There is never a line up to buy BlackBerry smartphones..

By Bla1ze on 16 Nov 2011 01:08 am EST
BlackBerry Lifestyle Store

Safe to say, that myth has been busted. The above image was snapped in Indonesia at the grand opening of the BlackBerry Lifestyle store there. Amazing!

Thanks, @rasabuah!

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There is never a line up to buy BlackBerry smartphones..


@rasabuh , that's me :) , this photo was taken by hansen a member of an indonesian blackberry storm 2 mailing list named odiners , props goes fully to him

Without the amount marketing to create product hype like Apple does, I don't see that happening. I hope to see lineup here in North America too but it will require some hard work from RIM's marketing team and flood the air waves with BBX superphone commercials. I hope this big dream becomes a reality :D

+1.I will never believe that a Blackberry will be able to compete with an I phone until it becomes able to do as well media wise

With that said, with the improvements coming and even with os 7 there is no reason to believe that RIM isn't having as much success other than the fact that they suck at marketing.

I mean have you seen the new commercial for the Android Razor? It's flying through the sky cutting through everythingin its path. They don't even mention any specs but it will sell because its been advertised. The biggest moment I remember the Bold touch getting was with Jennifer Lopez holding one in her music video.

I wish they had a place where suggestions can be made on how to advertise these phones without confusing the general consumer with tmi of specs. I have a couple of ideas and I'm sure the guys at Crackberry and the Crackberrians do as well.

"I mean have you seen the new commercial for the Android Razor? It's flying through the sky cutting through everythingin its path. They don't even mention any specs but it will sell because its been advertised."

At this point, most phones do what people expect and the differentiating factor for non-geeks would be how cool it is to have. Commercial advertising can't fool geeks into buying a phone since they will read blogs/reviews first. For the general audience, there's no need to list specs.

i was there. trust me, and so sad i don't get the chance to buy a blackberry with 50% discount. i can post another picture if u want.

Post aja om , ato ga post aja di twitter mention @crackberry @crackberrykevin @bla1ze biar kita pada bisa liat dalemannya :)

me too. i was there over the summer and saw a good number of BlackBerry users.
wealthy people there go nuts with iPhones. iPhones are status symbol. they may not use all the bells and whistles of an iPhone but they must have one if they can afford one.

I totally disagree. I'm not saying that bbx is coming so I phone is going down, nor am I saying that the true competitor for Iphone even exist but if I had to pick who would be RIM.

No I don't believe with what they are doing now that they will pull it off but there was one time that they were innovative enough to be that beast. For how negative it sounds it may take replacing the two headed CEO of past inspirations to get Blackberry back even on the map. They may be making me eat my words with bbx but I shall wait and see.

6 am in the morning, i was there and thats hell bunch of people. thats actually happened in kelapa gading mall, north jakarta, indonesia. the first 250 people gets 50% discount on all blackberry type.

I love how Blackberry is a product that is loved all over the world. Good job Mike and Jim for thinking globally and thinking big.

hells yeah my house is just across this shopping mall. seeing this picture makes me twice as proud as i live in the neighborhood and own a blackberry. but then again everybody owns a blackberry here. lol.

Har har , back there ? Good luck with wall street and the next great depression in the 'front there'

Might I add in this last decade indonesia has won more gold medals in the science olympiad of physics and math than the us and canada combined have won ever .

Hmmm, I'm not so certain that his/her comment was meant as an insult. I read it as 'the line is so long, how to people at the back of the line know how to line up properly'.

Just my 2 cents.

funny. Even during the worst recession in modern history, the USA is 1000X a nicer place than Indonesia. Another post was correct. How do we know this isn't the line for the one indoor toilet in Jalalabad?

I'm hardly surprised if it happens in Indonesia. Blackberry has been selling like hot cakes here... Mainly due to BBM and Facebook/Twitter app...

You mean people would like to have something expensive if they could, whether to keep or to sell and pocket the difference between it and something just as useful.

And if you're going by popularity, then Android is where things are going... not iPhone.

Not true for me. I dislike iPhones and see no reason to buy one even though I could afford to. (Not even Siri.)

In south east asia context, Indonesia and Thailand are Blackberry dominated..singapore used to be Blackberry but sadly now is used to be indonesia's love affairs, it just show how fast consumer taste changed. RIM is doing the right thing to set up a lifestyle store in countries it knows it has leading market share position and do something to try to maintain/extend its store in line I think they should consider India, and china. The latter has a very diverse group of consumer preferences and a store concept here makes sense..Apple already has many stores in China and doing exceptionally well. RIM has a good chance to try to steal some limelight in China. But it must acts now and for its own survival sake bring here the latest BB not some old line ups

I don't see S.America, Asia and Europe complaining about RIM. It's mainly North Americans on this forum ranting away because they got nothing better to do.

