Q10 but my family all have Z10's and they wish it had keyboard as well, so making a Q phone with a larger screen would be a winner. Bringing back a navigation belt would be an error, the Q10 is perfect grow from it don't fiddle with it.

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Innovation for the BB nation,All I want are super graphics on a super phone.That would put a sparkle in my eye and a bounce in my stride,a 5 incher is great for most people.

I love my Q10!! But would love a larger screen!!

This Q20 would be good without the trackpad and classic keys and maximize the screen!!!

Please and thank you.

 #ichooseblackberry

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Ya know, while I love my Q k'brd, a Z30 with the tool belt holds significant appeal...while still keeping a 4.75" - 5" screen. doable I think and not phablet sized either. Agree with previous poster on "hideous" monster reminded of monster Boom boxes on the shoulder..also pretty hideous!

Bring it all on Mr Chen!

Scribed via zee Cue X on X.II.I

Cheap + Classic (Z3, Q20, Z20) = Foxconn
Standard + Prestige (Q30, Z50, P'9882) = BlackBerry

As cool as this is, I think BlackBerry needs to simplify things. I would in a heartbeat pick up a device that looked and handled like the Bold 9900. The hand brushed steel, simplicity of the UI. That coupled with the processing power of a the newer phones would keep an Epic device current. That is what a power user and the core of BlackBerry users could really get behind.

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I think the big problem here is that so many users have a dream blackberry in their head and won't be happy unless they get exactly what they want. Problem is that there is not a united dream and it is often not realistic as well.

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Why?!!! You gave two great phones. Why not simply just market those?

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BlackBerry has shown that it could perform well on just a dual core cpu. Great! This shows that the kernel is well designed. Now it's time to show the world that how powerful BB10 is when it is placed on an octa-core cpu.

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The picture above looks marvelous Kevin, but it needs to be rounded along the top.

Oh and BlackBerry forgot the charging pins.

I love this new road map. Variety is the spice of life.
Interesting times ahead. Can't wait!!! :)

Just as long as "high end" phones aren't limited to "big massive screen" phones, I'll be happy. Another 4" slider or a 4.2-4.5" Z10 replacement with more modern hardware specifications would be welcome.

Just because it seems like everyone is buying a Galaxy Sx doesn't mean everyone wants big screens.

Sounds like too many products. BlackBerry is not big enough to do a Samsung. All those products need support and incur ongoing costs.
With 10.2.1 reaching the Q10, I now think it does what it really needed to do from day 1. It won't take much improvement in 10.3, mainly to document edit, to make the Q20 irrelevant except to really determined knuckle-draggers.

The z10 struggles on some video files I put on my phone too its already dieing and I need to upgrade to a new phone so they need to hurry up and actually release something that is any good!!!

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It's called the Z30 for now and the upcoming Z50 powerhouse in Sept 2014 as rumour states.

While positive news is always welcomed I fear that when anybody at BB starts talking I think over promise, under deliver. In some respects I wish that BB reps would not say anything this specific on future product development.

As for comments here about specs, I tend to agree. BB must follow [ or supersede ] the spec trends of it's competitors. BB engineers have to stop telling the market what it needs [ typical propeller-head think ] and start providing the market what it wants, even if it is not required for performance. I mean c'mon that's basic retail 101.

Don't confuse the OLD BBRY with the NEW BBRY. The previous management equaled over-promise and under deliver. Under Mr. Chen's direction with his new management team, Promise & Deliver Regardless. And that is what they've done, for example a 5 month turn around for the Z3 is simply stunning. The announcement of the Q20, rumours of a powerhouse 64-Bit Z50? This is just the beginning.

Mr. Chen is playing his cards in a smart fashion. A strategy to concentrate on the "Enterprise", while continuing to maintain the consumer market, releasing a Z3 for "Emerging Markets" (Expect this to be available all over the world pending its success in these unique markets), and the strong rumour based on trusted sources, the 64-Bit monster of a phone Z50. He's not only promising, he's delivering.

I want a high end q20 type device. In fact I'll buy two full price. My girlfriend is getting tired of her Z10 keyboard too.

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This is exciting news! I wish they had this finalized and would have been able to present solid details about the other devices they are working on. While I like a good mystery I also think it's important to make any future product visible and in the public eye. Not just talk about what's going to happen but have concrete evidence that it will in fact happen.

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Really wish this came out about 18 months ago at a reasonable $500ish price unlocked instead of the absurd $650+ or $700+ for the Z10 and Q10!