Thumbs up for RIM realizing there's a bigger market then the US of A. Americans get bored fast because they are a country of haves so Blackberry are toys of the past that they would locked up in their attic. While the have not country feel privilege to own a Blackberry. This is the reason RIM is losing market share in USA while gaining momentum everywhere else.

Americans got to wake up and realize the world is changing and economy like BRIC and ASEAN are growing at an accelerated rate. Not everything is all about Americans or the once promised land.

Couldn't agree more. UK just 8million subscribers. Only US are complaining about Blackberry. Unfortunately, that's also how investors judge a company, base on US.

Well, truth being said, people will compare iPhones against Blackberries. However, the current crop of Blackberry phones aren't terrible actually, and in fact they are pretty decent. But it's not an iPhone.

So it doesn't function like an iPhone. Some people can't seem to get that. They want everything to be an i-tem.

Look you can talk about BRIC and ASEAN all day. Yeah, there is more to the world than just the NA, but to compete long term, RIM has to do better in what is STILL the world's largest economy. If RIM wants to be a bottom feeder selling Curves the rest of its life that's fine, but the rest of the world will eventually follow the trends in NA. You don't think people in Indonesia won't drop the BlackBerry for an iPhone once they are able to afford one? The Chinese want that next cool phone just as we do. The wealther these countries get, the more they will be looking for the better high-end phones and so the trends occuring in the NA market will propagate to the rest of the world. RIM can't make it selling curves forever.

Are serious? Most Canadians own i-stuff. You would have to pull teeth just to get the media to hype any RIM products...IN CANADA. Most of the major media companies in canada only have exclusive apps for i-stuff; TSN, Global, CTV, CP24, CBC all have apps with i-stuff nothing for BB. Whats the point of openning a store here when they wont recieve any support. Even CBC a Canadian media giant bashes RIM. Its so sad that when you bring up the topic of "canadians supporting rim" ppl run into a corner and say "whats the point of supporting a dying company". But realistically if all Canadians supported RIM products like (Toronto-nians supporting the Leafs) RIM wouldnt be in this slump...


Do you even own a Blackberry, cause in 10 seconds of searching App World you would discover that all the major Canadian Media outlets you mentioned have apps in there - many of them multiple apps. Heck I've had the CP24 weather and traffic app on my phone for YEARS. So why don't you start supporting Canadian companies and download a few apps from app world from the Canadian media outlets so that they see the user base grow for said apps and start releasing more and better apps.

TSN's app is ok but the Score Mobile one is a FANTASTIC app. Just sayin.

Don't bitch, download the apps! You want more support from Canadian media, grow the numbers of downloads and they will pay more attention

i do own a bb and a playbook thank you very much. my point is, its not advertised. All the media outletes i mentioned above push their apps on iphone better than they do BB. All their app-ads are geared towards iphone users. so try again, the next time you see an ad for tsn app,cp24, global, tell me if its for iphone or bb. The only network that push app-ads for bb is Sportsnet and thescore; and you are very right, it is better than the tsn app. Ps, im not bitching, just stating a fact... Canadian media can do a better job of supporting RIM... it shouldnt have to be about downloads for them to support a CANADIAN company.


Agreed with Smiley88. I'm not even Canadian nor even live in Canada, but they need to open a BB Store in the homeland of BB and let the frenzy spread south to the US!

I just don't see how here in Canada a BB store could be justified. Its entire lineup can be sold from a kiosk as RIM doen't have MP3 players, Macs and laptops to display.

yeah....that makes perfect how Best Buy has a fourty foot long display for one iPhone....

RIM could fill a airplane hanger if they spent the money on huge monolithic displays for every single device model they sell.

I wish events like that happened here in California (the land of the iPhone), people still gawk at me when I pull out my Bold 9700 and ask the same question over and over "When are you going to upgrade and get an iPhone?".

My BB does everything I need and works perfectly, why should I replace it on a whim let alone change carriers as I'm on T-Mobile and rely on UMA since I live in what seems to be a dead zone for both AT&T and Verizon as well.

That being said, I even feel the RIM hate from my local corprate retailer when I had interest in the Bold 9900, but no UMA support? Ugh...

All that aside, I've never seen a line for any BlackBerry phone here. The PlayBook on the other hand, most are on backorder and my 16GB is feeling "cramped".

Do RIM own these stores, or are they privately owned and just supply Blackberry gear?

EDIT: Ah, never mind. They are owned by a Thai company called JayMart PLC who are a mobile phone and accessories retailer and collection agency who just went public to raise the funds to do this and a few others...

I thought it was too forward thinking and fast for RIM to do.

Nice views :)

You know, RIM through its local handset distributors is giving 50% discount for first 250 units BB sold in the opening of the store.

Meaning, if you're part of those 1st 250 buyers, you can get a brand new BB 9900 for only $300 from local sales price $600! Not to mention other gimmick during the opening event. Therefore people will lining up to become the 1st 250 people to get 50% discount.

But, it's worth to try & to shake the local Indonesia market...

They might have a line in the USA if they had a store and offered 50 percent off the phone. I would be interested to know what their pricing is in Indonesia.

Yeah, they are all lined buy Come on, if you look hard enough I'm sure you'll find lines SOMEWHERE in the world. I want to see lineup in NA for a high end phone! Hopefully RIM pulls out a really nice BBX phone soon.

When you have to dig up pictures from 'Indonesia' show there are lines to blackberry phones....LOL...that tells where RIM is heading.

Indonesia has a mixed economy in which both the private sector and government play significant roles.[93] The country is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the G-20 major economies.[94] Indonesia's estimated gross domestic product (nominal), as of 2010 was US$706.73 billion with estimated nominal per capita GDP was US$3,015, and per capita GDP PPP was US$4,394 (international dollars).[95] June 2011: At World Economic Forum on East Asia, Indonesian president said Indonesia will be in the top ten countries with the strongest economy within the next decade. The Gross domestic product (GDP) is almost Rp.1 trillion ($117.6 million) and the debt ratio to the GDP is 26 percent.[96] The industry sector is the economy's largest and accounts for 46.4% of GDP (2010), this is followed by services (37.1%) and agriculture (16.5%). However, since 2010, service sector has employed more people than other sectors, accounting 48.9% of the total labor force, this has been followed by agriculture (38.3%) and industry (12.8%).[97] Agriculture, however, had been the country's largest employer for centuries

US Unemployment: 9% Poverty: 15% Population: 312,000,000
Indonesia Unemployment: 7.1% Poverty 13% Population 237,000,000

Sounds to me like Indonesia has more potential than the US

Look, this is bordering on pathetic. Since when was the goal of RIM to become the "Nokia" of borderline smartphone devices? We are all well aware that RIM does well in places like Indonesia - is that really the goal? Because all we ever keep hearing from the Blackberry people is how they were smartphone hegemon for years until iPhone out-"cooled" them.

The simple fact is that I bought a Blackberry almost 2 years ago, and the only thing keeping me with RIM for the past year is my contract. And I wasn't even necessarily "unhappy" with the 9700, it's just that Android and iPhone are offering a whole other class of phone, much like when I make the switch from a flip phone to a Blackberry. RIM is headquartered in North America, and you cannot pretend like NA markets don't matter. No reasonably educated smartphone user is going to lock themselves into a BB7 device (like the 9900) unless they are really afraid of change or really beholden to a physical QWERTY format.

"No reasonably educated smartphone user is going to lock themselves into a BB7 device (like the 9900) unless they are really afraid of change or really beholden to a physical QWERTY format."

It's all about personal choice, whether we agree or not.

No reasonably educated person would think that the smartphone market can't change on a dime... the market leader practically changes overnight...

Yup some folks refuse to wake up to reality. I suspect the majority of remaining Blackberry loyalists are in their sixties, afraid to keep up with the times. And third world countries.

Given that the BlackBerry brand does so well outside the US, I am beginning to believe that there is an orchestrated capaign against RIM. WHom do I believe is behind my hypothesis. Why, it can only be, imo, the other smartphone selling fruit company.

I believe that this company is manipulating some members of the press and a number of publishing analysts too. This plus the zombie like loyalty of their fanbois makes me wonder even more about the ethics of this company.

You know who I mean.

Yes, this same 'fruit company' must have been the same dastardly force that manipulated RIM into releasing a 624mhz Torch 9800 with a crappy low-res screen, No GPU and Subpar RAM in Q3 2010 as a FLAGSHIP PHONE!

Yes, the same 'fruit company' must have also forced RIM to release all their BB models in previous years without OpenGL support, meaning no reasonable game dev was gonna port them over.

The same fruit company forced RIM into making phones that you had to pull out the battery (and suffer through a 3 minute boot process) just to keep the phone running ok.

This same fruit company must be the guys forcing BB users to poorly rate 70% of the apps on BB Appworld, such that over half of the apps there are three stars or less.

I see the glaring irony in you calling satisfied iOS customers 'zombies'. smh.

Blackberries are selling well in third world countries because they are cheap and consumers dont have a choice.

Apple and Android devices are simply better platforms and more high end, and better economic situations equals more educated an better choices.

It has nothing to do with brainwashing. Android and iOS are simply more powerful compared to the Jurassic era platform of Blackberry. Its that simple.

Maybe. :) But, you need to know the asian culture are different with western people. Asian (south east asia) are more socialize and love to communicate each other especially having a big family (5-10 people). Beside that, BIS subscription is cheaper than text from telco, made BlackBerry is more reasonable phone to use. beside, in 3rd world countries, internet capabilities which i mean for 3G connectivity is only focus at major citys, and many rural area are still depending on 2G (GPRS/EDGE). Because of this problem, no point to use high end phone (iPhone/Android) if having a slow connectivity. BlackBerry is more suitable for them. Just my 2 cents. :)

Not entirely true.. There are currently tons of other Android devices that are cheap.
Samsung and Sony Ericsson have Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Young, SE Experia Mini, SE Expria 8 and they're relatively cheaper than BB 8520. But are they selling well? No.

You can find more people own 9900 here than iPhone 4 or SGS II ..

There are several reasons why Blakcberry are selling well in Indonesia:

1. Wide arrange of Devices. From Curve..Torch.. To Bold.. From Low end..MIddle to High End.. The options are there..
2.Outright prices.There are very little offer to buy mobile devices based on plan from Operators. Most people buy them outright.. Hence.. range of Prices plays a part.
3. People in Asia are generally Social. Hence RIM wins with BBM. BBM is probaly the most used mobile application in Indonesia. Push Twitter and Facebook is also several reasons why Blackberry is so popular
4. Cheaper BIS/BES plan. It only cost less than $3 monthly to have a BIS plan.. Compared to the other Data Plans, BIS plan is cheaper and actually more reliable.

I admit.. BB devices lacks the technology other devices have.. The OS 7 is pale in comparison with Android. And for RIM to be able to compete in the High End market.. They should really working hard on the BBX and do it fast!
But here.. it meets the need of most people.. mainly Social.

The Blackberry Phones arent cheap in Indonesia....
Compare to US , Indonesian have to pay 100% full price as they have no carrier subsidized contract with the provider....

iPhone 4 Cost Indonesian Rupiah 7,000,000 = US$ 779 in Indonesia....reminder its not iPhone 4S

Same thing with blackberries...those Indonesian bought full price phone without contract.... Blackberry curves cost around 200-300 usd

Funny how I never have to defend my BB. I always get comments like "aw I miss my Blackberry" I think RIM needs to tackle their weaknesses. Like the speed/clocking and the apps and once they do really market it. I love BB OS its simple to use. Because believe It or not there are many out there that are getting bored of the Iphone OS!

I wanna go make Line too haha I want 9790 :)

I think you are mistaken. Android has globally flooded the market with cheap low end devices from samsung, lg, htc, sony ericsson, ZTE etc.

Android & iOS are cool OS's with tons of apps blah blah (BBX phones will correct that with the android app player), however both OS's have poor battery and connectivity optimization. you end up having to fine tune everything and switching functions off so battery life is not compromised.

Im not surprised nokia opted for windows OS instead of android.

There wil never be a line for BB, this coming from a BB loyalist. Year-in and year-out, RIM releases several phones. So if we miss one, we'll wait for the next around the corner. I can assume some lines will be generated when BBX finally drops, but after that...back to normal. BBX phones will be released year-in and year-out too. If BBX does well like expected...everyone else can wrap it up. RIM is too big to fail, assuming BBX kicks a88! is blinded by their beliefs. If any other phone maker for example Apple offered 50% off of anything could you imagine the pandemonium at the Apple stores?

RIM is going to fail. They've started to lose market share, stock prices dropped, outage, Playbook, empty promises, inferior OS, and the only ones who actually know what BBX is are Blackberry users.

RIM is going to fail. They've started to lose market share, stock prices dropped, outage, Playbook, empty promises, inferior OS, and the only ones who actually know what BBX is are Blackberry users.

So? is it we death if RIM death?? Many other things we can do rather than thinking about this "Near Death" company. Maybe you can build up your own company to make ur phone experience more better (which suites ur needs).

Don't be fooled. I know for sure they are scalpers paid by phone retailers to buy the phones at 25% discount as promised by blackberry in their print ad. Anyone can create long lines by offering deep discount. Epic fail.

The line is indeed real as I live like 5 minutes away from the store BUT the people that is waiting, I have doubt with it. You just pay people a free meal plus some minor transportation cost etc and they will wait in line. This is Indonesia and such practice is common.

But still, BB is a very popular phone in Indonesia and other poor Asian countries. Countries such as HK or Singapore are more into iPhones. The avg new starting salary for a University grad is maybe $200-$300 dollars per month. Do you expect them to pay $600 for an iPhone?

Plus people in Indonesia like the idea of FREE stuffs and they believe it to be free. The slogan is that you can text other people for free with BB although they never consider paying the flat monthly BB service.

All in all, there is no single reason why people prefer BB. There are many other reasons and for that, I believe BB will still be successful in Indonesia for the next 2-3 years.

I agree with Rais.Aslam above ("Asian (south east asia) are more socialize and love to communicate each other").
It's not about cheap phone or expensive phone, they only need BBM capable phone. Indonesia population around 230 million,and they are brand minded. If 1/4 of them have BB then RIM don't have to worry, just keep BBM exclusive and you are still a big player.

Keep going RIM !, Don't worry about North America market.

You do realize the precarious position this puts RIM in?

All Google has to do is to bake in a BBM-like messaging service in Android, and any remaining reason to buy a BB starts evaporating.

Your favorite company is relying on one app as a crutch to survive and you folks see nothing wrong in it? A staggeringly large number of new BB converts are there solely for BBM...

BBM like? Are you kidding me? You must understand about 'brand minded', doesn't matter all the smartphones baking a BBM like, people only want a real BBM from BB not 'like'.

Yeah, for sure you guys will be a witness that RIM is getting bigger and bigger and bigger in Asia...;))

This is nice to see, but I'm not sure it can be counted since such a steep discount was offered. Imagine if a 50% discount was offered for the iPhone 4S. :)

That doesn't explain why the person standing behind the 250 people ahead of them stayed in line.

When everyone communicate via BBM, you kinda need a Blackberry to get into the loop.

My company is old school and does not use BBM for communication, but seeing it used to bid on hundreds of motorcycles fresh off the production line for my brother's dealership or used by my cousin to offer all the stuff she's selling (thousands of dollar monthly profit peddling from home only via BBM, average entry level fomal sector wage is what, $150 a month?), you get to realize how wide the BBM net is in Indonesia and the diverse way people use it.

All the cheap grey market BB also help the penetration. Our market is not designed for 2 year plans, we buy and sell mobiles on a whim so competitive outright prices & high resale value are essential. Good Android phones are expensive outright with no resale value, Apple got even higher outright prices with reasonable resale value. Blackberry got cheap outright prices and very good resale value. See where I am getting?

So here I am sporting a Bold 9900 as my main mobile, not because I am pro BB (I got a Galaxy SII for my secondary mobile and an iPad for my tablet) but because BBM is a necessity. When BBM is ported to other devices, then the BB domination in Indonesia will end. Not before.

The Blackberry Phones aren't cheap in Indonesia....
Compare to US , Indonesian have to pay 100% full price as they have no carrier subsidized contract with the provider....

iPhone 4 Cost Indonesian Rupiah 7,000,000 = US$ 779 in Indonesia....reminder its not iPhone 4S

Same thing with blackberries...those Indonesian bought full price phone without contract.... Blackberry curves cost around 200-300 usd
BlackBerry Bold 9900 cost Rp5,999,999 = USD 668

Its popular because of its BBM and social apps...Asian like to chat..
and also like above says...most business in Indonesia use BBM...if you dont have BB you will lose in touch with them as most people there use BBM....

I own both iPhone 4S for those apps and BBM just to keep in touch and communicate with other business who mainly use BB

We are overall happy with our BB, don't always want/need the latest model. Besides those who do buys them first then tells everyone what's wrong and then someone fixes it or we just wait for next update or model.

And, unlike iPhone and Android, Blackberry functions like a smartphone should. Apps that are practical (for fun or productive), a phone that doesn't need recharging every 4 to 6 hours, and stills communicate when the network is down (BBM).